Thursday, February 23, 2006


More Obfuscation, Smoke and Mirrors by Bush & Co.

Dear All,

Like the Cheney shooting, WMD and many dozens of other situations/scandals in the Bush/Republican administration. . .

Now we have the ports situation/scandal, first we are told that Bush knows about it and approves, the next day we are told that he didn't know about the port sale, now today a leak to AP just happens and it indicates that he knew about it and it was done to enhance(enhance?) port security, but then we are told he didn't know about the sale but it was done for cooperation from Dubai authorities in order to enhance(enhance?) port security. The only thing enhanced by the port sale is Bush & Co. and the Republican Party.

Remember America, when anything is done by our government (Repubs or Dems) that seems weird, strange or doesn't make any sense it really means that it has been done for some special interest group. This is especially true when done by the Bush administration and the Republican Party because they are totally beholden to special interest groups for money which is what keeps them in power. Also keep in mind that if it is done secretly there must be something they do not want 'we the people' to know, and it adds even more weight to the idea that it is being done to benefit some Bush/Repub special interest group or some of their cronies.

I know some of you are thinking that the previous comment is just plain common sense, which everyboy knows. But the AMERICAN VOTER/CITIZEN DOES NOT seem to know or remember or understand this most elemental concept. So it just continues and continues and will continue for at least three more years. While via the radical right wing activist Supreme Court these kinds of things will continue for the next 30-40 years.

Why does Bush & Co. have to use these kinds of measures to enhance port security in the first place, do they mean that despite all the billions that have been spent the Department of Homeland Security still can't secure our ports. Or does this mean that Bush will privatize anything and everything 'we the people' let him privatize. Or does this mean that more of Bush's cronies can rape the American taxpayer (as in the case of the prescription drug program, Social Security Retirement accounts or Health care accounts). Or does this mean that the Republicans will be getting some kickback (ala Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and the K street project) from the company owned by the Dubai government and exactly what would be the form of that kickback, would it be money for the Repubs or more terrorism so the American people will be frightened into keeping the Repubs in office to protect us from this on-going terrorism.

Remember Nixon and his treasonous deal with the Vietnamese, done so that he would be sure to get elected president. Just how many more American troops lost their lives, or were maimed or traumatized by that Nixon/Republican deal. So America, don't think the Republicans would never do such things, they most certainly did such things and they continue to do such things. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is exactly what is going on via the Bush/Republican control of America aka "The Totalitarian Republican Theocracy".

Remember the Repubs first allegiance is to their party, their second allegiance is to the US oil companies, their third allegiance is to their super rich friends, their fourth allegiance is to other certain select US companies such as the prescription drug industry, the health care industry, the insurance industry, the military hardware manufacturers etc and their last allegiance is to the average, everyday, ordinary american citizens and their families who comprise 95% of all Americans.

Remember that Pres. Eisenhower said "beware the military industrial complex". Remember that Truman or Roosevelt (I can't remember which) said that any company that profiteers in time of war is guilty of treason. That places Halliburton and Cheney, and Condi Rice(Chevron), Bush and family(Big oil) and Carla Hills(Chevron) and all other oil companies at the very top of the list of treasonous companies because they are profiteering beyond all belief.

There are so many holes in this port sale scandal, the latest Bush & Co./Repub scandal, that I don't know where to begin. For example, does he or doesn't he know... Next, if the Republicans don't know anything about it does congress know anything about it, OR is congress not allowed to know anything about this matter for SECURITY REASONS. So no congressional oversight, more secrecy, and more over-reaching executive power. This definitely includes all the over-reaching Republican Party power in America. WAKE UP AMERICA---

If congress can't know about the port sale then why can a middle east government, which has been involved with terrorism, have complete access to the US port security system. This company is not just managing some minor aspects of our ports, they will have full knowledge of all aspects of our ports including port security. I do not think any middle east government or company should be involved in any aspect of US security. In a better world, sometime in the future, this kind of situation will be just fine but not under current world conditions. Also, given the fact that Bush has been painting muslims as terrorists how could he expect the American people to react to this 'ports deal'. Bush's own inflammatory rhetoric about muslims and terrorism has come back to bite him. Bush's fear mongering, hate mongering and war mongering is what causes the american people to reject this very strange deal. The muslims of the world are not to be hated but Bush has promoted this very kind of thinking throughout America just to keep himself and the Repubs in power.

Moreover, the Repub strategists just said that strategy is going to remain the main plank in their bid for the 2006 and 2008 elections. IN OTHER WORDS, the Bush/Repubs/Mehlman/Rove are saying out loud and in a most clear way that they are going to CONTINUE to promote SECURITY, FEAR, HATE and WAR among the American people so they can get RE-ELECTED. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK, SICK, SICK.


It further turns out that a Bush crony is a top level executive in the Dubai government company which is to have total access to all information about our ports, while congress can have no access to anything about the entire sordid affair because congress does not have a 'need to know' or some required security clearance while a middle east government has the required security clearance. Is cowboy George just plain stupid or what. and what else are he and Rove up too that we yet don't know about and which may someday come back and blow up in our faces.

Is this another example of Bush wanting to 'privatize' that has just gone too far and run amuck or is there more to this port scandal that we don't yet see.

Which foreign government or foreign company will be allowed to gain control of and have full access to other US security efforts. Which foreign gov or company will have management of our border security, will the Mexican gov. or a Mexican company be allowed to take control of and manage the US Border Patrol and our border security. Which foreign govs. will be allowed to purchase a US oil company, wooopps, we have already almost had China do that very thing.

Which foreign gov. will be allowed to manage our airport security system.

In Bush's effort to privatize everything, which foreign company will be allowed to manage the NSA or for that matter the entire Department of Homeland Security.

Which foreign gov. will someday be allowed to manage the US WMD labs, yes America we do have WMD facilities or have you all forgotten that fact.

Which US oil companies will be allowed to entirely take over US gov. alternate energy research program and impede that effort even more than it already has for the last 30 years and did so by getting Reagen to cancel Pres. Carters energy initiatives, policies and laws. And, just look where we Americans are now and where Global Warming is taking us all. The experts say that Americans better get used to the idea of a 40% reduction in our standard of living because that is exactly what is coming.

Why does King George want to sell off or give away all of America's assets to US and foreign corporations???????

