Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Pro-Death Caused By The Catholic Church

Dear Readers,

As you may remember I am a Catholic and an Independant voter and I stand in strong support of people, The Family of Man, which is to say all the children of God, and I stand in complete support of our beloved America.

I also stand against the Catholic Church in it's endless Pro-Birth and Pro-Death stance. I also stand firmly against it's endless support of the Republican party and the Bush admin. in it's very successful use of religion for political power and the Catholic Church's stance to give unlimited and unqualified support to the Republican party and the fact that both of these groups have so successfully deeply divided and fractured America and shredded our Constitution, giving 'we the people' among other hateful things the recentfully signed 'torture Legislation'; and this nazi pope thinks that is just peachy keen. But then being a past nazi he would support such a violation of human rights just as Hitler did during his reign and his/Catholic Holocaust. Which now has resulted in the endless Middle East wars and the rise of the Neocons, many of whom are Jews and who still carry a great fear of the Holocaust just as I do.

The Neocons have arisen as a result of the Holocaust and their great fear that it might happen again. But they are making a Holocaust happen yet again but now in the Middle East.
The Neocons and the Israeli warhawks like Netanyahu and Ohlmert are not acting upon a hate for the Holocaust, in fact they use that event to justify their causing of another Holocaust, this one being in the Middle East and in America resulting in their shredding of our Constitution.

The Catholic Church's 2000yr long intimidation of Catholics via their fear of hell has now become a complete intimidation of all Americans. And let no one tell me that is not the intent of the torture legislation because if it is not and it is all above board then why has it been kept secret from the American people and Congress and even Congressional oversight committees whose very job it is to provide oversight and a measure of control over egregious use of these kinds of over-reaching types of practices.

And now the latest is laws that will eventually be enacted that will outlaw abortion and women's rights to the control of their own bodies. So we still have male dominated religions keeping women in second class status with not even the power over their own bodies; because the Catholic Church deems that they are not to have those rights on the basis that it KNOWS the mind of God and it is doing what God wants. Just how much hypocrisy is that, and just how much PRIDE is that. I don't like abortions but it is my right what women should or should not do nor is it the right of any male to make those decisions over women, especially when God does not. He gave us ALL Free Will, including women. The domination of women and the endless bashing of gays is itself an abomination.

If anyone doubts my thesis they have only to look at what is happening in Nicarauga and El Salvador where two Archbishops in these catholic countries do not allow abortion under any circumstances, even rape, incest or the health of the mother. If that doesn't relegate second or third class status to women and make them nothing more than baby making machines than I don't know what other heinous rules and laws that the Catholic Church can enact that could possibly do more damage or do more to dehumanize women and strip them of their souls and the sanctity of their bodies.

In Nicarauga a woman, Jimenez Bojorge, and her fetus have just died because no doctor would operate on them for fear of long jail sentences enacted into law by the gov't and called for by the Archbishop in Nicarauga. The Catholic Church has a long history of death and supporting the violation of the sanctity of human life as during the Hitler(a Catholic) and the Nazi regime endorsed by Pius XI and Pius XII. For greater detail see many of my previous blog entries.

The very same thing that is and has occurred in Nicarauga is occurring in El Salvador at the demands of an archbishop in that country. And that is exactly what will happen in America because the ball is now rolling due to the State of S.D. once and still guilty of criminal and userous credit card laws and now guilty of violation of the covenant between God and each of His children, as it places itself above that covenant.

And additionally, and of even greater fear is that there are now a good number of groups that are proposing laws that are exactly the same of those in Nicarauga and El Salvador namely, the complete prevention of all abortions for any reason whatsoever. When that happens, I will take to the streets with my pitchfork in complete civil disobediance and will refuse to pay my taxes.

When will the Catholic Church ever learn that killing of others who refuse to follow the dogma and dictates of the Catholic Church is always wrong no matter what the Pope, the Vatican and the USCCB thinks is a clear and total violation of the laws of God(thou shalt not kill) and the teachings of Jesus regarding the judging of others, such as he who is without sin...

The complete and total endorsement and support of the Bush Repubs is as terrible a sin as was it's support of Hitler and the Nazis whgich CAUSED the Holocaust. So if the Neocons want to attack someone or a group for the Holocaust let them attack the Vatican and the current Nazi Pope.

Pray to God not the Pope or the false christ(small c) George Bush, if you do you are parying to false idols.


Thursday, November 23, 2006


What It Means To Be An American, for me it means FEAR

Dear Readers,

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans, even you Republicans, though I live in daily fear of you people and the damage you are capable of doing and already have done to my beloved America and so many other peoples around the world and especially in the Middle East.

My fear began with Reagan getting elected but was less at that time, it grew with Bush 41 and now has become a full blown, constant and daily fear since Bush 43 got elected.

BTW, I am an Independant voter who will vote Democrat from now on, and at all levels even state and local. I guess that makes me a heathen and traitor in the eyes of you repubs. But I prefer to think for my self rather than as a member of a blind, knee jerk, lock step, 'stepford wives' group-think organization. Some of you, actually most of you repubs who wish to give up your individuality and personal integrity thinbk of Dems as a party of wafflers and flip-floppers just don't realise that Independants and Dems are are not a single lock step group of thinkers . Instead we are a group of divergent thinkers who desire to examine every aspect of every situation. While Repubs are convergent authoritarian thinkers who are readily willing to give up their personal authority and responsibility to others who offer you simple solutions most of which are very narrow minded and of a narrow self serving agenda.

The repub party is a conspiracy because all repubs speak and think in lock step, as if they/you are all just one person and of one mind. Though it is my feeling based on what I see which is there is such a thing as a repub conspiracy it is also the analysis of many historians, who say that the Repub party became this way during the Eisenhower administration. While I thought your party became what it is today during the corrupt Nixon admin the historians say this actually began during the Eisenhower admin and it was because Ike, one of my favorite presidents, saw what his party members were doing and threw some out of his admin in favor of Dems, while distancing himself from other repubs.

As a result of those events the repub party has been working to create a strategy for taking over America and as we all can see reached full fruition under George W. Bush. The repub stategy failed under Reagan and Bush 41 because both were politicians but still gentleman from the old school, meaning they were not vicious enough to engage in all the dirty work that Atwater, Gingrich, Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted .

But then along came dubya, he of no values or moral compass ie. a sociopath, and Karl Rove quite possibly another sociopath and so the repub party, Cheney, and Rumsfeld had their man. Because of this cabal,including illegal elections in Florida via Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, also vicious people of no morals, who were willing to step low enough and sell their souls to create corrupt elections and with the aid of the US Supreme Court were able to get dubya into the presidency. Then he brought the most corrupt and evil group of people into our government which in effect became THEIR gov't. All of the above factors and the Three Foundations/ Pillers of the repub party , starting from the Reagan days, which were and still are the corporatocracy, the neocons and the theocons is what brings us to what we have today and which causes me daily fear for now and for the 2008 elections.

