Saturday, September 30, 2006


Mark Foley and the Oh So Righteous Rethug Party and Catholicism

I felt a little bit better yesterday after listening to one of my favorites, DeBussey's Claire DeLune, for about ten times. The I listened to Grieg and Sibelius. And For a brief time I was transcended from my great stress about what the Bushies and fundie theocrats of the Catholic Church and the white confederate Baptists like George Allen are doing to destroy America, now no longer the 'Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and no longer a country of laws with a Constitution and no longer a government that is supposed to be a government 'by,for and of the people.

Now America is a government by, for and of the corrupt religious theocracy including the Catholic church, my church and for which I am deeply ashamed. As the folks of the 'Lincoln Initiative' say America is a government of the people, for the wealthy and by the politicians, I'm not sure that is exact.


Whoa, there are so many things wrong about Rep. Mark Foley, he is a Florida Republican Catholic Pedophile preying on the most helpless, powerless and innocent segment of our population. This scum is beyond disgusting. Florida the land of Repub voter corruption and Jeb Bush a member of the family that has done and is doing so much damage to our beloved America. How can one family do so much damage to an entire country, democracy and our Constitution?

May God preserve us from such as these.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Let Name Names & Point Fingers, The Bastards Did It

Bush and the Reputhug are number one on my list of the worst politicians because they passed the Torture Legislation. Also all the Bush allies are totally complicit in this dastardly deed. This would include the religious christian fascist fundamentalists especially the Pope and the Catholic church and ALL the Catholic voters for Bush. Also included are the white southern Baptists, co-conspirators with the Catholics who made this legislation possible, encouraged it and never spoke out agaainst it in any way.

Now it is too late, the time is past, the sin has been committed you have all revealed your total absence of christianity and your alignment with Hitler and the nazi-fascist neocons in america. WWJD. You have clearly turned your back on the teachings of Jesus and the laws of God, our Creator. You have put an indelible stain on your soul, in my estimation.

I am a Catholic but not their kind of Catholic and I deeply and most humbly apologize to ALL human beings on this planet who have been tortured by the Bushies and the religious christian fascist fundamentalists in America who have revealed their hate for the children of God.

You so called christians are no more christians than George Bush, the Torturer, is NOT the true Christ as he so claims. Instead he is the antichrist and you rotten people have followed him. You are all an abomination upon this earth and the destroyers of America.You people are truly the filth and scum of this nation, your hate for the ALL the children of God and your hate for America has now most clearly revealed itself. How much more damage can you so called christians do. How much more damage can the pope and the Catholic Church do to America.

I will never forgive you for what you have done to my beloved America. Your power has totally and completely corrupted you. Damn the corporations, oil, parma, insurance, banking and so many others. Damn the wealthy, and all the politicians who did not stand up against this torture legislation. Damn Rupert Murdoch and his greedy empire. Damn the entire MSM who have not stood up for america and against this legislation, this pact with the devil himself.

RIP, dear constitution, it was wonderful while we had you. May you rest in peace. We will not soon forget you but eventually when those living now die you will be but words in the history books and eventually you will be completely forgotten. As some one wrote Democracy is truly a delicate thing and now it is dead.

The Bush crime family and the entire Bush family has buried our beloved constitution.

How one single family can destroy America is almost unbelievable but they have done it. There is not a decent human being in that entire family because none spoke out against the torture legislation.

Other contributors were/are Hitler, Nixon, Reagan and the nazi-fascist neocons who used Hitlers tactics and policies to destroy America, our constitution, our democracy, our democratic values and institutions. Some addittional contributors to the death of our American democracy are Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Karl Rove, John Bolton, Jeb Bush,
and others.

The Bush government has ended our beloved America.

The Bush family, once bankers for the nazi party has once again brought the nazi party into full flourish but this time right here in America. The principles of Hitler and Nazism are rampant in America. The Bush family has brought us full circle. I guess once a nazi always a nazi. Unfortunately, we don't have Franklin Roosevelt to order the Bushs to stop supporting the nazi party as he did during WWII.

Evil rules, and runs the earth once again.

My Dad is a few weeks short of becoming 91yrs old, for what purpose did he serve in WWII doing what is considered to be the most hazardous duty, that of spending the war aboard Liberty Ships whose life span was considered to be 21 days and after that they were all on borrowed time. Well so much for serving your country. Why did my brother and cousin serve in Vietnam. So much for serving your country. The very things they fought to save have just been swept away by George Bush who serves only his sociopathic desires. Why did my friends serve in Vietnam, for what did they put their lives on the line. For what are our troops now fighting and dyiong when Bush can just sweep it all away. Why are the Iraqi and Afghani people dying by the many tens of thousands, certainly not for democracy because we in America no longer have a democracy to offer them. They must be dying for oil.

May God protect and preserve them, our troops and the Iraqi and Afghani people.

May God have mercy on the rest of us for what we have allowed to happen by not fighting back against the antichrist and his apostles in our government.

George Bush and your entire government and your entire worthless family can go to hell along with the Cheneys', Rumsfelds', Gonzales', Ashcrofts',

Including the Dems who did not oppose this rotten Torture legislation. Why do you Dem politicians let the stupid Rethugs define and frame you. Spit in their eye tell them to go to hell and follow the high road, the moral, democratic and constitutional road. You have just lost the 2006 elections and you let the Rethugs do it, once again, to you and all of us who do not support BUSH & Co.

