Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So Gonzales is to be gone(Sept. 17th)

So Gonzo is gone on Sept. 17th, we are making progress and the evil empire is crumbling. Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked old witch...

Gonzo is another 'fall guy' sacrificed to further the ambitions of George Bush and the Bush crime family and the Rethug party and the ambitions of the religious right. Gonzo deserves to be gone for all the damage he has done to our democracy, but so to do the other aforementioned, and for the same reason.

Gonzo is a sacrificial anode to put it in marine terms. He has been sacrificed to keep the Bushco Republican ship of state floating a little longer, before it falls into complete corrosion.

Gonzo is a sacrifice to the roman gods, to keep the pagan emporer happy and delude him into thinking he is still an emporer.

Monday, August 27, 2007


It has been a long time...

Aug 27, 2007

Dear All,

It has been a long time since I lasted posted to my blog. This is due to my long days spent posting to a number of websites, all political as everything is totally political in America and will probably remain that way long after I am dead, which does not seem to far off. I hope to last until the next election, 2008, so I can vote one more time, so I can help expel the Rethugs from what is left of our gov't, which actually is now the Popes gov't. I am posting at various sites to help defeat the Republican Party, the political party of death for ever more profits and political power.

I hope to defeat all of the enablers of the party of death, including the Catholic Church, my Church, and the evangelical fundamentalists. Fundamentalist religions are anathema to human life, whether they are Catholic, Islamic(Bin Laden) or evangelical fundies(Falwell, Robertson, Dobson). Fundies are fundies, they are all extreme, radical and dangerous.

Let no one say the right wing Catholic fundies or the evangelical fundies are any different than Bin Laden and his associates; they all kill. The American religious fundies kill our troops, the Iraqi people and the Afghani people. Along with the two fundie American religions supporting the killings are the big American corporations and the Republican party of death for profits. All are a bunch of death dealing scum.

Sites I often/daily visit and post on include: Alternet, Salon.com, Huffington Post are the ones I most often visit. Some other sites I read on a daily to frequent to occasional basis include: Eric Altermans Altercation, Ha'aretz(the largest newspaper in Israel), The Kaleej Times( out of Dubai for Noam Chomsky articles and some Arab view points) The International Herald Tribune, Media Matters for America, Pen, FP Media Reform Daily, Wiretap, Mother Jones Journal, Vote Vets.Org, Progresive States Network, open Democracy, Americans United For The Separation of Church and State(I have joined them) Unity08(I joined them last year) Campaign To Defend the Constitution, The Free Press(Fitrakis and Wasserman) did/do a fantastic job of revealing corruption including corrupt elections in Ohio by the Ohio Rethug party and Ken Blackwell, Ray McGovern's VIPS and about two dozen other sites.

When Dr. Fitrakis runs for any political office I will support him. He and Harvey Wasserman have done a great job of revealing the extent of Republican voter corruption efforts in Ohio, The US intel's forcing the close of Antioch College (a very fine small liberal arts college in Dayton Ohio well known for progressive and anti-war thinking) Gov. Rhodes 'owned' by the FBI (due to his involvement with the mafia) and the deaths of the Kent State students (I'm a grad of Kent State and had classes that evening but had a Guardsmans rifle shoved in my face as I tried to drive on campus, so I snuck on another way and was met by a goup of students who told me about the shootings that took place just two hours earlier) and the efforts by The Free Press(known as the Columbus Free Press during the Vietnam war) and other Ohio groups and all of their efforts to unseat Sen. George Voinovich(Catholic), Jean Schmidt(Catholic) Pryce and LaTourette.

In the past I always voted for Voinovich, DeWine(another corrupt Catholic Republican as is Schmidt) and LaTourette but stopped in the last election. These right wing Bush/Rethug voters will never get my vote again. In the last (2006) election I voted only for dems. I have not done that since the Vietnam War. I always voted for whomever I thought was the best person regardless of political party, but no more. And I worked hard to get DeWine defeated, and he was.

So, more good news, this morning(Aug. 27,2007) Alberto Gonzales(Catholic) resigned as AG. Thank the good God, another warhawk, actually chickenhawk, is gone. Rove just resigned a few weeks ago. But he will most certainly be out in the hinterlands creating havoc and attacking America. My best guess is that he will be working to make another member of the Bush crime family, Jeb Bush(Catholic), who is waiting in the wings for his chance at destroying America and the world for PROFIT and POLITICAL POWER into a prez. That is all the Bush family and Rethugs are good for, destroying and never accepting responsibility for their agenda of death and destruction.

Truly the party of god(their god is corruption and gets a lower case g) and it's enablers are satanic and diabolical. But since Nixon that is what they have always been and Pope John Paul II knew that when he decided to join them, certainly everyone else knew they were consumed by GREED for money and political power. And so the Popes must be consumed by the same things, including dominion and domination over the lives of others, and despite their God given FREE WILL. But then our God given FREE WILL has never meant anything to the Popes, all of whom have been 'moral relativists'.

