Saturday, March 31, 2007


David Gregory

Dear All,

David Gregory was on the Charlie Rose Show last night and even though I missed some of it my understanding of what went on was a combination of two things, namely, a partial sanitizing of some of the worst of GWB and some revelation of GWB changes/shifts in thinking.

Regarding the former I am not accusing David Gregory of dissembling about and sanitizing of GWB's image, although Charlie could be accused of that due to his past behavior of 'working' for Bush and the Repub Party. Though Charlie is to be suspected, David Gregory is to be believed and I believe him, maybe, I hope. I hope he has not gone ove to the darkside or is being used by the Bushies/Rovies/Republicans.

To whit, some recent events have shown that there maybe some movement by GWB from his position of his southern thinking/mindset pf obstinacy/corruption. If Bush has truly moved a bit from his dead-head mindset we have the Dems to thank.That is what a balance of power can and will accomplish. Democracy will only survive if the american people stop listening to the haters and demand and vote to maintain a balance of political power in america. Just maybe the american people have awakened.

The Dems, put in power at the last election by the american people and to their great credit just may have accomplished what can be viewed as nothing short of a miracle. Namely, forcing the imperial president to come to some, at least a bit of reality about Iraq and America. Just because we can attack and kill does not mean we should. We should never abandon the teachings of Jesus, no matter what any religious leader nor any politician says. They are human and easily corrupted.

Group dynamics tells us that are large enough group of people will almost always make the best decisions. And the american people are a large and diverse enough group of people, and possesed of good conscience and good values. While political parties and fundamentalist religious zealots are most assuredly not.

David Gregory(DG) and Helen Thomas are the only real and courageous journalists in the WH Press Corp that have ever stood up to the vicious Bush/Rove/Cheney cabal. Why DG was never intimidated, I don't know. Maybe it's because he could not be or maybe it is/was because the WH wanted to keep at least two members of the press corp credible in case they needed to use them for some purposes. I just don't know and can't imagine.

So given that DG is a credible source, as I think he is. And given that he was on stage and dancing with Rove the other day, the evil/psycho/paranoid Rove (what is that piece of scum going to tell his kids someday when they start asking questions and what does he tell his wife now about his evil doings and how does she live with him and herself because she must know something, although I am assuming that she is not as evil as he is, which is only an assumption, just maybe she is) . How does Texas spawn so many corrupt people, Enron, the Bush family, Rove, Gonzales and so many more well known to us all.

What can we take from all of this. Is DG either in the good graces of Rove or is he being USED as Rove and the republican cabal USE everyone in their monolithlic stepford(wives) march to total domination of america and the world.

For now I choose to think that DG has been allowed to get closer to the Bushies and been privy to the inside information that he revealed on Charlie Rose. If so then the information of which he spoke may be/probably is, true.

I can only offer a thumbnail sketch of very limited information since I did not record the program and thus cannot replay DG's statements. But he seemed to be saying that Bush is changing and coming to a bit better acceptance of the events going on in the horrendous debacle that is Iraq(created entirely by Bush the lesser and his cabal of Neocons and the military- industrial complex) wherein the military part of that complex has finally forced/told GWB the realities in Iraq. Oh would that Colin Powell have done so and long ago.

That, coupled with the Dems moving in on Bush and his cabal of evil, first moving in on Rumsfeld who was sacrificed, and now another dumb Bush flunky namely, Gonzales, the no necked incompetent toady with the sly smile and who is guilty of putting into play the satanic Rovian use of the DOJ to do just what he said he and the rethugs would do, namely, destroy the Democratic Party. Which if said destruction is successful will result in the desires of the pope and his fundamentalist zealotry to convert America into a "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy".

Allowing the pope to achieve his pet project of stopping all abortions for any reason as occurs in so many catholic latino countries. To the pope it does not matter how many women die, he will allow no abortions for any reason in america. Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito are in the SCOTUS to make sure that happens.

Bush gives political power to the pope and the pope gives catholic votes to Bush and the Rethug Party. This trading of religious values for political power by the popes(Pius XI and Pius XII to Hitler prior to, during and after WWII which led to the Holocaust and the trading of catholic votes now by Popes John Paul and Benedict XVI for political power) is sacrilege, heresy, blasphemy and PRIDE by those four popes. Their reason for doing so matters not one bit because sin cannot bear good fruit, good outcomes. Aka 'the ends, stopping abortions, does not justify the means, the selling of religious values and votes for political power. The selling of religion is NEVER right. The merging of church and state is NEVER right(both church and state are corrupted) and Jesus forbade such as does our now shredded US Constitution. The merging of church and state has resulted in the loss of Habeas Corpus, torture, killing all done by a political party run amuck. The Republican Party has been corrupted by religion. Our democracy is totally dependant on our two political parties being in some kind of balance thus enabling our precious 'system of checks and balances' without which we cease to exist as a democracy.