The corporatocracy is driven by endless greed, no matter the cost to peoples and childrens lives, and no matter the cost to America. The US Chamber of Commerce and corporatocracy's first, last and total allegiance is to unlimited greed, with absolutely no controls from our/their gov't. And the repub party since Reagan has given them just that environment. As a result we have children with Autism, Asthma, Learning Disabilities and rapidly increasing birth defects. Yet so many of the parents of these afflicted children continue to support and vote for the repub party. Do these parents care more for the repub party and out of control corrupt and unregulated corporations(like the chemical, drug industries and other pollution industries) that they are willing to sacrifice their own children. I would have to answer yes they do because they continue voting repub which gives us unregulated corporations and their endless dirtying of our environment.

The repub party is totally dependant upon and corrupted by the money they get from the corporatocracy. So repubs will never stand up to their money sources who damage your health and that of your children.

Now the next issue is the Neocons, like Cheney, Rumsfeld and the likes of Bill Kristol and many humdreds of other WARHAWKS who are bent on projecting american military might all over the world and especially in the Middle East no matter the cost to america in troops and treasure. And no matter the cost in lives of innocent peoples in the Middle East. Neocons are a conspiracy which merges american warhawks and SOME Jewish warhawks. Most Jews in America and Israel want a fair, just, and lasting PEACE for ALL peoples but the neocons do not, as they have a very different agenda for the world. It's called 'The New World Order', read about it, and the Council On Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission, PNAC, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation and about fifty other think tanks devoted to the repub party and it's agenda which is not a people friendly agenda but a money and political power friendly agenda.

Now to the third support group which gives the repub party so much unlimited power, the THEOCONS. These are principally two religious groups, the white southern Baptists and the Catholic Church which is my church and which I almost totally disagree with on almost all their issues. Al Franken, the wonderful comedian and commentator who I admire so much, said it very well when he described the repub agenda as using "fears, smears and queers" to gain political power. The THEOCONS, Catholic Church and white southern Baptists(aka SBC) use the very same tactics, which are really tactics of hate, to control their voters to vote only repub.

My church, the Catholic Church put Reagan in the presidency and completely and totally aligned itself with the repub party at that time and still fully supports it now and that is the very reason why the repub party has been in power so long and can get away with so many unconscionable and wholly unchristian acts against 'The Family of Man' not only here in America but the worldwide 'Family of Man'. Just as the Catholic Church endorsed Hitler and the nazi party it supports the repub party of today which is and uses the same nazi-like tactics(Rovespin propaganda/Goebbels) to gain and keep political power and destroy anyone it doesn't like.

The Catholic Church made an unforgivable error and sin then and it has been doing the exact same thing today starting from the presidency of Reagan and continuing through with the presidency of George Bush. What is even worse and more fearful is that the Catholic Church will never see through their own blind corruption and give up this path they are on. The church will keep at this until someone is able to stop it and I don't see anyone that is powerful enough to do that. Remember the church has been around for almost two thousand years.

Unfortunately as a result of this immense power the Catholic Church affects and controls elections in america and gov't policy both domestic and foreign. And equally unfortunate is the fact that the church is dragging us all down even those who are not catholics because it drags our entire nation down and forces all americans to be stuck accepting the catholic agenda for america, which is definitely not the american peoples agenda for america, as the recent elections have proven. So the Catholic Church remains an ever present threat to America and to the world via it's unending support of the repub party. And all of this is equally true of the white southern confederate Baptists.

As a result of THEOCON support of the repub party we now have dead and maimed american troops and a far greater number of dead and maimed Iraqis and Afghani peoples. I see no evidence of this killing ending unless the Dems with their slim majority are able to stop this endless death. Also as a result of Theocon support we also now have the 'Torture Legislation' and the past Pope John Paul, who started all of this, as well as the current Pope Benedict who did nearly nothing to stop this just as the two popes who supported the Nazi party and Hitler did so little to protest the Holocaust that they may as well have done nothing at all, but then they endorsed Hitler so the German people elected Hitler. And of course the result of the Holocaust is very much with us to this very day giving us the Neocons and in so many other ways.

God is never wrong, but man made and man run religions are Frequently wrong just as the Catholic Church and the SBC are today.

Here is a warning: another South or Central American catholic country just passed legislation that forbids abortion under ANY, ANY, and I repeat ANY circumstance whatsoever. If the Catholic Church is not stopped, due to it's zealotry, that is exactly what we will have in America and some states are getting dangerously close to that now. And btw that should give you all an idea of the low secondary status of women in the Catholic Church and in many Catholic countries. Those very same kinds of laws have already been proposed by various groups in America. I think women are much more than just baby machines and the death of even one woman due to such laws in North, Central or South America is an abomination unto God and man/woman.

I fear greatly for America and our shredded Constitution caused by the Neocons and especially the worst group the THEOCONS because they cannot be controlled due to their unquestioning belief that they KNOW the mind of God and so they do what God wants. Of course those of us who choose to think realize that these religious groups DO NOT KNOW THE MIND OF GOD and really only do what THEY decide for themselves what they think is the will of God. Their kind of thinking is blasphemy, heresy and hypocrasy of the WORST KIND. Their kind of thinking is the exact definition of the cardinal sin of PRIDE as they place themselves at God's level. These people are SACRILIGEOUS beyond all... These religious groups have no SHAME or HUMILITY.


It is not given to ANY of we humans to know the mind of God. And any act done via that line of thinking is an ABOMINATION UNTO GOD.

When religion is used for corruption and when religions lend themselves to political use than all that ensues/derives/ comes forth there-from is CORRUPTION/ SATANIC and DIABOLICAL.

And now I have a huge lump in my throat and some tears in my eyes as I am so concerned for 'THE ENTIRE FAMILY OF MAN' including the peoples of the Middle East.


I am an Independant voter and a patriotic American who will always question everything our government does no matter the political party in power. So you repubs just better get used to it, because I'm here to stay and dog your every step. And I WILL BE RELENTLESS. I will be relentless about NEOCONS. I will be RELENTLESS about scrutinizing all religions especially those most dangerous to America, the Catholics and the SBC both of whom seem to have strayed so far from the laws of God and teachings of Jesus.

Here in Ohio we have a group of protestant ministers who are doing wonderful things about the many problems in america due to the merging of church and state . They seem to believe as I do that this merging is corrosive to both church and state. This group seems to fully believe in the tachings of Jesus about the separation of church and state(render to caesar... and render to God...).

The wonderful Hillel said something along the lines of 'Do nothing to your neighbor that you would not want done to you' and all else is but commentary. Truly, a great thought, which seems/ is the same as the Sermon On The Mount and the golden rule. Although it was Hillel who spoke this concept back in about 300BC, and Confucius spoke it even earlier, then Christ and also the Prophet Muhammed all said the very same thing.

And once again lest ye forget, PRAY FOR PEACE.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Bush, Son, Father, Their Denials Of Reality And The Endless Theocon Support

Did anyone hear Bush's comments on Vietnam, as the courageous Keith Olbermann said Bush still "has no Clue". Bush has lost all connection with reality. Only the Theocons and Neocons believe him now and maybe even the some of the Jewish neocons seem to no longer believe him. Only neocons like Cheney, Von Rumsfeldt, Bill Kristol and a few thousand other crazies still believe Bush and his machine of endless destruction and war.

