Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Recent News, aka More Corruption

Dear All,

Just a reminder, I am an independant swing voter and have been since the Vietnam war. I am an American and will speak out about anyone who damages our republic, our democracy, our democratic institutions, our democratic values, the very fabric of our society.

The Republicans, the Republican party, George Bush, Rove, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Powell and the nazi-fascist neocons like Cheney and John Bolton and others like The Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and Big Business(oil companies big pharma, insurance, health care, banking, defense companies and especially the Republican congress and the theocrats (Catholic Church,my church I am ashamed to admit) and the other fundamentalist religions like the white southern Baptists all of whom have done and are doing damage to our beloved America are among those in the focus of my comments.

Regarding the Catholic Church, there seems to be no one that speaks for me and to me from within it. Whereas among the Baptists there are some who can speak for me including people such as Pres. Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Bill Moyers, Billy Graham(but not his son Franklin who politicizes religion) Joel Osteen and others.

My Catholic Church instead of reminding us of the path to God and His Kingdom along with the white southern confederacy Baptists and some other fundamentalist religions have completely politicized religion and in fact listening to them is just like listening to Karl Rove and his Repub 'talking points' so why bother listening to these so called religious leaders.

I wonder just how long it will be before these fundamentalist religions discover that they are being 'USED' (or maybe they already know it and are seduced by the power they get from the Repubs) by Rove and the Repubs just to get votes, political gain, money and power. I hope they wise up soon because I don't want to see Catholicism or any religion for that matter destroyed or damaged.

I abhor religious fundamentalists, be they islamic jihadists or american jihadists like the radical right wing religious Catholic church and white southern Baptists. Now the american jihadists fundie theocrats will try to argue that they have not killed any one but they LIE. They have killed Afghanis, Iraquis and american troops.

Why do I focus on the Republican party, because they are the party that is in complete control of all three branchs of our government and thus of our entire country. If the Dems ever get back into power and do the kinds of things the Repubs have done I will comment on them with equal vehemence. So I angrily and vehemently comment on the damage the Repubs are doing to our beloved America.

The Repubs are Repubs first and Americans last, I am an American first above all else and a citizen of the world second and a politician not at all. In my estimation the way politics is currently practiced in America is a dirty, filthy, slimy BUSINESS, an occupation I and most Americans just seem to almost despise. Rove and the Repubs have taken american(small 'a') politics to an all time low, involved as it is in crime, corruption, the support of porn, and the endless seeking after money and political power. It's amazing to me that the Theocrats in the fundamentalist religions support those ends.


Well, corruption and the conservatives have struck again. The US Supreme Court which gave the corrupt Jeb Bush/Katherine Harris Florida election to George Bush by allowing the votes of many, many thousands of Floridians to be cancelled/uncounted and which then gave the presidency to Georgie boy Bush (the worst president America has ever had, who could ever imagine that there could be a pres. worse than Nixon another Republican pres. Question, why do the Repubs seem to come up with so many corrupt presidents?

The SCOTUS has ruled that the Texas/ DeLay/ Repub/ gerrymandering of districts was just fine, hunky dory, and an all around ok thing to do. Let us see if they rule the same way when the Dems do that. As one would expect the Republican Catholic cabal on the Court led it to that decision, Alito strike again. These people are just hell bent on destroying America on behalf of the very narrow agenda of a very small constituency of certain specific special interest groups in what was once OUR AMERICA and is now THEIR AMERICA.

What I have just written and will write really requires editing for structure but the Repubs are doing so much destruction so fast that I don't have the time to edit and keep up with my comments regarding almost daily revelations of this ongoing destruction.

As anyone can readily see my learning disability in written expression is quite obvious. For that life long and very limiting disability I have the Republican company Lilly, in Indianapolis, to thank because I was injected with Thimerasol, their invention which contains mercury, along with my childhood vaccinations.

I cannot begin to tell you of how many hundreds of parents have told me of the damage that was done to their children, mostly boys but also girls, after receiving the same injections I received. Lilly made a lot of money on that substance and now are protected by a law passed by the Republican party that will protect them and so many other companies from corporate culpability including the oil industry pollution of america's water supply with their gasoline additive, the drug industry with so many examples such as Vioxx, the chemical industry and so many other industries too numerous to mention. These and so many other corporations make money doing and getting away with these things while the average, everyday, ordinary citizens of America pay a life long price. The fundamentalist Theocrats who claim the moral high ground, have just given up and let go of that high ground to support the Republican party and corporations that damage the environment and people. But these groups still claim exclusive rights to the moral high ground.