Meanwhile back to Bush, he may have finally come to at least some small , some bit of acceptance of reality about his war-death-killing (in Iraq) for PROFIT and world domination. DG seemed to be saying that very thing. The Dems and the military and the end of his evil presidency are forcing GWB to finally accept and face some small measure of reality and come out of his dream/fantasy hail fellow frat boy world. Bushs ever present escapism may be coming to an end. If he needs escapism let him go back to Texass and drink/drug himself to death so the rest of us can live in the real world. In eighteen months the Barbara Bush fantasy will hopefully come to an end.

I sincerely hope so, just maybe we can stop the Bush cabal of Big Religion, both catholic and evangelical fundamentalist zealots; The Neocon cabal pushing for world domination, and the corporatocracy of soul-less people who are perfectly happy to make totally execessive amounts of money no matter the cost in human lives; american lives, Iraqi lives, Afghani lives or Iranian lives.

And I repeat, the evil cabal is:
1. Big religion, both catholic and evangelical fundamentalist zealots, christofascists bent on death and suppression of all women seeking abortions. Yes abortion is to be avoided but not at the cost of womens live. Big religion is just going to have to find a far more loving and respectful way to accomplish it's chosen desires. The foundation of Jesus's teachings is love and respect for all of God's children and the sacrificing of womens lives and freedoms is totally the wrong way and far from the path of Jesus's teachings.

2. Big Neocons, including Jeb Bush, Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol and his father, Cheney, Charles Krauthammer ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Admittedly the catholic church via it's endorsement of Hitler and the Nazi Party gave us the Holocaust and now has resulted in what can only be described as the Straussian Nazi Neocons all bent on world domination. But creating another holocaust in the ME is most asuredly not the way. Actually the Neocons would accomplish far more by attacking the catholic church and demanding that it open the church archives to public scrutiny, to scholarly scrutiny, to jewish scholarly scrutiny, to angry jewish scholarly scrutiny. That kind of scrutiny would accomplish far more than creating another holocaust in the ME which may result in destabilizing the ME and putting Israel in great danger.

3. And of course the third member of the evil cabal is as always the american corporatocracy which is responsible for so many deaths all over the world via the CIA and it's use by all american presidents throughout the world and most especially in latin american countries who resisted the plundering of their resources by american companies and which caused the deaths of millions of humans in those latin american countries. Do we all remember Pinochet, Papa Doc Duvalier, Baby Doc Dualier and so many more. And then there is the catholic church which sems bent on keeping latin american peoples in poverty as it as chosen to protest almost not at all the killing of so many and done so only in order to add to the wealth of american businesses, just as is going on at this very minute and has happened in the past by United Fruit Co aka Chiquita headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, the home of so many catholics like Jean Schmidt(R-Oh) the congressional representative who viciously attacked John Murtha another catholic who tried to stop the war while Ms. Schmidt who if she was a true catholic should have been trying just as hard to perform her catholic duty to stop the Bushie war-death-killing for PROFIT. Schmidt you are nothing more than a worthless piece of republican trash.

Meanwhile, I hope David Gregory is right in what he said. If so all I can say is AMEN, and thank God. And I pray daily that this is or will come to pass. No thanks to Schmidt or Pope John Paul or Pope Benedict who allowed all of this death and destruction to happen, saying nothing or almost nothing while at the same time so egregiously guilty of putting and keeping the Republican Party in power to do it's evil deeds and not for Pro-Life, only for Pro-Birth while doing almost nothing to promoite the life of the child or his family once it is born, something such as in the nature of pushing corporate america to give people a living wage with which to raise that child.

I remain sick and totally disgusted at the popes(Pius XI, Pius XII, John Paul and Benedict XVI)
all of whom have abandoned real catholic principles and left all of us to struggle alone aganist the very evil perpetrated by satan and the catholic church. I am reviled.

Pray for the Pope to come to his senses and abandon satan. May the good, great God help us all as we have been abandoned.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


The Pope Is At It Again

Now more than ever I know I am correct in my contention that the Pope is influencing politics. However he is doing it in other countries as well as in the US. Now He is talking about Europe and Mexico. He is being duplicitous about it as well.

