Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Elections 2006

It is of little wonder that Jenna Bush, if it's true, is reported to be in the process of purchasing 140,000 acres of land in Paraguay. Isn't that one of the countries where so many nazis escaped to, helped by the Catholic Church at the end of WWII to evade the Nuremberg trials. And just exactly what was the church trying to hide about their complicity with the nazi party and the holocaust prior to and during the war.

Could Jenna have studied spanish and be purchasing this huge amount of land in order to evade a Nuremberg investigation of her father via a turnover of our gov't from the domination and complete stranglehold by the Repubs to one where the Dems gain enough power to begin investigations into the Bush admin. Such an investigation will most likely result in the revelation of the complete and totally widespread corruption of our democracy and democratic values and institutions( torture legislation,merging of church and state in violation of the Constitution, loss of free speech, loss of free press, use of religion for political power, use of taxpayer funds to benefit religions, lying to the american peopleaided by MSM, enormous misuse of gov't monies to benefit certain companies like Halliburton,Bechtel,Blackwater, Carlyle Group etc ad nauseam) by the Bush family, the Bush admin and the Repub party.

Could Jenna be purchasing this huge amount of land in Paraguay so the Bush family can escape to Paraguay rather than risk certain impeachment and imprisonment and loss of family wealth?

Or will Bush either attack Iran or provoke Iran into an attack so he can declare martial law in america and stop the Dems from coming to power.

Or will the Dems, despite being so far ahead in the polls, suddenly lose on Nov. 7th via vote fraud, vote suppression(already happening here in Cleve, Oh. through the use of mass confusion among election officials) and Diebold electronic voting machines.

The use of fears, smears and queers(fear mongering re terrorism, fake terrorism; smearing of the reputations of Dems via swiftboating, rascism and vicious personal attacks; and hate mongering directed at gays/lesbians) is not working any more or is marginal at best, all showing a Dem sweep in all the polls and therefore a Dem sweep on Nov. 7th.

Since these Repub tactics which have worked so well in the past three elections are no longer working just what will the Repubs do, time will soon tell.


Some Observations

Saddam Hussein is being prosecuted for crimes against humanity. I wonder when those in our gov't who put him in power and kept him in power, like Rumsfeld, will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Also when will Bush and Cheney be prosecuted for the same, as well as John Yoo,Alberto Gonzales,Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Stephen Hadley, and David Addington, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, the neocons, the theocons, Paul Wolfowitz and Diebold be prosecuted for conspiracy and crimes against the American people.

What was the Catholic Church's involvement, especially the popes, in the Republican conspiracy to defeat Lopez Obrador and manipulat the election so that Calderon, who was far behind, and yet ended up winning the election.

Why does the Catholic Church, my church, always come down on the side of the wealthy in america and in so many central and south american countries. Why does the Pope support the wealthy against the poor. Other than few and feeble speechs and letters why does the church and pope not speak out more vehemently on behalf of the poor as Jesus did.

Why is the Pope so involved in the manipulation of american politics via his total support of the Republican party, the party of death of our troops, Iraqi and Afghani citizens, the death of the Democratic party in america, via the Rove/Repub agenda, and the negation of 241 million americans rights via the so terribly corrupt Republican party and it's torture policy and total gov't secrecy.

How many secret catholic organizations are there that no one knows about, like Opus Dei, why are they secret and what are they doing. I just found out about Opus Dei last year when Pope John Paul II died and learned that he endorsed this radical organization. I just learned about another semi secret organization supported by the K of C(Knights of Columbus, of which I was once a member) but left when the pope aligned the church with the Repub party after Reagan, the sleeping prez, became prez. This organization that I just learned about is for the express purpose of outlawing all abortions no matter what the reason, even if their is clear danger to the mother. It's OK if catholic women have so little value for themselves and their lives that they choose to go along with this kind of insane thinking but this should NOT EVER be forced on all american women by law, enacted by the Rep party which is so full of catholics.

I have been an independant swing voter since the Vietnam war and prez Nixon's corrupt repub admin. I will from now on always vote Democrat and continue to do so until the damage done to america by the Repubs under georgie boy Bush is reversed which will take probably 20yrs - 40yrs(get catholics off the Supreme Court) if ever.

I wonder just how much oil company stock the catholic church owns.

I am not only against Islamic fundie jihadists but am equally against the two fundamentalist jihadist religions in america, the Catholic Church and the white southern confederate Baptists. Maybe the fundamentalist Islamic jihadists should fight the Catholic and Baptist fundamentalist jihadists. Let those who endorse the culture of Pro-Death fight each other. Jesus would NEVER endorse war and the killing of any of God's children including muslims.

I have been reading the Daily Muslim Wisdom(beliefnet.com) everyday for the past five years as a result of Bush and the Repubs and especially the catholic repubs and their constant rhetoric of hate and intolerance toward muslims. I found the Islamic religion to be quite beautiful and so close to that of the catholic religion, my religion, that I was amazed. How could any catholic hate it is beyond me, the only way that any catholic could hate Islam is that they would also have to hate catholicism. Of course it is very possible that catholics and catholic repubs are either ignorant or take their attitudes toward Islam from the past and present pope both of whom totally and completely endorse and support the Republican party which is totally corrupt and the party of hate , intolerance, hostilility and viciousness and run by the high priests Rove, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Falwell and Robertson.

I may not know all the reasons why the aforementioned act as they do, due to so much gov't secrecy, but I can easily see ALL the RESULTS which are horrific and an abomination unto God and man. For any and every person who claims to be religious there can be NO ROOM in their hearts for any hatred or intolerance. If there is such hate then they are NOT, NOT, NOT christians, which means Christ like because Jesus Christ never ever harbored such feelings.

People should remember that the catholics and white southern confederate baptist fundie jihadists are not Pro-Life no matter how loud the scream this at the rest of us but instead are only PRO-BIRTH and once the child is born they, being Repubs, deny the use of TAXPAYER DOLLARS to benefit the TAXPAYERS AND THEIR FAMILIES. The conservative/libertarian Repub agenda wants taxpayer dollars to be used only to benefit the corporations/wealthy. And the US corporations are so criminal and criminally inefficient that they must reob the american taxpayer(lobbyists) and deny a living wage to their workers and import illegal aliens to work for exploitive wages which the Pope and the USCCB( US Conf. of Catholic Bishops) fully endorses even to the point of openly disobeying US laws which do not allow such actions. See, via youtube, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick who admitted that to Wolf Blitzer on CNN and the Archbishop Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles who also stated that publicly.

Another situation of interest is the amount of anger and hate just barely below the surface that I constantly hear from Mother Angelica and all the clergy and laity on EWTN, the catholic cable channel. I never watched them very much because every time I stopped my channel surfing at EWTN all I hear is this never ending diatribe of hate and intolerance just barely below the surface. Fr. Shaughnessy spoke the other day during the mass and he was almost furious, it was totally sickening to listen to such a diabolical monologue. He was speaking about hypocrisy but was himself most egregiously guilty of rampant hypocrisy by the very fact that he is a priest, supposedly a christian which means Christ-like and yet not at all behaving in a Christ-like way.

