Saturday, May 05, 2007


Thank You Catholic Church

Dear All,

I just read that three more republican lawmakers have been named as guilty in crimes committed under their auspices as republican legislators. This kind of revelation seems to be occurring on an almost daily basis.

To that all I can say, ironically, is thank you Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI for your enduring support of the rethuglikkkan party. You have once more contributed to the daily lives of all americans.

When will you ever learn that no religion should ever be endorsing any political party. Stick to your congregations, you have screwed them up badly enough. Stop screwing up the lives of all the rest of the americans who are not your congregants. I may be a catholic but I am not a congregant so stay out of the lives of the rest of us. You guys are totally guilty of using the republican party to wage your war upon and destroy America, cause the deaths of 655,000 Iraqis, who knows how many Afghanis, nearly 3,300 dead american troops and the maiming in mind and body of some tens of thousands of other american troops. You have unleashed the beast and he is upon us all, including the entire world. To the popes and the catholic hierarchy you have unleashed your demons on the rest of us and we are dying because of what you have done.

You, the catholic church have gone far afield from the message of love that Jesus Christ preached. Your shame is great, beyond any means of calculation; just as before, during and after WWII. Yes you may have saved some Jews but you never should have supported Hitler and the Nazi party in the first place. And you never should have supported Reagan, daddy Bush and baby Bush or the rethug party in the first place.

If you wanted to dominate or destroy America you have succeeded. America is helpless to defend itself against what you have unleashed upon us.

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