Dogmatic authoritarians are always 'moral relativists' they hold others to one standard of behavior and themselves to a much lower standard.That is why the Church is replete with gay(sorry gays, I just don't think gays should be priests) priests, uncelibate priests and pedophile priests. And then to make matters even worse it covers for them and protects them and defends them and moves them to other parishes to continue plying their particular form of sexual aberration. In addition the Church attacks the victims, truly amaaazing, and corrupt.

Oh btw, speaking of the Churches obsession with sex and it's vicarious involvement in others peoples sex lives. I came across the writings of a truly God inspired Anglican Bishop, Bishop Ingham, who wrote the most beautiful treatise on sex and love that I have ever read. God must have inspired this good/great Bishop to write such a totally beautiful treatise on that subject. Such a beautiful piece of observation about human sexuality could never have been written by any fundamentalist, Catholic or otherwise. The Catholic Church and Catholics are so sexually repressed, obsessed, deviant and/or warped about sex that they would never have been able to write such a treatise.

I knew sex was a sublime experience that it must have been created by God. Thanks be to God for all his wonderful creations including nature, animals especially baby animals, human babies, plants and what is left of our increasingly decaying and dying planet.

Our planet and our human civilization will die even more when Bushco and the religious right bomb IRAN and turn that country into a sheet of glass just because they are unlikely enough to have OIL. When one is talking about the Bush family and the Republican Party oil and wealth and political power are everything they worship.

I remember in religion class discussing the fact that the Popes always told the poor it was okay to be poor, even a blessing to starve and die, while at the same time the Church hierarchy always associated with the rich and were usually rich themselves.

The Pope should know poverty and the Pope should live in Iraq for a year, walking the streets looking for food and water. The Pope should observe that Iraqi women/mothers are prostituting themselves for food. And when they get abortions the Pope should witness what happens topoor and desparate women and their families.

One HUGE cause of women seeking abortions is poverty, not becaus they are evil. But the Pope just ants to stamp out abortions, no matter how many people, women and men, he has to KILL to do it.

Another HUGE cause of abortions is women and girls suffering from such low self worth that they give their bodies to gain some fleeting and false sense of self worth.

And once again the Catholic Church has for about 1900 of it's 2000 year history been stamping/ treading on womens self worth, treating them as third class humans after men and children. Keeping women barefoot, in the kitchen and pregnant only convinces women that all they are is baby machines and have no other value. When a womans or girls only sense of self worth comes from making babies then that is exactly what they do.

If the Pope truly wanted to do something about abortion he would do something about the root causes that lead to unwanted pregnancies and that lead to abortions. Instead he supports the Republican Party, the party of wealth, but wealth only for itself while the middle class and the poor continue in a downward spiral toward ever more poverty.

Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum 1879, spoke out clearly AGAINST rampant capitalism. But the current and previous Popes are/were tightly aligned with and totally supportive of the Republican party of rampant CAPITALISM.

The US is headed for, in the near term, theo-corporatocracy. But in the long term it is headed for what the corporate republicans truly believe in, total corporatocracy in the endless and greedy pursuit of MONEY/WEALTH, no matter who has to pay the price and no matter how high the price even poverty and death, and that is NOT pro-life, not even close.

Can the current and previous Popes see or look at any of that aforementioned; not one bit they didn't. Everyone only has to look at Latin American countries to see what the Catholic Church has been doing for the last five hundred years and one can see how the Church is committed to poverty for the masses. Pope Benedict you can't have it both ways, you can't continue to promote poverty(it's really not next to godliness) and your hoped for continuation of control over the masses and stop abortion at the same time.

Btw Pope Benedict your wealthy Republican friends will continue to get all the abortions they want and you can't do anything to stop them. While at the same time you aid them in impoverishing ever more people. You Pope Benedict havebecome a handmaiden to the machinations of the worst, most greedy and totally selfish members of our society just as you have done and continue to do in Latin countries when you helped your Republican friends, especially Karl Rove and Dick Morris directly cause the defeat of Mr. Lopez Obrador in the recent Mexican elections. I hope you are proud of yourself and what you have done to continue the poverty in Mexico. And someday, if not already the despair of the Mexican people will cause them to use drugs in ever increasing amounts to deal with the pain of their despair, albeit a fleeting and false attempt, yielding no long term solutions only ever more human degradation.

Methinks somehow Pope Benedict that your supposed to be the servant of God and his children not their slave master. Wow, all I can say is that the Catholic Church is really screwed up beyond belief. ThPopes have sold out to the Rethug party of greed and death.

Just maybe the prediction of St Malachy will come true. And just maybe that is the same promise as the Blessed Virgin Mary made.

PRAY for the END of those who promote death for oil profits and all their enablers.

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