Will the US oil companies be allowed to continue to dictate American foreign policy to better serve their desire to acquire even more wealth. For example, will US oil companies engage in the continuous toppling and support of murder, instability and constant chaos around the world and most especially in central america, south america and the middle east just so they can acquire more wealth. Oooops, that very thing is occurring within the Bush administration at this very moment by all US oil companies. Just how much does this control of American foreign policy by the US oil companies benefit the Bush family, Dick Cheney, Halliburton, Bechtel, Karl Rove, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Tom DeLay, the state of Texas and the Republican Party.

Well, I guess those comments will surely put me on the Bush/Nixon enemy list aka the NSA watch list. Oh, I forgot, Nixon isn't around anymore, but his policies sure are. Reagan isn't around anymore, but his policies sure are. Bush Sr. isn't in office any more but his policies sure are.

Just what fundamentalist religions (Catholicism, my religion) will threaten me and others(Sen. Kerry, Supreme Court justices) with withdrawal of the Blessed Sacraments or excommunication. I really don't HATE women(who are children of God) seeking abortions and I really don't HATE Gays(who are children of God) and I really don't HATE Muslims (because they too are children of God) nor for that matter do I hate Buddists, Hindus, Mormons, Quakers, or any war dissenters. Am I really supposed to HATE ALL these people. I DON'T THINK SO--- and I will NOT hate them.

Nor will I hate the governments of central and south america who choose not to follow Bush's hardline philosophy which benefits only US corporations at the expense of their own citizens. I will not hate the government of Evo Morales(Bolivia) or Michelle Bachelet(Chile) and those other countries who choose to do more for their own people than they do for the Bush gov. and the US oil companies and some other US businesses that use sweatshop labor involving women and children. I will just continue wearing the same clothes I have been wearing for the last 7-20 years. Yes I have clothes that are 20 years old. I can live with a 40% reduction in my standard of living because that is the way my parents lived and the way I have lived. That is the way most average,everyday,ordinary Americans have always lived. But can Bush and his wealthy friends live with a 40% reduction in their standard of living, I think not. SO, what will they do? They can't take much more away from us average and poor folks, because we don't have much more to give. I guess they will just have to continue waging wars all over the world to satisfy their own greedy desires.

Which oil rich country is next in line for a Bush/Repub/wealthy/corporate war?

Monday, February 20, 2006


Electronics and voting

Dear All,

Just as the electoral college is an 'indirect' method of voting so too is the use of electronic voting machines and the use of the Supreme Court to control our votes. This method of 'indirect' voting via the electoral college is insane, why would anyone trust that they will adhere to the will of the people. The use of electronic voting machines and the use of the Supreme Court to manage, handle, control our votes is equally insane; why should 'we the people' trust an electronic voting machine or the Supreme Court. Both of these entities can be and have been easily manipulated.

Indirect voting via the electoral college is a precursor to todays electronic voting machines developed by Diebold Corp. in Canton, Oh. Where else would Diebold be headquartered but in Ohio, where I live. Who does Diebold endorse and support and which political party do they so strongly and totally support, despite what they claim. Yes you are correct on all counts.

I realize that the constitution does not give 'we the people' the right to vote but we have had that illusion for so long that I want it in fact. I just hate to let go of it. Bush, Alito and Gonzales are poised to take what little control we have over our government completely away from us. Now, thanks to Diebold's electronic voting machines and the Supreme Court we will lose that much cherished illusion/right. Maybe 'we the people' should just give up that illusion without a fight which we may not be able to mount anyway.

So much of what 'we the people' think is controlled by the Bush/Republican media, including Bloomberg who used to be a Dem but is now an R. The media supports Bush, despite what He and Rove claim. The MSM and especially Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, the screaming Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter(the poisoner) Greta Van Susteren, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, most of CNN including Paula Zahn, Matt Lauer, Judith Miller, David Brooks and so many others etc. etc. ad naus support Bush and his Repugs directly; while others do so indirectly by not asking the hard questions. The totally soft ball approach Brit Hume took with Cheney is a good example.

I'm dying, so why should I care, why should I get my shorts in a bunch. But I just HATE what these people have done to America, my America, the country that I love so much. The country that my Dad went through WWII serving aboard Liberty Ships whose life span was calculated to be 21 days and after that those ships and the men on board were living on borrowed time. The country that my brother, cousin, and friends served in Vietnam for. Bush and his minions better never tell me I am not a patriotic American because if He says it to my face I can guarantee that I will spit in his face and that includes Cheney, Rove, Gonzales and most of the blind, lock step, knee jerk, 'Stepford' Repugs. Well now, that should get me on Bush's enemy list aka the NSA watch list.

Yes I have named some of these people. Why are so many Americans so afraid to name and list exactly who these people are. As long as they remain hidden they just keep functioning behind the scenes to undermine our democratic rights and freedoms. Just what do 'we the people' have to lose, by allowing these people to remain un-named, that we have not already lost. What gives these people, most of whom, like Bush, Cheney, Rove or that Ohio idiot Jean Schmidt(another Repug) have never served our country the right to decry the service of others like Murtha, McCain, Kerry or Cleland. What gives these people the right to decry the patriotism of anyone who chooses to disagree with the Bush/Repug war in Iraq and their use of our brave troops for so questionable an enterprise. What gives these people the right to shout down or throttle our right of free speech that 'we the people' use to complain about the Bush/Repug largesse toward the super rich and some select corporations The only good thing to come out of this war is that our troops really serve as ambassadors of good will for America when they directly help the Iraqi people by showing their respect, concern and caring for the things that these people endure on a daily basis. Damn, I just hate what the Bush/Repugs have been able to get away with. Truly, the moral majority is morally corrupt.

The window of opportunity for 'we the people' to react is rapidly closing and thanks to Alito and the Supreme court will probably close this year or next when we lose our right to vote. Once the right to vote goes back to the state legislatures(per the constitution) the window of opportunity will slam shut on any peaceful means to change our government and our constitution by ending the peoples right of direct vote for those who are supposed to serve us in government.

I really don't hold out any hope that the Rs' domination of the three branchs of government will collapse of their own weight of corruption. The twin evils of money and power are the life blood which sustains these people. Even if the Dems gain power in the upcoming elections of 2006 and 2008 the BIG RULING "corporatocracy"(so named by 'the economic hit man') will do all that they can to corrupt the Dems. Most politicians really are a sorry lot. WOW, do 'we the people' now more than ever need a multi party system(five parties sounds about right to me) like the Brits and most other countries have.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Befuddled, not me...