What the theocons, neocons, corporatists and repubs have done to America is an abomination to the american people, all human beings and the entire world. And their abomination is not over yet. These groups are way beyond despicable and disgusting. I fear that the world, america and the catholic church will not survive, cannot possibly survive much more of this Godless behavior by the theocons, neocons and corporatocracy.

Friday, October 27, 2006


More CIA

The US gov't must stop using the CIA to destroy other countries and their elected officials. Our gov't is guilty of criminal intervention in other countries which quite often results in the deaths of many innocent people.

Our gov't is guilty of complete disrepect for other countries and their citizens, whose human rights are very often violated as we deny them the democracy we want for ourselves. Although since Bush, the repubs and the catholics have taken control of america our democratic are being eroded and our democracy is nearly ended. And the catholic church is totally complicit in these affairs via it's unending support of the Repub party.

I expect far more of my religion but apparently it is just as corrupt as the Bushies and the entire repub party.

The use of the CIA to achieve instability and death in central and south american countries is quite often done for and at the requests of american businesses. No wonder Jesus threw the money lenders out of the temple. Bush and his many supporters in the catholic community are in direct violation of the teachings of Jesus. But christo-fascism is rampant in the catholic church and is guilty of the deaths of many millions of people.

The latest events/interventions/involvements are the Bush/catholic church opposition to Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Will the CIA be ordered to kill this man, time will reveal the truth. Will the CIA kill Evo Morales and/or Hugo Chavez, Michelle Batchelet and other south american leaders because they do not kowtow to George Bush and Pope Benedict XVI.

Then there was the Iran Contra scandal committed by Ronald Reagan when Pope John Paul II aligned the catholic church with Reagan and the republican party.

Then there is the matter of the CIA death squad who backed Haitian death squad leader Emmanuel 'Toto' Constant.

Why do so many americans think our gov't must control the entire world, we need to learn some humility.

As far as the Pope and the Catholic Church goes it has always been a controlling organization, that is how it survives. It just took me all my life to discover this fact. The church never has and most likely never will respect the 'Free Will' that God gave us all. The pope is so completely convinced that he knows the mind of God that he will stop at nothing to inflict his own agenda on america and the entire world via the Repub party control over the USA, the CIA and the US military.

Catholic/Papal/Bush/ Cheney/ Rovian democracy cannot be forced upon others at the point of a gun or an nuclear weapon. The Catholic Church cannot be saved at the point of a gun, torture, rape or death of human beings. Only peace, love and diplomacy will save the church, nothing else. Any gains via the aforementioned means are stained, contaminated and corrupted.

This is quite obviously sick and heretical thinking but the church has been guilty of this for a very long time, however via it's complete support of the Repub party much daamage has been, done via this alignment, to America and the entire world resulting in the deaths of many millions, with many more to come. The pope, the college of cardinals, the USCCB and all catholics need to learn much humility, especially the pope who is guilty of having no sense of shame or humility. This pope and the previous pope seem bent on death and destruction.

For further information go to www.democracynow.org, wikipedia and Google.

Do it NOW!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


The Popes, US Gov't, The CIA And The Death Of Millions

Ever since the CIA was formed in approx. 1947 it has been used by all american presidents to further US interests, that means corporate interests in many cases, around the world by causing instability and turmoil to topple other gov'ts that did not do as the US gov't and US corporations wanted.

Of course this constant turmoil has resulted in the death of millions of human beings in many other countries. Why, because the new regimes put into place by our gov't have almost always been a dictatorship (Pinochet(Chile) and the Shah of Iran, Bolivia Venezuala, Haiti, Contras(Under the Reagan/Bush gov't during which many people even nuns were raped, tortured and killed, look it up). This occurred many times in central and south america and these dictatorships killed, maimed and tortured it's own citizens and those in neighboring countries.

Under the Reagan, Bush 41 and now the Bush 43 gov'ts the popes and the catholic church heirarchy were directly involved and actively supported our govts in their commission of these totally reprehensable actions.

I as an american absolutely detest that our gov't did these things and am further deeply sickened by the fact that the catholic church, my church, was closely aligned with these republican presidents and the repub party. So the catholic church, via their total support of these republican presidents, is directly complicit in their activities and equally bears the awful stains of sin against man and God. All of which is completely unforgivable.

The thought that my gov't and my church could partner in the commission of these totally unforgivable acts/sins is, to me, UNBEARABLE.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The Popes, George Bush And The Repub Party

And the rethugs with the support of the popes(previous and present) and the catholic church hierarchy has once more done a diservice to families and wage earners.

The catholic republican party has been eroding government support for womens issues since Bush became prez. Bush&Co. have just ended the EO Survery. The Equal Opportunity Survey that the government is supposed to conduct to determine whether, among other issues, women are being discriminated against in their employment by any corporations that receive federal contracts has recently been cancelled.

This is the very same thing that Bush and the catholic repubs did to the gov't agency that is supposed to see to the safety of the mines, where so many have needlessly died this year. And the same thing that caused the deaths of so many New Orleanians who have died or lost their homes due to the catholic repubs gutting the funds that the Army Corps of Engineers were to use for improving the levies.

I have talked to two priests and a few other catholics and none can explain these actions by the popes and the catholic church.

So much for the pope and the catholic church being pro-life, not one bit, they are only pro-birth and pro-republican. So I must ask the same question once again what does the pope hope to accomplish by his endless undermining of wage earners, families, women and children. The catholic church is not the least bit pro-life.

What is the pope's agenda for america in the short term and why is he trying to destroy it in the midterm/longterm. Does he think he is Jesus Christ like George Bush thinks he is Jesus Christ. Can both be antichrists? Or are both insane psychotics living in a bubble and disconnected from reality. Actually the pope can only have an agenda for catholic voters, he should have no agenda for america and he should get out of american politics.

If the pope wants to engage in some limited american ISSUES he should talk to me, I know what he should be doing as do many millions of others, and yet he can't seem to figure it out. He should be supporting the american people and american families by endorsing issues such as education, health care, a living wage and the end to the Bush family oil wars resulting in the death and maiming of many thousands of american troops and the same for many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani citizens. He should not be attacking gays or women seeking abortions, he should be welcoming them and helping them seek other alternatives in so far as that is possible, which seems unlikely for gays, possibly due to their unique genetics. And above all the pope should not be supporting the likes of George Bush or any member of the highly dysfunctional Bush family.

What does the pope not understand about: thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods(oil) love thy God and love thy neighbor(and that includes jews and muslims) the seven cardinal sins, dividing the loaves and fishes for all to have something to eat, Christ throwing the scribes and pharisees and money lenders out of the temple, etc.etc.etc. Just what exactly does the pope not understand.

