Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dear All,

So much is happening, so quickly that it's difficult to know where to start and what to comment on because I want to comment on so many things.

Cheney commented on ford's willingness to pardon Nixon, as if that was a good thing, when all it accomplished is the huge damage to our nation wrought by Reagan, Bush 41 and worst of all Bush43/Cheney. So I guess Cheney is looking for a pardon and/or preparing 'we the people' for what Bush is going to do. I've made my thoughts on that pretty clear in a previous entry. To reiterate, presidential pardons must never be allowed again, at least not until there is a full and detailed investigation and proof of guilt. How stupid does Cheney think we are, this man is so full of arrogance and elitist thinking that he must think he is the only one that has a brain. He is the only one that has his brain which is so corrupt and unamerican that no one else would want his brain.

NEXT: There were so few Ford mourners because he was an unelected vice and president, and because he stunned the nation when he pardoned Nixon which then gave america Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43.

The Justice Department(DOJ, Alberto Gonzales) is investigating the Dept. of the Interior's taking of bribes for allowing energy companies to pay insufficient and late mineral royalties. The problem with that is the fox is investigating the henhouse, ie. how little will it reveal and how much will it cover up. The DOJ and Alberto Gonzales do Bush's repub party work and they are all corrupt criminals; which we have been seeing since Reagan took office and especially since Bush 43 became prez. The DOJ and Sgt. Gonzales of the Air Force Academy crimes can never be trusted.

No politician should ever be in charge of investigating it's own political party unless that political party has proven itself to be honest, and the republicans/Bushies are the most egregiously corrupt and dishonest party in the history of the U.S. Nor should any political party be allowed to choose an independant prosecuter as did the rethugs did when they chose Patrick Fitzgerald, who is a Catholic and therefore most likely a republican and therefore should not be investigating republican corruption. Even if he is a Dem is he really just a DINO, like Lieberman. It would be the same thing as the Catholic church investigating itself and what it did during WWII. I would want and only accept the findings of Jewish scholars who investigated the Church's actions during WWII and only if the Jewish scholars had FULL ACCESS TO ALL RECORDS. Also this committee of Jewish scholars would have to include at least a few very skeptical Jews.

Nixon started the repub party on the path of the imperial and unitary executive and via Ford's pardon it continues to this very day and will do so until Bush/Cheney/Repubs are out of office and greatly reduced in political power.

Some writers and posters on a variety of sites have just lately, very lately been saying that Bush is not a christian as he has often proclaimed. But he is a christian as proclaimed by others of his ilk, especially the Catholic Church, my church( but most certainly not me) and their allies the white southern confederate states Baptists. Both of these religions are absolutist evangelical fundamentalist jihadist religions, and just like the muslim jihadists they endorse a radical form of religion and are willing to destroy america for their beliefs, as well as our troops and the Iraqi citizens and pregnant women seeking an abortion and gays seeking a life. And yet you religious fundies turn a totally blind eye to the porn and corrupt behaviors of the republican party.

I was shocked the other day when I actually heard one priest say that american laws are to be obeyed, does this guy realize that he is in direct opposition to the Pope, The Vatican and the USCCB. He will probably be denied the sacraments by his bishop or at least threatened with that outcome just as Sen. Kerry was. What would Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop Mahoney, Tim Russert, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rupert Murdoch, Rick Santorum, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and so many other republicans think of/ judge that priest and say about him.

They would/will of course damn him for such a comment since they KNOW the mind of God because they talk to George Bush who talks directly to his god(small g) from which all real and true knowledge flows, because Bush is righteous, born again, from Texass and talks to the Pope.

Of course I'm speaking about their disrespectful and narrow minded way of seeing the U.S. and the entire world. These people don't care about the U.S. or human beings they only care about their self centered agenda which they want to force upon everyone else no matter the cost to america or the world in lives, just as long as they get their way and deny the God given Free Will of every other human being on the planet. Religion and politics are the same thing to these people. These people have such unmitigated arrogance and disrespect for other human beings that they will get their way by the use of guns or constitutional amendments or the SCOTUS or just plain old erosion of our democratic values and institutions. But then the rest of us , the unwashed masses, have no souls, rights or freedoms.

So 'we the people' lose our sanctity as human beings, our souls and our God given Free Will because these aforementioned people have and use their enormous political power to deny us these things via their prez georgie boy Bush and their political party the rethuglikkkans whose allegiance is to no one but themselves.

To qoute myself, the "Three Pillers" of the republican party are the corporatocracy, the neocons and the theocons/theocrats. I wonder what will happen to these aforementioned theocons when they discover what the rest of us, the unwashed masses, have known since the days of Reagan and especially since the days before 9/11 that Bush is only a christian because he says so and because they say so. When in the fullness and light of true reality Bush is not a christian at all but really nothing more than a CON MAN who will do and say anything just to get votes and political power for himself and the rethug party. And he is only a christian in the sense that his form of christianity is exactly the same as the aforementioned corrupters of the teachings of Jesus Christ as they bend those teachings to benefit themselves.

Should the aforementioned ever remember Christ's admonition AGAINST the merging of church and state(render to caesar...render to God...) as well as our Constitutional law which forbids the merging of church and state, and should they ever let the light of day enter their closed minds they will finally see that Bush is not in the least a christian. Bush is like all republicans (just look at the core agenda of the republican party and it's conservative agenda where they clearly reveal exactly who and what their real values are) he is dedicated to only two things, the first two 'Pillers'(corporatocracy and neconservatism) of the republican party, namely, money and political military power and will continue killing even to the point of plunging the entire world into nu-ku-ler war.