Another subject that is not be discussed nearly enough is that of the electronic voting machines and the companies who make them like Diebold of Canton, Oh and the others all of whom are Republican owned and dedicated to the Republican agenda and who make these machines, which by the reports of many computer experts, can be easily sabotaged to produce whatever results these Republican companies want them to produce. If Alito and the Supreme Court cabal don't take away our vote, and they are working on it, these machines certainly will.

I guess The New World Order will be the world dominated by the USA, which in turn is dominated by the Republican party, US corporations, and american fundamentalist religious theocrats namely, the Catholoic church and the white southern Baptists in the confederate states. It's just AMAZING that these religions endorse killing which they should abhor and do not insist upon diplomacy above all else.

More later---

Monday, June 26, 2006


Bush Is 'Shaping Up', It's An Election Year

Hello All,

WOW, we can certainly tell it's an election year and that Bush and the Repugs are worried. King George is doing things he would never do and won't do again if the Repugs win in November, 2006. Old George will never sound/act normal but he has made some normal sounding gestures and some that are business as usual typical Repug 'smoke and mirrors' bullshit.

Some vote getting things he has done is using taxpayer dollars to buy the votes of us senior citizens by enacting Medicare Part D which is the new prescription drug program. At the same time he has made another massive transfer of taxpayer dollars to enrichen his constituents and donaters to the Repug coffers in the pharmaceutical industry by letting them design this prescription drug program to benefit themselves. And as usual the taxpayers just let him get away with this terribly and unecessarily overpriced program.

When will the red state voters ever get wise to their favorite son Georgie boy and stop voting for this Repug crap over and over again. If a Dem did this the voters would crucify him and rightly so but since a Repug enacted this disgustingly gross tax dollar giveaway to Big Pharma everything is just hunky dory fine. Well I can tell you all that senior citizens are angry about this program so when are the red state voters going to wake up. It seems that they never will until the Repugs have spent America into total bankruptcy and complete financial collapse.

Senior citizens who went through the great depression and WWII and those years before Repug corruption know that their is no free ride, you pay for what you get in one way or another. We will surely pay for the grossly exhorbitant costs of this program.

Some red state voters should know that if our medications came through the Veterans Administration the cost of this program would be at least one half of what it is now. Were we to get our medications from India the cost of this program would be about one tenth of what it is now. In other words a medication that costs 100.00 dollars in America costs about 10.00 dollars in India. Similarly, a surgical procedure that costs 50,000.00 dollars in America can be had for 5,000.00 dollars in India and with equal success rates. Have any of you red state voters realized that their is an abundance of fully qualified Indian doctors all over America.

Now back to the main issue of Bush 'shaping up' because it's an election year.
Some of the things that Georgie boy, our corrupt president, has been 'sounding' a bit more reasonable about are that he may issue an executive order which would limit eminant domain property seizures to those which are ONLY for public use, imagine that... Sounds to me as if the real estate developers did not make enough illegal contributions to the Bush Repub party.

Another item where the corrupt president of the corrupt party is sounding a conciliatory note is that he may deign to cooperate with his corrupt Repub party on the illegal spying issue. Imagine that... He just may decide to obey the law, one can only hope. Then again he will as always probably just issue a signing statement that a law which will purport to correct his illegal doings doesn't apply to him and he will just go on doing whatever he pleases just as he did for the McCain anti torture amendment and which he has done hundreds of times before. This man and his party and his Supreme Court are all morons or maybe they are oxymorons.

You red state voters, dumb and gullible though you are, ought to be able to understand the effect that the upcoming elections have on those in power, it forces them much more into line with the wishes of 'we the people' who they are sworn to represent. Or do you folks just believe in taxation without representation and politicians who violate our constitution with impugnity and for their own self serving benefits.

Though I am an independant swing voter does it seem to you red state voters that I am only or mostly speaking about Bush, the Republicans and the nazi neocons. You are correct that is exactly what I am doing because they are the ones who have all the power and use their absolute power in an absolutely corrupt way. If the Dems ever get back into political power and did the same things the Bushie Repubs are doing I would and I will go after them with equal vehemence. That is because I am an American above all else and that is exactly what you red state dummies should be namely Americans above all else not just 'sell outs' to the Repub party.

If you red state dummies can't figure it out just follow my lead and go after those politicians that I go after. The politicians I go after are the ones that LIE to the American people and/or do things that erode the democratic institutions of my beloved America which should also be your beloved America.

The first thing you red state voters and all voters must do is to declare themselves to be independant swing voters. Because 'we the people' have to put all politicians on notice that they cannot depend on our vote, they cannot take our votes for granted, they all must work and PROVE themselves worthy of our votes.

No PROOF, of their worthiness, EQUALS NO VOTE.

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