I have been hearing all day that the new torture legislation applies to only non-americans. That may/may not be true, but it will soon apply to american citizens as well. Does anyone really think the Rethugs will not use this law and the wiretapping law to keep themselves in power by threatening anyone and everyone who opposes them in any way, even just politically.

If Americans think they have seen and are seeing dirty tricks, as the song goes, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET.

Hitler has finally invaded America and won. The confederacy has risen again just as the confederates said they would, the old south is back and in complete control of America. The rotteness of the old south is once again rampant.

The other thing I am reading is that the american people didn't see this coming, or are somehow just asleep and therefore innocent. That is just plain bullshit or Bushit. The ring wingers are not at all innocent in this travesty, the republican base fully endorse and support this, and that includes John McCain, Warner, Lindsay Graham and Arlen Spector. These people just 'fake' their opposition and then fold up at the last minute and give Bushie boy exactly what he wants. Your all a bunch of filth and should spend the rest of your lives in prison.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


SCOTUS, POTUS, MSM, Christian Fascism And Corporatocracy

Keith Olbermann,

Thank you so much for giving voice to 'we the people' , the little people who have no voice in America any more since Bush, the christian fascists, and the nazi-fascist neocons have taken complete control of America and all three branchs of government. You did a wonderful thing and may God bless you for what you said at the end of your Monday, 9/25/06 broadcast.

Maybe the rest of the MSM will wake up to the damage they have allowed to happen to America by their complicit and complacent behavior in allowing the Bush/Repubs to let 'POWER CONTROL TRUTH'. Quite possibly when the rest of the MSM can no longer function under America's nazi-fascist regime they too will understand, albeit way to late, what they have done in the case of Rupert Murdoch and Fox and what the rest of MSM have allowed to happen.

Thanks again Keith, a thousand times THANKS, I just cannot say it often enough. You, Jack Cafferty, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and Lou Dobbs are so far the only ones who have enough courage to stand up for the American people, the 241 million of us who did not vote for and do not support the Bush crime family.

Everyone who demands and loves democracy must listen to Keith's comments. It will probably be on YouTube and maybe even on MSNBC's website.

Also many thanks to Jack Cafferty of CNN, who has been moving for awhile to cover the point of view of those of us who oppose what the right wing republicans are doing to change America into a police state and have since Bush came into office ended our two party 'system of checks and balances'. The Repthug party has revealed itself to be not at all for America or the american people.

Our beloved America will soon be a police state, like China, when the new wiretapping and torture legislation is passed by the repthugs who have all the political power.


Charlie Rose, also part of the MSM, had retired SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and current Justice Stephen Breyer on his show last night,Tuesday 9/26/06. Both Justices have been decent and reasonable jurists. They were very mildly/somewhat critical of what is happening to state and federal jurists as they are ever more threatened by the radical right who are bent on destroying our American court system via a variety of threat modalities.

I agree with both of these jurists that our courts are being threatened but I think it is more violent and aggressive than they have let on. All one has to do is review the comments of the texas rethugs(Cornyn et al), Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter all of whom have revealed themselves to be terrorists, self incriminated by their public remarks. I am convinced that the christian fascists on the SCOTUS namely, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito will succeed at this task by comments which evoke and support those who threaten our entire legal system.

These four are under control of the Catholic church, my church, which is completely aligned with the repub party and has been since Pope John Paul II made this happen and which continues to this very day and shows no signs of ever changing until America is no longer a democratic country which to a great extent has already happened and will be complete when the Bush/Repub wiretapping and torture legislation is passed supposedly this week according to Republican legislators.

The imminent demise of our country, as one where the rule of law is respected and adhered to by all, is at this very moment taking place. Once the wiretapping and torture legislation has passed, which will take place this very week, America as a country of laws and independant jurists will end. George Bush will have total control over the life of all Americans via his ability to designate any citizen he so chooses to be a terrorist. He can then make any american citizen disappear into his gulag of secret prisons where they will be tortured and denied of all rights including 'Habeas Corpus'. No american lawyer will be able to help or even contact any one that Bush deems a terrorist without 'Habeas Corpus'.

The right wing christian fascists (Catholics and Baptists) who have control over America via the republikan (KKK) party can cause anyone, they so choose, to be put into the Bush/Repub Gulag simply by reporting them to the FBI, CIA or NSA or any intel agency. They will have to offer no proof other than their own claims that someone they don't like is a terrorist or guilty of some crime against the country or government.

Well, Ratzinger/Benedict you and PJP II have succeeded, thanks to you American democracy is ended. So I offer myself up as the first person to be tortured in the Bush/Repub Gulag run by the CIA. The only thing I ask is that I be sent to prison, not in Syria, but in Poland where because it is a Catholic country just possibly I might have access to a priest.