I can't wait until you folks discover that Bush and the rethugs are only USING you and your voters to get what he/they want, and otherwise give not a damn for your religious values. Do you people actually think you count more than the drug companies or oil companies in the minds of Bush or any rethugs for that matter. Do you actually think that a party that is driven solely for money and political power has any real christian values, if so a rude awakening awaits you. Do you people actually think that if the drug companies come up with a pill that will make them billions of dollars but is in clear violation of the laws of God and teachings of Christ that Bush and the rethug party will fall back on religious values to form their policy about whether or not to allow the marketing of that drug they will adhere to religious values to make their decision.
You people on the religious right align yourselves with people like Danforth, Ashcroft and the Conservative Christian Coalition(CCC). So Pope Benedict look it up and see what you have aligned yourself and the Catholic Church with.

So to Pope Benedict and John Paul before, you can see exactly what you have wrought as you have delivered us all, not just yourselves, into the hands of this unholy alliance you have created.
You deserve what you have wrought but the rest of us do not deserve any of this diabolical and satanic situation. You are blinded by the siren song and sweet promises of the completely unholy and sociopathic George Bush and his party of crime and corruption. What you two men have done in the name of God can never be undone as you have set America and the entire world on the path of destruction and endless death.

And you dare to call yourselves Pro-Life, you are a false Pro-Life which in reality hides your Pro-Death agenda. Just as Pius XI and Pius XII did when they endorsed and supported Hitler and the Nazi party prior to WWII. And how will they ever make restitution for what they did then and how will you ever make restitution for what you do now.

The death of the Jews as a result of the Holocaust then and the death of the Iraqi and Afghani Muslims now can never be made right. You fault Muslim fundamentalist jihadists and I fault them as well but I equally fault your fundamentalist jihadism, which is no different as you are directly complicit in the deaths of Iraqis and Afghanis and american troops and our american democracy.

If you want to know what you should and must be doing just give me a call. Meanwhile I will pray that God, not your george bush, will either remove both of you from power or somehow help you see the light of respect, decency and humanity toward all of His children, INCLUDING Muslims and Jews. And I pray for deliverance from the horrors you have wrought and visited upon all of us, the children of a loving God. And please learn a little humility, your allies in the white southern evangelical fundamentalists will never learn any humility, their puritanical mindset is based on aggressiveness, hostility, hate, intolerance and their belief in a God to be feared just as they spread their own fear everywhere.


Thursday, December 28, 2006


More Consultation=More of The Same

Bush&Co said that he was going to seek more consultation before he makes his January announcements about Iraq. That tells me the change in congressional power is already making itself felt and the Dems have not even been sworn in yet. It also tells me that the ruthugs and georgie boy need more time to develop a Rovespin strategy to slide whatever slimy strategy they are going to propose about escalating the war in Iraq, or the bombing of Iran, or some other corrupt and criminal dishonest and lying bit of misdirection/misleading action they want to perform and just how they will suck the Dems into a no-win situation where they will be damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Also has anyone noticed that the MSM Rovespin screaming rhetoric has come down a notch or two. Joe Scarborough has been critiquing Mr. Booosh on a single segment of his program whereby he will stop the Rovespin and include some truth, some critique and some honest comment reflecting some of the ideas and feelings of the american people, us Independants and the Dems who do not follow the Republican Party line which he(Scarborough) has always endorsed in the past because he is another staunch republican. Also even Tucker Carlson spends a tiny amount of time giving voice to those of us who refuse to obey and submit to republican domination. Tucker has even gone so far as to stop wearing his bowtie.

The worst of the MSM, Fox News and Glenn Beck are the same. There may be no hope for them. Blindness and stupidity still remain as the hallmarks of their opinion commentary. Although I may have seen some nearly microscopic evidence of a door opening and letting in the sunlight of slivers of truth which appear embedded in ocassional statements. But Fox and Glenn Beck, both endless and monotonous trashers of the truth and of the fact that others have differing opinions have to make a sea change and a galactic leap before they gain any credilibity. It is no wonder that Fox's ratings continue to slip, while those of MSNBC go up thanks to Keith Olbermann.

The up coming congressional changes may have even had a tiny effect on one catholic priest, as he actually remarked that America is a nation of laws which are to be followed. I will take this as his being a rogue priest because the Catholic Church has never made a single statement to that effect. Nor has it ever recognized that other human beings in America and elsewhere in the world, especially the Middle East have any legitimacy or right to life. So far the Catholic, Baptist, Republican death machine(Pro-Death machine) still denies the existence, spirituality or soul of anyone but themselves as they continue on their path of death and destruction and blind self absorption in their absolutist and narrow minded and highly selective beliefs to the exclusion of all other peoples and all other ideas. To them I say, FIND ANOTHER WAY, which is all inclusive and then use the long forgotten, by them, concepts of RESPECT and maybe even a bit of love to spread their ideas. Because they are destroying America and our legal structure via those diabolical people like, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, Harriet Miers and the entire cabal of corrupt catholic and evangelical fundamentalist lawyers . And then their is that law professor from Notre Dame who reasoning sounds almost as twisted as that of Karl Rove, but thtas another entry.