Like George Bush, the pope has been a complete failure at managing american politics both foreign and domestic which he should not be doing in the first place. Due to Bush/papal politics america has become a deeply fractured country. There is no longer 'we are all americans' now we have a deeply divided country, there are only red states and blue states and a huge amount of hate and intolerance coming from the right wing christo-fascists and directed at all other americans, some 241 million of us. The pope is working in close cooperation with crazies like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist and so many of that ilk.

If you like what has happened to america, thank a republican, the party of hate and intolerance.

If you like what has happened to america since Ronald Reagan became prez thank Pope John Paul II because he was the one that aligned the catholic church with the rethug party.

If you like what is still happening to america thank Pope Benedict XVI.

Something is terribly wrong with both of these men and the catholic church, my church, of which I am ashamed for the destruction it has done to my beloved america.

I wrote a lengthy e-mail to Bishop Lennon of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese addressing many of these issues but have received no response, I am not surprised, don't expect any response, it's just as I thought. My guess is that either the Bishop has no response or he knows what the pope is doing is wrong and destructive so their is nothing for him to say. I did not even get a form e-mail/letter explaining any of the issues asked about. Maybe I should send him and endless barrage of e-mails.

Bush will be in office for more than two years and I greatly fear that america or the world may not survive that long.

The politicization of religion by the Pope and Bush and the repubs is an abomination unto God and man.

St. Malachy, archbishop of Armaugh, in his papal prophecies may well be correst and shortly forthcoming.

I have a deep fear that thanks to the alliance between the pope and the republicans the world is getting ever closer to doom. Certainly America is.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


The Catholic Church And It's Unending Support Of The Repub Party

Well, the filth and slime of the Republican party and their rotten and illegal election machine is in full swing.

Since Bush, theTexas twit, became president I have become acutely aware of how religion and politics are being merged in the US, something our Constitution forebade, that is until the Repubs shredded it and twisted it to serve their own political gains.

So what just happened is that the Rethuglicant party sent some 14,000 letters to legal immigrant Democratic party voters threatening them with jail and/or deportation if they voted in the coming 2006 elections. According to California state investigators the Rethug candidate who is connected with this is himself an immigrant. Talk about the repubs using vote suppression tactics, well, there it is staring us all in the face.

Remember these people were LEGAL naturalized citizens all of whom are Democratic Party voters. And the defense by the Rethugs was the Dems did it.

The entire Republikan(KKK and white supremacists and nazis') Party always blames someone else when they are caught for their obviously corrupt and/or criminal behavior. Their would be no reason why the Dems would want to deprive themselves of 14,000 votes in the Orange County, Calif. And this is supposed to be the party of God and the party of accountability. Next the rethugs will blame God for for their corrupt and /or criminal actions. Don't laugh, Karl Rove will find a way.

And the pope and the USCCB supports and endorses this, how has my religion gotten so corrupt, obviously they are so totally aligned with the Rethug party that their vision of the correct path for any religion to follow is completely warped. The Catholic church has descended into the slime pit of illegal politics with the Repub party.

I abhor the present and previous popes use of the religion to gain political power. This merging of religion and politics is an abomination unto God and man. How low will the pope go and for how long before he realizes the damage he is doing to MY America. The pope is a member of another country, the Vatican City State, and MUST not be allowed to involve himself in or exert control over US politics and policy both foreign and domestic. Unfortunately the Vatican is completely guilty of influencing US elections and policy, both domestic and foreign.

Apparently the Rev. Anthony Merceica, a Catholic priest confessed to some form of sexual involvement with Rep, Mark Foley(R-Fla, now resigned and under alocholic treatment). So this is another catholic priest pedophile that the catholic church should have gotten rid of a very long time ago, approx. 45 years ago, but obviously did not. So the priest is guilty of acting in sexually explicit ways with Mark Foley.

The priest's defense of his behavior is that (and he must have gotten this defense from the catholic church/ Karl Rove playbook of Repub defenses) was that that Foley, 13 at the time, might have 'MISTAKEN' (this is the blame it on the victim defense) the priests behavior as sexual, while at the same time claiming to be using drugs(as if that is any defense) and again at the same time admitted they both swam together naked and that he, the priest, performed 'massaging' (whatever that means) on Foley.

The other aspect of this situation is that Foley doesn't understand that this kind of activity by this priest did not make him, Foley, a pedophile and that it is absolutely no defense of his own behavior with congressional pages. Further, Foley, a catholic, is using another defense for his behavior which is that he is an alcoholic. Alcoholism, if he even is one, does not cause one to become a pedophile.

So now we not only have this unending priest/pedophile scandal which has been covered up by the catholic church forever but we also have the catholic church involvement in corrupting American politics and the ensuing damage to 300 million american citizens and the damage to 3000 dead american troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan but also the deaths of as many as 650,000 innocent Iraqi citizens via the total support of the Bush/ Repubs and their oil wars.

Then there is the matter of the lifelong devastation to the troops and their families due to the maiming and mental anguish they will carry with them throughout their lives and as sociologists report the torment that each family carries with them for, on average, the next three generations. Then there is the same three generations of damage in the personal lives of Iraqi and Afghani families. Next there is the ancillary/colateral damage that occurs in the communities where these american, Iraqi and afghani families live.

It's probably safe to estimate that many, many millions of people will bear the physical, emotional damage and societal damage caused by the Bush/ Repub oil wars and the complicity in and endorsement of the actions of Bush and his Repubs all of which accrues equally to the Catholic Church, the USCCB and the present and previous popes for their complete and total support for Bush and the entire Repub party.

Is anyone asking the pope, the USCCB(US Conference of Catholic Bishops) and the entire Catholic Church just how they are going to undo the enormous damage they have done to so many millions/ billions of human beings, all of whom are God's children.

And right now I am experiencing a profound sadness, a huge lump in my throat and the welling up of tears in my eyes. And this is in addition to my daily anger and the damage it is doing to me and my parents and members of my family who suffer just as I suffer, each and every day that this continues. I have lost almost all respect for my brother and sister for voting republican and their support of the actions of Bush and the Repub party.

I'm so glad most of my family and especially my aunt the nun has died and passed on into God's kingdom so they won't have to experience any of this. I hope they do not know what their church and their government is doing to so many human beings in this world.

There is no way in the entire history of time that hierarchy of the Catholic Church can absolve itself of these most heinous crimes against God and man. My aunt, a Domininican nun and the good Urusline nuns who educated me, never ever taught me that anything like what is going on now has any rightness to it. ALL of this is unforgiveable and an abomination unto God and man and all the peoples of this world and to our planet so generously bestowed upon us by the Almighty Creator.

A spokesperson for the archdiocese in Miami siad she was 'frustrated' by Foley's lawyers, so she is 'FRUSTRATED' and BLAMING Foley's lawyers. God please help us all is there no end to the Catholic Church's lack of responsibility in all of this.
pause to cry and catch my breath

And now for more Republican crime

Rep. John Sweeney(R-NY) has reported/been caught/ is afraid of being caught so he reported taking money from Abramoff under seemingly illegal circumstances and for a trip to the Northern Marianas'. Was this a vacation or a trip to view their criminal and dehumanizing sweatshops or both.