The Catholic church and their close allies in the white Baptist church must be quite pleased with themselves for their flaunting of the teachings of Jesus and the laws of God. When the law is passed whichever of you unchristian and morally corrupt organizations can make the call so the Bushies can come for me. I may be a Catholic but I will never agree with what you have done to my beloved America just to satisfy your own private agenda, whatever that is, most likely money and political power. Both popes are an abomination and have committed unforgivable crimes against America and as far as I'm concerned they are no better than terrorists.

I don't blame the employees of the FBI, CIA or NSA because it is Bush, the incompetent, who tells you what to do and you have no say in the matter. Your oath of office is to support and defend the constitution and America against all enemies foreign and domestic. And since Bush and Cheney are your bosses and it is they who determine 'all enemies' you have to do whatever they tell you. You folks are unable to defend the constitution because the constitution is whatever Bush says it is, which means america no longer has a functioning and working constitution, now it's just a piece of paper which has enormous historical significance but no real effect on the lives of 'we the people'.

As far as both Justices on the Charlie Rose show are concerned, all I can say to you is that YOU put Bush in power and you can now see what you have wrought upon America. I will never forgive you and you will just have to live with what you did to AMERICA and to the WORLD. You have unleashed this antichrist/sociopathic criminal upon us all. No matter what you say you will never be able to undo the damage you have done, unfortunately the rest of us, 241 million americans, must now live with your mistakes.

May God have mercy on your souls for what you have done.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Thanks to all you religious zealots for our torture and wiretapping laws

Al Wynn bragged about stealing the Maryland election 'texas style' and laughed about it with Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tx) on the House floor, in public. We can thank our Judeo-Christian religions for that one and for the torture and spying legislation.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI and thank you Pope John Paul II for your staunch and never ending endorsement of the Republican Party, the party of the torturers. Both of you lent the power of your office and the power of catholic voters to this end.

Also a special thanks to John Yoo and Sgt. Alberto Gonzales for our new torture laws and wiretapping laws along with the neocons and the Repub congress.

Remember when some talked about the US having Gulags and were practically assaulted by the radical right wing talking heads in most of the MSM, Welll now it's true as Bush has finally admitted that they exist and apparently hold some 14,000 captives. The unitary executive and the wiretapping legislation will add many more people to these American Gulags who will then benefit from the torture legislation (Specter,McCain,Warner and Graham repubs one and all) that will eventually but soon be used against completely innocent American citizens who dare to exercise their first amendment rights of free speech.

Thanks to all of the above and I hope you are satisfied with yourselves, and maybe someday even you or your children or relatives will be tortured by these laws. But will you stupidons understand even then.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Shock And Awe = Blitzkrieg, There is NO difference

Rumsfeld spoke so very proudly of "Shock and Awe" which is exactly the same thing as Hitler's 'Blitzkrieg'.

All one and the same as both show great pride for illegal and unwarranted killing.

Und zo Herr Rumsfeld wie now have your position on human life and to know that you are so completely supported by the pope and the Catholic church, my church of which I am ashamed.

So much for fundamentalist religions, they're all the same ie. 'do what I say or die'. They all abound with hate and intolerance.

The time is coming---

Sunday, September 17, 2006


The Pope Must Apologize and Bush Is A Jerk And A Criminal Like Hitler Who Vilified The Jews

Just as Bush keeps the middle east countries and peoples boiling so now the pope may be doing the same, or is he just rude and insensitive. If he makes a clear and public apology than he is just insensitive and if he does not than he is helping Bush keep the middle east pot of troubles and problems ever boiling.

Should the pope apologize, absolutely YES he should and in a clear and public way. Even if for no other reason than good manners. But there are other even more important reasons as well.

What could Benedict XVI have been thinking to have made such a stupid and clearly disrespectful statement?????

I know Bush is a jerk and totally stupid and deliberately disrespectful by constantly refering to Islamofascism. Of course he is doing that deliberatel in order to keep the middle east pot boiling which keeps he and the rethugs in power by keeping the 59 million who voted for him a second time constantly fearful.


US Absorbs Canada and Mexico via NAFTA, Powell maybe now

Colin Powell finally stood up to Bush and his cabal of criminals. Also he may have finally seen the light and staked out his position on at least this issue of the US behaving in an immoral way, the Bush way, which is clearly to millions of people in America and worldwide an immoral position as defined by the Geneva conventions regarding treatment of prisoners. Remember folks how America behaves is ENTIRELY about America and not at all about some terrorists who have little to no power in the UN or the world.

There may yet be hope for Mr. Powell. I still think that if he would denounce imperial republican control over the US and put America's needs ABOVE those of the Repub party he might be worth considering for high government office such as vice pres or even pres. Mr. Powell has to decide just exactly where his patriotism lies, with America or the Republican party.

Almost all Republicans patriotism lies with the Republican party first, last, and foremost and not at all with America or the American people. Their patriotism lies with and belongs to the Big Business interests who provide them with the money to get and retain complete and dominant political power. I wonder what the religious fundamentalists, Catholics and white southern Baptists, will do when they discover that. The 'Totalitarian Republican Christian Theocracy that exists for now in America will soon give way to 'Totalitarian Republican Business Theocracy' in America, to quote myself on both items.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,Rice, Gonzales and Ashcroft are wrong and they know they are flaunting the Geneva conventions. Bush got caught and he is having a temper trantum. Maybe he will implode and go into meltdown. Bush is also threatening to close down the CIA torture program if he does not get his way, oh poor baby. Now he knows how the rest of us feel about the damage he is doing in our name. We feel this strongly and we resent his clearly Hitlerian -Rovian tactics.