The entire Bush/Republican admin which has our country locked in a stranglehold are a diabolical, almost stanic , cabal of Neocons, Theocons/Theocrats; of Catholics, White southern Baptists fundies, Texans, Floridians(ala Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Joe Scarborough etc) Ohioans like Ken Blackwell, Mike DeWine and that woman who was his aide, Jean Schmidt, Rob Portman who is giving America away to the Chinese, Deborah Pryce, the N-twins of Ney and Noe, Boehnert, Taft and all their corrupt friends at Diebold with their e-voting machines and then their is the righteous in the State of Michigan like Peter Hoekstra and their/his/Republican HAVA Law that demands the use of the Diebold and other Repub controlled e-voting machines all of which somehow amazingly just seem to discriminate against the Dem voters and favor Rethug voters, imagine that. But the righteous in those states and the states of Missouri, like Danforth and the righteous of Kansas like Brownback and Roberts are among the very worst.

The righteous of the deep south and the and those of Missouri and Kansas are little more than KKK, white supremacists and racists, like Ashcroft of the Conservative Christian Coalition and his good friend Danforth both of who claim to be religious and/or ministers. Like the Catholics, my religion but not me, these people have no idea of the message of Jesus Christ and the laws of God as the go about spreading the mentality of white superiority and the lynchings of blacks, the stains of which can never be erased from their souls. These are the people who use religion for politics and politics for religion. Which the teachings of Christ and the laws of our nation and our cherished but now badly shredded U.S. Constitution forbid.

It is clear to me that the conflation of religion and politics is strictly forbidden by the teachings of Jesus but then these kind of people care nothing about the teachings of Christ(they worship at the altar of the false christ(small c) George Bushand at the altar of the idolatry of their own aggrandizement) or the admonition of our Constitution, for they have formed THEIR OWN diabolically distorted RELIGION of hate and intolerance despite the fact that Jesus clearly set before us THE TASK OF LOVE FOR OTHERS. Which task is one of the many things we must do for our personal salvation, but they and the Pope care nothing about those tasks as he speaks so blatantly, egregiously and disrespectfully of Islam in support of Bush, the Republican Party and his white southern confederate states fundamentalist brethern with whom he is so staunchly aligned and endlessly supportive of.

Then there is the entire Repub party who vote and speak as of one mind/consciousness like the 'Borg' of Startrek fame who also speak as if from a single amorphous consciousness. These include most especially the likes of the northern repub cabal of Hagal, Hatch, Lugar, Hoekstra

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Gerald Ford, What He Did And The Results Are Still Reverberating

Dear Readers,

President Ford just died. To me he was a decent president, but he made a mistake and it was a huge one which has come back to haunt us, America, 'we the people' many times over through the Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 presidencies. Ford's mistake was that he pardoned Nixon and by doing so the american people never learned via a proper and detailed investigation that would have revealed all the crimes and near crimes that Nixon and the republican party did, and so they continue on to this very day and now are endemic to the republican party and probably will always be a part of republican politics.

These repub party criminal strategies that they got away with under Nixon , and thanks to Gerald Ford's pardon, have done continuous damage to america via Reagan, Bush 41 and now worst of all Bush 43. And now resulting in the near loss of our democracy and the shredding of our cherished Constitution under Repub party rule and Bush and the Bush family, soon to be extended in 2008 under McCain and/or Jeb Bush. So the damage is far from over.

I don't believe the Dems will ever be able to completely undo the enormous damage done by republicans since the Reagan and Pope John Paul II/ Catholic Church conspiracy with the republican party and the Reagan administration, through Bush 41 and the Catholic Church conspiracy and now through Bush 43 and the papal conspiracy with the republican party that will probably never end. The republican party and the Catholic Church, my church, will never stop, they will just keep coming back and endlessly doing the same thing.

Even should the Dems gain the presidency in 2008 it will take at least 20yrs or more for them to undo the damage done, especially in the last six years. The republican catholic religio-political agenda has so very deeply embedded it's tentacles into the minds of enough americans, though they be a small minority are a very angry minority who have successfully strangled the rest of us americans that we are largely helpless to do very much about these angry, hateful, intolerant and self righteous people who have proven time and again to be arrogant, smug, self satisfied, uncivilised and almost totally disrespectful of people and the laws of America.

There are so many examples of this rampant disrespect for everyone elses humanity, ranging from the unilateral and unprovoked attack on Iraq to the smug words of Cardinal McCarrick and Archbishop Mahoney that the clergy had full intentions to disobey the laws of america, as they seek to turn us into a lawless nation whereby the powerful in America will pick and choose the laws they will follow and the laws they will not follow.

They are succeeding at tearing down our nation of laws and the result will be the destruction of the very fabric of our society. All of this leaves me and many millions of americans full of anger and in my case almost total despair that America will ever again be a nation on a THOUGHTFUL and CAREFUL mission to do good around the world. So the religions of Catholicism and the white southern racist Baptists both of whom are totally convinced that they KNOW THE MIND OF GOD and will stop at nothing to force it down the throats not just of their own congregations but down the throats of every american and every citizen of the world and especially of the Middle East via military action, laws and probably Constitutional Amendments which will harm people and our nation.

