Saturday, September 30, 2006


Mark Foley and the Oh So Righteous Rethug Party and Catholicism

I felt a little bit better yesterday after listening to one of my favorites, DeBussey's Claire DeLune, for about ten times. The I listened to Grieg and Sibelius. And For a brief time I was transcended from my great stress about what the Bushies and fundie theocrats of the Catholic Church and the white confederate Baptists like George Allen are doing to destroy America, now no longer the 'Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and no longer a country of laws with a Constitution and no longer a government that is supposed to be a government 'by,for and of the people.

Now America is a government by, for and of the corrupt religious theocracy including the Catholic church, my church and for which I am deeply ashamed. As the folks of the 'Lincoln Initiative' say America is a government of the people, for the wealthy and by the politicians, I'm not sure that is exact.


Whoa, there are so many things wrong about Rep. Mark Foley, he is a Florida Republican Catholic Pedophile preying on the most helpless, powerless and innocent segment of our population. This scum is beyond disgusting. Florida the land of Repub voter corruption and Jeb Bush a member of the family that has done and is doing so much damage to our beloved America. How can one family do so much damage to an entire country, democracy and our Constitution?

May God preserve us from such as these.

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