Oh, and Pope Benedict still supports him as did Pope John Paul.

Just look at what these two Popes have unleashed upon America and the world. It is almost unfathomable that so much corruption of the laws of God and teachings of Christ could exist in the Catholic Church, my church, but then just look back to what the Catholic Church did to put the nazis and Hitler in power in 933 and all the damage they wreaked upon the world then and much of which still continues to this very day via the never ending spread of nazi like thinking. As for example, in the Repub party and the Nazi-Fascist Neocons.

Oh, and the College of Cardinals and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops still support him so they to must believe in Bush, the man who has claimed on four ocassions to be Jesus Christ. Well, Falwell, Robertson and that paragon of virtue, Newt Gingrich the man of the Moral Majority/Contract With America, who leads a morally corrupt life with his numerous affairs of adultery and other sordid behaviors, still believes him. But then these people would believe Bush as they are corrupt themselves.

What is so unusual, crazy and a complete denial of reality by Bush, the sociopath, is that he continues to say he will not leave Iraq because it is not a victory if he does leave and at the same time speaks so highly of Vietnam. Mr. Stupid Bush has just forgotten that America 'cut and ran' from Vietnam and as a result the Country of Vietnam has become what it is today and which he acclaims so highly.

Bush is beyond stupid and narcissitic he is pathological. I could pick his remarks apart piece by piece for their complete lack of logic, error and stupidity. Bush, this wretched and diabolical man/boy/president is a mess and quite subhuman, like Cheney and Von Rumsfeldt.

Did anyone read what happened to Bush 41 in Dubai where he was heckled and jeered at a leadership conference speech he gave. He became upset and somewhat incoherent. From what he said it became quite clear, to me, that yes he is the father of George Bush because he acted just the same. Bush 41 just couldn't understand why the audience was acting the way they were, so George H.W. is equally out of touch with reality. No wonder he spawned Bush 43 and the rest of the miscreants and neandrathals in that family.

Pray for peace-

And pray that America and the world may rid itself of the entire Bush family. I hope they go to Paraguay and it will be good riddance to the entire lot of them. But I feel sorry for the citizens of Paraguay, however the Bush family will be in the company of the WWII nazis who are still alive in Paraguay and their families. Because they are all of similar ideology they will get along well.

Finally should America be so lucky that the entire Bush family would move to Paraguay I refuse to let my tax dollars be used for the use of the Secret Service to protect them. Let the Bush family hire mercenaries and torturers, at their own expense from CACI, Titan or Blackwater to defend them and their 140,00 acres. The american oil, drug and defense companies will share the expenses and charge the American public by raising oil and drug prices.

Demand Diplomacy, Forbid War and Killing.


The Instruments Of Torture

Let's not forget and in fact let us seek out, go after and bring to justice those who were the instruments of the Repub/Rumsfeld 'Torture Legislation'(let's call it what it is) like U.S. Army General Geoffrey Miller, Colonel Thomas Papas and their superior officer General Ricardo Sanchez for their crimes at GITMO and Abu Ghraib as these men are the real culprits and criminals, not the troops at the bottom of the chain of command, though they must be punished too but are not the cause of these horrible events.

The souless Geoffery Miller, Rumsfeld, Papas, Sanchez, Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, Bush and Cheney are the truly guilty.

Noe from Toledo, Ohio(btw Geoffrey Miller was born in Gallipolis, Oh. just more corrupt and criminal Ohio Rethugs, like Taft, Boehner and that other piece of Rethug scum from Ohio Bob Ney who just went to jail and much of the Ohio Repub party who have ruled this state for approx. the past four decades) Noe just got 18yrs in prison. If the rest of the Repubs in Gov't all got 18yrs in prison Repub corruption would very quickly come to an end and we could save the Repub party from itself, ie. self destruction and it's on going damage to the nation and the world.

President Ike where are you, your party needs you now. Are their any, even one Repub in America that is a decent and patriotic citizen who will put the greater good of the nation ahead of their party agenda. I don't know of even one. Should any claim to be so oriented, they are now going to have to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, and not just by Rovian spin but by ACTIONS. Even Barry Goldwater who started the decline of the Rethug party (aided greatly by Nixon and his cohorts, Cheney and Rummy) could and would never have imagined that he would cause this and now be considered to the left of the current version of the Repub party. One Goldwater Repub said that his kind are considered to be left of center, politically speaking.

And if the Repubs make any kind of a come back in 2008 'we the people' and America will be right back to everything that was going on before this recent election, America will once more decend into the pits of slime and hell.

Is that likely, yes you all better darn well believe it is very possible. Why, because the three pillars that support the Rethug party are not just going away. 1. The Rethug agenda will never change. 2. The neocons will still be around, even if they are no longer in the foreground but they will be in the background of american politics. 3. Endlessly greedy american corporatocracy will always be with us. 4. the Theocons, extremist religious zealots like the Catholic church, my church as well as the SBC will never learn and will never give up there own forms of religious corruption as they endlessly violate the laws of God and the teachings of Christ. And the Pope approves of all that is going on by his actions of endlessly supporting one political party, the Rethug party, when he should be stopping his merging of church and state, as forbidden by Jesus and our Constitution. But then the Pope and past popes were not ones to obey the laws of God preferring their own self interperetation of those laws and teachings.

Pray for peace

Monday, November 20, 2006


War, Religion and Politics, namely, the Republican Party And The Catholic Church and Other Theocons

Dear All,

Just to remind everyone, I am a an Independant , voter and a Catholic. But I am NOT a right wing fundamentalist Catholic as is Pope Benedict XVI, Those in the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops(aka USCCB). I think the Catholic Church has gone far astray of the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church has merged religion and politics. This was most obviously done by Pope John Paul II when he aligned the Catholic Church with the Republican party in America. He threw the resources and world wide power of the Church and most Catholic voters solidly and unqualifiedly behind the Republican party giving that party huge power over the lives of most Americans, even and especially those who are not Catholics and leading to the enormous damage done to America and to the entire world. As a result of this unending and unqualified support of the Republican party America got Ronald Reagan(and all his crimes and those of the Repub party against the american people), Bush 41(and all his crimes ...) and finally the absolute worst of all Bush 43(and all his and the Repubs crimes against America and the world causing an enormous amount of deaths, to our troops, Afghani and Iraqi civilians).

America is now a deeply fractured and deeply divided country from which it may and seems to me forever unlikely to recover. The Supreme Court of the US(aka SCOTUS) is loaded with Republicans and radical right wing Catholics aka Catholic Republicans.

I see no hope that the Catholic Church is ever going to stop doing what it is doing and thus I fear greatly for America , our troops and our people.