I see absolutely no hope and feel completely helpless to do anything to stop this cabal of Theocons/Theocrats and the Republican party. I want out of this world and fortunately for me that will come soon enough as I am, to use the old expression, a dead man walking. As is my beloved America.

I somehow feel certain that those who use religion for political purposes will have to answer for their abomination either in this life or the next. Humility, respect for the sanctity of every human being(including arabs and muslims) and civility are anathema to the aforementioned Theocons/Theocrats and their republican cohorts/allies who will force their views of everything and everyone created by our heavenly father, God, upon everyone He has created thus stripping us all of our HUMANITY and FREE WILL endowed upon us all by the Creator, who is not George Bush nor the Pope.

These last two men are mere mortals and nothing more. They do not speak for God, no one speaks for God except for God Himself. Their sin of PRIDE is far beyond anything one can imagine as their sin is so HUGE because their power is so HUGE. And because of this conflation of their cardinal sin of PRIDE coupled with their extreme POWER they drag us all down to their level.

We, the children of God have been STRIPPED of our FREE WILL by these two men, George Bush and the Pope. Just as we have been STRIPPED of our God given FREE WILL we have also been STRIPPED of our HUMANITY which means that we have been STRIPPED of our very SOULS.

I am an Independant voter and owe nothing to either political party in the U.S. My only concern for what is going on in America and being done to the American people is that anytime a politician lies to the american people he/she is corrupt and a criminal. Our gov't is supposed to be 'by, for and of the people'. So as an Independant voter, anytime a politician says something my response is 'Prove It'. Ever since Vietnam I no longer trust politicians and demand proof of everything they say. And now we have an entire political party full of liars who speak with one mind and one voice all saying exactly the same thing thus STRIPPING the american people, the american voter the ability to make his/her own decisions, independant of coercion and misinformation.

PRAY FOR PEACE, but I'm no longer sure that prayer without action will accomplish anything, as our nation of laws is ending under the onslaught of Bush, the Republican party and the Theocons/Theocrats, whichever term you prefer.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Not much chance for peace in the middle east...

I am reading that 29 different religious groups are working together to work toward peace in the Middle East. Unfortunately there are three huge impediments to that ever happening and they are the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops(USCCB, aka the Catholics) the warhawks in Israel who refuse to listen to the majority of the Jewish people who want peace, and the U.S. warhawks including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld/Gates, the Republican Part and most especially the Neocons and finally the Theocons/Theocrats in America.

The Theocons include the USCCB which is controlled by Pope Benedict XVI of the Catholic Church, my church, and those people are dedicated, totally committed, staunch Republicans who support the Republican party over which Bush and Cheney have total control because like the Catholic Church is a monolithic organization . These two dogmatic, absolutist and monolithic organizations are completely intertwined and in bed with each other, so to speak. As such the Catholic Church gives complete support and endorsement to the Bush/Republican Party which is a war machine constantly stirring up the Middle East, keeping it boiling and on the edge of war because Bush&Co. want war in the ME and want even more than is going on right now in Iraq. These people must be delighted at the war in Lebanon that occurred this past June, the recent upsurge in fighting among Hamas and Fatah in Palestine(this coalition of religion and warhawks is most likely to be responsible for these events). So the Catholic Church and the Pope in giving their support to the Republican Party and the Bush war machine are directly complicit(just as the Catholic Church was involved with putting Hitler and the Nazis into power in 1933) in every bit of war and killing and maiming that the Bushies, Repubs and Neocons are causing. As long as the Repub party has the Pope and the Catholics on their side they will not stop.

And that is the problem which almost guarantees that there will be no peace in the ME. If 'we the people' who are constantly demanding peace ever expect to get peace in the ME we will have to throw the Pope and the Catholic Church out of our country and remove the Bushies, the Bush family and the Republican party out of their stranglehold control over our government. Anything less and there will be little or no chance for the end to the killing or any peace in the ME.


Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well, It Has Started...Bush And His Supporters...

Well we all knew that it would not take very long and it hasn't. Bush has started attacking Bolivia and the government of Evo Morales, a democratically elected one, using the CIA to destabilize it. They have gotten the Santa Cruz Civic Committee to begin protests against the Morales gov't. So once again, as so many times in the past, the CIA has begun the process of stirring up trouble so as to begin destabilizing that gov't because it is a gov't of the people rather than a gov't of U.S corporations. All in the name of the Texass oil companies, who after the election of Mr. Morales, lost their domination and stranglehold control over Bolivia's oil and gas resources.

It has begun, it was inevitable and the indigenous people of Bolivia will pay the many prices that will be exacted by the Bush administration using the tax dollars of the american people and in the name of 'American Interests'. There is that famous phrase once again, heard 'round the world and repeated constantly by the Bush administration over the last six years, and used to justify anything and everything done that results in the torture, maiming and killing of innocent people and the destruction of families in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as so very many of our beloved and brave troops and their families.

And this is why the Catholic Church and the Pope so staunchly support the Republican party and the Bush administration. Just to endorse more killing just as the Church supported Hitler and the Nazi Party and we all know what they did causing the Holocaust and the maiming and deaths of all those who fought in that war and the still on-going damage to their families and as a result to all of us , not only the people of of America, but people throughout the world.