In January, 2006 I sent an email that said he, the Pope, is involving himself in american politics and policies both domestic and foreign. In a statement the Pope said he is not involved in american politics and policies both domestic and foreign. He used my exact words. He refuted my claim, but he was not telling the truth, he was lying.

The proof was that he was among other things, steering the outcomes of our elections. I refer to the fact that he made a public statement to the affect that Sen. John Kerry might have the sacraments denied him. That cost Kerry the election and Bush was reelected. We can see the damage that was done, not just to Kerry not getting elected but far worse, Bush was reelected and we all can see the damage that was done to America and the world as a result. Death abounds, not pro-life but Pro-Death and it's Pro-Death for PROFIT and world domination.

America has been damaged beyond belief. I am an Independant and will vote for whomever I think will work for and do the best job for America. The Bushies and the entire Republican Party have a destructive stranglehold on America and the end results for democracy are obvious, they are killing it. Does the pope/popes care anything about torture, now or during WWII by the Nazis to the jews, well he made a little statement opposing it but he/they did/do NOTHING about it, then or now. Does he oppose the end of 'habeas corpus', not. Does he oppose the end of democracy, not one bit. He seems to welcome it. Scalia, one of the papal mouthpieces, said in a speech he gave in May, 2000 said there is a 'higher law' and he endorsed the end of the rule of law in america and endorsed the rule of religion and the merging of church and state. In that same speech he also supported the end of democracy in america, to be replace by this rule of the papacy under the guise that it is the rule of the laws of God, so that means Scalia and the Pope KNOW the mind of God. I guess they like GWB talk directly to God. Maybe they like GWB think they are Jesus Christ. But my bible spoke only of one Jesus Christ. The end of democracy in america, imagine that. These people must think they are god to ordain such a monstrous concept. But then all fundamentalists think that way, they know no HUMILITY and committ the sin of PRIDE.

It is very clear that the present and prior pope are causing this damage to America by their endless endorsement of the Republican Party war-kill-death machine for profit. Thanks to the pope death is every where. So much for what was once a good religion, my religion, the catholic religion. The religio-fascist death machine is rampant in the USA and in the ME.

Now that same machine is rearing up it's ugly head once again via the pope's speechs about Europe and Latin america especially Mexico. The mexican elections were perverted by the pope and his american Republican Party. Dick Morris, a Republican Party strategist went to Mexico and via the usual Republican Party political machine of destruction of the other candidate, Mr. Lopez Obrador, the election was swayed from the candidate who would most serve the needs of the mexican people to the candidate, Calderon, the conservative candidate, who only serves the needs of the wealthy in mexico and the american corporations who have always exploited the mexican people. So now, among other things the mexican people will continue in their endless death spiral of poverty.

All thanks to the Pope and the Republican Party. Thanks Popes John Paul and Benedict but no thanks, once again your politics are corrupt and anathema to human life. You are not in the least Pro-Life, you are nothing more than the popes of the wealthy, Pro-Birth and Pro-death. You two popes are as wrong and corrupt as the popes who endorsed Hitler and the Nazi Party well before WWII. Just as did the Bush family, but far worse. Your politics reveal you for what you really are, completely self serving no matter the cost in human lives, no matter the cost to the viability of social systems, no matter the cost to the life of societies and countries.

Now what is the pope doing. Now having engineered the destruction of america and democracy; Now having engineered the destruction of the ME; the previous and now the current pope are engineering the destruction of Europe and Mexico, as well as the ME(via their support for the Republican Party of war and death for profit.

St. Malachy, archbishop of Armagh(Ireland) predicted the end of the papacy and maybe the end of the Catholic Church and this is to occur under the rule of the current pope. Maybe the time has come for the demise of the Catholic Church and maybe God has deigned it so for the list of terrible choices made by the popes. The popes have committed egregious sins against the family of man, all over the world. Thanks to these two popes the entire planet may cease to exist and maybe God has deigned it so.

But somehow the thought of a God who would do such a thing, destroy all hope and subsequently all mankind seems to violate the concepts of a loving and merciful God, the God of creativity, all creativity. Personally I think God gave us free will so that we could choose. Without choice all human beings no longer have a soul. Choice equals our humanity which is our soul. The popes are egregiously guilty of stripping human beings of their soul, their right to choose. Including the right to choose our political party and to make many other choices, our value systems, our willingness to create from our value systems such things as our social network.

