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Recent Items, Jan. 27, 2007

Dear All,

Melinda Gates has announced and begun to take a more active and up front role in the Gates Foundation charity activities. That could be a good and commendable thing, raising the status of women in the world among other things and putting her personal stamp and that of herself as a woman on the foundation activities. Hopefully highlighting and working on behalf of womens issues.

But then it all depends on who Melinda Gates is working for. Is it Bill Gates who has, in his long climb to the top stolen so much from so many, because if so she can only make restitution on behalf of his soul, and possibly here soul, by returning to them that which was stolen from them.If she is working on behalf of the republican party, and the holocaust they are causing now she can never make enough restitution for the extreme amount of damage they have done throughout America and the entire world. If she is working on behalf of her church, the catholic church, my church, she will never be able to make restitution for the papal complicity between the church and Hitler and the Nazi Party and the almost countless dead who fought the war and the almost countless dead from the Holocaust. Or the papal complicity with the republican party and the holocaust they are causing now. Though I wish her great luck in relieving suffering and death, I am somewhat skeptical of her motives. Time will reveal often does.

I have since my undergrad days been and become an ever stronger advocate for women's issues. Women and children cannot be separated, whenever women benefit in this world children also benefit. Call it whatever you like but whatever is done for the benefit of women is done in equal measure to benefit children. And the OPPOSITE IS true in equal measure.

The lives of women and children are inextricably intertwined and bound together. As women are kept in the second class, or is it third class status so to in equal measure are children. Any one who attempts to separate womens welfare and childrens welfare is doomed to fail both. I say this because more than ever in the USA that exact thing is taking place and it is being done by the so called Pro-Lifers who prove themselves at every turn to be merely Pro-Birth, as they do nothing for the life and welfare of either women or children in their fight to save the embryo/ fetus while at the same time ignore the welfare of women and children.. In their war they do nothing for women or children and that is quite clear.

God in His infinite wisdom has made women the primary caretakers of children. That is one of my firmest beliefs. Those who keep women in their perpetual second/third class status keep children in a perpetual second/third class status. This is something all male dominated religions do, which is to say all religions that I am aware of. To me, that is without any doubt one of the greatest sins of mankind and will continue to be as long as it persists. And when, if ever, the second/third class status that women have been and are forced into ends, all mankind, meaning all men will have achieved and satisfied what is quite possibly the greatest task that God has set before us as human beings. Moreover, the concept of Pro-Life in it's widest sense and fullness of meaning will be accomplished. We must fight against the FORCES OF DARKNESS that prevent this from happening. The Sermon on the Mount speaks to this in a most clear way. I believe that is the fullness of meaning embodied in The Sermon... Clearly, to me, 'do unto others' means all others including women, children, muslims, jews, buddhists etc.etc, exactly that and ALL of that.

Confucius, Hilel, Jesus and the Prophet all spoke so clearly about this idea that it's meanig requires no interpretation and allows no interpretation.

The so called Pro-Lifers, don't know the meaning of Pro-Life, in the meaning of the word or the concept it seems to imply. The must have gotten the word from the likes of Karl Rove, George Bush, Dick Cheney or Adolf Hitler all of whom are the architects of the disasters that have befallen America and the world. Rove, Bush, Cheney, the republican(or rethuglikkkan) party and all their voters and their supporters in Big Religion(radical right wing evangelical FUNDAMENTALIST Jihadists that they are) including the white southern confederate states baptists(Robertson and Falwell ad infinitum) and the popes both previous and current of the catholic church, my church, ( and I want it back from them and their minions), are the very ones who are committing the corruption of mixing religion and politics which is forbidden by Jesus and by our cherished U.S. Constitution, now badly shredded by Bush and the rethug party and the aforementioned minions. As I was saying these people either don't understand the meaning of Pro-Life or are using that term in a very narrow and selective way, which may be the case.

To them Pro-Life may/must mean really only Pro-Birth and nothing else. While to me I regard that term in a much broader all encompassing way. To me Pro-Life means doing whatever one can to promote a culture of life for ALL PEOPLE and the plants and the animals and planet earth. While to them Pro-Life is used in a very narrow and self selective way/meaning, namely, meaning only Pro-Birth and nothing else. Which may/must be the case.

Since they seem to all support the rethug party, clearly the political party that uses the term in it's most narrow meaning. Because the rethug party is without a doubt the Pro-Death party. In fact they are Pro-Death in it's widest meaning, including the death of everything but the embryo/fetus. The rethug party is only Pro-Greed toward money and political power and embryo/fetus's.

That must be why I have misunderstood the so called Pro-Lifers because they are really only Pro-Life/Pro-Greed as far as money, political power and the embryo/fetus are concerned. As are their staunch supporters in the catholic and white baptist religions.

If that is true and all things point to that as being true, then I finally understand their actions.

But I totally disagree with them, I think of Pro-Life as an all encompassing concept and issue.