So we have not only George Bush to blame but we can thank the Pope of the Catholic Church, my church, for yet another huge catastrophe in the world. So , thanks Ratzinger-Benedict, as you wreak another havoc upon us all in 'The Family of Man' and especially the innocent peoples of Bolivia as you continue your staunch support of the Republican party and George Bush. Your endless support and the endless support by Pope John Paul of the Republican Party yet again causes death and destruction. Look at your face in the mirror and KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING; not for God but only for yourself. May God our Father save us all from the likes of you.

And while I am writing this entry, you may credit yourself Benedict for the death of Jiminez Bojorge and her unborn baby, in Nicarauga last week. You have done another evil you good and faithful servant, not of God but of yourself and the Catholic Church, as you once more promote death and destruction in complete violation of all that is holy and in complete violation of your RESPONSIBILITY TO THE FAMILY OF MAN, all of whom are God's children. So Benedict, just continue on with your politics and your path of destruction but remember you really do it only for yourself. Don't lay your corrupt actions at God's door, ie. don't blame what YOU do on God. You are no better than George Bush and in fact you are far worse because you of all people should know better, but obviously you satisfy only yourself while the peoples of the world pay the ultimate price for what YOU DO. You are as corrupt as George Bush because instead of standing up to him you actually endorse and support him and the Republican Party. God may forgive you but I do not.

It seems possible that something may be brewing in Chile as there were protests at Pinochet's funeral. We will have to wait, time will tell.

And then we have the Lebanon destruction due to the war attitudes of George Bush/ The Republican Party and the warhawks in Israel who continue to drag most Jewish people into yet another war which they do not support and you Benedict continue to support George Bush and the Republican Party.

And now we have Fatah and Hamas fighting each other. Did your support of George Bush and your Republican Party in America cause that or in anyway contribute to that happening, my guess is yes, your support of the Republican Party and Bush led directly to the latest fighting and killing in Palestine because warhawk Bush/Republicans support the warhawks in Israel and they made or at least helped this to occur.

Benedict, SHAME on you, is there not an ounce of christianity or humility left in your soul?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Charlie Rose and Southern Thinking

In his segment last evening(12/11/06) with Ken Auletta, Charlie Rose really did a hatchet job on Lou Dobbs and his outspoken stance on the government and corporate war on the middle class, as per his book. Charlie Rose, apparently does not like this stance as it disagrees with his republican sensitivities and committments. I guess that the repub control of PBS/CPB by operatives like Ken Tomlinson and that woman who replaced him at PBS(he is still at CPB) is still dominating PBS programming as frequently evidenced in the Charlie Rose show and in Judy Woodruff's low grade and disrespectful interview of Pres. Jimmy Carter.

Charlie Rose and Ken Auletta were also lamentingwhat they seemed to think is some kind of loss of standards, quality and journalistic integrity at CNN and saying that Ted Turner felt the same way. But Charlie, you right wing ideological idiot what has decayed at CNN is not the fact that it is carrying Lou Dobbs but that it is carrying the horrible Glenn Beck, who really should be living under the slimy rock that is Fox News, as that is where he belongs along with Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough.

CNN has many good reporters but it has like all MSM succumbed to the lowest journalistic standards as developed at Fox via their cooperation with Karl Rove, The Repub Party and the Catholic Church, all of which are highly biased journalists and dedicated to misleading opinion rahter than true journalism. In Catholicism it's call equivocation(sometimes known as Jesuit equivacation, although I almost always like Jesuit thinking and reasoning) which I call Catholic lying/rationalization.

The only thing CNN has to do to improve is get rid of the worst like Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Kate O'Bierne, James Carville and even Paula Zahn. While getting more people like Lou Dobbs, Jack Cafferty, Andrea Koppel and Mark Shields

Even Tim Russert, that catholic repub, to his credit, did a much more respectful interview of Mr. Carter. Thanks Tim, there is hope for you yet. In that interview you were less catholic repub and showed more allegiance to American ideals than catholic repub ideology which has been, since Reagan came to office, an ever increasing disaster for America, although it may have been a good thing for Pope John Paul II and his personal agenda for America it has clearly been a disaster for America as now proven beyond all shadow of doubt by the Bush/Repub/Catholic hegemonic stranglehold over america directly resulting in the horrible mess of the Iraq war(which is a Pro-War, Pro-Death agenda for the ME and the ever closer destabilization of the entire Middle East. But meanwhile there is still no hope for Fox News, the screaming Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity nor is there any hope for Glenn Beck at CNN.

MSNBC, with Keith Olbermann is definitely on the right track for a better journalism which will lead to a better informed America. Keith is one of the best on tv along with those I have previously mentioned like Lou Dobbs(CNN). All MSNBC has to do is get rid of people like Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough. So if MSNBC builds upon the good work done by Olbermann, stops the blabbering style of Chris Matthews who constanly does that thing of talking over guests but otherwise does a good job and is interesting, and most definitely get Phil Donohue back(just as PBS raised it's standards by getting Bill Moyers back on) since Phil was terrific, definitely keep Ron Reagan and Jane Pauley while Maury Povich, Connie Chung and Alan Keyes have to go, go, go. Even though he is a Repub Pat Buchanan has reality based opinions and I can deal with that, it's just all those Repubs who do nothing but endlessly spew out Rove talking points which are all based on living in the fantasy of the Repub bubble that is nothing more than an insult to my intelligence and that of the American people who deserve far better from the MSM and have not gotten it for the past six years. And, now they complain about constantly losing readership/viewership which is simply because the MSM has become so very irrelevant due to it's constant lying and misleading/ covering up for the Repub Party to the american people who just want the truth with no bullshit added.