Dear All,

And now we have another event in a very long list of the most egregious offenses committed by Bush and the 'Stepford' Republicans; who are so corrupt and out of control and who constantly engage in mentally incestuous thinking. The south has truly risen again, just as they promised, and our government is dominated by southern thinking. Sexual incest seems endemic to southern behavior just as is mental incest so it is no wonder they need a fundamentalist religion to control their behavior and most southerners seem to be fundamentalists. But, I digress---

This newest event is the Medicare part D prescription drug program. Just as our energy policy is constructed and controlled by the oil industry solely for the benefit of the oil industry, so too is this program constructed and controlled by the prescription drug industry for the sole benefit of the prescription drug industry. BTW, when a program or policy of the Bush/Repug government seems strange or weird that is a great clue that it was not created by and for the average, everyday, ordinary citizen but rather it is created by and for some special interest group such as the prescription drug industry. Wake up America, I have just given you a clue, which us government watchers already know.

This very same thing occurs in Saudi Arabia, where everything is done for the benefit of the Saudi family and little is done for the Saudi people. What Saudi Arabia needs is a far more democratic form of government. In other words the Saudi family needs to rule in a far more democratic way. By doing this they will greatly undermine the terrorism that their current form of government causes. Who does Bush support, he supports his friends, the current form of government in Saudi Arabia. That, BTW, is why there is so much trouble and terrorism in the world. The Saudi family causes it and Bush supports the Saudi family. Instead, Bush should be pressuring the Saudi government to allow more democracy.

The terrorist activity is directed primarily at America and England. British colonialism and imperialism greatly exascerbated the anger that remained from the 'Crusades' which were just religious aggression, very similar to today's religious fundamentalism that clings to the idea this war is an 'us against them' situation. The Bush/Repub control of the USA uses their power to promote this idea which just fans the flames of war. If Catholicism, my religion, and the other fundamentalist religions stood against war, Bush, and the Republicans, there would be no war.

So today this anger against middle east governments and kingdoms, which they repress in their countries because they are not democracies and don't claim to be, gets directed at America and England because our behavior in the middle east and toward middle east peoples is in some ways similar and in some ways far worse than that of their own governments/ kingdoms and aristocracies. George, your arrogance toward these peoples does to them just exactly what their own governments, which are not democracies, do to them. The aristocracy of the Bush administration and the aristocracies of the middle east destroy the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the middle east peoples just as you, George, are doing in America.

What we Americans must NOT do is to take our anger and fear over terrorism out against the peoples of the middle east, instead it must be directed (surgically) at the root causes of terrorist anger. We just need to do only that which is necessary to protect our people, while at the same time we must not attack and kill arabs/muslims because that only makes the situation worse as is obvious, at least to me. Equally important is that we, actually you George, cannot jam democracy down their throats because that just makes the situation more volatile, instead what we must do is try to win the hearts and minds of the middle east peoples. If we are able to do that in good way they will come to democracy of their own free will, if that is what they want. Moreover, they will come to their own form of democracy.

The answer is simple, Islam tells that 'we must do good works' and that is exactly what needs to be done. Attacks and killings do not help promote democracy in any way, instead they just further alienate, antagonize, inflame and anger the good people of the middle east. Doing 'good works' in the middle east will cause those peoples to come to their own form of democracy of their own free will. I, remember quite clearly from my religious education that "thou shalt not kill" and that God gave ALL of his children, 'FREE WILL' to choose and use as they see fit.

So George, you dummy you, your strategies will not work and you had better believe you are not doing them in my name or the name of most Americans. You are employing your strategies in the name of American oil companies and a very few other narrow special interest groups. Unfortunately, I must name my religion, Catholicism, as one of your special interest groups. If the Catholic Church hierarchy really followed the teachings of 'the true Christ' they would stand strong against you and you would loose the votes of 20 million Catholics and you would never have gotten elected in the first place. But unfortunately the Church hierarchy likes the power they get by being aligned with you, George, and with the Republican Party. The short term goals of the Church hierarchy may get it what it wants, but the long term damage to the Catholic Church and America may well be irreversible.
But, I digress once more---

I first became aware of this kind of undemocratic craziness/insanity which I call indirect voting when I learned, back in 1953 in Civics class, about the electoral college. I was incensed to learn that my parents vote did not really elect our politicians, instead it was the state government and the electoral college. Why should anyone in Ohio, my state, trust our governor and his republican apparatus. Why should anyone trust the electoral college to adhere to the will of the people. Adhering to the will of the people is true democracy but where does it say that democracy is true to the will of the people. This method of 'indirect' voting is stupid, crazy and insane, and yet it is very analagous to what goes on in many government functions. What I am saying is that though we claim to have a democratic form of government we really have under this Bush Administration a far lesser form of democracy than at any other time in the entire history of America. Furthermore our american democracy wanes, fades and dimishes with each passing day.

George, you redneck cowboy, we want more democracy in America not less, as you seem to want in YOUR imperialistic way of thinking. King George you have lost sight of what democracy really is about. if you ever had it in the first place. To King George, democracy is just something that is in his path and therefore must be bent, warped and shaped by He,Alberto Gonzales,Ashcroft and John Yoo to get THEM what THEY WANT. To the Saudi family I say that the people of your country want more democracy not less as you seem to think in YOUR imperialistic thinking. Of course Saudi Arabia has never claimed to be a democracy, they are a kingdom and have a King and to some extent MAY be entitled to their imperialistic thinking. But then we in America have George as our King and the Repugs as his most loyal family with 'we the people' being his repressed subjects just as the governments, kingdoms and aristocracies of the middle east suppress and repress their peoples behavior and thinking.

Were Bush and the 'Stepford' Repubs willing to give 'we the people' more access to and transparency in the workings (aka machinations) of our/their government there would be far less strife and turmoil in America and far more democracy, but then is that really what Bush and the Repubs want in America, I think not. Were the Saudis' willing to give their people more access to their government there would be far less stress and turmoil in Saudi Arabia and the entire world. Bush's ongoing support of the Saudi family's control over their people just further reinforces, in the minds of those citizens of Saudi Arabia that America is just another supressor of arabs.

For example, the explanation in the Cheney shooting situation might have been more believable by the reporters and the American people but the enormous blanket of secrecy under which the Bush/Cheney government operates causes many citizens in America to be constantly suspicious and doubtful of everything Bush and the Repubs say and do. So Cheney, a Repub, was not believed. The public just has no trust for the Bush/Repub government. This ever growing lack of trust increases day by day and will continue to do so until 'we the voters' throw Bush and the Repubs out of office. Then 'we the people' will have to remain vigilant that the Dems don't do the same things, if they ever gain any power which seems unlikely.

