Friday, October 13, 2006


Bush Sends Eisenhower, Is He Crazy, No just Diabolical/ Satanic

Well, Boosh, from the land of binness, impwatent and macaca, is ratcheting up war with Iran to keep the Repubs in office in the November elections. I hope and pray I am wrong but things sure look that way. With their numbers falling in the lead up to the election just what can Bush/Boosh do to keep his party in power with all the scandals showing up since Katrina including the obvious failure of the Iraq war and all the other Repub scandals which show up on an almost weekly basis. I won't detail them here because they are to numerous to mention and have been talked about quite a bit even by the Repub controlled MSM in America.

First of all, I think Bush, Cheney,Rove and Rumsfeld must be terrified of losing one or both houses of congress because if that happens the Dems will have some power and will surely start investigations into Bush/Cheney/Repub corruption and High Crimes against the American people.

So the quartet of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and Rove have gone to the next level. Bush has ordered the Eisenhower carrier group (consisting of the Eisenhower, 2 destroyers one of which is a missle carrying type and a missle submarine and two support ships probably oil tankers which looks to me like one half of a carrier group actually because I thought a full carrier group had more ships in it) to the Straits of Hormuz where it will park itself somewhere in the vicinity of Iran.

Just How close will the carrier group go to Iran and why are they going there?

I would guess the carrier group is going there to raise the spectre of war in the minds of the American people/voters and engender even more fear which will certainly be of great help toward the Repubs holding on to their complete control over congress. The party of blame, fear and smear is in full swing and they will stop at nothing to maintain their stranglehold over America.

But what else might georgie boy have in mind. Obviously the carrier group presents a threat to Iran. So a few scenarios present themselves. One is that the Iranians will attack the carrier group thus allowing Bush to start a war with Iran which will take everybodies mind off the elections and possibly even allow him to use some pretense to stop the elections and/or declare martial law in America to stop angry american protesters.

If the Iranians do not attack then Bush will FAKE an attack on the carrier group by either sinking or damaging one of our ships resulting in the deaths of our sailors and then he will attack Iran or withdraw from the ships from the area and stir up american righteous (you all certainly know our Bushies are so righteous after all america's entire history is one of righteousness, starting with the american indians). This situation with Iran will also, or so Bush thinks, bring many other countries of the world over to our side as happened right after 9/11 thus allowing Bush and his cronies to manipulate the entire world to achieve the next step in the Bush family oil wars. AND no one can or will stop this insanity.

As always Bush has the complete support of the US Chamber of Commerce, the Repub controlled congress and Supreme Court, the MSM and most importantly the right wing fundamentalist theocrats, namely, the Catholic Church, my church and the white confederate states Baptists and the other christian fascists all of whom use religion to further their own political agenda. The other piller of the Rethuglikans are the nazi-fascist neocons who will stop at nothing to further their political agenda no matter the cost to America. So despite the fact that the Repub party and the Bushists are wracked with scandal these two religions and a few others will support and endorse everything he does. The Repubs are certainly not the party of accountability, christianity, reason or reasonableness.

So in summary, those are the possibilities as I see them.


It is no wonder that the Repubs are the party of torture, read on.

I still think Bush is a borderline character disorder, some call that insane. But he is not really insane in that he has lost all touch with reality rather it is more that he has a malformed character due to his childhood experiences. Laura Bush is not so far gone but she is an enabler. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that his malformed character totally has control of his thinking causing him to do things that no one else would even think of.

Not only is Laura Bush an 'enabler' but so also is the entire congress and the entire Repub party. This especially includes people like the northern crazies like Chuck Hagel, Charles Grassley, Orin Hatch, Dick Lugar, Peter Hoekstra, Peter King etc. ad nauseam. Then there are the southern Republican crazies, including Lindsay Graham, Jeff Sessions, Cornyn, Barton, Inhofe, Pat Roberts, Ros-Lehtinen(Scientologist,Jewish,Catholic,Cuban and protector of a Cuban airline terrorist, she seems to be another Rethug nutcase and friend of Jeb Bush another Repub nutcase and neocon) Bill Frist, Trent Lott, Hastert, Foley,McConnell, Santorum, McCain, Arlen Specter, Brownback, Coburn and DeWine nauseam.

Sen. DeWine, egads, another catholic and suporter of the Rethug torture policy.

It seems that if one wants to get endorsed/elected to government one must be a religious fundamentalist/evangelical Catholic or Baptist. And being Pro-Life is mandatory above all else no matter the damage done to the USA or the World.

Actually the Pro-Lifers are not really Pro-Life they just say that to get elected. They are really Pro-Birth, after the child is born they care not one damn bit for the life of the child or his family in fact they are constantly working for the end of any government services for children and families such as education (No Child Left Behind is totally phony and is only used to attack teachers because they teach children to think and the Repubs do not want and in fact are afraid of thinkers, the Repubs want only followers and that is why america will soon fail). Most likely Bush and the Catholics and Bidnness/binness and the neocrats will destroy america but if america manages to survive the damage and corruption of these groups the dumbing down of america and american children will end america.

Well anyway, back to the main issue. Everyone must watch what happens with the Eisenhower carrier group. This sholud convince a few more doubter/dummies of the Repub agenda of win no matter what the cost to America or the lives of our military.

I pray every day:
that the american people will wise up to the Repub agenda for America, no matter the cost in human life, and that my friends is not Pro-Life but Pro-Death, which my church the Catholic Church fully supports. No wonder St. Malachy, archbishop of Armagh predicted the end of the papacy because this pope and the last have gotten as corrupt as the criminal, corrupt and scandalous Republicans/Repub Party.

that the Democrats never become like the Rethugs and employ vicious 'slash and burn' win at any cost politics even though that is what it takes to beat the Rethugs, Catholics, white southern confederate Baptists, the neocons and the corporatocracy.

that the Democrats never use religion for political gain because that is a complete abomination unto God and man.

I am absolutely amazed that the Catholic Church would support such obviously corrupt and obviously murderous behaviors by the Bushies but they do. And I find myself in direct and strong opposition to my church for using religion for political purposes. I guess the current and previous pope have forgotten that Jesus thre all the scumbags out of the temple, and said Render to caesar... and Render to God... I would have never have thought in a million years that I would be completely opposed to my church. It is very difficult for me to accept that my church has become the church that supports the torture legislation of their party the Rethug party.

I can understand the white southern confederate Baptists desire to merge church and state for political gain because they have always been this way, supporting the mindset of death to blacks because they are nothing more than white supremacists, full of hate and intolerance. Just watch and listen to people like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Dobson and so many others.

And so I pray---

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