Many millions in the US and many,many more millions around the world are violated and outraged by his corrupt strategies. He is not doing these things on our behalf he is doing them for political gain among his base, the republican party and repub voters which is/amounts to 59 million people, but what about how the rest of 'we the people', the 241 million of us who abhor his tactics and strategies which he is perpetrating in our name.

Also Georgie boy is threatening (aka fear mongering) to get the 241 million of us who abhor his relentless use of illegal tactics to conform and fall into line. If Bush succeeds in his fear mongering and use of the 'national security' gambit to get away with his endless illegal activities America will become a country of ever dwindling and diminishing freedoms.

For example, just wait until people discover the SENTRI system (tracking of everywhere they drive) and the resultant diminishment of freedom to drive wherever we choose whenever we choose and they will finally begin to comprehend that which many/most of us bloggers/protesters/dissenters already know and have seen coming for years.

Wasn't it Bushie boy who said something about people having to many freedoms/liberties. America is well on it's way to becoming a controlled state like China. This is further evidenced by our one party system whereby the Dems have almost no political power along with the 241 million of us americans who are caught in the republican party/republican government(all three branchs) stranglehold whereby we have absolutely NO POWER or say in our government and the things it does. I say, "No Taxation Without Representation". For 241 million of us we are already in a China-like police state. No one ever hears our voice becuase the MSM is under Bush/Republican control.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner and the House of Representatives in their opposition to the senate and Bushie boy immigration amnesty strategy know that America is about to lose our borders as we merge with Mexico and Canada via the NAFTA Superhighway.

What Mexico and Canada do not yet see is that they will be absorbed by the US when Bush achieves his goals. I don't know about the Mexican people but I would bet that the Canadian people will scream loud and clear, but it will be to late. Quebec will secede from Canada for certain when that eventuality becomes clear to them.If they want to stop this and remain a sovereign country they had better quickly dump PM Stephen Harper.

Since the Mexican citizens are so completely controlled by their government they have no say at all in the matter of Mexico, a Catholic country, being absorbed by the US. Their only hope is Mr. Lopez Obrador and he has lost their election thanks to Dick Morris and the Rovian Republican party strategy of smear tactics.

The only hope Mexico has of remaining a sovereign entity separate from the US is the pope who totally supports Bush and the Rethugs so he will be useless to the Mexican people. The only other hope for Mexico is if the American people rise up against Bush and the Repub party and throw them completely out of office and into jail for their crime of reshaping America(by deconstructing the constitution) and the world, remember 'A New World Order', without consent of the American people and under complete secrecy.

I don't see that the 241 million of us who are against Bush and the Rethugs have much chance of stopping them. So it seems that Mexico and Canada are doomed to become a colony under Bushie boy imperialism. The thought of all of that just sickens me as does the thought of 241 million Americans having every aspect of their lives under constant scrutiny by the federal government of republicanism under the doctrine of Bushism.

WHEN will all of this occur. It is beginning right now under the guise of the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY.

Finally another danger of this highway is that America's port security problem will be under control of the Mexican government and it's decidedly corrupt and terribly inefficient military and police. That is a scary thought almost beyond comprehension. The Mexican government
will never be able to provide America with complete port security and would seem to guarantee that we will suffer from a terrorist incident and maybe that is exactly what Bush wants to happen. Maybe that is why the Bush government and DHS are clearly dragging their feet on US port security.

If the port of Hong Kong has achieved complete port security in a very short time why hasn't America achieved the same???????? It makes me wonder what Bush, the constantly lying pres, is up to.

Bush really likes pitting terrorists against Americans and keeping the terrorist pot boiling to accomplish this. Bush keeps the spectre of terrorism high in order to force America to keep he and the rethug party in power and intimidate the voters to conform to his idea of "A NEW World Order", dominated by the US.

I don't think any other countries in the world are going to agree to this. But Bush keeps the terrorism threat high by constantly threatening the middle east countries and just as that strategy keeps Americans fearful and intimidated it may have the same effect on other countries and their peoples. Bush and the nazi-fascist neocons like Cheney,Bolton and Rumsfeld have done this to Israel provoking them into a war with Lebanon.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


A New World Order /The Nafta Superhighway/The Pope

As some of you may know the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgers and the Pope (Benedict XVI and John Paul II) the Bush admin. inner circle and the nazi-fascist neocons have begun the act of transforming the world into their idea and plan called a "New World Order".