Cheney had most likely consumed some alcoholic beverages and they controlled the entire situation to prevent this discovery by the public. They do not seem to ever understand that 'we the people' are not stupid. The time delay between when the shooting occurred and when it was reported was deliberate and intended, to allow the alcohol to dissipate from Cheney's body. The proof of this Rovian strategy was evidenced in their reference to the Kennedy/Chappaquidic event. They really tipped their hand with that comment. If Cheney had not consumed any alcohol he should have insisted that a blood alcohol test be done immediately, which if clear, would have given Cheney all the proof he needed to support his position. So once again, Cheney and Bush smear themselves and the Repugs with another deceitful act and at the same time insult the intelligence of the American people and all the reporters who weighed in on the situation. Their attempts at deceit go on and on--- in fact they just never end and will never end for these are 'small' people with few morals and very little character, just like Nixon. It is no wonder that no one believes them, they have long ago completely blown their credibility. The Bush/Repugs are constantly lying to the American people.
Just no 'street creds' any more---

The long list of lies began when the Supreme Court denied the vote to so many Americans during the first Bush election. dubya and his minions now have some control over our votes via the Supreme Court and the electronic voting machines. Electronic surveillance allows Bush to further control our ever waning democracy. Bush, now, will take this whole sordid situation to the next level, namely that of controlling the internet. He is certainly moving in that direction by requiring the internet companies to give the government access to their servers. Truly, democracy in America is fading every day.

Bush is on his way to gaining that control with his partially successful attempt to gain access to internet communications records by tapping into Yahoo and MSN Net. So far Google, to their credit, has refused to comply, but how long can they hold out. What I have not yet figured out is why the Repug controlled committee investigating Sisco, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for aiding the Chinese government in suppressing freedom of the internet to the Chinese people can help Bush in his attempts to control and suppress use of the internet by the American people. So far, the only thing I can come up with is that this Repug investigation is Bush's opening shot in a long term strategy to discredit these companies by besmirching their ation for protecting our privacy. in the eyes of the American people. Once their reputation is damaged the Bush/ Rove smear machine will gain a sort of moral high ground which will give them greater leverage over these companies. I and ten million other Bush/Rove watchers will be, well, watching them as they do all this in the name of protecting America against terrorism and pronography while at the same time ever so quietly and secretly fanning the flames of terrorism and turning a blind eye to the company that is the biggest carrier of porn in the USA. The acts of a few terrorists, once a small flame were fanned by Bush who threw gasoline on that once small flame and now just look at the results.

I, and many others, have been watching this and other Republican stupidities since Reagan took office, whereupon he cancelled Pres. Jimmy Carter's energy policies and iniatives. Now, how stupid is that, and just look at the troubles we are in today. This would have never occurred if Carter had been reelected or if Reagan had an ounce of patriotism. But being the typical Repub, who is in bed with the oil "corporatocracy" he just proved his true allegiance was to them and his party rather than to America. Just follow the money. That was the launch of what America has today, A "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy", to quote myself. These people care only about themselves and their very narrow constituency namely, the Republican Party, the radical right wing religious fundamentalists (Catholics and Baptist fundamentalists) and certain corporations such as the prescription drug industry, the health care industry, the oil/energy industry, the military industries, the insurance industry, the chemical industry and a few others.

The Repugs have convinced all other industries in America that the Repug party is the party of the corporations. Corporations have been force fed a totally false bill of goods because the Repubs are only really the party of 'SOME' corporations. The R's have also succeeded in convincing the American people that corporate efficiency is a fact when it is to an increasingly greater extent a myth. The myth is that private industry can do things much, much more efficiently than can big government. Enter the Bush administration which wants to turn many government functions over to BIG private industry, since it is so much, much more efficient. Bush uses the greed of the people who think they will get the same services now performed by government at much, much lower costs (ie. less tax dollars) when it is performed by private industry. Wow is that ever a myth or what.

We all should be ever mindful of the fact that the words 'Big Government' are really just a euphemism for government that supports the people. When the Repubs talk about reducing 'big government' they really mean reduce programs that help families, women, children, wage earners, education etc, etc, etc. They never want to reduce 'big government' spending that benefits the super rich, some corporations, some special interests, the Repub Party or their friends and cronies. 'Big government' doesn't fret one bit about spending billions for pork barrel projects while at the same time trying to eliminate any and all spending that benefits the American people.

Those idiots on that committee to study why America is falling behind technologically because we graduate so few engineers and scientists are missing the point, completely. All they have to do is think and wonder why the State of California is at the forefront and in the center of the technology revolution. California is at the center of and contributed immensely to the technology revolution because a college education was free to Californians. Bush and the Repubs will never allow this to occur all over America. But a free college education SHOULD/MUST be available to ALL Americans. Bush and the Repubs are very happy to spend billions upon billions upon billions for war. What would happen if most of those billions were spent on free college educations for ALL Americans.

But they say that our students do not graduate with the skills necessary for college. There are two replies I can give to that kind of thinking, the first is make a free college education available to all Americans and in one generation you will see a big difference because college educated parents do a much better job of educating their children. Remember education does not just take place in school, an enormous amount of education takes place in the home and in the earliest years of a childs life. The second reply is that money spent on education must occur at the preschool level and in fact at the level of the family and the wage earner. Minimize or deny this spending and anyone who is really looking can easily see the results because poverty is a vicious and continuously repeating cycle. So the CEO's of Boeing and Merck, who were on this committee, can lament all they want but they themselves are the source/cause of this problem, and for two reaons.

They are Repubs who want to eliminate 'big government' and they are the aristocracy who have what they want and they just keep getting what they want. Why don't they, for once, do what is right for America, not just what is right for themselves. These gentlemen are so far removed from the problem that they are unable to see it. I challenge these guys to get the 'balls' to stand up to George Bush and the Republican Party. I further challenge these guys to get the 'balls' to leave their elegant lifestyles for a year or even a month and live in a poor home, be it inner city, appalachia or rural, and see how these families have to live on a daily basis. If these CEO's have any humanity left in them this experience will change them forever.

