Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Gen. Hayden and King George, America's Monarch

Gen. Hayden should not become director of the CIA because he is a Bush toady and will sell out America for George W. our first monarch, and Queen Laura, and the dowager behind the throne Barbara Bush and his loyal subjects the Repub congress, and the Repub party and his blind, knee jerk, lock step, 'Stepford' Repug voters and the other powers behind his throne the radical right wing religious groups and the oil and some other business interests and special interest groups.

While the other 240 million of us Americans are his slaves who are destined to have whatever HRH chooses to give us or allow us to have. HRH will allow us to labor and pay his taxes with no representation because we are powerless now, no system of 'Checks and Balances', and will someday have no vote at all via Sam Alito and the other Catholics on the Supreme Court. I am a Catholic but most certainly not a fundamentalist as most Catholics are.

I am an American and anybody who seeks to destroy America will have to go through me. Do I hate these people, even though it is unchristian of me, yes I hate these people who violate the laws of God for their own ends and to benefit only themselves while denying all of the rest of God's children that to which they are entitled/granted by God; such as free will, free choice, free thinking etc.etc.etc.

Just as Bush has, Hayden will violate the rights of all Americans and then lie about it to the American people and our representatives in congress. I wonder how he will explain that to his children.

Bush and then Jeb will have to destroy our education system because it teaches children the same thing they are taught at home which is to learn to 'THINK' for themselves. Thinking threatens these emasculated politicians like Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, the Repubs and the neocons who fear everything that they do not completely control. These are truly fearful people who have no patriotism toward America.

Democracy is a fragile form of government. Someone famous said that.


Vincente Fox

Vincente Fox is coming. He better not show up on my doorstep, I will give him a piece of my mind and tell him to get out of American politics. When the people and the president of another country have more clout in our government than 'we the people' something is terribly, terribly wrong.
I hope all Americans who come into contact with this bum let him know loudly and clearly what we think of him and his politics.

He should stop dumping his poor people on our country and on our economy.
He and his corrupt government are just as corrupt as our government is.
He and his corrupt must begin to take care of his own people rather than pushing our government and our taxpayers to take care of them.
He runs a government and country for the rich only just as George W. does but we don't foist our poor on him, Mexico. We don't care for our own poor but at least we don't force them onto his government.
His government is corrupt, his country is corrupt, his military and police are corrupt and above all he is corrupt.

Governments who do not do what is best for their people are corrupt scum just as the Bush/ Repub administration is corrupt scum.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Immigration and Bush

Dear Readers,

Well, Bush has done it again apropos his immigration speech of Monday, May 15, 06. What has he done. He has passed another piece of vague slimy policy past the American people, another piece of stink under the noses of 'we the people' and pretended that his stinky slimy proposals have no smell, when in fact they stink. What kind of smell does it have , it has the smell of a Bush signing statement namely that what he is telling the American people is what they must believe should and will happen but that he has no intention of really doing it. He will do only that which he chooses to do namely whatever it is that will benefit him and his cronies.

Sure some of it will happen, a very small amount of what he said will happen just as he said but most of it will happen in a way that will accomplish little or nothing. His speech represents no solution at all it just seems to LOOK like a solution. In reality it will SOLVE NOTHING. Bush is only trying to mislead and appease Americans; as well as those in his own party. In other words George is selling out his own party just to appease Big Business.
SIDEBAR- If Big Business ever wants to win back the American people to support them they are going to have to become patriotic Americans once again, if they truly ever were. Many millions of Americans view Big Business as being only for itself and not at all for America or for the American people. Big Business is just as corrupt as is the Bush admin.

If dubya truly wanted to solve the immigration problem he would not hold the American people hostage by constantly calling for 'A Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill' which is nothing more than Bush-speak for the fact that he is going to slip another subterfuge past the American people and even most members of his own party. I, for one, am not tricked by his trickery which is to make it look like he is doing something when in reality he is doing nothing. Just as in the case of 'No Child Left Behind', where he makes it look like he is doing something when in reality he is doing nothing.