And it all just never ends. It is amazing how far the Repub party and it's members will go because they are the party of god(small g) and covered with the mantle of 'righteousness'. And once again let's remember the SBC and the Catholic Church give their full support to this party and it's mindset of criminalizing God. WOW, this is all beyond imagination, I have to keep reminding myself that these two religions support and are part of all this via their support.

I am in a state of shock everyday. It gets worse at each new revelation of crime and corruption which seems to come out on an almost daily or weekly basis.

When is the pope ever going to publicly apologize for himself and the Catholic Church's involvement and support for the Repub party since Reagan became president, and which support has directly contributed to all of these events. He probably never will because he has no shame or humility. Nor does the Repub party have any shame or humility, they just continue committing crimes, both political and civil.

I sincerely believe it is God who, on judgement day, will decide who is righteous. Mere words of being 'born again' and self righteousness do not a truly righteous person make, even if there is such a thing as righteousness which could be nothing more than an artifact manufactured by the SBC fundamnetalist zealots.

In Islam there is an admonition which warns about self proclaimed and loudly proclaimed righteousness/ holiness and self aggrandizement. I am paraphrasing but that is the gist of the admonition and is one I live by, becoming even more convinced after reading about the Islamic religion over the past six years, as a result of the first Gulf War. My religion and religiosity is something personal as are my prayers. I do not go about procliaming my religiosity and praying out loud for all to hear. I think it's terribly wrong to aggrandize oneself by loudly proclaiming ones religiosity.

Ray Suarez, of PBS, in a recent interview about researching for his book, that one can live much/most of ones life in the north without ever having to divulge their religion or religious values. While in the south one only has to be there for fifteen minutes(he meant a short period of time) before being asked these things and having to explain oneself. I'm glad I don't live in the south. The constant throwing about of ones religious values is nothing more than self proclaimed self righteousness and self aggrandizement.

Only God, on judgement day, will determine who is righteous, and for any human being to do that demonstrates at least a complete lack of humility and quite possibly, at worst, claiming God-like powers and God-like knowledge. Those who claim to know the mind of God, as does George Bush, are possibly guilty of the sins of pride, blasphemy and heresy. Pride is the greatest of these... and pride goeth before the fall.

Islam reminds me that good works are necessary, while loudly proclaimed words mean very little to God. I think that is a great admonition and one we should all live by.

And finally Colorado's republican gubernatorial candidate, Bob Beauprez, has accessed a law enforcement only database in an attempt to SMEAR, a typical repub strategy, his opponent. The use of this database is strictly forbidden by law and punishable by fines and imprisonment. I'll bet neither Bob Beauprez nor any of his staff get tried or punished for this crime. And repub corruption gets worse and more numerous every day.

And once again the Catholic Church, my church, has chosen to ally itself with this kind of behavior, a crime, and Beauprez is another corrupt Catholic politician. The church should insist that catholic politicians be honest(without corruption) in their behavior but the church does no such thing. The church should neither support nor damn politicians of either political party but it supports some politicians(so catholic voters vote for them because the church tells them to do so) and outwardly condemns others just as they did with John Kerry.

The church publicly threatened Sen. Kerry, during his run for the presidency, with the loss of the Sacraments and possible excommunication and who can know how much damage they did to his presidential bid and how few catholics voted for him. So the Catholic Church has committed the cardinal sin of PRIDE by positioning itself as having a position equal to God via their judgement of him when only God can judge, not a man made institution run by a human being who in no way should ever act in a way that places itself/himself equal to God by performing a function which only God can perform.

And finally, I now look up not only the party of each political candidate that comes into the news for having committed either criminal or corrupt and slimy political acts but ADDITIONALLY make every effort to find out that persons religion. I look at every politician with a critical eye. But I am especially suspicious of and have little trust for those politicians who are Republicans and Catholics or white Baptists. And if they are from the southern confederate states I just have no trust at all for them.

These aforementioned seem to have no morals at all and will use any means to justify their ends. These people are not christians(Christ like) being full of hate, intolerance and viciousness just as are Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and so many other so called religious leaders.

Jesus Christ DID NOT, NOT, NOT preach meaness, hate, viciousness or intolerance. Religions and politicians do preach these things. Jesus preached a message of love not hate and a message of life not the killing of others.

Friday, October 13, 2006


And NOW, South America, Bush, The Rethugs, AND the CIA

Well my friends it was just a matter of time before it would begin, Bush would send the CIA into South American countries once more to destabilize, create chaos, kill and overturn legally and democratically elected governments.

It has begun in Venezula. Just how soon will Dick Morris, he of corrupt Repub politics used in Mexico, go to Venezuala to wreak havoc and destroy the Chavez government. Soon Venezuala will lose Chavez because he chooses not to adhere to Repub policy in the running of his country. And what will they gain, another murderous dictator as has happened so many times in the past in countries like Haiti(remember the DuValiers, Papa Doc and Baby Doc and their slaughter of many, many tens or hundreds of thousands of Haitian citizens) Chile(remember Augusto Pinochet who was another dictator who slaughtered many tens or hundreds of thousands of Chileans) or the Shah of Iran who slaughtered many tens of thousands of Iranian citizens) yes America did all that and much more.

In the case of Iran it certainly doesn't take any brains to understand why they hate and fear America, and most especially the Bush Repug administration which invaded Iraq.

Someday all the Sunnis' and Shias' will finally get sick of america and unite and for good reason, methinks.

WATCH and you will know by what you read and hear. It will start after the US elections unless the Dems win some political power. Watch and you will know what the Rethugs are doing, in your name.

Should you/we feel guilty your damn right we should but the religious right in america never will and that is why they are not at all Pro-Life but instead are really Pro-Death.

Should we do something to stop the Bushies from committing illegal and murderous acts in our names, your damn right we should. But HOW. I don't know, unless we withold our taxes and take to the streets, but then there is martial law and the guns that will be turned against us. But then our forefathers thought some things were worth dying for as so many did during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. But then the religious right have all the power and 'we the people' have none. So the religious right can support murder as much as they want, which is exactly what they will do. Watch and you will see.

Watch and you will see---


Bush Sends Eisenhower, Is He Crazy, No just Diabolical/ Satanic

Well, Boosh, from the land of binness, impwatent and macaca, is ratcheting up war with Iran to keep the Repubs in office in the November elections. I hope and pray I am wrong but things sure look that way. With their numbers falling in the lead up to the election just what can Bush/Boosh do to keep his party in power with all the scandals showing up since Katrina including the obvious failure of the Iraq war and all the other Repub scandals which show up on an almost weekly basis. I won't detail them here because they are to numerous to mention and have been talked about quite a bit even by the Repub controlled MSM in America.

