Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Gen. Hayden and King George, America's Monarch

Gen. Hayden should not become director of the CIA because he is a Bush toady and will sell out America for George W. our first monarch, and Queen Laura, and the dowager behind the throne Barbara Bush and his loyal subjects the Repub congress, and the Repub party and his blind, knee jerk, lock step, 'Stepford' Repug voters and the other powers behind his throne the radical right wing religious groups and the oil and some other business interests and special interest groups.

While the other 240 million of us Americans are his slaves who are destined to have whatever HRH chooses to give us or allow us to have. HRH will allow us to labor and pay his taxes with no representation because we are powerless now, no system of 'Checks and Balances', and will someday have no vote at all via Sam Alito and the other Catholics on the Supreme Court. I am a Catholic but most certainly not a fundamentalist as most Catholics are.

I am an American and anybody who seeks to destroy America will have to go through me. Do I hate these people, even though it is unchristian of me, yes I hate these people who violate the laws of God for their own ends and to benefit only themselves while denying all of the rest of God's children that to which they are entitled/granted by God; such as free will, free choice, free thinking etc.etc.etc.

Just as Bush has, Hayden will violate the rights of all Americans and then lie about it to the American people and our representatives in congress. I wonder how he will explain that to his children.

Bush and then Jeb will have to destroy our education system because it teaches children the same thing they are taught at home which is to learn to 'THINK' for themselves. Thinking threatens these emasculated politicians like Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, the Repubs and the neocons who fear everything that they do not completely control. These are truly fearful people who have no patriotism toward America.

Democracy is a fragile form of government. Someone famous said that.

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