So Charlie when you want to critique journalism you must identify the worst, Fox, and unless you start from there you lose your creds.

The Auletta segment was disconnected(lacked continuity of idea) within and was completely unrelated to the subsequent segment Charlie did on Lou Dobbs. Lou does a very good of speaking for himself and neither he nor we of the audience need or gained anything from the Auletta segment.

What Charlie and Auletta did in their hatchet job on Lou Dobbs was to cast aspersions on Lou's reasons for his stance. They did this by suggesting that Lou had only pecuniary interests for his stance and therefore no real interest in the degrading war on the middle class other than that it makes for good ratings, and they brought this aspect up repeatedly, not just once. Also they kept saying that Lou is not the same guy he once was, as if thats a bad thing for Lou or anyone to do. In Charlie's republican world they call that flip-flopping while I think that upon new evidence one is doing a good thing by re-evaluating ones position and making changes as needed. Obviously Charlie and Auletta don't think so.

AND that my friends is the very reason why America is caught/trapped in the position it is in because Bush/Cheney/Republican Party and their minions in America refuse to re-evaluate and change their worthless and unworkable ideas, just continuing blindly and stupidly on the same path ad infinitum and ad nauseam. The terrible blind, knee jerk, lock step, mentally incestuous thinking and 'Stepford'(as in Stepford Wives) robotic thinking and constant repetition of policies that have proven themselves, time and again, to NOT work but which they(Cheney, Bush nonetheless keep on doing over and over and over again(while we're on the eve of destruction, anyone remember that song about Vietnam and which applies just as well today) and to the same negatory results(the definition for insanity) while expecting different results but instead ending in more SNAFU and FUBAR and being completely useless and obviously unproductive.

We have been dragged down into our present quagmire/pit of hell by this endless and stupid republican southern thinking. As in aigh(I) jist love Mr. Booosh bicawws he was chosen by god(small g, although my Catholic bible does not say he was chosen by any God) for this impwadent job(biness, bidness) bicawws he is from Texas(implying that the texas god chooses only Texass residents for these impwadent jobs because they are (the) righteous people, especially as if our cowboy president and cheerleader somehow has some divine gift and divine knowledge(thats called the sin of PRIDE in my bible as well as sacrilege, heresy and blasphemy where I come from in Ohio, the north, while obviously in the south they call it something else like righteousness) but then they have all those southern tent preachers(Falwell and Robertson) and the Catholic Church, my church, endorsing that kind of self righteous southern thinking despite the fact that the Pope uses the same bible that I do(not the KJV bible which catholics are not allowed to use as it is not approved by the church).

Well thats enough of Charlie Rose and his N. Carolina thinking except to say that Charlie ought to be dumped by PBS and his spot given to the wonderful Bill Moyers who the Repubs got rid of once upon a time but has since re-emerged despite the Repubs dislike of his penchant for telling the truth which seems to be driven by his sense of moral and religious obligation to do so. Whereas truth is anathema to most other Repubs. PBS might also consider giving a segment to Jim Wallis who believes, as I do, that God loves all of His children, not just repubs.

Maybe someday the repubs and the Catholics and white southerners will learn enough about God to understand that God loves all of His children, not just repubs, and it then follows that they must learn to love all of God's children, not just themselves. And that includes Muslims and Jews as well.

The south is still living back in the Confederacy and to some extent has advanced as far as the Cold War which is now long over unless they keep threatening Russia and China via their cowboy president. Bush is damn well not my president because he is a sociopathic mess, but then southerners like that narcissitic and self centered kind of thinking. Southerners just have not yet given up their white supremacist and Nazi thinking.

Monday, December 11, 2006


The Price of Security that Bush and the Republican Party Wants Is Your Very Soul

Will YOU GIVE IT...?

Kofi Anan, in his farewell address, said among other things, 'The responsibility of the great states is to serve and not dominate the people of the world' as he quoted President Truman. I wholeheartedly endorse this concept.(IT really means GIVE and ask for NOTHING). It was so interesting that he said this as he spoke from the Truman Library in Missouri, a state that is willing to give up our democratic values and institutions for this false sense of security that Bush keeps promising and which in my estimation is only doable to some extent and will never be fully guaranteed no matter what Bush says or promises.

The presidential 'promiser' is a false 'promiser'. While at the same time that Bush, Rove and the Republican Party make these promises you must see that what they actually do is constantly stir up, in America and the world, fear, hate, intolerance, war and death(they are truly the party of Pro-Death, not Pro-Life just as their minions(the three Pillers/groups that support them) are only Pro-Birth and Pro-Death.

Read previous posts for an explanation of those 'Three Pillers' and exactly who they are.

Stirring up hate, fear, war and death is most assuredly NOT Pro-Life, no matter what they say. Their words are false as proven by their deeds. Their deeds reveal them for who and what they truly are.