Some additional co-sponsors of this plan are Pres. Clinton(Bilderburger,Yalie, Nafta), and I'm sure Hillary, probably Sen. Kerry( A Yalie and member of Skull and Bones like the Bushs') certainly Pres. George H.W. Bush(Yalie and member of Skull and Bones), Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands(Royal Dutch Shell, Bilderberg Group(very secret, 'A New World Order')), Vincente Fox(Mexico, author of 'a comprehensive immigration policy and immigration amnesty and a guest worker program), Felipe Calderon(Mexico, thats why Dick Morris Repub strategist quietly helped to smear Mr. Lopez Obrador (Rove nazi tactics) so he would lose the election), Stephen Harper(PM of Canada), PM Martin of Canada(Bush,Martin and Fox quietly signed the Nafta Superhighway agreement which is unknown to probably 99% of Americans, google up NASCO and Nafta Superhighway program), Pope John Paul II who aligned the Vatican(also USCCB) and the Catholic Church(my church I am ashamed to say), Pope Benedict XVI who maintains that alignment and asks clergy and Opus Dei members(Fr. John McCloskey) and Cardinal McCarrick to defy US laws regarding immigrants.

The NAFTA Superhighway seems to be an attempt to form some kind of north american business alliance between the US, Mexico and Canada to allow business traffic to flow freely from Mexico into the US, through the US and into Canada via mexican trucking companies using mexican truck drivers. This allows for the rapid flow of goods from China throughout the three countries.

It seems to bypass American customs, American ports and port security, American trucking companies and American truck drivers and American longshoreman. These goods would seem to come in via Mexican ports and Mexican port security. It all seems like a giant sellout of America to American businesses by the Bush admin. I don't see how this is a good thing for America but then neither was NAFTA. All of this seems to me to also bypass the American worker/wage earner/ american family/ american voter/ american congress. But then the American congress is totally controlled by the Repub party which let's Bush do anything he wants to do no matter how bad it is for America or the American people.

I have repeatedly said that a republican is for the republican party first and america last, if at all. Can the Repub party be called a conspiracy, they sure are a closed and well disciplined group that repeats the Rovian party line and talking points and does it incessantly. That is a Hitler strategy but then Rove uses a tremendous amount of Hitlerian strategies.

Remember Hitler and many of his top advisors were Catholics so is there a Catholic conspiracy? Also Pope Benedict XVI was a member of the Hitler youth movement, a scary thought. Another scary thought is that the Catholic church is completely aligned with the Repub party. It supports the merging of church and state which is not allowed by our constitution. I think the Catholic church MUST unalign itself from the Repub party and will not be able to undo the damage to America resulting from the terrible alignment. Were it not for the support of the Catholic church and catholic voters Bush would never have been elected. So the church has distorted American politics not only doing damage to America but through it's support of the Bush/Repub admin and it's oil and hegemony wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is directly complicit in the deaths of American troops and many tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani citizens, people, human beings and children of God.

The Pope seems to forget that ALL, ALL, ALL humans are God's children made in his image and likeness and ALL are equal in His sight and that includes muslims and jews. Yes it's true the pope has spoken out against the war but much to little and much to late. Just the same as the pope during WWII spoke out against the holocaust almost not at all. To me this is beyond shameful both by that pope and by Pope John II and now by Pope Benedict XVI. Maybe there is a confluence between the predictions of St. Malachy and the third secret of Fatima, but with regards to pope number 110, 111 or the questionable 112. Possibly the merging of church and state is wrong not only by our American constitution but a prediction of wrongness as reflected by the 'Prophecy of the Popes' and by 'The Third Secret of Fatima'. I recall that Jesus said something about Rendering to cesar... and rendering to God... and that sounds like an admonishment requiring separation of church and state. I believe any confluence between church and state is corrosive to both.

Oh well, the bottom line to me is 'love thy God and love thy neighbor' and 'thou shalt not kill' and 'we are ALL God's children and He loves us all and the task He has set before us is to love as He loves us. I may be simplistic but that means love ALL, including muslims, hindus, budhists, jews, Iraqis, Iranians, gays and lesbians, women and girls seeking abortions, people seeking their free will which is the right of people to choose because when the time comes we all answer to God and I kindda don't think He will allow us to say the pope made me do it or George Bush made me do it or the Republican party made me do it.

Diplomacy always, war never

If one does not wage war then one is forced to engage in and employ diplomacy. Diplomacy sounds like a more christian(Christ like) activity than Bush and his wars. Next will be Iran and Syria and many more tens of thousands of deaths. We can only hope that Russia and China can stop him, no one else seems able to do that. Bush and his criminals in Washington have divided and conquered the arab world just like they divided and conquered America. Just wait until all those involved realize that he (Bush&Co) really only work for the US Chamber of Commerce and certain select US Big Businesses. He doesn't work for any medium or small businesses as they think nor does he work for any religions as the white southern confederate Baptists and all the Catholics think. Bush works only for money and political power and as out of control as he is he will divide, conquer and destroy America.

And I know another thing for sure, George Bush is NOT, NOT, NOT the Christ no matter what he CLAIMS. Making that claim on four occasions reveals Bush for what he is. But each must judge for himself whether to follow him or not. He is not my pres and I choose to NOT follow him.

Some people may think he is the Christ like Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Tim Russert, Rupert Murdoch(telecarrier of porn) and all of News Corp and all of Fox News and all those other right wing talking heads and news mongers like Bob Novak, Judith Miller etc. ad nauseam. You know who they are.

Regarding, again, the NAFTA Superhighway apparently this would be a limited access highway and would require some kind of special permission to use it. Methinks that is why Bush and his inner circle want 'a comprehensive immigration reform package', an illegal amnesty program and a guest wotker program. All of this is part and parcel of the same strategy.