Their are three fundamentalist religions in the U.S. They are the Mormans, the white southern Confederate States Baptists. The Mormans seem to be limited in scope and power to Utah and Arizona and they don't seem to mix their religion with national politics, being satisfied with the state politics in Utah and to some extent Arizona. Both of these states strongly support Bush and his Repub war and death machine.

Now the other two fundamentalist religions, the SBC and The Catholic are not only fundies but jihadist as well. They give Bush and the Repubs unlimited power to wreak havoc on our democracy(eg. Torture Legislation which can easily be used to control and dominant americans into submission and fear) but give Bush&Co. unlimited power to conduct war on innocent people.One writer remarked that the SBC are the foot soldiers in Bush's war against democracy in america while the Catholic Church are the thinkers. I would alter that statement thusly, the Catholic Church is the policy hawks behind Rove, Bush , the Repub party and their entire war machine against the american people. And the Catholic voters are also the foot soldiers in the Bush anti-american war anti-world war machine and they are just as guilty as the SBC in what is a never ending ideological battle to greatly lessen democracy in america and around the world. These groups don't want peace or they would never support Bush and the Repubs who don't want democracy or a gov't 'by, for and of the people.

This is easy to verify as one only has to listen to the msm, most especially Fox News(not news at all but nothing more than Bush/Catholic Repub propaganda. Also watching C-Span and listening to the callers since Bush gained office and comparing then to now since the Dems won so many seats in the elections despite Karl Roves loudly stated goals to totally destroy the Democratic party and remain in power forever. Another source to watch for Catholic Repub agenda is EWTN, the Catholic cable channel where all of the participants from the boss Mother Angelica on down endlessly spew out the Republican agenda and tell Catholics to vote Republican by telling the listeners of this almost seditious network to vote Pro-Life, the code word for the Repub party.

The of destruction of the Dem party would destroy our two party 'system of checks and balances' which did end when Bush became prez, our worst prez. When the Dems were rendered helpless and powerless over the last twelve years and most especially over the last seven years our democracy no longer existed. Without a two party system there is no more America. So for those who are truly patriotic Americans our two party system must be protected at all and any costs. Outside terrorists are far less of a threat to America than the terrorists within, all of whom I have mentioned above.

There was a woman on C-Span's Washington Journal (an excellent program because it is the only program whereby Americans can talk and especially listen to each other without going through the msm which is just a Bush Repub spin machine) calling in from Missouri( a Repub red state) who spouted the repub point of view and complained about the rest of us who don't follow the Rove, Bush, Cheney Repub party line. At the end of her comments(and she was a nice lady even with her moderate acrimony) asked the question 'and who are the neocons, she keeps hearing that word and didn't understand who these people were, I paraphrase but that is the gist of what she said.

My first thought was 'and she is a voter' and how terribly uninformed she is. Voters need to understand that the Bush Repub party is based on three ideological pillars. The Theocons, the Corporatocracy and the warhawk(pro war pro killing) Neocons. Actually all three the Theocons the Corporatocracy and the Neocons are warhawk groups and pillars of the Repub warhawk and chickenhawk machine. All three of these groups will use every means possible(to them the ends justify the means, any means) to achieve their ideological agenda, their ends.

The Theocons(Catholic Church and SBC and a few others who are committed to using religion for political power and political power for religious purposes) the corporatocracy( a number of Big Businesses who are profitting immensely from the war like Halliburton, Bechtel, Military-Industrial complex of defense industries and a few hundred other war profiteering Big Businesses) and the Neocons(Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer etc. ad nauseam) are the groups that are the mainstay and support pillars of the Repub party.

It is the neocons who want to project American military power all over the world, especially all over the Middle East. Using Google and Wikipedia it is easy to learn about all of these aforementioned groups, for starters just go to Wikipedia and type in neocons and start reading about the father of the neoconservative movement who is Leo Strauss. These neocons were once democrats but some time ago almost all of them became Repubs because the Dems are less likely and less willing to go to war.

Many of these neocons are warhawks/chickenhawks like Cheney and Rumsfeld and are left over from the Cold War and who are still totally buried in Cold War ideology of destroying the Communists, Russians and Chinese. The other main part of the Neocons are Jews who are left over(that is somewhat disrespectful of me to use that term, though I mean no disrespect) from the worst event in human history the Holocaust and they remain ever fearful of that event as if it is still going on, because to them it is still going on in their minds and in the Middle East, so for them it is still very real. But they are the very reasons why this continues in the Middle East.

The main problem with the Jewish Neocons is that they are contributing immensely to all that is happening by their actions in the Middle East and their actions in America. They seem to have taken warped lessons from the Holocaust because they are committing their own Holocaust in the Middle East. War begets more war and violence begets more violence. They are doing nothing to make Israel safer by manipulating the U.S. into this war. Pat Buchanon, a paleoconservative(which is true Republican conservative) has spoken well and clearly on this topic of Israel manipulating America into this war. Just as in America where the gov't does not listen to the people so to in Israel where there are very blarge numbers of Jewish citizens who are against what is going on and demand peace of their own gov't but it does not listen, as usual the warhawks like Netanyahu seem to prevail.

There are Catholics in America who oppose this war but does the Catholic Church listen, no it just continues to support Bush and the Republican party. But then the Catholic Church is not a democracy one person, the Pope has complete and total control. Pope Benedict XVI just like Pope John Paul II must THINK they KNOW the mind of God. I can now easily see that St. Malachy, Archbishop of Armagh, predicted through his Prophecy of Popes the end of the papacy.One person, the Pope who wields so much power can very easily be wrong and cause so much damage to worldwide 'Family of Man' which is to say the entire human race.

It is ironic that the Pope Benedict XVI continues his unrelenting support of the Bushies and the Republican party despite the fact that Jesus clearly demanded the separation of church and state (render to caesar...render to God... and threw the scribes, pharissees and money lenders out of the temple) as does our American Constitution which the Pope and Bush and the Repubs all just completely ignore.

The neocons and all Jews are ever vigilant that this must never happen again and I agree with them, wholeheartedly, that this must never happen again and so I remain ever vigilant as we all must. That is one huge reason why I am so angry and critical about Catholicism, my religion, because I am convinced that had the Vativan and Popes Pius XI and Pius XII never supported Hitler there might well have never been a WWII. Should anyone want to study this further just read many of my previous blog postings as I have covered much of those events. Or using sources like Google and Wikipedia just look up the Reichskonkordat of 1933, by which Pope Pius XI put the Catholic Church stamp of approval on Hitler (called Imprimatur in catholicism) and led to his being elected(yes elected) in Germany. That was a HUGE wrongdoing by the Catholic Church which can never be made right by the Church.

To me the only way the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI can begin and I do mean only begin to go about some small, and I do mean small, measure of restitution for the abomination is to open the secret archives of the Vatican to scholars and historians from all over the world, especially the Jewish scholars and historians from all over the world. If that is done and all of these records are available for public review, books etc, can some small measure of restitution begin. That support of Hitler and the nazi party by the Vatican would also be some small measure of restitution to the German people, the people of Poland, Hungary, England, France, Russia and the United States for all the suffering and enormous number of deaths cause by the complicity between the Vatican and the nazi party.