Our social network, so hated by Republicans, is the way we help each other. The funding of that social network is against the very core of the Republican Party, the popes party since the days of Reagan. But by the funding of our american social network is how we care for each other. And the endless efforts by the Republican Party to de-fund that social network of caring for each other removes the basis of our society and will bring about the destruction of our society. The unending, relentless desire by the republicans to end that network for the ever greater PROFIT of the business world and the wealthy in america ends our daily prayer to God which is what our social system of caring for each other is all about.

The Republican Party, the popes party in america, is totally intent upon the destruction of humanity, the servitude of all humanity for GREED for money and political power. The past two popes are at the very center of this attempt to end our sicial network and keep america in poverty as well as all other countries especially latin american countries where the catholic church has so much power.

Now the pope is undermining the European Union with his claim s that it is losing hope for it's future. The pope doesn't care about the future of the EU the only thing he cares about is it's future as the way he sees that future. The pope is demanding the kind of future that he wants not the kind of future the people of Europe have/will/are/have chosen. As in america the EU peoples are having smaller families. But the pope has decided that is a bad thing.

To me this is what the peoples of the EU have chosen but the pope wants them to have more babies(quiverful concept) so he has many arrows with which to strike and rain death and destruction down upon someone, probably muslims and Islam. How can the killing of many millions of human beings in order to subordinate them to western fascism be a good thing when Jesus would never agree to such a thing. The popes want more christian soldiers to spread death. Something is terribly wrong with that concept. Facism and death for profit are anathema to human life.

The death of muslims is not negotiable and must never be allowed. Talks and negotiations with all other peoples is the ONLY way forward.

The two popes prior to WWII that endorsed Hitler and the Nazi Party was just so totally wrong. It gave the world the Holocaust and was based on the belief that the jews killed Christ, so it was okay to end the life of six million jews and terrify all jews everywhere unto this very day. So now we have the Neocons, the counter measure to that concept of the Holocaust.

The institutional(Catholic Church) desire to force anything on people is wrong, especially in light of the fact that those who claim to KNOW the mind of God(popes) are doing the forcing. Anyone who makes that claim, like GWB, is commiting the sin of Pride. So if the pope has a different viewpoint then let him put that viewpoint before the people of the world in a very open way and let the people do their own CHOOSING, that is the very concept of free will.

Now I'm not saying that if catholic people want to destroy jews that they be allowed to do so. This is carrying the idea of the populist to far, to an extreme. Nor should Islamic fundamentalists be allowed to do the same. Nor should GWB and the Republican Party be allowed to invade the ME for proft. But short of that all things must be considered and negoitated among peoples. Someone has to remind the Republican Party that killing for profit is totally wrong. If america has no more oil then it must negotiate with the ME countries/peoples who do have the oil. The Republican strategy of divide and conquer via wedge issues(exploting Suuni versus Shia divisions to divide and conquer the ME is totally wrong. It is a poisonous strategy, born of evil, from which no good can come.

The use of that strategy in the USA is just one of their strategies of divide and conquer poisonous strategies they use to gain and keep political power, and for the furtherance of their GREED for money and political power. And the fact that both popes have chosen to affiliate themselves with those who use such strategies speaks volumes about the mentality that has permeated the papacy and the vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The fear mongering of the pope is as wrong as the fear mongering of the Republican Party. The pope is concerned that the lowering of birth rates will cause economic collapse and so is the Republican Party, the party of never ending GREED. The popes concern about immigrant populations in Europe is the exact opposite of his stance on immigrant populations from latin america into the US. Here. to him it is a good thing and he has unleashed the wealth, power and GREED of the Republican Party to continue that process. But in Europe he sees the movement of immigrant populations as a bad thing. That is because he has nearly total control over immigrants to america because they are almost all catholics. While in Europe the immigrants are or include so many muslims. I would ask the pope, don't muslims have a right to immigrate for jobs and to support their families. But he is totally committed to the illegal immigration of latinos. It all sounds like a huge hypocrasy to me.

The pope endorses the violation of our laws and the violation of our rights to have laws that protect our country and give us a sense of control over our lives and our country by controlling our borders and the rate of immigrants coming into our country. Here again we see the papal willingness to violate the rights of the american to have some control over our destiny, to make america what we the people of america want our country to be. All people desire control of their lives as they see fit not as the pope sees fit.