Missouri is also one of the 'red states' that support Bush's religious message(s) and like the Catholic Church, my church, follow and fully support him even when he claims to be 'the chosen one', on four ocassions, two in public and two in semi-public situations. Despite Bush's claims the state of Missouri and the Catholic Church instead of recoiling from him, as they should have since he is not The Christ, continued their endorsement and complete support of him. It all makes me wonder what is the matter with the State of Missouri and the Catholic Church, my church, as they continue to follow this false christ(small c). They worship at the altar of George Bush kind of like those Jesus camp kids who pray TO Bush, not for him.

Praying for Bush makes sense because Bush is such a criminal and unchristian prez, so he needs our prayers. It also makes sense because he has made and continues to make and unending list of mistakes revealing not only his egregious incompentency but also his great need for our prayers that God may grant him some light to see/find a better and more christian path as he attempts to do his job. Of course prayers will not work for 'he who will NOT see' so it really makes more sense to pray for ourselves, the nation, the planet and the peoples of the Middle East who are dying as a direct result of the actions of Bush and those who support his presidency of destruction and Pro-Death like the people of Missouri and the Pope and the Catholic Church who continue to endorse him despite the cost in lives.

It surely seems that the people of Missouri and the Catholic Church have chosen to give up their christian values and replaced them with the values of Bush and the Repub party, which are solely political values ridden with anti-christian and anti-christ values. It is horrific to see that the 'beast' that roams the earth prevails in the actions of George Bush and the/his Republican party; the party of hate, intolerance, egregiously wanton political desires desires and false anti-christian values which is rampant in Missouri and the Catholic Church, especially including the Pope who shows himself almost bereft of christian values and in fact given himself completely over to Bush values, false and idolatrous values. To the Pope and the people of Missouri, I must ask why have you abandoned the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, who I believe would never endorse and support Bush/ Repub/ Rove/ Cheney/ Rumsfeld/ Gonzales/ Ashcroft and Powell, values bereft as they are of any christian values or even common human social values.

But then common human social values are not and seemingly never will be part of the Republican Party, the party of 'me first' and the party of 'me only'. That is why anyone who claims to be a christian should never be voting for the Republican Party, the party that worships only at the altar of greed and political power. The Catholic Church has been very frequently criticised for their endless displays of and actions given over to it's obviously long history of desire for greed and political power.

For those of you who keep demanding 'security' I must ask at what price are you willing to pay for that 'security' that George Bush and the Republican party stripped from you and the world by their actions which constantly stir fear, hate and intolerance throughout the U.S. and the world and which leaves all of you in constant fear for your 'security' and yet at the price of your SOUL. I will not give my soul up for their elusive/imaginary sense of security which is gained by the Death (Pro-Death) of so many totally innocent people who did absolutely nothing at all to cause this Bush/Republican war for oil, greed and power.

You who follow George Bush follow a false god(small g) who promises you many things but actually gives you nothing and at the same time asks for your very soul, which you so easily give up, and as a result owns you because he owns your soul which is really the only thing of value that you posess and the one thing of real, true and lasting value, far above all else; and which you so easily give up and ALLOW to be taken from you. Those of satanic intentions cannot take your soul from you for they have not that power, but you have the power, given by God the Father and the Creator, the power of 'Free Will' to GIVE AWAY your soul. And that is exactly what you are doing for a false sense of Bushian/Republican/Rovian 'security' which they promisein exchange for your soul when you give them the political power to make war and kill in your name. Moreover, this security they purport to give you is really only a false sense of security, a hollow promise, since neither they nor anybody else can gaurantee what you seek.

AND above all else you would not need this phony 'siren' promise of security if you had learned to 'BE YOUR BROTHER'S KEEPER AND PROTECTOR' in the first place. Protect your brothers all over the world, ask NOTHING, not even oil, in return and your brother can do naught else but give himself over to protecting YOU because you will 'touch' him so deeply that you WILL WIN HIS HEART; and you WILL at the very same time be doing the work of the LORD God and his son Jesus Christ.

And now I weep, yes tears are welling up in my eyes, at the sins that have been committed in my name by our government of corruption and abomination.

Pray for the defeat of Bush and the Republicans and the end to their reign of war, torture and death(Pro-Death).


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Things or People, Fantasy or Reality, The Pope or God

It seems almost impossible to understand the endless denial and distortion of the Republican party. they never stop distorting or warping the truth, no wonder they have brought america and the world ever closer to destruction. But then the Catholic Church which totally supports the Repub party and the white southern Baptists and the Repub party raise themselves to the level of God, as these groups have no humility or sense of shame especially George Bush and the entire Bush family; as well as the entire repub party including people like Sam Brownback and his other cohorts like McCain, Romney, Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberts, Pat Robertson and so very many others who rule and strangle our beloved america with an iron fist just as those others did who were supported and endorsed by the popes and the Vatican namely, Hitler and the Nazi party which is so much like the repub party it is truly scary.

Some denials and distortion of reality is when the repubs say things like people have 'low food security' in the name of all that is holy the poor are starving and getting no help from the repub party which uses taxpayer dollars, not for the benefit of the taxpayers but only for the repub party and for more war. Then they use the stupid phrase that the war is not going as well or as quickly as they had hoped, when in reality the war is a complete disasterof death and destruction. The repubs talk about success while human beings are dying which is the real and most important issue. But then things like money and political power are most important to the repubs not people, families, women, children, the sick or the elderly.