Some opponents to the immigration component of this plan are James Sensenbrenner and many house republicans. There is no sense in my mentioning the Dems because they have almost no political power at all.

Well if your appetite to know more is whetted just GOOGLE Nafta Superhighway and you will learn about the end of America and our borders and control of travel. You won't believe it but please do believe it. This will all be done under the guise of, you guessed it I hope, 'National Security'. You will find many websites that can explain all of this much better than I.

More later

Friday, September 15, 2006



A new section in my blog will be called , I WANT TO KNOW

I want a list, by state of just how much each state receives in government dollars aka taxpayer dollars under the Bush/Repub admin.

For example, does theState of Virginia get the most government dollars, I think that entire state's economy must be supported by, monies of any and all kinds, US government dollars, ie. taxpayer dollars.

I just learned, as reported by Renae Merle of The Washington Post, that the military has contracts with two private 'headhunter' companies in Virginia to hire/procure teenagers (or maybe people of any age, I don't yet know) to get recruits from across the nation for service in the military. This is being done because the military recruiters are having such a lack of success in getting enough recruits even under their, now, greatly reduced level of requirements for recruits.

For many more items about questionable/very questionable military recruiting please read an excellent article by Nick Turse of and you will be amazed/shocked/stunned. Many thanks to Nick for putting together a report showing a number of egregious recruiting acts.

So there are some different issues involved in my question.
1. A list of each state and exactly how much government money/taxpayer dollars of any and all kinds, it gets from the federal government. My guess is that the southern confederate states get the most and that is why they are so totally and endlessly supportive of Bush's middle east oil wars and hegemony wars. Until, of course, Bushie starts wars against south American countries like Venezuala and Bolivia
2. Do the oil states and drug company states get exaggerated/excessive amounts of government/ taxpayer dollars.
3. Do southern states get more government/taxpayer dollars and is that why they are so willing to give up/ give over their children for war(and death) purposes. In other words are southern children being sacrificed by their parents to obtain government dollars. Southerners claim it's a loyalty to the nation/government service issue. Southerners claim that it is because they are more patriotic than the rest of us, but I wonder if that is true. Could be some interesting sociological research is needed here or has it already been done, I don't know.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Another Corrupt Election, It Seems That Way

Now you can see what I mean by evidence of Republican corruption (destruction of our democracy) happening almost everyday. Alter Net is carrying a report by Don Hazen demonstrating that the Maryland election system has joined the corrupt elections of Florida and Ohio, my state.

Donna Edwards should have won the election against Albert Wynn(so called Dem, but really a DINO) by 60% instead as of 6pm on 9/13/06 she was losing.

Apparently what happened was that the same corrupt Repub voting strategies that were used in Ohio and Florida were employed to prevent Edwards from winning. These strategies included the use of Diebold voting machines, a Repub governor (same as in Florida and Ohio) and a number of other strategies. But there is still some hope for Edwards because all the votes have not YET been counted. So much for HAVA, the Repub law written by a Repub(Hoekstra of Mich. I believe.

And the corruption of our American democracy by the Rethug party continues.

Will the American people let it happen, it seems there is little 'we the people' can do to stop it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Catholic Church, complicit with the Repub Party and Violence

Weeelll, the corrupt GOP has a new strategy. The College Republicans are using a new hate and intolerance tactic. They have a 'catch the illegal immigrant' campaign and a 'shoot the democrat' campaign/fun activity whereby they use BB guns or paintball guns to shoot at large cardboard targets of prominent democrats like Sen. Hillary Clinton and others.

This is the very same thing as Cornyn and other texas Rethugs talking about understanding why people would want to shoot judges which they obviously endorse with this kind of statement.

Also the same as Ann Coulter suggesting that someone should poison Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy because of his decisions and so that Bush could get another radical right wing Catholic justice on the SCOTUS and finally and completely swing the court to the radical right.

And there you have it, all of this criminal behavior isa being encouraged by the Repub party and their accomplice the Catholic church. And that is why America is in so much difficulty around the world and in danger of the destruction of our American society. All due to the viciousness of the GOP and their handmaiden the Catholic church, my church. That is why I am so disgusted and fed up with my church which is no longer a church but rather is a radical right wing extremist terror group.

Pope John Paul II and the current one Pope Benedict XVI are entirely responsible for this mindset because they endorse and support the Repub party and have done so since Reagan was pres. The Catholic church has taken it's nazi past history and once again revealed itself for what it is, a haven supporting criminal behavior by the Repug party who hate american democracy and WILL impose it's will upon ALL Americans and upon the entire world.

The Catholic church and the white southern Baptists are jihadist fundamentalists both in no way follow the path taught to us ALL by Jesus Christ. These two religions have their own agenda and the violation of the constitution against the merging of church and state is a mainstay of that agenda. Both of these corrupt religions seek political power and dominance over 'we the people'.

The headquarters of the Catholic church in America should move from the diocese of the north and take up residence in the deep south confederate states like Alabama just as EWTN the cable channel catholic network has done.