First of all, I think Bush, Cheney,Rove and Rumsfeld must be terrified of losing one or both houses of congress because if that happens the Dems will have some power and will surely start investigations into Bush/Cheney/Repub corruption and High Crimes against the American people.

So the quartet of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and Rove have gone to the next level. Bush has ordered the Eisenhower carrier group (consisting of the Eisenhower, 2 destroyers one of which is a missle carrying type and a missle submarine and two support ships probably oil tankers which looks to me like one half of a carrier group actually because I thought a full carrier group had more ships in it) to the Straits of Hormuz where it will park itself somewhere in the vicinity of Iran.

Just How close will the carrier group go to Iran and why are they going there?

I would guess the carrier group is going there to raise the spectre of war in the minds of the American people/voters and engender even more fear which will certainly be of great help toward the Repubs holding on to their complete control over congress. The party of blame, fear and smear is in full swing and they will stop at nothing to maintain their stranglehold over America.

But what else might georgie boy have in mind. Obviously the carrier group presents a threat to Iran. So a few scenarios present themselves. One is that the Iranians will attack the carrier group thus allowing Bush to start a war with Iran which will take everybodies mind off the elections and possibly even allow him to use some pretense to stop the elections and/or declare martial law in America to stop angry american protesters.

If the Iranians do not attack then Bush will FAKE an attack on the carrier group by either sinking or damaging one of our ships resulting in the deaths of our sailors and then he will attack Iran or withdraw from the ships from the area and stir up american righteous (you all certainly know our Bushies are so righteous after all america's entire history is one of righteousness, starting with the american indians). This situation with Iran will also, or so Bush thinks, bring many other countries of the world over to our side as happened right after 9/11 thus allowing Bush and his cronies to manipulate the entire world to achieve the next step in the Bush family oil wars. AND no one can or will stop this insanity.

As always Bush has the complete support of the US Chamber of Commerce, the Repub controlled congress and Supreme Court, the MSM and most importantly the right wing fundamentalist theocrats, namely, the Catholic Church, my church and the white confederate states Baptists and the other christian fascists all of whom use religion to further their own political agenda. The other piller of the Rethuglikans are the nazi-fascist neocons who will stop at nothing to further their political agenda no matter the cost to America. So despite the fact that the Repub party and the Bushists are wracked with scandal these two religions and a few others will support and endorse everything he does. The Repubs are certainly not the party of accountability, christianity, reason or reasonableness.

So in summary, those are the possibilities as I see them.


It is no wonder that the Repubs are the party of torture, read on.

I still think Bush is a borderline character disorder, some call that insane. But he is not really insane in that he has lost all touch with reality rather it is more that he has a malformed character due to his childhood experiences. Laura Bush is not so far gone but she is an enabler. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that his malformed character totally has control of his thinking causing him to do things that no one else would even think of.

Not only is Laura Bush an 'enabler' but so also is the entire congress and the entire Repub party. This especially includes people like the northern crazies like Chuck Hagel, Charles Grassley, Orin Hatch, Dick Lugar, Peter Hoekstra, Peter King etc. ad nauseam. Then there are the southern Republican crazies, including Lindsay Graham, Jeff Sessions, Cornyn, Barton, Inhofe, Pat Roberts, Ros-Lehtinen(Scientologist,Jewish,Catholic,Cuban and protector of a Cuban airline terrorist, she seems to be another Rethug nutcase and friend of Jeb Bush another Repub nutcase and neocon) Bill Frist, Trent Lott, Hastert, Foley,McConnell, Santorum, McCain, Arlen Specter, Brownback, Coburn and DeWine etc.etc.ad nauseam.

Sen. DeWine, egads, another catholic and suporter of the Rethug torture policy.

It seems that if one wants to get endorsed/elected to government one must be a religious fundamentalist/evangelical Catholic or Baptist. And being Pro-Life is mandatory above all else no matter the damage done to the USA or the World.

Actually the Pro-Lifers are not really Pro-Life they just say that to get elected. They are really Pro-Birth, after the child is born they care not one damn bit for the life of the child or his family in fact they are constantly working for the end of any government services for children and families such as education (No Child Left Behind is totally phony and is only used to attack teachers because they teach children to think and the Repubs do not want and in fact are afraid of thinkers, the Repubs want only followers and that is why america will soon fail). Most likely Bush and the Catholics and Bidnness/binness and the neocrats will destroy america but if america manages to survive the damage and corruption of these groups the dumbing down of america and american children will end america.

Well anyway, back to the main issue. Everyone must watch what happens with the Eisenhower carrier group. This sholud convince a few more doubter/dummies of the Repub agenda of win no matter what the cost to America or the lives of our military.

I pray every day:
that the american people will wise up to the Repub agenda for America, no matter the cost in human life, and that my friends is not Pro-Life but Pro-Death, which my church the Catholic Church fully supports. No wonder St. Malachy, archbishop of Armagh predicted the end of the papacy because this pope and the last have gotten as corrupt as the criminal, corrupt and scandalous Republicans/Repub Party.

that the Democrats never become like the Rethugs and employ vicious 'slash and burn' win at any cost politics even though that is what it takes to beat the Rethugs, Catholics, white southern confederate Baptists, the neocons and the corporatocracy.

that the Democrats never use religion for political gain because that is a complete abomination unto God and man.

I am absolutely amazed that the Catholic Church would support such obviously corrupt and obviously murderous behaviors by the Bushies but they do. And I find myself in direct and strong opposition to my church for using religion for political purposes. I guess the current and previous pope have forgotten that Jesus thre all the scumbags out of the temple, and said Render to caesar... and Render to God... I would have never have thought in a million years that I would be completely opposed to my church. It is very difficult for me to accept that my church has become the church that supports the torture legislation of their party the Rethug party.

I can understand the white southern confederate Baptists desire to merge church and state for political gain because they have always been this way, supporting the mindset of death to blacks because they are nothing more than white supremacists, full of hate and intolerance. Just watch and listen to people like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Dobson and so many others.

And so I pray---

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Republicans, Lawyers, And Morals

The most courageous talking heads are: Keith Olberman, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jack Cafferty and Lou Dobbs. These guys have the courage to stand up for America and the American people. It's way to soon to tell but Charlie Rose may be another MSM who may be deciding to stand up to the right wing fundamentalist religious radicals in the US and for America.

Those groups most responsible for this radicalism are the pope and the Catholic Church hierarchy, the USCCB and millions upon millions of catholic voters, but not me even though I am a catholic I abhor the corruption that these two religions are involved in. The other fundasmentalist radical religion is the SBC, the white Southern Baptist Convention in the Confederate States from Virginia to Texas. What these two religions are doing to destroy America is an abomination unto God and man and to all Americans.