If George really wanted to do something he would use a two part solution to the immigration mess. He would first stop the flow of all illegal immigrants across the border via a multiplicity of approaches. Then and only then he would embark upon Part Two which is the question of 'what to do with the illegals that are already here'. Bush should do Part One first and with immediacy and great speed. While that is taking place he would begin dialogue about the other part of the problem which is what to do with the illegal aliens who are already here. Actually congress who passes the laws should do this but they like Bush do almost nothing.

Step One. Sealing The Border.
American foreign policy should not be shaped by Vincente Fox(ie. 'don't militarize the border') and instead do just that namely, militarize the border at least as an immediate albeit temporary solution. But do so in a way that is truly effective by sending a thoroughly adequate amount of troops so as to bring illegal border crossings to a stop. Instead Bush wants to send a small amount of troops to provide 'back-up' for the border patrol.

This strategy is the same one he used to capture Osama bin Laden and that was a strategy that was designed and in fact 'guaranteed' to fail, which it did. Why was it designed to fail, had it worked there would have been no need to invade Iraq. Leaving bin Laden out there keeps the American people intimidated by their fear of bin Laden and maintains an on-going lack of security to fester in the minds of the American people, causing constant fear, which then allows Bush, the neocons, the Repubs and the oil special interests to procede with their use of the American military to establish an American regime in the middle east.

Bush is doing exactly the same thing about our borders. He is employing a strategy that is destined to fail, allowing for the continued migration of illegals across our borders which is to the great benefit of some American businesses albeit this time not the oil companies but other obvious businesses in America like the construction, landscaping, restaurant, agriculture and so many other industries who seek to exploit illegal immigrants. Moreover, this feckless strategy also pleases the Catholic Church, my church, and the hispanic special interest groups and hispanics who vote for Bush and his neocons. Bush and the neocons care not a damn for these people but just want their votes so they can remain in power and continue on in their mission for 'A New American Century' and 'a New World Order'.

So whats wrong with 'A New American Century', well if you don't already know it would take me writing a book to explain it and many others have already done that, so just do some reading. Yes, I too want 'A New American Century' but I want one that is not the same as the neocons and the Catholic Church want. I want one that embraces all the peoples of the world as children of God who deserve our respect, fair and equal treatment, fair wages, approaching all peoples and governments with no aggression(unlike Cheney's confrontation of Putin and Russia so as to manipulate them in some nefarious way that is beneficial only to the neocons and ends up being defeating to Russia and it's people: Cheney just has too little testosterone, too little real masculinity and too much fear, resulting in overcompensation which equals too much neoconism (to allay his fears) which equals 'A New World Order' which equals a world where the 'haves' rule and control everything and the 'have-nots' provide the labor and tax dollars so that the 'haves' just keep getting richer as already exists in countries like America, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. I absolutely condemn the neocon idea of turning America into another Mexico.

So what has the Catholic Church got to do with this, well suffice it to say that they are an autocratic institution that wants to reman in power and retain their control over people as do all such institutions. The Catholic Church is not a democracy and it does not truly support democracy which is anathema to it's own self interest and mostly self preservation. Some laws of sociology and physics converge here, and apply to the Church namely, a body in motion seeks to maintain that motion and only in the direction in which it is already moving. Otherwise the Church would demand that the Mexican government see to the well being of it's poor, and demand that illegal immigrants in America be paid a fair wage rather than be exploited by American business.

Meanwhile back to the issue of what Bush should do. He should put entirely sufficient amounts of troops on the border to stop illegal immigration. He should see that a fence is built that will stop illegal immigration. He should demand that business owners be prosecuted for highering illegal immigrants and moreover that their penalties and fines be doubled for paying unfair wages. Bush shoud see to it that laws be enacted that truly punish the clearly premeditated acts of business owners to a sufficient degree that they will STOP hiring illegal immigrants.

These laws must include putting the business owners, CEO's, other top level executives and some Board members in jail for at least a year(mandatory sentencing) and sufficiently large personal fines such as causing them to lose at least one-third of their personal/family assets which assets should be used to offset the costs of policing and prosecuting. Bush should not be allowed to move on to 'Step Two' of illegal immigration legislation until 'Step One' is done.