I think of Pro-Life as an all encompassing concept and issue. repeated for emphasis

I deplore and abhor the killing of people, women, children or the planet for nothing more than their unquenchable thirst and endless Greed for money and political power. This is what they mean when they(Bush41 and Bush43 speak about their desire to freeze us all into their "A New World Order" which is to force us all into their idea of what the world must be/become.

The light may sometimes dawn slowly but it does dawn.

At least until the rethugs, catholics and white baptists end all life because of their desire to make their rapture come true.

So be it. The battle lines are drawn and I am not on their side, in fact I am diametrically opposed to their thinking. The repubs, the Pope, the catholic voters and the white baptists are all FUNDAMENTALIST JIHADISTS and nothing more because of their Pro-Birth and Pro-Death and Pro-Greed agenda and mindset.

Their is no room on this planet for the FUNDAMENTALIST JIHADISTS of any religion but God put them here and He is infinitely wise. So they must be here for a reason. Mayhap their presence is a 'test', an obstacle, a task God has placed before us, one which we must overcome/ defeat in order to earn the right to enter His Kingdom. God gave us all free will, which is that each of us has the right to make our own choice. For those who would deprive us, each of us, the right of choice they then are guilty of denying us all of our God given right to choose which is the same as taking away from us our God given soul.

Any who would take away our soul must be minions of the Darkness, not purveyors of light, the light of God. The endarkenment is clearly upon us and all about us here in America, with their false promises and guarantees of wealth and security. They are making promises that they cannot keep and thus are misleading. Security must be EARNED, it cannot be guaranteed under the cloud of fear that they themselves generate. Fear mongering clouds mens minds, strips us of our freedoms of choice and thought and therefore takes our very souls from us.

Whatever God, the good, merciful and loving God that I believe in has planned for them I know not. All I can say is that come judgement day I'm glad I am not in their shoes and won't have to answer for their actions.

Kind, humble, gentle, always respectful and freely giving(with no evangelizing/proselytizing) religion is capable of accomplishing such a huge amount seemingly unlimited amount of good in this world but actually often goes far astray and actually accomplishes so little. In fact it often as now adds to the damage and chaos in the world just as it is doing right now via it's support of the republican party; despite the fact that Jesus and our Constitution forbid the merging of church and state.

Many of my favorite people are not religious at all and yet many others are. Some of my favorite people include Jimmy and Rosalind Carter, Bill Moyers, Phil Donohue and his wife Marlo Thomas, Danny Thomas, Jim Wallis, Noam Chompsky, George Lakoff, Afif Safieh, Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzales, Jon Stewart, Stepehen Colbert, Keith Olbermann, Lou Dobbs, Jack Cafferty, E.J. Dionne, Fr. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church in Chicago, Mark Shields of PBS, Geoffery Nunberg, Norman Finkelstein, Lisa Randall(physicist), Schwarz&Green(British physicists who invented String Theory), Edward Witten(Princeton physicist, Institute for Advanced Study, Brian Greene, Richard Feynman(physicist), Lise Meitner(physicist), Ramanujan(self taught mathematician, extraordinary) Paul Wellstone


May God save us all from the aforementioned who work for the forces of darkness and thus have themselves BECOME THE FORCES OF DARKNESS.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Bush, Rethugs And The Popes Repression Of Rights And Freedoms

Dear All,

As you all know I am an Independant voter, a conservative person by nature, conservative on issues such as, don't mess with our/my cherished Constitution, small gov't, open/transparent gov't, politicians must tell the truth to the american people and should be punished when they don't, the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, gov't by, for and of the people, 'forming a more perfect union', criticism of our gov't when it move in the direction of a LESS PERFECT UNION, the use of taxpayer dollars in efficient and humanitarian ways ie the use of taxpayer dollars to benefit the taxpayers and citizens of America, against tax dollars being use for corporate welfare, against welfare for the rich, against tax dollars going to any religions especially those certain select religions that support the republican party and the Bush gov't which are the Catholic Church, my church and any other evangelical fundamentalist jihadist religions like the Catholic Church.

In other words I, though an Independant voter, am against almost everything that the Bush gov't and the Rethuglikkkan Party stand for. In fact I despise the aforementioned, including my church and the previous and current popes for the damage and destruction they are causing to my/our beloved America and to Iraq and Afghanistan and throughout the world. These groups are hell bent on sending us all to our deaths.

The Catholic Church hierarchy including the Vatican and the USCCB, and especially the popes are totally committed to the Rethuglikkkan Party(sold out my religion for political power) which is an abomination unto God and woman/man thus guaranteeing catholic votes to the rethug party which allows the rethugs(Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43) to do anything they want and allowing them to do anything they want with no fear because of catholic and papal support.

As some of you may know it was Pope John Paul II who opened the rethug box of vipers that is totally dedicated to war, killing, death and maiming. He did this by dedicating and aligning the church with the rethug party shortly after Reagan became prez and that alliance between the church and catholic voters and rethug party continues on to this very day unabated and with full vehemence, bordering on viciousness.

For example, I USED to belong to the largest catholic mens organization in america. That organization is financing a group that is attempting to get legislation enacted that will outlaw ALL abortions no matter what the reason including the health of the woman/mother.