The Catholic church during the crusades, remember Pope Urban, invaded the middle east and killed muslims and jews. The Catholic church during the nazi Hitler regime protested the killing of jews almost not at all. The Catholic church under the Bush/Repug nazi-fascist neocon control over America(Cheney, Bolton etc) now seeks to destroy America, our laws and our citizens.

George Bush has on four ocassions claimed to be 'chosen by God' which 'on a mission for God' and 'I speak to a higher Father' claiming to be the Christ. The bible clearly demonstrates that he is not the Christ. If he is not the Christ then he may be the antichrist. If he is the antichrist then the Catholic church may be his 'handmaiden' because it does his bidding or he does it's bidding, i'm not sure which is which.

More later

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I saw Ted Koppel's program on the Discovery channel. I have always had a high regard for Ted and the program was good except for the 'town hall' portion which was little more than the Republicans repeating Rove Republican talking points. I hope the Discovery channel runs it again if so I will watch it again.

Chris Shays said something of interest that slipped by too quickly. He is the first Repub that has said something that Rove and Bush would/will have chastised him for saying. He said something like, when a party gets back in power after being out of power for forty years they will do some wrong things. I think thats pretty close to what he said. It sounded like and admission of something. Is he running for office or has he suddenly developed a bit of conscience or a bit of backbone. Could he have actually done some thinking for himself. Maybe there is a bit of hope for the Repub party maybe some of THEM have a bit of conscience after all. I was very impressed by Mr. Shays, people like him could save the Repub party before Bush destroy it.

Why am I concerned about saving the Repub party, well I will tell you. It goes to the concept that America is crippled by the fact that we have only a two party system and should one party get too much power (as the Repubs have) they become corrupted (as the Repubs have) and our American democracy gets damaged as a result. Hence the two party system and our 'system of checks and balances' which is essential to preserve our democracy suffers. America really needs a three, four or five party system so never can one party gain total control as the Repubs have now. So if Bush destroys the Repub party then we will have only the Democrats and that brings us back to the dangerous and dreaded one party system which is dangerous to our democractic system of government, and we are right back to the mess we now have. This kind of mess is less likely to occur from the democratic party because it is the party of the people and because it is not really a single party but unlike the Repubs is really a party of many different groups. But nevertheless the danger is there so America very much needs both political parties.

And that is why I am an independant because I support people and issues not political parties. Also I would like to see another political party for us independants. But until I see a redress of the balance of political power in America I will vote straight Democratic ticket in every election. Or until the Repubs destroy America which is a very real possibility to me. Or until the Repubs destroy the world which is also a very real and imminent possibility. One more day of support from the Catholic or white southern Baptist religions could make that very thing happen.

These two religions are fundamentalist and we can all see what religious fundamentalism can result in. There is no room in this world for religious fundamentalists be it muslim jihadists or American jehadists like the Catholics or Baptists. All three groups must be stopped or they will kill many or destroy all of us in the name of god. small g intended because the real God is not a fundamentalist because He loves all His children equally.

Even though the Repubs have taken control of PBS there was a good program they aired yesterday on 9/11 which was very revealing, even though it revealed what we already know. Jim Lehrer moderated a round table of about eight or nine people. All but three were quite sophisticated possessing an in depth understanding of 9/11 and what was happening in America caused by the Repub party and Bush.

Three seemed to be Repub and Bush supporters and two of those were from confederate states, a women professor who taught in a southern state and a minister(Baptist) from a southern state who despite what everyone around them were saying nevertheless kept repeating the Bush, Cheney, Rove talking points. The third person was a college student or recent graduate who said that all his friends wanted to go to war and fight for America. He said that his friends thought the way Americans thought during WWII.

These three were to me just blind shallow simplistic thinkers. I would like to have heard more from all the participants especially the three who supported the war mindset. The war minister tried to dominate the group via agressive talking points and agressive and supressive comments but the group gently stuck to their beliefs and were not swayed.

I was terribly dissappointed as I always am by the war supporter mindset but was very encouraged and uplifted by the others who displayed a range and depth of understanding that is almost never heard anymore from people on TV, the talking heads never express those points of view. Almost all the MSM speaks to the Bush Repub points of view.

The black minister from New York was magnificent, he could preach to me on any sunday. I got tears in my eyes from his comments, he was without a doubt a true christian and he spoke the way I believe Jesus would have were He at that roundtable.

The arab american comedian was very good as was the hispanic youth worker from LA who expressed so very well what he tries to teach the gang members who thought the same way as the minister from the Southern Baptist Convention, the female professor from Nashville and the college student. The hispanic youth worker had an amazing and clear depth of understanding of the realities of warfare and conflict and I knew the youth he worked with were in good hands.

The woman from the theater/artistic background and the woman psychoanalyst/ ex-policewoman were also able to speak eloquently of the follies of war. I hope PBS runs that program again, I will check their website for it.

Enough for now


Bush and Repub Stupidity

Bush is asking Americans to give up their differences and unite to win the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism.

First of all Bush, Rove and the Republican party divided and fractured America and our political system of participation by and for all. Now the Repub party controls and dominates us all and has rendered us all completley helpless. Bush wants us to give up our differences but it was he and Rove that created and caused all our differences. He and Rove are the very ones who have stopped us from participating in our government and they still do to this very day. So exactly what is that clown talking about.