We must all remember that the american bankers and financial supporters for the nazi party was a company called Brown, Brown and Harriman and specifically two employees Prescot S. Bush and George Herbert Walker, anyone familiar with those names and those families. Yes dear readers they are just who you think they are, corrupt then and corrupt now. FDR, even after the war started had to actually order them to stop their financial operations and support of the nazis' here in America and in Germany and Poland. Read it and be amazed.

My father was in that damn rotten war, aboard Liberty ships whose life averaged out to be 21 days. Thankfully he lived through it but the after effects of his sea duty war zone experiences are still affecting my family to this very day. So I can see what is and will happen to our troops in this Bush(once again that family name rears it's ugly head) Catholic Republican war, a war of choice, is doing and will do to our troops and their families and the Iraqi and Afghani families. All of you must know and remember what is still happening to our troops/families from the Vietnam war another dumbass politician's war. My brother was a Marine Sgt. in that war.

Let no one forget the shabby and insufficient treatment our vets from that war got. The very same thing happened to our vets from the first Gulf war and the very same kinds of neglect will happen to our troops and their families as a result of this war. If we are not going to give our vets full and proper care then we should not send them to war unless America is directly attacked.

No, don't give me that bullshit Bush Repub line that we were attacked. 'They' did not attack us, there was no 'they'. There was only Osama bin Laden and his small group, the entire Iraq, Afghanistan and the entire Middle East did NOT attack us , only bin Laden and his supporters in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi gov't and the Saudi family attacked us.

I'll repeat that, only Osama bin Laden and the Saudi's attacked us. But Bush and the Repubs do NOTHING about that fact. The Bush family are great friends with the Saudis', does anyone see a pattern here, I certainly do. And where did our best intel about bin Laden come from, it cam from Iran and Syria, but everyone overlooks those facts in the never ending drumbeat for more war, against Iran and Syria.

Does anyone remember that Iran got their nuclear know-how from Pakistan. Does anyone remember that according to all the experts Iran is many, many years from getting the bomb and it is a signatory to the NNPT as is America yet it is we who broke that treaty and will soon be giving our nuclear technology to India which is not a signatory to the NNPT(Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) as Pakistan is not a signatory.

I like India and the Indian people and don't blame them for Bush/Repub violation of that treaty. But because of our violation of that treaty India can now make more nuclear bombs. This action by Bush just adds to Middle East turmoil and instability, which America is famous for causing. If you don't believe me, just look at Central and South American countries where we have caused endless instability even way before WWII.

Corporate greed is responsible for what the CIA has done causing endless instability in those countries. I don't hate America as the Bush Repubs would insist I just expect our country to not go about pillaging and looting so many other countries in the name of 'we the people' when in reality it is most often done for American corporations. I don't want my tax dollars used for such purposes.

Also all of you must remember that the damaging effects done by any war including this war lasts on average for the next three generations in the families of our troops but also in the families of the Iraqis and Afghanis. And thats a fact, jack. So the Bush/Repub party has spat out SNAFU and FUBAR all over America and all coalition troops and their families and again among the Iraqi and Afghani families. Does that outcome of this Bush, Bush family, Catholic, Repub war sound like Pro-Life to any of you. Does that / do those outcomes sound anything like "WINNING HEARTS AND MINDS" to any of you .

So once again the Pope, the Vatican and the USCCB make another HUGE, HUGE, HUGE mistake/abomination unto God and 'The Family of Man' for endlessly and so solidly supporting Bush and the Republican party, and does that sound to anyone on this earth or in America like Pro-Life. I cannot believe anyone in America of any religion can consider that Pro-Life.

And just how in the name of God and all that is holy will the Pope and the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops ever begin to make right yet another abomination like what is happening in my beloved America and to the peoples of the Middle East. This is not Pro-Life it is totally Pro-Death, Pro-Death, Pro-Death. And it is going on everyday, where and when will it ever end. I see no end in sight.

The Theocons, Neocons and the corporatocracy MUST be stopped by the American people.

I hope and pray everyday that the Dems can undo some of the worst damage done by the Bushies, Catholic Repubs, all Repubs, the theocons, Neocons and certain members of the corporatocracy. We must BAN the lobbyists and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Finally if we are going to put our troops in harms way let all Americans DEMAND that it be done only when absolutely necessary, and as a last resort. Let all American remember the 'WE THE PEOPLE' are responsible for what use our troops are put to beceause it is we who are ultimatelty responsible for their well being. The Theocons, Neocons, Corporatocracy and the Bushie Repubs don't give a damn what happens to them and further will cheat them and their families out of every service they need to recover from their service to our country. Let ALL Americans DEMAND that our gov't clearly and totally explain why our troops, their families and our entire nation must suffer through the horrors of war.

The Reeethugs must be stopped from constantly stirring the pot of war they are now trying to spread to Iran and Syria. Damn all the Reeethugs for what they are doing to promote and damn their suypporters in the corporate world and the neocons and the theocons.

Pray for peace and give peace a chance.

Let us all demand that Israel make peace in the Middle East. Israel is the most powerful country in the Middle East and has enough nuclear bombs(thought to be six hundred) to destroy the entire Middle East. If Israel cannot make peace in the Middle East then I invite the entire nation to come and live here in America.

I support Israel but I also equally support the peoples of Palestine and the Middle East who are dying on a daily basis. They do not have the military power Israel has and so are unable to defend thewmselves with the same skill and ferocity that Israel and America have available to do the killing. Israel must finally be held responsible for the killing it is doing against the Palestinians and must be held responsible for making a fair and lasting peace with all the peoples of the Middle East.

Israel and America, specifically the vicious and the deadly Bush Rethugs don't seem to understand much of anything. Especially that peace costs far less than war and peace is far better for business.

Do the Israelis want to make war or would they rather do business, where everyone benefits. I am absolutely amazed that business leaders in Israel and here in America do not seem to understand that war is only good for a few businesses while peace is good for all businesses.

And then there is the even more important issue namely, that "The Family of Man" , all human beings can begin to realize their full potential with worldwide peace. So though they Bushs, Cheneys and Rumsfelds of the world thrive on war and live according to their baser instincts 'we the people' have to stop these people for the endless, criminal and Godless ways they want the world and our beloved America to be. 'We the people ' do not want these endless killings so we must stop them all including the neocons, corportocracy and the theocons in the Catholic Church and the SBC who endlessly support the Bushs, Cheneys and Rumsfelds in america so they can go about doing their evil. As the old sayin goes 'dance with satan and he'll own your soul' and that is exactly what is going on.

God is never wrong but man made religions can easily be wrong and in the current events both Catholicism and the SBC are very , very wrong as they are dancing with the devil to the peril of us all. If my fellow Catholics want to damnce with the devil by following the Pope that is their business but don't drag the rest of us down to the level of the devil.

Only diplomacy, never war-

Pray to God for peace, not this Pope nor the last Pope who have most assuredly lost their way.