Charlie Rose did a good job of putting some pressure on James Baker III, albeit of no avail. Maybe Charlie is deciding that he is not as fearful of the two previously mentioned religious groups and may push ahead on standing up for the principles upon which this nation was founded rather than just putting Repubs and religious people in a position where they can instill fear in the hearts of american citizens. I sincerely hope Charlie joins those few who push for reality and truth, those people who are willing to take an independant/ un-partisan look at the facts rather than living inside the Bush/Repub/neocon/theocrat bubble. I'm hoping Charlie joins the abovementioned group of MSM , in time Charlie will reveal himself.

Now on to James Baker, after that interview it is clear that Baker and the Baker Institute, supposedly non partisan, are both very partisan because Baker is completely partisan and only to the Repub party. Baker is like all Repubs, not partisan to America, the Constitution, our democratic values and democratic institutions and our citizens. James Baker III is partisan to only one religion the Republican religion of the Repub party. He worships at the altar of the Repub party and not at the teachings of Christ, which is typical of all blind, lock step, knee jerk, Stepford Wives Republican ideologues. They are Repubs first and foremost and not at all patriotic americans.

I look forward to the day when the aforementioned fundamentalist religions discover that they are being used by the Repub party which is dedicated to greed, avarice and political power. I also look forward to the day when these two religions realize they not only have been had by the Repub party but they are worshiping at the altar of George Bush who is worshiping ONLY at the altar of corporate money and political power. This is something many of us have known since Bush was still governor of Texas and watched the political machinations going on in that state which he was totally involved in and helped make them happen. Many of us knew of Bush's lifetime of failures and involvement with booze and drugs, and were appalled at the prospect that he was running for governor of Texas. We have been watching this guy ever since, because we watched his father before him and Reagan prior to that and Ford(who pardoned Nixon) and Nixon back in the days when he widened and enhanced the war in Vietnam and committed so many crimes against the the american people and our Constitution and our democratic values embodied therein.

Yes, I do look forward to the day when these two religions discover the damage they have done and are doing to america in the hopes that they will go back to being religions instead of political organizations fomenting their own narrow agenda. Then the other 241 million americans can begin to undo the enormous damage they have done to america and the entire world, unless the world and america devolves into unending violence and hostility or into life ending nuclear war. Meanwhile I live in daily fear of what these two religions, Bush and the Republican party will do to america and our citizens. Certainly torture is in the near future.

The last truly GOOD Repub was Ike and I still like Ike. If the Repub party ever wants to leave the land of vicious, aggressive, uber hostile, 'slash and burn', 'smash mouth' politics they will have to study Ike and Goldwater who are the only two decent Repubs since WWII. But they are there to be studied should the Repubs decide that corrupt and criminal politics is not the best way forward and in fact is now under dubya,Rove,Cheney,Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales, Ashcroft(he is still with us so don't tell me otherwise) Powell(although I still like him, I think Bush used him and now he knows it and is beginning to admit it) Yoo, Myers, Hadley, Addington, and the oh so corrupt John Bolton, Robertson, Falwell and so many others who care not a whit for America and are only and completely dedicated to the religion of republicanism.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, James Baker's ranch. I could see that he was just another Repub toady when he said he went to Fla. during the election debacle. It was quite clear to me that he went to push the whole recount process to gain the presidency for George Bush and he said "it was payback time" refering to Al Gore who had offended him. In simple words Baker cares more about payback and viciousness than about America, so he helped Bush steal the election. My guess is that he did the same in the 2004 elections and will do the same in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Of course in the 2006 and 2008 elections he and the Rethugs will have a much easier time of election corruption and vote stealing because thay have the Republican mandated (HAVA law, Heokstra R-Mi. et al) nationwide use of electronic voting machines at their disposal which they can easily corrupt. All the mfgrs. of those electronic voting systems are Republican especially Diebold which is the most easily corruptable machine and the company, located in Canton, Oh is totally Republican and totally dedicated to getting Republicans elected.

Because of Diebolds dedication to voter corruption and dedication to the god of Republicanism they should really be located in the state of political corruption, Texas. Welll, on the other hand Ohio is a verypolitically corrupt Republican state so I guess they are properly placed in Ohio, my state, with Ken Blackwell, Secretary of State and the overseer of Repub political and criminal corruption that has gone on so successfully for the Repub party. And Now Blackwell, while overseeing elections in Ohio is himself running for governor, that is about as criminal a conflict of interest as I can imagine. The same things that went on in the corrupt and criminal Florida election occurred in the election of 2004 which allowed Bush to remain in office through 2008.

We must go back to paper ballots and a system like that used in Canada. It is a very economically efficient and totally transparent system. Good on ya Canada, you are a paragon of democracy in North America while america and Mexico are becoming less democratic by the month, week, almost daily. Also Canada doesn't have any wiretapping or torture laws. God bless CANADA.

Remember the Mexican elections were corrupted by Dick Morris, a Repub political strategist who works for Karl Rove. Calderon the man who came out of nowhere and was far behind Mr. Lopez Obrador won the election after Morris crafted a typical Rovian Republican smear and fear campaign causing Lopez Obrador, who was the only hope for the poor citizens in Mexico to get any economic improvement, to lose the election. And of course the Catholic Church was also involved in this political corruption which leaves the average Mexican citizen confined to a life of ongoing poverty and that is just one more reason why the Catholic Church is not at all Pro-Life. The church is truly Pro-Death. I could easily straighten them out but they are totally committed to Bush and the Repubs, even in Mexico.

Charlie Rose asked Baker why do so many people think the election was stolen. Well Charlie and James, and thay both laughed as if in mockery of we who thinbk that way while they just threw us out with the comment about some conspiracy theorists(they both sounded like Rove) but I can add some insights to that question.
1. Chads or hanging chads were not a problem until this election.
2. The Repubs controlled the entire state (Jeb Bush R-FL.) and the entire election process(Katherine Harris R-FL.).
3. There was serious election chicanery going on all over the state but it was most egregious in the Democratically oriented districts.
4. So many people were deprived of the right to vote and so manypeoples votes were never counted at all.
5. When there was a hanging chad it was clear how the voter wanted to vote because the chad was punched out as avidenced by the fact that there was a hanging chad.
6. Hanging chads were a manufactured issue, not a real issue. It is very easy to make hanging chads, all one has to do is alter the fiber content of the ballot paper, it's just that simple. Remember Katherine Harris was in charge of the elections and all the accoutrement related to it such as the ballots and their fiber content.
7. I also seem to recall that the voter roles were purged by the Republicans, WOW, WOW and WOW. AND those purged were Democratic voters. That alone is beyond suspicion and really puts the Repub party into the land of VOTE SUPPRESSION. With todays elections being so close it takes very little vote suppression to manipulate and contaminate election results.
Baker was talking about the vote count favoring his close friend George Bush but what he left unsaid was the fact that it was not the vote count, rather it was all the votes that were suppressed, never counted as well as those who never even got to vote.
9. Also I seem to remember something about absentee ballots of which some were lost, some were discarded and some were just simply never counted.
10. Then the Supreme Court, which was being stacked for decades by the Republican party with Republicans, cut off the vote count at the point when Bush was leading in the count. The SCOTUS should have halted all election counting and ordered the FBI to confiscate all ballots for a criminal investigation. Then either there should have been a lengthy investigation or they should have ordered another election under the watchful eyes of FBI agents and DOJ lawyers. Instead the people of Florida and all american citizens have exactly what we have today, a GIANT fucking mess and a totally corrupt administration, a corrupt SCOTUS and a corrupt congress.

