Thursday, April 26, 2007


Archbishop Raymond Burke

Dear All.
Archbishop Raymond Burke denounced a Catholic charity for having Sheryl Crow make an appearance because she supports abortion rights, according to the AP. The archbishop resigned from the Board of Directors of that charity and said a Catholic organization that employs performers who endorse a "moral evil" is inconsistent with Catholic teaching.

I would tend to agree with him, especially in the past. But Now Catholicism is claerly guilty in so many ways of hypocracy that He better get far more consistent himself and demand the Catholic church do the same before he throws any stones at others. His use of the term "moral evil" is just one example. The Catholic church is guiilty of so many "moral evils" it self that it has absolutely no room to criticise anyone. Does archbishop Burke think he is George W Bush, who likes the "axis of evil" good vs bad binary dichotomy to judge absolutely everything and everyone in this world.

Well archbishop Burke if you had some personal integrity then you would stand up for America, fair wages for families and at least some acceptance and tolerance of others instead of giving your endless support to the Bushie Republican Party, the party of war-death-kill for PROFIT and world domination. You would stand up for the equality of women in America and not be a part of the Catholic church that has kept women in second class status for almost the entire existence of the Catholic church. You sir would demand that lying Catholic Republicans stop their endless lying for the benefit of the war-death-kill Republican Party.

When you do those things you may have some credibility and integrity. Now you are nothing more than a hypocrite, so typical of so many Catholic republicans. And I will bet that when you vote you vote republican thus providing your vote and support to them so they can go on killing for PROFIT.

No truly religious person especially a Catholic prelate or any Catholic for that matter should be an endless suporter for any political party much less the Republican Party, and you should tell that to the current pope who is just as wrong as the last pope was.

I for one, will not sit idly by while you and the popes and the Catholic church heirarchy do your damnedest to divide and destroy my America. You sir are part of the Bushie/ Rove machine to destroy the Democratic Party and turn America into what I call a "Totalitarian Republican Jihadist Theocracy".

I will not let you and the entire Catholic church end american democracy. You and your ilk have turned my Catholic church into a Republican political organization. You and your friends Falwell, Robertson, Hagee, Dobson and LaHaye must all just love what you are doing to America. You sir should register as an agent of a foreign power because that is exactly what you are, an agent of the Vatican, truly a foreign power.

Jesus forbade it and so does our now badly shredded US Constitution. I hold you and your kind responsible for and guilty of directly causing that damage and all the damage that has taken place in America. Get out of the slime of Republican party politics.

When you have done that then you will have some credibility and can talk to people like me who see our country being dragged under by you people. You sir may be consistent with the horrendous Catholic teaching that has been coming out of the Catholic church since Pope John Paul II put Reagan into the WH and aligned the Catholic church with the Republican party. You may be consistent with current Catholic thinking but you are not in any way consistent with the teaching of Jesus Christ, and that is who I will follow.

Stop your hypocracy archbishop Burke.

While you maintain your hypocracy I will pray for peace.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Another Attack On The Internet Coming From Bushies and The Religious Right

Dear All,
Now they want to cancel the internet and re-do it. I say no to that idea.
We do not know what we are going to get. My guess is that a new internet will be much closer to the kind of internet the Chinese have. GWB has already tried to do away with the internet under the guise of controlling porn. He doesn't care about porn. His staunchest supporter is Rupert Murdoch who is the biggest carrier of porn in the US and maybe the world. Despite that fact all the right wingers think that Fox News is the best because Murdoch constantly spouts their agenda. Were the religious right, including the Catholic Church, my church, such true conservatives they would stop Murdoch from carrying porn or at least confront him about it and in public. But porn is such a huge business that no one on the right says anything about Murdoch's porn.

Another guise for exercising rigid control and giving us less access to the internet and information over the internet will be GWB using the national security argument/ploy. GWB has 21 months to go in office and the fight is only the beginning. Will he succeed, No I do not think so and I will bend every effort to make sure that he and the religious right wingnuts do not succeed.

Also rather than cancelling the internet there are other ways to stop porn on the internet that are very simple to do. No, Bush and the republicans want to end the internet so they can produce a much more highly controlled and profitable internet for their business friends.

As it stands now the internet is 'everymans' greastes democratic institution second only to our now shredded US Constitution. It is a well accepted fact that knowledge in the hands of the general population leads to a nore enlightened populace and an enlightened populace makes the best decisions at voting time.

But Bush and the Catholic Church want to keep us all ignorant and poor. It is a clear sociological fact that such a populace is much easier to control. The Catholic Church has always been about control of it's parishoners and now has extended that belief to a desire to control every american, not just Catholic Americans.

That is where we are headed as long as the Catholic church has so much political power. Scalia in a speech he gave in May, 2000 advocated the end of the rule of law and further advocated the end of democracy in America. Scalia, a very staunch and dedicated Catholic speaks not only for the Catholic Church but also speaks for the Republican Party and the head idiot GWB/Rove/Cheney

This is another attempt to end democracy in America. The religious right is totally complicit in thisd attempt to end democracy in America just as it does not exist in many other Catholic Countries in Central and South America.

Should Bush and the rethugs succeed at this goal to undemocratise America Canada and Europe will take over the internet and America will further descend into the current age of endarkenment.

Should the Catholic Church succeed in taking the internet away I will not just become a critic of Catholic politics, Instead I will become an enemy of Catholicism. My aunt the nun would not like that; but givcn that she is in heaven, she will not doubt understand.


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