And don't pray to the Godless Bush or the Repub party because being Repubs they are not in this world to care for and see to the well being of people but only to the benefit of the Repub party and their endlessly greedy, stop at nothing corporate friends all of whom are now totally corrupt and criminal and completely bereft of any empathy or humanity for what is happening to all of us.

And yet it really is all so simple, myself and millions of others can easily tell Benedict what he should be doing, because the College of Cardinals and the USCCB surely are not. If most of us would stop supporting and protest the likes of Benedict, Bush, the Bush family, Cheney, Falwell Robertson, Perkins, Dobson, Santorum, Brownback, Hunter, McConnell,Lugar, Hagel, Hatch, Graham, Inhofe, Lott, Sessions, McCain, Flake, Cornyn, Barton(Tx) Hastert, Rove and all those other creeps the world would be a far better place to live and grow for all of us rather than the death chamber it has become.

Give peace a chance, better yet DEMAND PEACE.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Woman, The Family of Man/Women And The Archaic Institutions That Damage Both

Dear All,

This morning I was watching Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report. The two guests were Alice Walker and Isabel Allende, both authors of renown. Both are quite remarkable women. These two women made me think of two things.

The first was that Nancy Pelosi will soon become the Speaker of the House of Representatives and this eventuality is of huge import for the progress of women in america and in the world. I have long held the belief, 35yrs, that women being the largest minority in the world represents a travesty and an abomination.

This second class status of women is caused by men through the institutions of religion and government. These institutions may be coming archaic, in their present structure or completely archaic in any form because they no longer serve 'The Family Of Man'. Now to a very large measure they serve only themselves and therefore no longer deserve our 'worship'. These institutions were created by men. The human family may be growing beyond the structures and strictures of these institutions which now seem to serve us all so poorly.

One could write an entire set of books on the widespread failings of religion and government and the enormous gamut of damage these institutions do to limit 'The Family of Man'. I do not intend to even attempt such a task. But I will say that to see the widespread failures of both of these institutions one has to merely look at what is happening in the U.S. under the Bush/ Repub/ Catholic/ white Baptist(SBC) merging of government and religion in our beloved America and the resultant damage this has caused in America and all over the world. Most especially in Central and South American and all over the Middle East.

Does anyone actually need to be reminded of the enormous number of dead caused by our government, via CIA, and the Catholic Church,my church, via it's terrible neglect and refusal to take a strong, vehement and loudly vocal stand on behalf of these areas of the world. Our gov't does what it does for political gain and equally so for the monetary gain of big american corporations. Our gov't has been doing the corporation monetary gain thing for a hundred years.
It has been doing the political thing for as long but most especially since the beginning of the CIA in 1947-8 shortly after WWII when we dropped the atomic bombs and became in our own minds, a super power because of the bomb and that my friends is the true long lasting effect of getting the bomb. We, America, has become a monster, a world wide monster with now no one to stop us due to the end of the cold war. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But just maybe this recent election signals an awakening of the american people as to the destructive effects of these two institutions, religion and government. Just possibly we americans are just beginning to understand the meaning of the phrase, 'The Family of Man'. Meaning ALL human beings are of one family, we all belong and are a part of each other. Religion and government are not yet even close to that understanding. As social institutions constructed by man/men (not women) religion and gov't have fallen far behind what ordinary human beings are now on the verge of recognizing, 'The Family of Man', a song by Sly And The Family Stone, and which has now taken on enormous significance as a result of the extraordinary and enormous damage done by the Bush/Repub gov't and their theocon supporters namely the Catholic Church and the SBC, the white southern confederate states Baptist Church.

The lineage is long but easily traceable. It seems to have begun under Pope Urban with the First Crusade, next came the Spanish Inquistion, then came Hitler and the support he received from the Catholic Church, then came the atomic bomb, next the CIA, then came a turn for even worse times under Nixon and his pardon by Gerald Ford which resulted in no complete and thorough investigation and as a result of no investigation things got ever worse under Reagan, Bush 41 and now the most criminal of all George W. Bush 43, a seriously flawed human being and his iron triangle of suporters Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove( who is widely regarded as Bush's brain and the master architect just like whats-his-name under Hitler. And so we arrive at what we have and have had since dubya became prez, the Republican war machine an engine of destruction and death. And the absolutely unwaveringly staunch supporters of this machine of death the Catholic Church and the White Southern Confederate States Baptist Religion as well as some other absolutist and fundamentalist religions/churchs.

Any religion that supports absolutism and death is totally corrupt, having forgotten the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Finally on this aspect of today's life in america, any religion that merges/mixes religion and politics actually causes and enhances the corruption and destruction of both. Any and all religions that do these things are both fundamentalist and jihadist no matter whether they are in the Middle East or America because they do vicious and egregious harm to 'The Family Of Man'. All of these religions and governments are satanic.

Now, on to the wonderful Alice Walker and Isabel Allende who made the aforementioned thoughts gel in my mind. It was Alice Walker who used the phrase 'The Family of Man' this morning and brought it to the forefront of my thinking as she spoke on democracynow.org.

These thoughts have been floating around in my mind, some for the last 35 yrs, namely those about the second class status of women. And some just since Mr. Boosh and his iron triangle came to power, a very dark day in the history of america, actually the darkest day. The Bushco and the Bush family republicans represent the VERY WORST that exists in our beloved America. This group of corruption, the theocons and the neocons and the corporatocracy began the en-darkenment that now exists in America. I hope the Dems can turn around at least some, hopefully all of this en-darkenment and death if given enough time probably twenty years or more(Supreme Court, gotta get those Catholics off because they do the bidding of the POPE) and he has a very different, very narrow and dangerous agenda for America and the world.

The Catholic Church in it's present form no longer serves any useful, helpful or constructive purpose in this world because it is an engine of death and destruction via it's own actions and those of the Bush Repub gov't it so completely supports. And this agenda most egregiously violates the laws of God and the teachings of the true Christ, not Bush who on four ocassions has claimed to be the christ(small c).

So thanks to the words of Ms. Walker and Ms. Allende many thoughts that have been floating around in my mind and yet unconnected came together into a coherent whole. For that I am thankful and this is my prayer of thanks to God The Almighty and the Father of 'The Family of Man'.


Pray for peace
Give peace a chance.

Let us give the Repubs two years until the 2008 elections and if they can't give peace to the world we must throw them and all their leaders OUT OF ALL OFFICES.

Let us throw the Bush family out of all and any political power forever, how can one family do so much damage.
Let us finally and truly get rid of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove, Gonzales, Powell(both father and son, Ashcroft and Rice so they can never regain any political power, ever again as they seem to be very diabolical/satanic.

Let the Dems have 10yrs and if they do not bring peace to the world then we must throw them out of office.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Tyranny Of The Religious Right And The Repubs

Everything the Bush/Repub admin is guilty of the Catholic Church is equally guilty of. Because the Catholics ARE the radical extreme religious right in america and yes they have just been voted OUT by the american people.. That brings us a step closer to THE REAL DEMOCRACY we once had. Lose the Catholics gain our democracy and get a step closer to ending the Catholic Tyranny over America.