So much for James Baker III, his legacy, his patriotism for America(none) and his unqualified dedication to his Republican party. He seems to be as corrupt as the rest of his Texas and Rethuglikan cronies. What exactly is the matter with Texans, Republicans and the Bush family. Just how could one state and one family do so much damage to America, our Constitution and our democratic values and democaratic institutions. Is it simply the corruption of oil money and the arrogance and elitism of Texans, especially republikan texans. Somehow we in america have to find a way of indentifying and choosing politicians with morals and patriotism. The repub party at this opoint in time is totally bereft of morals or patriotism. I fear greatly for America.

Baker was touting his law degree and corporate legal work for his success and infering that he was responsible for the success of the Reagan, Bush and Bush success in negotiating various issues. But once again what is he NOT telling us about those negotiations HE was involved in. I sincerely doubeth he speaketh the trutheth. Those who worship at the altar of the Repub party so very often never tell the truth and the proof is the entire Bush/ Repub administration who have been caught at an incredible number of lies starting with the Nixon admin and obviously continuing to this very day. These people really do live in a bubble. And Baker is supposed to be a lawyer, I ask exactly what kind of lawyers do they graduate from those Texas law schools especially the Univ of Texas. They may be some kind of lawyer but they absolutely have NO, NO, No, morals at all. And yet they scream their christianity out loud and incessantly.

And speaking of lawyers, a JAG lawyer who is at the highest levels in the JAG Corps said, speaking of lawyers, his profession, that laws cannot be written fast enough to protect America from corrupt lawyers. I am paraphrasing, but that is the gist of his remarks at a law school before an audience of future lawyers. Now that is a guy I would want elected to congress, the scotus or the presidency no matter his party affiliation.

AND SO MUCH FOR JAMES BAKER III who doesn't seem to have the morals of a toad, let alone the political morals of someone like IKE.

Oh and BTW, for any of you wondering about the docudrama path to 9/11. In senior business seminar when I was an undergrad I had a brilliant teacher in that course Dr. Teordescu who really got us to study the concept of 'interlocking directorates'. I use that frequently now to investigate politics and political corruption and to some lesser extent business corruption such as Enron and the Bush family involvement in that monster of business corruption.

Anyway, to understand the implications of that Disney/ABC pile of corruption and Rovian smear one has to just research Pat Robertson, Disney and ABC and everything becomes completely clear.

Robertson who claims to be a religious person is really like the Catholic Church in that they are a political organization dedicated to George Bush, the false claimant to be Jesus Christ, and the corrupt Republican party and neither are religions anymore. Remember Render to Caesar... and Render to God... Both claim to be Pro-Life when in fact they really are only Pro-Birth and once the child is born they become Pro-Death via their unqualified support of Bush and the Rethuglikan party and it's unending support of war, political corruption, destruction of america, our democratic values ands democratic institutions and the Bush / Rethug laws on useless torture of human beings. These so called religious groups are also Pro-Death in that they do not in any way support the american family or family life in any way. Nor do they support family life in the muslim world or anywhere in the world for that matter.

One quick example, Poland is supposed to be a Catholic country. But Bush has a secret torture prison there, and just how Catholic is that, NOT.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Torture Legislation

The torture legislation is the most vicious and heinous act/legislation of modern times. It is the most egregious example of the Bush/Rove/Repub/nazi-fascist neocon mindset. As Garrison Keillor said the Repub party elevator is still descending, I paraphrase but that is very close. What a wonderful turn of words, as he is so often wont to do.

I think Noam Chompsky, George Lakoff and Jeffrey Nunberg (all highly skilled linguists) will enjoy that phrase(you all should read the entire phrase) as will Amy Goodman, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the wonderful Molly Ivens. Along with Lou Dobbs, some writers on the NY Times and Wash Post the aforementioned are the only ones who cut through the Rovian spin, actually endless lies that are spread all over America by the MSM especially Fox, RupertMurdoch, the screaming Bill O'Reill, Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Tim Russert, Bob Novak etc. ad nauseam. And are they ever nauseating.

No wonder the MSM is in such a state of decline, they have lost all credibility, just like congress, no one believes them anymore. Those of us who frequent the internet and read a world wide selection of views are the only ones who have the clearest perspective about what is happening. Bob Woodwards new book State Of Denial along with the recent spate of books from Isakoff/Corn of Newsweek and Fiasco and many other must read books. But I digress.

So back to the Repub Torture Legislation---

The torture legislation should be enough reason for all those who voted for it to be stripped of their office, stripped of their pension, retirement and health care benefits, stripped of their ability to ever work in gov't at any level, stripped of their ability to be hired by any company that has gov't contracts, and hopefully put in jail for high crimes and misdemeanors (really not at all a misdemeanor in any sense of the word) and crimes against the Constitution and crimes against the American people and for causing great harm and damage to the fabric of our society. And/or maybe best of all they should be stripped of their citizenship and forever exiled from America.

ALL of those who voted for the torture legislation should be immediately removed from office, branded as traitors and terrorists. I am more afraid of them than of any Islamic terrorists. Religious terrorists are the worst be they Islamic, Catholic or White Southern Confederate State Baptists (aka SBC, Southern Baptist Convention).

We all must remember that anyone Bush, our worst and sociopathic pres) so designates as a terrorist can disappear forever into the CIA prison Gulag never more to be heard from again if BOOSH so decides as 'the decider'. This includes any and all Americans as well as non-americans.

It's only a matter of time ( coming soon to YOU) before the prez and C in C uses this legislation to completely silence free speech as well as any form of dissent or criticism of anyone in gov't or anyone in any corporation or anyone who complains about any corporation like Diebold, Halliburton or Bechtel or any oil companies, banks , insurance companies or drug companies. It's only a matter of time before BOOSH uses this legislation to make gov't even more secret, to force all politicians to be loyal to him, to enlarge and expand his powers and keep the Repubs in power forever.

We got one sick son of a bitch running this country and now he has unlimited power. Is that beyond frightening or what. It seems to me that the destruction of our society and our democracy is close at hand. I know it's a Republic.

And, AND, AND the right wing radical fundamentalist churchs/religions completely support this. I am a Catholic who does not in any way support Bush or the Rethuglikans. I wonder when they will come for me. One day three armed men from the FBI might show up at my door, and even though I am innocent they will haul me away to disappear forever. And my church, the Catholic Church thinks that is perfectly hunky dory and just real fine.