Step Two is the question of what must be done about the 12 million illegal immigrants that are already in the U.S.

Among other things this second step must include the automatic deportation of all illegals who have committed crimes and I don't mean just parking tickets and the like, but crimes of a serious nature that have required adjudication and incarceration. After they have served their jail time they must be deported or better yet deport them before they serve their time so that the American taxpayer won't have to pay the bill for their incarceration. They should be deported with the commitment from Mexico that they will incarcerate illegal immigrant criminals. Let Vincente Fox and the Mexican government deal with and pay for dealing with his own criminals in the Mexican way which is far more severe than our way.

Step Two must include the passing of a law that requires all illegal immigrants come out of hiding and report themselves so they may be identified/ Those that refuse should be considered criminals and due for deportation when they are discovered with no path to citizenship ever under any circumstances and no work permits ever under any circumstances. Whereas those who do identify and register themselves should be given preferential treatment for work permits, but work permits only. These people should be granted immediate work permits, but work permits only. With these kinds of actions by our congress and government the problem can be solved in a fair and amicable way, one which preserves our laws, secures our borders, and puts us in control of immigration not Vincente Fox and the illegals.

When Fox and the Mexican neocons and the neocons and the wealthy of the world figure out that it is far more effective, productive and prosperous to deal with people in such a way as too make them part of the solution, ie. helping them earn a fair living in their own country so they will not resort to perpetrating crime either in America or Mexico, rather them keeping them as part of the problem(in poverty) than their entire country and our country and all the countries and governments of the world will have found the solution to most of the worlds problems and the solutions to the remaining problems will naturally follow via good diplomacy.

This second step must also include Bush putting much pressure on Vincente fox and the Mexican government to solve it's own problems rather than simply dumping them on America and the American people. We in America have our own problems and our own millions of unemployed and under employed that need to be taken CARE of. Also all US foreign aid to Mexico and all oil purchases and all purchases of all kinds must be stopped until they comply with American demands. All tourism to Mexico must be stopped until the Mexican government starts to care for it's own people. Our government should employ strong economic sanctions against Mexico, as needed and ramped up as needed until they comply with our laws. When we enforce our borders and demand respect for our borders then we will get respect for our borders. As long as our very own government does not respect our borders no one else will do so.

Only legal immigration to the USA will be allowed, under carefully controlled conditions and only if they benefit America or American businesses in some way and only via temporary worker visas'. There should be no path to citizenship except in some few special circumstances such as for a person who possesses some special skills that America needs such as our need for scientific and engineering skills because we no longer educate our own people and in fact deny our own people reasonable access to higher education which is what Bush & Co. are and have been doing for some time via issues such as making Pell Grants much more difficult to get and tripling taxes on teenagers who are saving for college. Bush has an obvious and on-going attack on higher education and for obvious reasons, so he reduces support for higher education and for students who seek higher education. With ever fewer Americans able to afford a higher education America will soon lose it's technical pre-eminance in technical fields and will have to rely on technical expertise from other countries, such as India, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. it is important to note that some of these countries support democracy and some do not , nevertheless that is where America is headed thanks to the Bushies, the Repubs, the neocons and the radical religious right wing all of whom hate all science and education that they do not control.

Bush's strategy should be to force Vincente Fox and his government to care for his own people.
That idea deserves being voiced again and again, I cannot say it too often so I will repeat it very often.

CARING FOR OUR OWN PEOPLE MUST COME FIRST. Another fact that I cannot say too often so I will repeat it very often.

Once caring for our own citizens is well under way then and only then can we think about caring for Vincente Fox's people. If workers are needed for construction in California than Americans should get those jobs. Our enployment system should search the California area first and then the rest of America for workers to fill these jobs. If workers need to be transported to the job site in California than our employment system must do just that. America needs flexibility and creativity in solving our job needs and our employment needs. We can and must marry these two needs for the benefit of OUR country and OUR people.

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