And Richard Pombo, another Catholic, who is the killer of the environment has just been thrown out of office by 'we the people'.

And then their is the Catholic Republican cabal who receive huge amounts of cash and support from the likes of Rupert Murdoch, a Catholic, and the biggest telecarrier of porn in the USA. Why does the Catholic Church not vehemently speak out about this rather than bashing gays who have no control over what they are.

Also there is, according to Alter Net and Jeff Marshall, Nicholas T Boyias who is owner and CEO of Marina Pacific Distributors a producer of gay porn who is a regular contributor to the Repub party and their partners in the Catholic Church all of whom claim to be the party of god(small g).

We must also remember Jeff Guckert Gannon, another gay, who worked for the repub party and mislead us all. Is that really how the Catholic Repubs function.

Apparently Ken Mehlman of the Catholic Repub party is also gay.

Sorry gay people we all are just trying to figure out the party of god(small g). I do not hate or even dislike gays, I just hate the self described party of god. Any religion or government who dehumanises anyone strips their God given soul from them. Our God given soul is the very essence of our humanity.

One thing we don't know about this election is how many votes were corrupted by the Diebold machines. ie. just how many more seats did the Dems win that we know nothing about. The clue to that is why did George macaca Allen not call for a recount, it would seem to me that given his bluster and pomposity he would have wanted to do so and was told not to by the Rove/Repub party, and just why did they did they stop this pompous ass from his recount. In other words are they afraid of a recount for some reason such as a fear of the public finding out that there were hacked Diebolds.

So we don't really know how badly the Dems were Diebolded.

Another thought is that the Rethugs are saving the Diebolds for the 2008 election. So the question is, are 'we the people', the american voters going to be Diebolded in 2008???

Time will tell, Nov 2008 will reveal all.

As for now I think all the Diebold machines must be bought back by Diebold and all the money returned to the american taxpayer. Moreover Diebold must be investigated in great detail for it's part in the political corruption of america. Every aspect of this company must be investigated because it is clear that they can make good machines. How do I know this?

Here in Ohio, the home of Diebold, there are many thousands of Diebold machines at banks and they never make a mistake. I have used these machines for some 3o years and never have they made a mistake. So why is it that Diebold makes electronic voting machines that can so easily be corrupted/hacked. I think that is deliberate on their part. And so Diebold executives should be put in jail for the rest of their lives and stripped of their wealth for the damage they have done to the fabric of our american society. And why is it that Peter Hoekstra et.al. a repub from Michigan wrote the HAVA legislation that mandates all of America must use electronic voting machines. WE must throw him and his machines out with the garbage because that is what Hoekstra and Diebold are, just garbage.

My next thought is that Ken Mehlman is a complete ass. He said something about holding everyone involved in our efforts(meaning repub election efforts) to a high standard, wow talk about denial of reality and turning the truth upside down is there no end to the egregious hypocrisy of all these repubs. So what did they actually do after Mehlman's statement, they used rascism to defeat Harold Ford jr, where Tennesseans just heaped shame all over themselves. The repubs pandered to the lowest in our society. as they always do with their endless use of fear, smear and queer tactics to win elections. They pandered to the white southern confederate, and probably Baptist Repubs(the party of god, small g) so widespread throughout that state.

The rethug party is the party of Rove and Gingrich corruption, that is what it does and that is all that it does, constant never ending corruption whereby they violate every known to be good standard, value and behavior in our society. This party is not the party of values and decency, in fact they define and embody all that must never be allowed to occur in our political system. This is the party of hate and intolerance, as John McCain once said of Jerry Falwell and I now say of people like Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter, Lynne Cheney(listen to her speechs) and the entire crew of Catholics, and non-catholics, at Fox News(starting with the screaming Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity(both Catholics) Laura Ingraham, Rush 'the scourge' Limbaugh and his brother, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Ted Haggard, and the new guy Glenn Beck, the less obvious Tim Russert(also a Catholic), and the other less obvious Charlie Rose and many thousands of others.

Mehlman, in saying what he said is proof positive that they have learned nothing and are still blinded by their radical and perverted mindset, and that is a terrible shame. We only have a two party system and can't afford to lose either party, as we lost the democratic party for the last seven years. With the loss of either party america has no system of 'checks and balances'.

So given Ken Mehlmen's and Karl Rove's intentions it looks as if we are going to lose one party or the other because of the repub party mentality. They will either kill themselves or they will kill the Dems and it is their oft and clearly stated intention to destry the Democratic party. And if so chaos will result in america.

Frankly, I don't care for or about either party because I am an independant voter and as such care only about my beloved America and will not allow either party to damage or destroy it. Nor will I allow the Catholic Church, my church, to destroy it.

Which leads me to my next point that one huge weakness in our democracy is that we only have two political parties. We need to have five or six like the British or more like the Israelis' have, then no single party can ever again gain total dominance and therefore a stranglehold over our entire country. In a multiparty political system no one party can ever have enough power to rule on it's own, coalitions must always be formed and that means that each party serves as a 'check and balance' against every other party.

This adversarial form of politics is the best protection that 'we the people' can have against political hegemony as has occurred for the last so many years under the Theocon Catholic Republican party and Bush family rule. Under their rule we almost lost america and we're not out of the woods yet because the work to correct the course in america will just begin with this election. The Theocon Catholic, SBC Repub party still represents a great and seemingly unending danger to our America. I fear these groups will never quit or see the light of day because they will just fester slighty under the surface of american politics.

And the information just keeps on coming out. And the band plays on.

Oh, the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, the SBC and the Republican party. None of these institutions are patriotic. How could any religion standby and just let the torture legislation be enacted. That fact alone condemns all the religions who said nothing or almost nothing as Pope Benedict XVI said almost nothing when he should have been screaming.

Give peace a chance.

Pray to God for peace and don't depend on religious institutions to speak out for peace.


Killing is never right unless directly attacked and 'THEY' the Iraqis did not attack us, only Bin Laden attacked us and his supporters in Saudi Arabia who are such good friends of the Bush family. It makes one wonder doesn't it. Just what is the Bush family up to. And just what is the Saudi family up to. Is it all just one big coincidence, me thinks NOT.


Thank God

Well the good guys won this time. The Dems and us independants stuck together for the common and greater good. We defeated, for now, the Theocons(Catholics and White Baptists) the neocons and the corporatocracy.

Also it is quite possible that some Catholics and white Baptists saw what was really happening to our country and their families and changed their minds about following dogmatic ideology and decided to vote for America and the common good of all and especially their families best interests. I sincerely hope that is the case and if so I warmly and heartily welcome all of them to work for a better and far more fair America.

May God bless all of you.

And yes I have tears in my eyes as I wrote the above.

And finally we will have to be vigilant and make sure that the promises offered by the Democratic party to work on behalf of 'we the people' are exactly what they do. So in reality this is a good beginning but it is just barely a beginning and so 'we the people' must remain patient and at the same time forever vigilant that we never lose what we almost lost our American democratic values and institutions, our very precious democracy.