One could realistically say that the antichrist and his minions are walking this earth, they are among us and have finally and truly revealed themselves via the supporters of this legislation soulless and inhuman and completely unchristian piece of legislation. Bush/ the Repubs and all their supporters are dragging us all down into the pits of hell which they already inhabit.

God, our creator, gave us ALL, ALL, ALL FREE WILL. Bush and the Rethugs and the neocons and the fundamentalist religions that support them have just taken our God given FREE WILL away. Just watch this horror legislation spread, slowly at first and then it will pick up speed.

What if the Dems get into power. Well, you see that is the point they will never get into power. If there was any possibility that the Dems wouold get into power and could use this legislation the Booshies, Repubs, neocons and religious fundamentalists would never have passed this legislation.

I wonder when certain Dems will suddenly disappear or suddenly drop out of contention for any of the branchs of gov't.

Now not only is the SBC the religion of the white supremacists in America but the Catholic Church has joined them and is also the religion of white supremacy.

The perfect storm is on the horizon and is approaching if this legislation is not somehow stopped. I don't have any idea that there is anyone or any group that can stop it now that it has passed. Only the American people can stop it and not via the ballot box. Unfortunately it may take major civil unrest or a revolution by the people to put an end to this torture legislation. If the Repubs use this legislation sparingly the American people will probably never notice what is happening.

These rotten politicians and their supporters will never stop this legislation or rule it unlawful. These rotten politicians place themselves, their desires, their criminal corrupt and totally unpatriotic desires above all else including the needs of our nation.

The guise of national security is a complete pile of bullshit and is used to perpetrate crimes against the American not to protect them.

I will continue writing until this piece of legislation is struck down in some way, the Supreme Court seems unlikely to do that because four of them are radical fundamentalist Catholics who take their orders from the pope and Bush. In fact I will keep writing until the REpublicans are thrown out of office and the Dems repair the damage they have done to my beloved America.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

I learned that from Sr. Lucretia, my latin teacher.


The Foley Situation, Repub Party and The Catholic Church

The Foley situation is horrendous. It reveals the Repub party mindset. Their political power is more important to them than the life of congressional pages. I have repeatedly said that Bush and the Repubs are totally committed to their party and to nothing else. They are all blind, lock step, knee jerk and bereft of any decency or patriotism.

And this is the party the pope of the Catholic church, my church is totally aligned with and so completely supports. This alignment of the Catholic church with the Republican party was done by Pope John Paul II and continues to this very day. I know I have said this in previous blogs but it bears repeating and I will do exactly that and as often as it takes... Which is to say until the church and the pope turn themselves around and become a religion once more rather than just another political party. Render to Caesar... Render to God... And that is another very clear statement.

Also another thought, Pro-Birth is NOT in any way Pro-Life. The Catholic Church is really only Pro-Birth and not at all Pro-Life, rather once the child is born it is Pro-Death from then on via it's unwavering support of the Bushies and the Rethug party, also Pro-Death, not Pro-Life. Actually there is no such thing as a Republican that is Pro-Life, by their own definition of themselves. Neither Repubs nor Libertarians are Pro-Life.

This alignment between the Catholic church and the Rethugs has allowed the Republican party to gain and stay in power. They have a complete stranglehold over all three branch's of gov't. This unending and unlimited support by the popes and the Catholic church and it's control over Catholic voters has allowed the Bush/Repubs to commit the worst crimes of any administration ever in the history of the United States of America.

The Catholic church has become nothing more than a tool of the Bush admin. The Catholic church is as corrupt as Bush and the Rethuglikans are. It has degenerated to their level. I can understand this kind of behavior by the White Southern Confederate States Baptists (aka SBC) who have always been white supremacists, nazis' and members of the KKK. And I am aware of the Catholic church's support of the nazi party during WWII but I really thought that was long gone and a temporary aberration/sin within the church which was not supported by most Catholics especially among the allied nations and especially among american catholics. But this mindset, instead, is still very much alive within the church, albeit somewhat changed in form.

At one time I actually believed that the Catholic religion was a wonderful religion, WOW was I ever misguided, naive and stupid. Because they, the church said it I believed it. But actions really do speak louder than words and the actions of the church are completely clear. I have talked to a few priests and a few other Catholics but they all refuse to discuss these issues. Why the secrecy. Secrecy has always been a part of the papacy but this level of secrecy seems to have spread within the church and by most signs is now actually rampant throughout the heirarchy, the clergy and the laity of the Catholic church. Reference Fr. John Neuhaus, Opus Dei, that crazy priest in NYCity (McCloskey, I think) Mel Gibson(a crazy out of control catholic) and that crazy guy who represents the Catholic League nd so very many others etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam.

These people and their kind literally and I mean literally cause a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I need to find a more reasonable and peaceful religion. I hate - HATE. I wish I could do a better job of phrasing that, but thats it. Hate amkes me sick, there now thats better.

So again, or should I say once again, the Catholic Church is a white supremacists group just like the SBC.

Now On To: The Torture Legislation

The Torture Bill is the ultimate weapon to be used against human beings, both non-americans and americans, and is totally supported by Bush, the Rethuglikan party, the SBC and the Catholic Church. Religion and politics in the US are fully merged and this has corrupted both, it is corrosive to both and is ending/destroying America, our freedoms and rights, our democratic values and our democratic institutions. With this legislation 'we the people' will no longer be served by our gov't rather it is 'we the people' who will serve, service and be subservient to our gov't and the fundamentalist jihadist religions such as the Catholic Church and the SBC.

I'm looking forward to the time when the completely right wing biased MSM discovers that it no longer serves any purpose least of all that of informing the people. No wonder the MSM is in so much decline, it has lost all credilibity; as has the Catholic Church and the SBC.

The torture bill is without a doubt the most heinous act of modern times. It is the most egregious example of the Bush/Rove/Repub/nazi-fascist neocon and theocratic mindset that is strangling america to death. But that seems to be just fine with the Catholic church and it's agenda for America and our people. This legislation is the most un-Christ like actiontaken against people, human beings, ALL God's Children. No wonder St. Malachy predicted the demise of the papacy and now I see this as a very real possibility. It seems quite possible that the pope and the Catholic church have descended to satanic levels. 'Whatever you do to my brethern you do unto me'. There is nothing unclear about that statement by Jesus Christ, the true Christ. Not Mel Gibson's version of the christ(small c) who is George Bush.

Bush has claimed, on four ocassions to be christ(small c) but that doesn't make it so no matter how much the Catholic Church or the SBC supports and endorses him. Does the Catholic Church worship at the altar of George Bush or does George Bush worship at the altar of the Catholic Church? Bush is a sick sociopath and for that I can understand him and feel sorry for him but the Catholic Church can make no such claim, so I do not forgive them for what they are doing to America and the world. They are complicit in killing.

The last time killing was understandable and seemed tolerable was WWII. The killing being done now by the Bushies is totally unacceptable and an abomination unto God and man.

Religion when used to dehumanize people and which supports viciousness and aggression has become completely corrupted.

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