These men will immediately do what is right for America rather than just what is right for themselves. Only then can they call themselves true and patriotic Americans. Now they are nothing more than members of the "corporatocracy" and aristocracy who support only themselves and the Bush Republican Administration. Where is their love for America and Democracy, they have NONE, they only love themselves. I, personally, look upon them as despicable people and absolutely feel that they are NOT AMERICANS. Furthermore they have no bravery or courage at all, they are completely bereft of these values. Just how much courage does it take to live their kind of life style. The truly brave and courageous Americans are those parents who live their daily lives wondering how long they will have a job and how will they feed, clothe and educate their children. So I say let these CEO's live for a year in the home of a poor inner city family and then they may begin to understand the true nature of the problem.

Do you, my fellow citizens, really want corporations like Enron, Adelphia, Worldcom, Halliburton, Bechtel, the Bush family oil industries, the Condi Rice oil industries, the Carla Hill oil industries, the Frist family health care industries and so many others in the American aristocracy to manage your Social Security or health care benefits for you given their obvious level of corruption. These and many other BIG private industries are at best completely self serving and at worst very corrupt. I know that I do not want them managing my Soc. Sec. or health care benefits.

Just look at what they have just done with the Medicare Part D program. Since that program started just one of my medications went up from 24 dollars a bottle to 34 dollars a bottle on the very next refill. What Bush has done, via this program, is give the prescription drug industry 'carte blanche' freedom to set their prices at whatever they choose since they no longer have to bow to consumer pressure or congressional investigation. Private industry is largely beyond the reach of congressional investigation and control. Not that the Repub congress would ever investigate the drug industry since it gives them such large amounts of money. Again, corporate corruption goes hand in hand with political corruption, especially Repub political corruption.

Another example, Bush and his Repugs have turned much of the Iraqi reconstruction operations over to private security companies and private construction companies (Halliburton via no bid contracts just as they did in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. The results of this BIG private corporate involvement is quite obvious in Iraq and in the gulf coast states hit by katrina. I may be wrong about this but these seem to be mostly southern companies. Has the south finally risen again, via Bush's redneck cowboy thinking and his corrupt politics.

Another example is that Bush has turned one of the DOE research facilities over to a Texas University and a private company, who will be paid 63 million dollars to manage it when the previous managers were paid only 8 million dollars to oversee the operations. For an increased cost of 55 million dollars the taxpayer gets nothing. Furthermore, the previous managers of the facility ran it efficiently and very productively for a very long period of time. What will this Texas University and private industry give us, I am reasonably certain, nothing more than continuously escalating costs. Similar to the continuously and rapidly escalating costs that we are encountering in the Iraq/Afghaniston war, the Medicare Part D program, the oil/energy industry corruption evident at the gas pumps and in our home heating costs, the katrina aftermath costs and lack of performance etc. etc. etc. and etc. Well so much for the so called myth of efficiency in BIG corporations. Small and medium corporations are probably efficient but they don't get the contracts.

The Repugs claim they are against big government but the Bush administration has pushed government spending beyond the stratosphere. America is so deeply in debt our grandchildren will be paying and paying and paying. The interest alone on these huge debts is burdening our economy such that the taxpayer and corporations cannot 'service the debt' as the economist types are given to say. Since the interest alone so heavily burdens our economy how will we ever be able to pay off the principle. Ultimately the american taxpayer/consumer is being saddled with the entire debt, while the Bush family and their wealthy friends pay little or nothing.

Terrorism arises from the peoples feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. That feeling is growing in this country and some day may/will explode in the faces of Bush, the Repugs, the Bush family and all their super rich friends. The American people are good people but this kind of lifestyle that Bush and his friends, in congress and out, are forcing on the average, everyday, ordinary citizen cannot go on forever and will cause irreparable damage to our democracy. I see a great potential for this to occur and wonder why all american voters do not foresee this very real possibility.

I am not Edgar Cayce and I have not made 14,300 and some predictions but I can very easily forsee some events, I can easily forsee the results of global warming. But then dubya says this is not happening and the voters seem to believe him. The voters also seem to believe him when he says he is the christ, the chosen--- my bible says that God chose his only begotten son and I don't think God chose dubya. I think I'll believe my bible not George. The fundamentalist religions ( Catholics, white southern Baptists and some others) seem to think George is the chosen one--- Even though I am a Catholic I choose to believe my bible not the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church which supports Bush and must, therefore, believe he is the chosen one. I think Pope John Paul made a huge mistake when he aligned the Catholic Church with the Reagan/Republican administration. This alignment by the Catholic Church causes Catholics to vote for Repug candidates. The Church continues their close alignment, to this very day, with the Bush/Republican administration. This allows the Bush Repugs to maintain their policy of corruption in America, which causes great harm to our democracy. I am dissappointed in the hierarchy of the Church and just feel they have lost their way, they have lost sight of the path Christ revealed to us during his life on earth as set down in the bible. I believe all fundamentalist religions have lost their way and forgotten the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are also examples of those who seem to have stopped reading their bibles and who instead worship the false gods/idols of power and greed. Why any religion would knowlingly support an administration that grows ever more corrupt with each passing day is beyond me. Why any religion would support a government that literally attacks women, children, families, wage earners and the poor is beyond my understanding. Why any religion does not speak out against war and demand that our politicians and diplomats find other ways to solve world problems is beyond me. Why any religion supports a government that despoils the planet that God has entrusted to our stewardship is completely beyond me.

Wake up America---

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Some Thoughts&more...

Dear all,

I am a Conservative, Independant-swing voter, Humanist, Catholic and very worried about America and our troops, and completely suspicious of the Bush/Republican government

I am not a Republican, Democrat, or a Fundamentalist Catholic


Here is a very insightful bit of wisdom that I recently came across taken from Islamic Sufism.
As follows: I struggled hard but did not reap the fruits of my labors. Then I gazed into myself and found that my ego and my heart were unified. When the ego and the heart are united, a portion of all that shines upon the heart is seized by the self. Thus I came to know the cause of my dilemma, that the light illuminating my heart was being seized by my ego.