The pope laments the loss of social cohesion in Europe yet the loss of social cohesion via illegal immigration is totally okay with the pope. Sounds like another huge papal hypocrasy to me. If the pope thinks it is not a huge hypocrasy he MUST explain his thinking and 'we the people' must have the right then to make our own decision about whether we will go along with his thought process and not have it forced down our throats via the Republican Party and its destruction of demaocracy.

If the pope is so convinced he is taking the right stance then he MUST explain himself, not take away our right of choice via the Republican Party stance that american businesses need cheap labor to exploit. The cheap labor that is destroying our american economy and destroying our standard of living and ending wages sufficient for middle class and lower socioeconomic class peoples the means to provide for our families a living wage. A living wage is Pro-Life not just Pro-Birth as the pope continues to force on us. Pro-Birth is not enough. Once the child is born and with no living wage to support the life of that child then all that remains is the death of that child. Should that child survive all that leaves is a live of servitude for the wealthy and the corporatocracy and very likely death in that servitude. Where is there any justice in that scenario. There is none.

Now I am am operating on a certain assumption, namely, that the pope is well meaning but making bad decisions. It may well be that the pope is not at all well meaning and that he is deliberately making bad decisions for his own self serving reasons and the self serving reasons of the vatican and the catholic church, his institution. That scenario seems everyday to be the more likely. The popes willingness to sacrifice any and all human beings for his own ends seems to be increasingly self evident as the days roll by. The endless and staunch support of the Republican Party of total selfishness and egreagious self centeredness for wealth and ever more profit is a huge indicator that the pope is /has gone over to the 'dark side' of the Republican Party mindset.

As a young catholic we used to talk about the strange inconsistencies and incongruencies of our church. The churchs endorsement of Hitler and the Nazi Party before, during and after the war(yes thats what I said, after the war when the catholic church was committed to helping high level Nazis escape the Nuremburg trials seemed criminal to us and even more so since the popes and catholic authorities never explained why they endorsed Hitler and the Nazi Party and helped them escape the Nuremburg trials. Why did the popes do this and amintain this secrecy to this very day. It seemed to us that the popes had something to hide and were keeping it hidden by helping top level Nazis to escape and thus stopping them from speaking out about the involvement of the church in Nazi Party and WWII and the Holocaust.

Also as a grade school catholic growing up we questioned the wealth of the catholic church despite the fact that people all over the world were starving. We remember that the bible spoke of Jesus saying, and I'm paraphrasing becuase I don't remember His exact words but they were something to the effect that one is to 'give away all that you have and come follow me'. Words that were/are some of the sweetest words ever spoken. And yet despite those words the catholic church is an extremely weathy church, truly a megachurch both in numbers of catholics and it's own wealth.

There were many other inconsistencies between catholic teach and preaching and catholic action. We always noticed that the catholic heirarchy could rationalise everthing no matter how inconsistent or even deviant and we knew nothing about priestly sex scandals and the church being totally bent on the coverup rather than the correction of the problem. Now it is totally obvious that these deviant priest were equally as deviant then as they are now and probably always were right back to the very beginnings of catholicism.

If I sound radicalised and scandalised by these events and inconsistencies it is because now I am.
If I sound radicalised and scamdalised by the Republican Party, yes I am.
If I sound radicalised and scandalised by the merging of the church(catholic church) and the state(Republican Party and Republican entire mindset and the catholic republican government) it is because I am.

Just maybe the pope will maybe reconsider his thinking when a nuclear device is brought across our borders or the ME is destablilised for profit by his Republican Party or america is destroyed by the Republican Party that he endorses, just maybe he will have second thoughts about his endorsement and support of the Republican Party, the party of obvious war-death-destruction for fun and PROFIT.

So the 241 million americans who did not vote republican have to make some decisions about the merging of church and state. It is quite clear which way the popes have decided. It is obvious to me that the popes made sins of abomination before WWII and are making equally abominable sins now in there support of the Republican mindset/southern mindset now.

I am but one person with no political power of any kind except my one vote and I do exercise that. But it is up to the american people it is they who must decide whether they are going to allow all of this to happen in america and in the ME and in the entire world. Are 'we the people' going to allow this merging of church and state and the desire of both entities, Big religion and the Republican Party of war-killing-death for profit to end our cherished democracy and our cherished Constitution. It's not just a piece of paper as the republicans and their minions, and they are 'legion', claim. America must stand for justice, fairness and some measure of equality.

PRAY FOR PEACE, and now 'we the people' must be willing to fight for peace even against the religious forces that promote war.

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