Second, it was Bush and the Republican party who caused and promoted the war in Iraq with their lying and deceit. More of which is revealed almost every week. They manipulated America and the world into this war.

When Bush says he went to war because of 9/11 my answer is that he should have quietly and shortly after 9/11 occurred should have captured Osama bin Laden first. Then he should have gone after Saudi Arabia and the Saudi family who supported ObL. But the Bush family gets a lot from the Saudi family so there is the answer.

ObL was surrounded and trapped by the CIA and/or American Special Forces who then asked Rumsfeld for troops to capture him. Rumsfeld refused... America it's just that simple.

I know the bullshit excuses Rummy gives and they are just Republican bullshit. I say Republican because Rummies bullshit excuses are accepted and supported by the entire Republican party, not one of them refuse to accept that opinion. That is what I call blind, knee jerk, lock step Republicanism first and America last or America not at all. These slimeballs are not Americans they just live here. They care not one whit for America or you or me. We have been completely excluded from participation in our country and our government.

Once we were ALL Americans. Now only the few are considered Americans and the rest of us are just some kind of garbage on the heap of what is left of our democratic way of life.

I have never hated anyone in my life not even the screwball who tried to run me off the road in a case of road rage nearly 36 yrs ago in Cleveland after a wonderful evening of concert listening to Andres Segovia at Severance Hall. Or the other screwball in Kansas who tried to run me off the road. But I hate the Bushies and the Republicans, God forgive me.

These criminals will destroy America and who knows how much of the rest of the world if they are not stopped. So I blog and write 'letters to the editor' to do what I can to stop them and their kind of thinking from spreading like the cancer upon american that it is. I write 6-12 letters at least five days a week.

Now the NSA can put me on their watch list if I'm not already there.

I know this may sound strange to say but I think that the CIA may have done all that it could to stop Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bolton. I say that based on what Michael Isakoff and David Corn of Newsweek wrote in their book Hubris. They were on with Amy Goodman this morning. As a result of what they said it seems to me that the CIA sent Amb. Joe Wilson to Niger to get intel on the WMD situation. Wilson found no 'yellow cake' and reported same. The Bushies went crazy because it did not conform to what they wanted. So they, with the help of Richard Armitage and many others outed Valerie Plame Wilson to punish Joe Wilson. She was the ;covert' agent in charge of investigating WMD, it was her job to do so.

Personally I would throw the all the members of the Bushie conspiracy in jail. Including, Armitage, Novak, Russert, Miller, Woodward, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Bolton, Ashcroft, Cooper, Hughes, Miers, Gonzales, Libby, Luskin, Matalin and all the others who outed her or helped report and spread the related information/knowledge. Bush likes to punish and jail those who release secret government information including reporters so they should all go to jail.

What a bunch of jerks they all are. I'm most angry about the number of crooked catholics involved, but then the catholic church is knee deep in all of this political wretchedness. The number of catholics involved in all of this Bush Repub slime is almost unbelievably large.

The Catholic church should get out and stay out of all american politics but what do they do they support the worst in american politics and journalism. The church must have stock in Fox/News Corp. Why does the church support porn and hide/cover up pedophile priests. That is all unforgivable. I am disgusted and terribly let down by my church. Maybe the church was always that way and I just did not know it.

Hitler, Nixon and Bush, what a threesome they make, all of a kind.

Remember, dance with the devil and he will own your soul.

Lie down with dogs... or Lie down with pigs...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The End of Iraq, Quite possibly

That is an important question to ponder. Is there an Iraq or just shia domination and killing of the country that was once called Iraq.

Have Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales, Powell, Bolton, Rove, Morris, Ashcroft and the American theocrats (the Vatican and the white southern Baptists) ended the very existence of Iraq.

Please don't blame the troops, this possible ending of the country once known as Iraq and it becoming a satellite of the US was done entirely at the very top echelons of the Bush admin, the Repub party, the American theocrats and the nazi-fascist neocons (like Cheney) for the sake of political ambition, world domination (A New World Order) and oil which is at the center of it all.

Just think only 59 million American voters put the Bush crime family in power and made all this happen. And these people call themselves christians, they are an abomination upon the other 241 million americans and the entire world.

Let's all repeat at least 100 times, 'diplomacy only, war and killing never'.

St. Malachy, archbishop of Ireland and known to be an accurate and prophetic 'seer' predicted the end of the papacy of the catholic church and I can see that event as a very real possibility.

I may be a catholic but I am most assuredly not a fundamentalist. I most firmly believe in 'love thy God and love thy neighbor'. And that includes Muslims. I do abhor killing and jihadism whether it is done by Muslims OR Christians. Religious fundies think they KNOW the mind of God. That is sacrilige, heresy, blasphemy and idolatry(of self because only God knows His mind) even when it is done by so called religious leaders like the pope or the Vatican hierarchy in Rome.

Our founding fathers insisted upon and really understood the dangers of mixing church and state. It was wise thinking then and is wise thinking now and a great admonition, now more than ever. But the Bushies are violating that admonition, clearly and most egregiously.

May God please forgive us for what the Bushies have done and continue to do every day.

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