For those who have never taken the time, read about the Sufi's and you will be rewarded for your time spent.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


More of the same from Bush,

Dear Readers,

Just to remind you, I am:
A Conservative(fiscal,constitutional etc), An Independant-swing voter, A Humanist and A Catholic and very, very concerned for America and American Democracy

I am not:
A Republican,Democrat or Fundamentalist Catholic like those on the Supreme Court(Alito

I believe:
That attacking other peoples/countries is not the way to solve world problems and only makes the problems worse, That vilifying others is the Bush way to cause and continue war so that He and the Republicans can fear monger and intimidate the American people into keeping them in office, that it is too easy for our government to wage war,especially via the Republican domination of all three branches of our/their government, that Bush and Cheney should be impeached, that our democratic system of checks and balances no longer exists, that their is a Republican conspiracy afoot in America, that this conspiracy began with Nixon and really took off when Reagan became pres, that the Catholic Church(my church) must stay out of American politics, that other fundamantalist religions must stay out of American politics, that the Rove/Bush strategy of polarizing Americans against each other is very damaging to our democracy, that the Republicans allegiance is to their party not to America, that the R's actually think the Republican Party comes first, just as Hitler felt about the Nazi Party, that Bush and Nixon are the worst presidents, that Bush sanctioned the treasonous outing of V. Plame, that the NSA,CIA and FBI are loyal Americans whose functions have been misused and abused by the Bush government


How long will it be before Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and their inner circle destroy America, our Constitution and our Democracy.
How long will it be before religious fundamentalists(Catholics, white southern Baptist fundamentalists, realize that all their hatred of others is against the teachings of the true Christ, who is not George Bush despite his claims.
How long will it be before religious fundamentalists realize that they are thinking and behaving toward most other Americans just as Hitler did towards the Jews.
Since the Republicans have long ago sold out to their overwhelming need for political power I won't bother wondering how long it will be before the R's decide to become Americans first and Republicans third(yes, I said third, it's not a typo) because they never will be Americans first as long as they are the party of the wealthy, the special interest groups and the "corporatocracy". The 'economic hit man' coined that term.
How long will it be before Democrats start using the strategies of Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich to get into office. They have not figured this out yet and I hope they never do; but most politicians are a sorry group of people and they may succumb.
How long will it be before Bush admits he is not a 'born again' christian but rather is a born again Nazi via 'The Order of Skull and Bones' as are all members of that group.
How long will it be before dubya and the Bush family admits it's connection with 'Big Oil', Nazism and Fascism.
How long will it be before the Bush government is tracking and spying on every citizen in America, it won't be long because they are and have been doing it.
How long will it be before Bush and the Republicans realize the NSA can spy on him just as easily as the rest of us and that He is corrupting that agency.
How long will it be before Bush admits that He is vacuuming all electronic information not just a very small number of targeted terrorists. How do I know this? There are a number of clues to this being so. One example is that the FBI said they are overwhelmed by the huge amount of leads they must run down.
How long will it be before the biggest purveyors of terrorism, the Saudi's, realize that Bush is spying on them; bin Laden figured this out years ago.
How long will it be before Blair and all the other governments of the world realize Bush is spying on all of them and they are all on his enemies list aka the NSA watch list.
How much more paranoid and sociopathic will Bush and Rove become.

Here in Cleveland, Ohio we have The Cleveland City Club Forum, which has been in continuous existence for 94 years and is the oldest of it's kind in America. Ambassador Edward L. Peck recently spoke there about the the middle east. He is absolutely correct in his observations about that part of our world. He has a clear understanding of what is happening there and what must be done to solve or at least greatly lessen those problems. He speaks Arabic fluently and has a deep understanding of what the peoples of that part of the world have gone through for a very long period of time. What he says makes absolute sense and were he guiding American policy and diplomacy toward the middle east there would be a great movement in the appropriate direction toward solving those problems. I strongly recommend that those Americans who care about the peoples of the middle east must read/hear his remarks and much will become clear. He is not contaminated with the politics of hate, rather he employs the politics of listening and understanding. He and Pres. Jimmy Carter are among the best I have heard, who speak and understand about the politics that occur between the West and the Middle East.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Bits and Pieces

Dear All,

A Reminder:
I am a Conservative,Independant-swing voter, Humanist and a Catholic

I am not a Rupublican, nor a Democrat, nor a Fundamentalist Catholic

Some of my Beliefs:
I do not believe in the merging of church and state in America

I believe that the Catholic Church must stay out of American politics

I believe Bush and Cheney must be impeached for high crimes against America

I believe that Congress is very much out of touch with the American people,
and they do not in any way think like the average American citizen

I believe that almost all of the Republicans and one-half of the Democrats
should be thrown out of congeress

Bush has made America a: "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy"

Bush, Bush and Reagan have made the Supreme Court a: "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy"


We the people must take back America from the Bush government. We must stop using electronic voting machines. We must abolish the electoral college, those who wish to win office must do so by winning the popular vote. Corporations control our government therefore all lobbyists must be physically removed from Washington, D.C. The revolving door must be stopped, therefore those who have served in congress or federal government must not be allowed to engage in any lobbying activity for a period of five years after they have left office.

Corporate employees must never be allowed to serve in congress. If any lobbyists are to be allowed in Washington then there must be only one lobbyist from each association. For example, the mining companies must all belong to one association such as a 'Mining Association Special Interest Group' and they would be allowed to have only one lobbyist in Washington, with a very small staff. The excesses of lobbyist money and pressure in our government must be greatly reduced and strictly controlled because many congressman (Tom DeLay) just abuse and abuse and abuse the system, and lobbyists help them do it. Lobbyists do not seem to have any morals and neither do many of our congressman, especially the Republicans.

Supreme Court justices (Alito etc.) must be allowed only one six to eight year staggered term in office and must be elected to that office by the voters. No president should ever be allowed to corrupt the Supreme Court as Bush and the Republican Party have done. The voters would use the judges reputations and judicial records to guide their selection. This should be the same for all judges in America especially federal judges. Bush/Rove have completely polarized Americans and the American political system. They have completely polarized and politicized the Supreme Court. The Court is now controlled by 'Republican Religious (Catholic) Fundamentalists'. It is for these reasons that I propose the above mentioned changes.

Congress cannot be allowed to control congressional reform because this allows the 'fox into the hen house'. Independant committees with voters on them must be formed to investigate and study this and similar situations. These committees would develop a list of reforms and the voters will decide which reforms will become law. One-half of a committe must be composed of average,everyday, ordinary citizens to be selected similar to jury duty service. The ordinary person will be appropriately and adequately compensated for wages, travel and living expenses for their service on such committees. Selection boards would exist in every county and the process would be random selection from a list of those holding 'social security numbers'. Only age, infirmity or family problems would be acceptable excuses and then only for temporary deferment from this duty.