The next thing is the repeal of the Bush/ Catholic Repub 'Torture Legislation'. Let's be sure we do not allow america to become another nazi party. Also the lowering of taxes on the poor and the middle class and the increase of taxes on those who can afford it. Let's make sure that our border policy not be controlled by Vincente Fox and the Mexican gov't. Instead let us DEMAND thatthe corrupt Mexican gov't, police and military and the 15 families who own 90% of the wealth in Mexico immediately begin working to get the poor Mexican citizens out of poverty.

Let all Americans demand the Catholic Church and our gov't put equal pressure on the Mexican gov't to STOP this endless impoverishment of Mexican citizens and the endless impoverishment of all peoples throughout central and south america.

The Catholic Church and a few american corporations like Brown Bros. Harriman(Prescot S. Bush and George Herbert Walker) are the reasons why we had Hitler and the nazi party and therefore WWII. The Catholic Church and american corporations are the reasons why there is so much poverty in america, Central America and South America and throughout much of the world. Our gov't must work to provide a healthy business climate but a controlled one at the same time.

American corps. that step out of line and commit 'crimes against the people' of america or any other country must be prosecuted, their executives stripped of their wealth and put in jail for long periods of time. Corporate crime will drop off rapidly and drop to a small trickle. Punishment works very, very well against corporate and all white collar crime.

Our entire american electoral system/process must be fixed. We must end the electoral college, stop the use of electronic voting machines either completely and forever or until Diebold, ES&S, Triad and Sequoia systems can prove they are error proof, verfiable and completely transparent. The Canadian electoral process is simple, cheap and tamper proof. And as a result the Canadian people trust it completely.

Election reform must include the ending of horrendously long and vicious Republican/Rove style campaigning, which does nothing but depress the voters and keep us from voting because we are all sickened by the process. Anymore Repub/Rove elections and they should be tried, fined and put in jail. Waht was done to Harold Ford jr. by the Rove election machine was an abomination. The entire state of Tennessee just heaped more shame on themselves. But as always that is the Confederate south for you, they spawned the KKK, the white supremacists and the neo-nazis.

Election campaigning must be limited to one month and limited in spending to a very small amount of dollars. Corporate contributions of all kinds must be stopped.

Term limits must be employed, senators and representatives must limited to eight years in office. Since women are over 50% of the population 50% of congress and the SCOTUS must be women. We need a woman president and a black president ASAP. This endless old boys club dominated by white men must be stopped immediately. And all faiths must be represented in congress.

Pray for peace, give peace a chance.

Only diplomacy, never war


Thank God

Well the good guys won this time. The Dems and us independants stuck together for the common and greater good. We defeated, for now, the Theocons(Catholics and White Baptists) the neocons and the corporatocracy.

Also it is quite possible that some Catholics and white Baptists saw what was really happening to our country and their families and changed their minds about following dogmatic ideology and decided to vote for America and the common good of all and especially their families best interests. I sincerely hope that is the case and if so I warmly and heartily welcome all of them to work for a better and far more fair America.

May God bless all of you.

And yes I have tears in my eyes.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Bush And His Corrupt Catholic Friends

The WH Office on Faith based iniatives must be disbanded. I do not want my tax dollars to be used by the repub party to spend my tax dollars to use religion for political gain. The two religions most responsible for the deep divisions and fracturing of america are the Catholic Church, the pope and the bishops, and the white southern confederate states Baptists(the land of slavery, killing of blacks, the KKK, the white supremacists and the neo nazis) and who must never get any of my tax dollars to further divide/fracture/destroy america along religious lines and the issues of abortion and gay bashing issues.

And especially given the fact that these are hate groups espousing hate issues, none of which are consistent with the teachings of Jesus or the laws of God. I do not in anyway support hate issues or anyone employing that mindset. And especially given the fact that these issues are used for political reasons, to enhance the power of the repub party and destroy the dem. party which is our only other party. What you say destroy the Dem party, yes that is exactly their intention and the repubs have said it out loud and in very clear terms uttered by Rove etc.

The destruction of the Dem party is very near even if they win tomorrow in the 2006 elections and gain some political power. Because these hate groups, of the Catholic and Baptist churchs, will never stop their aggression and hostility toward every one else who do not exactly follow their ideology. Which means that even if they lose some and thus have to share some political power now they will regain their diabolical stranglehold over all political power in america in the 2008 elections.

The end effect of that occurring will be the destruction of our american democractic values and institutions, which has already occurred to a large extent, and by which america will become another theocracy in the world which is full of hate and easily willing to attack other theocracies i n the world. The problem is that all theocracies THINK they know the mind of God(the sin of PRIDE) and are absolutely convinced they must act on what they believe is a moral/theocratic imperative.

I can tell you that only God knows his own mind and absolutely no one on this earth or in the next life will/can ever know the mind of God. So they are all heretics and blasphemers , completely lacking in humilitiy and certainly not fit to rule or govern in any way. Nor are they fit or entitled to have control over the lives of all the people of the earth. So be they Catholic jihadists or Islamic jihadists they must be controlled by the people/citizens of the world lest they destroy us all.

All of these groups must be held in check lest they destroy the creations of God namely, the human race with all of it's foibles and it's free will given by God, as well as the planet upon which we live. These hostile groups in america will NEVER understand the admonition against the merging of church and state embodied in our Constitution and the adminition by Jesus of rendering to Caesar... and rendering to God... and if they understand these admonitions and still choose to set them aside for the sake of PRIDE and zealotry they damn themselves and what is worse they drag all of us along into the abyss of their abomination unto God and man.

Their is something terribly wrong with these groups and their mindset. To destroy america and possibly the world for the sake of their personal beliefs against abortion and gays is so utterly wrong and yet they are blind to their own mindset and the inherent dangers within it.

Truly a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit. The end never justifies the means. A potentially good goal is forever damned when a sinful/destructive means is employed to gain that goal.

Give diplomacy and peace a chance. Better yet accept only diplomacy and do everything to block war.

Remember the stupid warped twisted logic that 'THEY' attacked us first is pure bullshit and the catholic repub politicians who use this logic to defend the Bush family oil wars are equally full of bullshit and should be denied the Sacraments. But that will not occur because the Pope and the Catholic Church completely endorse the Bush/Repub war machine.

'THEY' did not attack us first. Only Osama bin Laden, a Saudi attacked us and he should have long ago been put in a Saudi after a trial in the US and then another trial in Saudi Arabia.

Osama bin Laden did it so he and only he and some of his close cohorts should have been attacked. Iraq and Afghanistan citizens should never have been attacked.

Islam is not the problem, as Prof. Kahleel Mohammed says 'POLITICS IS THE PROBLEM.

Make peace not war. Pray for peace, oppose war.

Just to remind everyone, I am a Catholic, and an independant swing voter since the Vietnam war and a social warrior, a fiscal conservative and a Constitutional conservative. Don't mess with the Constitution, and save the tax dollars which should be used to benefit the tax payer, not the wealthy or the corporations.

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