Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well, It Has Started...Bush And His Supporters...

Well we all knew that it would not take very long and it hasn't. Bush has started attacking Bolivia and the government of Evo Morales, a democratically elected one, using the CIA to destabilize it. They have gotten the Santa Cruz Civic Committee to begin protests against the Morales gov't. So once again, as so many times in the past, the CIA has begun the process of stirring up trouble so as to begin destabilizing that gov't because it is a gov't of the people rather than a gov't of U.S corporations. All in the name of the Texass oil companies, who after the election of Mr. Morales, lost their domination and stranglehold control over Bolivia's oil and gas resources.

It has begun, it was inevitable and the indigenous people of Bolivia will pay the many prices that will be exacted by the Bush administration using the tax dollars of the american people and in the name of 'American Interests'. There is that famous phrase once again, heard 'round the world and repeated constantly by the Bush administration over the last six years, and used to justify anything and everything done that results in the torture, maiming and killing of innocent people and the destruction of families in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as so very many of our beloved and brave troops and their families.

And this is why the Catholic Church and the Pope so staunchly support the Republican party and the Bush administration. Just to endorse more killing just as the Church supported Hitler and the Nazi Party and we all know what they did causing the Holocaust and the maiming and deaths of all those who fought in that war and the still on-going damage to their families and as a result to all of us , not only the people of of America, but people throughout the world.

So we have not only George Bush to blame but we can thank the Pope of the Catholic Church, my church, for yet another huge catastrophe in the world. So , thanks Ratzinger-Benedict, as you wreak another havoc upon us all in 'The Family of Man' and especially the innocent peoples of Bolivia as you continue your staunch support of the Republican party and George Bush. Your endless support and the endless support by Pope John Paul of the Republican Party yet again causes death and destruction. Look at your face in the mirror and KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING; not for God but only for yourself. May God our Father save us all from the likes of you.

And while I am writing this entry, you may credit yourself Benedict for the death of Jiminez Bojorge and her unborn baby, in Nicarauga last week. You have done another evil you good and faithful servant, not of God but of yourself and the Catholic Church, as you once more promote death and destruction in complete violation of all that is holy and in complete violation of your RESPONSIBILITY TO THE FAMILY OF MAN, all of whom are God's children. So Benedict, just continue on with your politics and your path of destruction but remember you really do it only for yourself. Don't lay your corrupt actions at God's door, ie. don't blame what YOU do on God. You are no better than George Bush and in fact you are far worse because you of all people should know better, but obviously you satisfy only yourself while the peoples of the world pay the ultimate price for what YOU DO. You are as corrupt as George Bush because instead of standing up to him you actually endorse and support him and the Republican Party. God may forgive you but I do not.

It seems possible that something may be brewing in Chile as there were protests at Pinochet's funeral. We will have to wait, time will tell.

And then we have the Lebanon destruction due to the war attitudes of George Bush/ The Republican Party and the warhawks in Israel who continue to drag most Jewish people into yet another war which they do not support and you Benedict continue to support George Bush and the Republican Party.

And now we have Fatah and Hamas fighting each other. Did your support of George Bush and your Republican Party in America cause that or in anyway contribute to that happening, my guess is yes, your support of the Republican Party and Bush led directly to the latest fighting and killing in Palestine because warhawk Bush/Republicans support the warhawks in Israel and they made or at least helped this to occur.

Benedict, SHAME on you, is there not an ounce of christianity or humility left in your soul?

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