When a congressional committee needs information before deciding an issue they will call upon appropriate members of the groups for and against the issues for input just as is done at the present time. The Legislative branch of our government will make the laws and the president will be responsible for enforcing those laws. The Supreme Court and the federal courts will rule on the constitutionality of those laws and on whether they are being carried out by the president. The president, the congress and the people may nominate citizens for Federal and Supreme Court judgeships. The Congressional Judiciary committee will investigate and evaluate all the nominees and refer them to both houses of congress for a limited debate before certifying their names to be put before the citizens for their vote. Furthermore that committee and all other committees must be composed of equal numbers of congressman from both parties. That will force them to compromise with each other. With Rovian/Bush politics the act of compromise has been completely stamped out, as has the right of free speech.

Bush, Cheney and Rove better never tell me that I am not a patriotic citizen or against our troops. I contend that Bush, Cheney and Rove are completely unpatriotic because they do everything for the benefit of themselves, the Republican Party, corporations and the super rich while doing nothing for our troops or America. The aforementioned do only those things that benefit themselves through the never ending acquisition of wealth and political power. I just wish the Democrats would stand-up against this Rovian strategy of calling others unpatriotic since the Republicans never will. . .

Remember that idiot republican congresswoman(Jean Schmidt) from Ohio, my home state, who criticised Congressman Jack Murtha for his lack of patriotism when he called for withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. Murtha is a warhawk, completely supports America and our troops in every way and is himself a multiply decorated Korean war and Vietnam war veteran. That Republican congresswoman from Ohio does not have an ounce of patriotism and has never done anything for our country or our troops, she just does for the Republican Party and nothing more. She should be censured for her comments and be required to visit our injured troops every weekend just as Jack Murtha does. I ask her to visit our hospitalized troops every weekend and spend time sitting and talking with them. Then I further ask her to write a weekly report to congress that will then appear in the Congressional Record and be carried by every newspaper in America. Then, someday, she 'may' earn the right to criticise a war veteran. I ask the same of George Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Lynn Cheney, Karl Rove and Darby Rove.

Sen. Kerry is another decorated Vietnam war veteran whose record was blackened and besmirched by Bush and Rove, neither of whom have served America during wartime and never visited the injured troops. Bush has a very, very questionable service record and it's almost non existent. While Karl Rove has none at all, having avoided the draft on five occassions. I am absolutely amazed that all Americans and all veterans especially Vietnam veterans did not stand up and shout loudly on behalf of Murtha, Kerry, Cleland and McCain. Their service records are above and beyond any doubt, unlike Bush's. Even Republican veterans should have stood up and complained loudly about the treatment of these men, but being blind, lock step, knee jerk 'Stepford Republicans' they did not do it.

Bush and his Republicans will do exactly the same thing to our troops who have served in Afghaniston and Iraq when they need medical or psychological care. Bush and his Republicans will decry the service of our current veterans when they run for political office, unless they are Republicans of course. And that my readers is the disgusting situation in America since the beginning of Bush's run for the presidency and we Americans let him, Cheney and Rove just get away with this completely outrageous and disgusting behavior. Those Americans who voted for Bush should have their heads and values seriously examined and questioned. Are those who voted for Bush patriotic Americans, they must examine their own consciences for the answer. I strongly encourage them to do that personal self examination of their values as human beings and as Americans.

Two parties are not enough, Americans must have a five party system with representatives from each party offered up as candidates for elections, just as in many other countries. Our two party system in America is woefully inadequate and does not allow for adequate representation or a sufficient variety of choices for the voters. A limit of two four year terms in office is a good strategy and allows for adequate stability in government. Campaigning must be limited to one month and elections should be held over a three day period of time. Campaigning dollars and media coverage (radio, tv and newspaper ads) must be limited and equal for the candidates of all five parties.

Tax reform is absolutely necessary. The average, poor and the wealthy must not be overtaxed. Savings and investments in business must be encouraged. The tax burdens on business and the consumers(the people) must be limited and carefully controlled. Government must be required to live within a budget and no additional funds may be taken from the people or businesses. Only catastrophes, such as hurricane Katerina, may be specially funded and then only by a special act of congress and/or a vote of the people. War must never be considered as an accidental catastrophe because the act of going to war is not accidental but is a planned event. Neither congress nor the president will be allowed to spend more than the yearly budget allows and that budget must be voted on by the citizen- taxpayers of America.

American businesses must be helped by the government and the people so that they may thrive. Finland and Japan are good examples of countries that really help their businesses. American business executives must be personally fined and punished for wrong doing of any kind. Executives must not be allowed to damage the business that employs them. The company employees, shareholders and public must not be damaged in any way by executive wrong doing. Many corporate executives are tremendously overpaid and that puts a terrible and unnecessary burden on the business just as too many taxes do.

Just as corporate executives are to be heavily fined and punished for malfeasance and misfeasance on their jobs so too must government officials be equally fined and punished. A new class of crimes must be enacted to punish white collar criminals, these should be called 'crimes against the people and the fabric of our democratic society'. Since most of these white collar crimes are damaging to many citizens these crimes must be more heavily punished than non-white collar crimes. Whistleblowers in government and in the business world must be protected and viewed as good and patriotic citizens. They must be rewarded in some way for the risks they take in reporting white collar crimes. White collar crimes drag our entire society down and do great harm to very large portions of our people. Crimes such as those committed by Enron, Worldcomm, Bush, Cheney and many congressman must be severly punished. Significant jail time and loss of personal wealth must be the punishments incurred. Those are, clearly, the only ways to stop malfeasance and misfeasance in office and on the job.

A good example of wide spread damage done by corporations is in the use of chemicals. The chemical 'Thimerosal' has been around since about 1929 in the form of 'Merthiolate' which tens of millions of Americans have used, and with no warning as to it's great danger. The prescription drug industry has since 1932 been using 'Thimerosal' in vaccines. This chemical has mercury in it which causes damage to the human brain. The company that invented it and the companies that have used it are being protected by the Bush administration. Many children ( mostly boys but also some girls though more subtly) have been damaged by this drug. I can't begin to tell you of the many parents who told me that their child sustained intellectual and motor damage after being given their vaccinations. Classes for the learning disabled, autistic and behaviorally disabled are populated mostly by boys. These children and their parents suffer throughout their entire lives.

Another example is that almost all drinking water sources in the USA are contaminated by a chemical that is put in our gasoline, by the oil companies, and which comes out the exhaust pipes of cars unbeknownst to almost all Americans. One oil company is still running ads bragging about their use of this chemical. Those who have seen the movie "Erin Brockovich" are now
aware of another case of widespread chemical poisoning. There are many, many, many cases of chemicals poisoning Americans. There is a river in New York State and a small town in Missouri(I think it's Missouri) that have been poisoned and then there is Love Canal. In the past week the chemical C-8 has been revealed as the latest toxic chemical that we are exposed too.