There are some Central and South American countries where those laws already exist because the Catholic Church demanded them, and got them. The result, just a few weeks ago a woman(Jiminez Borjoge) died because of that law. The catholic prelate in that country, who was directly responsible for getting that law just recently enacted, now has the direct responsibility for the death of that woman on his soul and will carry that stain on his soul to judgement day.

He and the Pope are equally responsible for that death, how will thay make restitution for the crime and horrendous sin they both committed. I'm glad that is not on my conscience I could not live with that knowledge and guilt and would commit suicide. Does this prelate or the pope care, I would bet not. They never even think about it, because they think and act as if they KNOW THE MIND OF GOD. It seems to me, they areboth guilty of sacrilege, heresy, blasphemy and the cardinal sin of PRIDE because they THINK THEY KNOW THE MIND OF GOD.

They just may not know what they think they know. Both of these men are not only deeply guilty of sin but they are criminals as well. This entire situation and the surety with which these men act and cause others to act and follow their example not only disgusts me but makes me physically ill, if I think to much about what they do and have done not only in this instance but in so many others of the same kind.

I am equally disgusted by the acts and behaviors of both popes for totally aligning the catholic church with the rethuglikkkan party, as both of them are directly complicit in everything the rethug party does. I'm can't imagine how they will explain that on judgement day. And what is equally disgusting and sickening is that John Paul II is being fast tracked for sainthood, how sick is that.

The rethug party and Bush are not doing what they are doing in my name because I have vehemently and repeatedly expressed that in the public media. But the rethug party and Bush are doing what they are doing to damage america and the world in the names of both popes and every catholic and everyone who votes for them or actively endorses them in any way, or even passively endorses them by not speaking out.

The latest sickening act by the Bushies and rethugs(Rick Santorum, Sam Brownback etc. ad nauseam) is the comments made by Charles D. Stimson who threatend every lawyer and actually every citizen in america when he commented that lawyers who defend Gitmo detainees should, in effect be shunned by american corporations for doing so, which threatens their income and thus their families. That is another HUGE step by the Bushies/rethugs and the Pope in stripping american lawyers and all americans of their fundamental human rights granted by God and our Constitution. That statement must strike fear and hesitancy in the hearts of those lawyers and every lawyer in america who works on behalf of justice for those unable to defend themselves.

So when the pope vehemently pushs his so called Pro-Life agenda on my america I will keep repeating that he and the other catholics are really ONLY Pro-Birth and Pro-Death; of rights, freedoms, the life of Jiminez Borjoge(and how many other women who like children are the most powerless in the world, especially compared to the power of the popes and his cohorts in the rethug party and Bushie gov't). Their Pro-death agenda kills Iraqis and Afghanis, american troops and the hopes of their families, and maims many more dooming them to a lifelong slow death. Their Pro-Death agenda keeps millions of people in Mexico in deep poverty becuase the Pope does not speak out against the endlessly corrupt and criminal gov't of Mexico. Instead the Pope supports the Rethug party in america who sent Dick Morris(rethug political strategist) to Mexico to employ rethug strategies of fear into the minds of Mexican voters directly causing the loss of the election to Lopez Obrador who clearly was dedicated to stopping poverty in Mexico instead of making U.S. Corporations even richer. That is NOT, NOT, NOT Pro-Life, that is a lifetime of slow Pro-Death via unending poverty.

For those who don't know, and I am sure the pope is one of them, it takes three generations for the average family to recover from the residual effects of a family member who has war zone trauma/experience. So for hundreds of thousands of american, Iraqi and Afghani families these residues will be with them unto three generations, that is 60yrs.

The same stats apply to Pope Pius XI and Pius XII who endorsed and supported Hitler and the Nazi Party, resulting in the Holocaust which is burned into the minds of most Jews(and my mind) and which has directly caused or at least greatly contributed to the troubles in the Middle East between Israel and the Arab nations.

The results of the Holocaust directly contributed to the Neocons in america and the great damage and destruction they are doing to america and throughout the world as they work aggressively for the projection of U.S. military power and hegemony throughout the world.

So Pius XI and Pius XII stop that if you can.
So Pope John Paul and Benedict XVI stop what you have started, if you can.
The entire world is in peril and many parts of the Middle East are in flames directly due to YOU.
How can you four men ever even begin to make restitution?

Finally, don't anyone send me an email saying the Popes have spoken out against the war. Speaking out is not nearly enough, they MUST stop what THEY started and help maintain. And exactly what was their reasons for doing all that they have done, surely it can't be their hatred against Gays or women seeking abortion, what is their agenda for america and the world. You two popes are an integral part of the Bush/Rethug cabal bent on death for PROFIT.

Speak to us all Pope Benedict, explain yourself, don't just hide in your palace and speak ill about other peoples religions(Islam) when your own religion and mine is guilty of so much horror and abomination in the past(WWII, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition) and in the present.

Wow, you have a lot to account for.

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