Friday, November 17, 2006


Woman, The Family of Man/Women And The Archaic Institutions That Damage Both

Dear All,

This morning I was watching Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on, The War and Peace Report. The two guests were Alice Walker and Isabel Allende, both authors of renown. Both are quite remarkable women. These two women made me think of two things.

The first was that Nancy Pelosi will soon become the Speaker of the House of Representatives and this eventuality is of huge import for the progress of women in america and in the world. I have long held the belief, 35yrs, that women being the largest minority in the world represents a travesty and an abomination.

This second class status of women is caused by men through the institutions of religion and government. These institutions may be coming archaic, in their present structure or completely archaic in any form because they no longer serve 'The Family Of Man'. Now to a very large measure they serve only themselves and therefore no longer deserve our 'worship'. These institutions were created by men. The human family may be growing beyond the structures and strictures of these institutions which now seem to serve us all so poorly.

One could write an entire set of books on the widespread failings of religion and government and the enormous gamut of damage these institutions do to limit 'The Family of Man'. I do not intend to even attempt such a task. But I will say that to see the widespread failures of both of these institutions one has to merely look at what is happening in the U.S. under the Bush/ Repub/ Catholic/ white Baptist(SBC) merging of government and religion in our beloved America and the resultant damage this has caused in America and all over the world. Most especially in Central and South American and all over the Middle East.

Does anyone actually need to be reminded of the enormous number of dead caused by our government, via CIA, and the Catholic Church,my church, via it's terrible neglect and refusal to take a strong, vehement and loudly vocal stand on behalf of these areas of the world. Our gov't does what it does for political gain and equally so for the monetary gain of big american corporations. Our gov't has been doing the corporation monetary gain thing for a hundred years.
It has been doing the political thing for as long but most especially since the beginning of the CIA in 1947-8 shortly after WWII when we dropped the atomic bombs and became in our own minds, a super power because of the bomb and that my friends is the true long lasting effect of getting the bomb. We, America, has become a monster, a world wide monster with now no one to stop us due to the end of the cold war. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But just maybe this recent election signals an awakening of the american people as to the destructive effects of these two institutions, religion and government. Just possibly we americans are just beginning to understand the meaning of the phrase, 'The Family of Man'. Meaning ALL human beings are of one family, we all belong and are a part of each other. Religion and government are not yet even close to that understanding. As social institutions constructed by man/men (not women) religion and gov't have fallen far behind what ordinary human beings are now on the verge of recognizing, 'The Family of Man', a song by Sly And The Family Stone, and which has now taken on enormous significance as a result of the extraordinary and enormous damage done by the Bush/Repub gov't and their theocon supporters namely the Catholic Church and the SBC, the white southern confederate states Baptist Church.

The lineage is long but easily traceable. It seems to have begun under Pope Urban with the First Crusade, next came the Spanish Inquistion, then came Hitler and the support he received from the Catholic Church, then came the atomic bomb, next the CIA, then came a turn for even worse times under Nixon and his pardon by Gerald Ford which resulted in no complete and thorough investigation and as a result of no investigation things got ever worse under Reagan, Bush 41 and now the most criminal of all George W. Bush 43, a seriously flawed human being and his iron triangle of suporters Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove( who is widely regarded as Bush's brain and the master architect just like whats-his-name under Hitler. And so we arrive at what we have and have had since dubya became prez, the Republican war machine an engine of destruction and death. And the absolutely unwaveringly staunch supporters of this machine of death the Catholic Church and the White Southern Confederate States Baptist Religion as well as some other absolutist and fundamentalist religions/churchs.

Any religion that supports absolutism and death is totally corrupt, having forgotten the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Finally on this aspect of today's life in america, any religion that merges/mixes religion and politics actually causes and enhances the corruption and destruction of both. Any and all religions that do these things are both fundamentalist and jihadist no matter whether they are in the Middle East or America because they do vicious and egregious harm to 'The Family Of Man'. All of these religions and governments are satanic.

Now, on to the wonderful Alice Walker and Isabel Allende who made the aforementioned thoughts gel in my mind. It was Alice Walker who used the phrase 'The Family of Man' this morning and brought it to the forefront of my thinking as she spoke on

These thoughts have been floating around in my mind, some for the last 35 yrs, namely those about the second class status of women. And some just since Mr. Boosh and his iron triangle came to power, a very dark day in the history of america, actually the darkest day. The Bushco and the Bush family republicans represent the VERY WORST that exists in our beloved America. This group of corruption, the theocons and the neocons and the corporatocracy began the en-darkenment that now exists in America. I hope the Dems can turn around at least some, hopefully all of this en-darkenment and death if given enough time probably twenty years or more(Supreme Court, gotta get those Catholics off because they do the bidding of the POPE) and he has a very different, very narrow and dangerous agenda for America and the world.

The Catholic Church in it's present form no longer serves any useful, helpful or constructive purpose in this world because it is an engine of death and destruction via it's own actions and those of the Bush Repub gov't it so completely supports. And this agenda most egregiously violates the laws of God and the teachings of the true Christ, not Bush who on four ocassions has claimed to be the christ(small c).

So thanks to the words of Ms. Walker and Ms. Allende many thoughts that have been floating around in my mind and yet unconnected came together into a coherent whole. For that I am thankful and this is my prayer of thanks to God The Almighty and the Father of 'The Family of Man'.


Pray for peace
Give peace a chance.

Let us give the Repubs two years until the 2008 elections and if they can't give peace to the world we must throw them and all their leaders OUT OF ALL OFFICES.

Let us throw the Bush family out of all and any political power forever, how can one family do so much damage.
Let us finally and truly get rid of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove, Gonzales, Powell(both father and son, Ashcroft and Rice so they can never regain any political power, ever again as they seem to be very diabolical/satanic.

Let the Dems have 10yrs and if they do not bring peace to the world then we must throw them out of office.

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