It is no wonder that these people, the repubs like Brownback, create war and senseless killing they deny the facts right before their eyes and create their own fantasy of what is happening. 'We the people' must do everything in our power, such as it is since the repubs and the catholics like Brownback have taken our freedoms and our votes away from us. Someday 'we the people' may have to take to the streets to end the stranglehold the pope and the Catholic Church, my church, and the repubs have over us and stop them. It's a terrible thought but when religion and government merge and both become corroded and corrupted there may be nothing else left to do and maybe that is a lesson that God wants us to learn namely, that each of us is responsible for we allow to happen.



Angry Beyond Belief , At Repubs And Popes

I am angry beyond belief at Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. John Paul got Reagan elected as president and then aligned the Catholic Church with the Repub party of destruction and corruption. Were it not for the criminal and sinful (merging of Catholic influence with repub party) america might well have never had and would most likely not have had Reagan and his repub corruption of america, not have had Bush 41 and his repub corruption of america nor Bush 43 and his repub corruption of america which as far as we know at this time is the worst and most horrendous. And yet I wonder what the rethugs and bullies will do to us and the entire world in the next two years. And then what about the election of 2008, may the saints preserve us all.

This endless and unqualified support and endorsement of the republican party by the popes and the entire Catholic Church has nearly destroyed america by causing enormous political divide within the fabric of our society. The Catholic Church is also responsible for the deaths of 2900 of our extraordinarily brave troops and the maiming in mind and/or body of some 20,000+ more which will last for their lifetime and for, on average, the next three generations of their children.

The corruption of the Catholic Church and the Popes and the Repub party has also resulted in the deaths of some 600,000+ Iraqi citizens and their families. Also the Catholics, Popes and Repub party have really destabilized the entire middle east which now seems on the edge of regional war and even more death from those of the Pro-Lifers but who are really Pro-Deathers.
All of this death and destruction caused by the popes and the Catholic Church and the Repub party makes the popes and the Catholic Church, especially the popes sinfully guilty and guilty of committing and abomination unto God and every living human being on this planet, especially we americans and the citizens of the entire middle east.

The popes are totally guilty of another monster sin upon us ALL, not just Catholics, of which I am one. If these two popes want to unleash satanic destruction upon catholics that is one thing, as terrible as it is because each catholic can choose to opt out of participating in this papal corruption and destruction. Actually, thats not entirely true because many if not most catholics do not have the strength of character or the complete belief in their God given FREE WILL, given to each of us by God our Father and Creator because the Church has taken away their FREE WILL via threat of sin, excommunication, withdrawal of the Sacraments and the threat of eternal hell resulting in most catholics living in subservience to the popes and constant fear of going to hell.

Also catholics are unable to think for themselves and do not seem to realize that when judgement day arrives they will be held responsible for not only their individual actions but all the actions they indirectly participated in because they support the church and so they are guilty of the sins of the church. I don't believe that on judgement day God will allow us to say 'It's not my fault because the pope made me do it'.

Because the popes and the catholic church threatens all catholics with going to hell if they don't follow the commands of the pope and the church hierarchy catholics do not actually have any FREE WILL and do not choose God freely and willingly. But in reality the popes and the church have absolutely nothing to do with any catholic going to hell because only God makes that decision. But the pope and the church act AS IF they know the mind of God and do his bidding. The catholic church does not do the bidding of God,it does only and nothing more than the bidding of the pope who cannot know the mind of God as no human being can ever know the mind of God in this life or the next. So these last two popes have unleashed fear and death upon us all which now is getting us ever closer to the end of american society and the entire middle east.

I am angry beyond belief at the unbelivable stupidity of the repub party and their three pillers of support namely the corporatocracy, the Neocons and the Theocons(Catholic Church and white southern Baptists). Were it not for these three pillers of support our beloved america would not be in the terrible situation we are now caught and trapped in, and from which there seems to be no way of escape. Realizing that I feel that way I ask myself what the Iraqis and Afghanis must be feeling.

First Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal in order to avoid prosecution . Then the next terrible event was Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon which prevented any investigation from revealing all the facts of what really happened and from which 'we the people' might have learned enough to prevent this from ever happening again. And now the inhuman nature and agenda of the Repub party has resulted in the very same thing(Nixon/Repubs) happening all over again only much worse, to a greater degree and on a much larger scale. With the current events started back then, by the Pope John Paul II aligning and tying the church to the Repub party shortly after he became pope. Then came all the corruption of Reagan possible only because he got the total support of the pope and the catholic voters. Next came all the corruption of Bush 41 and now we have the satanic and diabolical work of Bush 43 and the repub party, which is still supported by Pope Benedict.

I don't see any end or any sign of hope for an end to this horrendous turn of events so I live in daily fear of the damage my church and the Repub party are capable of doing to our beloved america and the entire world. And I don't believe this corruption and the many horrendous events will ever truly end because neither the Catholic Church nor the Republican party will ever go away. These groups are here to stay and will just keep coming back again and again until they get what they want and force what they want upon all of us.

All that I can do is hope that the predictions of St. Malachy in his Prophecy of Popes will come true. It seems a terrible thing to hope for, but I see no end to the damage the pope and the Catholic Church can and will do, because it has strayed terribly far from the laws of God and the teachings of our sweet Jesus. And now with a big lump in my throat and tears welling up in my eyes once again, I stop to pray.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


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