Our veterans and troops have been and are currently exposed to toxic chemicals, nuclear radiation and horrendous mental experiences. But for the sake of this discussion lets stick with radioactive and chemical exposures. Chemicals such as 'agents orange, pink, purple, blue and green' used during the vietnam war and for which our veterans, their children and grandchildren have been denied care by the VA, while vets in other countries are receiving care for their exposure. For those who do not realize it that is one of the reasons why Congressman Jack Murtha spoke out against the Iraq war, namely his great concern for the health and welfare of our troops who serve so valiently in Iraq just as he did in Vietnam. I have this very same concern and feel it just as intently as he seems too.

There is the current situation where our government is exposing our veterans and countless numbers of Iraqis to radiation poisoning through our military's use of depleted uranium shells in tank guns etc. We are leaving radioactive debris all over Iraq for the children to pick up and play with. This material has a half life of 25,000 years as I recall. Will our veterans or the Iraqi people ever be compensated for being exposed to this radioactive material.

The draft should probably be reinstated and the children of the wealthy and the politically powerful must serve in the military just as do the children of the average and poor families. Military service must become a national responsibility for all citizens and families. During times of peace the tour of duty of those in service can be limited to one or two years, while during times of war that tour of duty would be extended appropriately. Also the financial burden of war must not rest solely on average and poor American families. When the personal and financial burdens of war are distributed equally among all citizens and all families then the burden of suffering will be distributed equally among all families. Only then will we have fewer wars and only then for the most serious reasons where war is chosen as the very last resort/alternative.

More, next time---

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Bush and his State of the Onion Speech

Dear All,

The State of The Onion Speech was just more phoney rhetoric from Bush, Rove and the Republican party. Especially the part about making America largely oil independant. I really dislike liars. There is nothing one can do to work with committed dedicated liars. They are people whose very way of life and daily existence revolves around their constant need to lie. Truth rarely issues from their mouths, one cannot work with them because communication is impossible since everything they say is based on lies. There is no 'truth' to these people, truth just does not exist for them. Truth to them is whatever they say it is. These people are really sociopaths, they define everything in reference to themselves. The truth is only what they say it is, for them there is no real truth. Whatever they believe in is the truth and nothing else is truth.

The Bush administration is full of chronic liars, everything they say is relative, they are sociopaths. These people will say anything in order to get what they want, they are narcisistic and completely self centered. The only reality is the reality that exists in their minds. These people are sick, this is a form of mental illness. These are a sad lot, they are driven by greed and power. There is no balance to their thinking. This kind of thinking and behavior is rampant in the Republican Party and permeates all that they say and do, including how they vote on every issue. Since this entire group of Republicans in all three branchs of government function as if they were of one mind (Stepford Republicans) they are like a conspiracy. Unfortunately, since they control all three branchs of government there is no system of checks and balances to keep them under control and they are OUT OF CONTROL. Unfortunately, they are in control of America.

Bush is in bed with the oil industry which dominates so much of american life. Bush and his family are just more arrogant, elite oil barons who behave as if America is their own kingdom. As well as being an oil baron, Bush is a puppet of the oil industry. As such Bush will never make any real efforts to free America from dependance on foreign oil because this would cut into oil industry profits. These profits grow by leaps and bounds every year thanks to Bush and the republican stranglehold on all three branchs of American government. Until these people are thrown out of office by the american voter we will remain dependant on foreign oil.

Since american voters don't seem to want to evict the republicans from government control we Americans will remain under the thumb of the american oil industry and middle eastern oil countries. The American oil industry drives American and world politics. This control over the US government allows the oil industry to use the CIA to topple other governments, especially those in central and south america. Why should they be allowed to use the taxpayer supported CIA, instead let the oil industry spend their own money to topple other governments. Of course they should never be allowed to do this, our government should stop them but it does not, in fact it orders the CIA to do the job for them. As one oil industry executive said it only costs fifty million dollars to topple another government but they don't have to spend even that amount of money when they can get the Bush government to do that for them and the US taxpayer pays the bill.

When we Americans see legitimately and democratically elected governments in South America, Central America or in the Caribbean suddenly collapse just remember that in most cases it is the American government that is responsible for the bloodshed, death and collapse of these governments. Some examples include Haiti, Chile, Guatemala and Bolivia. So it's no wonder that many South American governmants have little or no trust for America. How long will Michelle Batchelet(Chile), Evo Morales(Bolivia) and Chavez(Venezula) be able to stay in power. How long will it be before the US government sets it's sights on these regimes and eventually topples them at the request of american oil companies. Of course our government will come up with some seemingly legitimate excuse or just keep the toppling completely under wraps and make it look like some rebels/insurgents who just happen to be friendly to the US government are responsible.

A good example is the Iran-Contra scandal fomented by Ronald Reagan and led by Ollie North whereby Reagan sold weapons to Iran for money to give to the Nicaraguan rebels to help them overthrow the government. Reagan broke the law to do Iran-Contra and used the CIA to conduct acts of sabotage. Also, the money gained from drugs sold in the Los Angeles area was used to fund the Contra rebels. This affair brought up questions of presidential powers just as are now occurring in the Bush administration which uses secret, illegal and unauthorized presidential power. Reagan said he did not know about Iran-Contra just as dubya says he did not know that there were no WMD and he assumes the right of spying on ALL Americans not just al-Qaeda phone calls. I wonder what republican and democratic congressmen think when they realize Bush is SPYING on ALL of THEM as well as the rest of us.

Don't blame the CIA for this situation because they are just patriotic americans whose oath requires that they support the US Constitution and the government, which means they must do whatever Bush and Cheney tell them to do. These good people are in a terrible 'catch 22' situation. This is also true of the NSA and CIA.

In order to stop this needless death and bloodshed done for the selfish and pecuniary interests of SOME Americans 'we the people' must stop our government from doing these things. In many cases (Haiti etc.) the governments that are toppled are trying to do good things for the poor peasants.

Until the oil industry can figure out how to charge for the sunlight that generates solar power or the water flowing over our hydro-electric dams we will never be free of oil company dominance over our American government. If we americans have to throw every republican and half the democrats out of office and congress to achieve real progress toward oil independance then that is exactly what we must do.

Experts now say that Pres. Jimmy Carter's oil and energy policies were moving America in the right direction toward less dependance on foreign oil. So what do the republicans do, as soon as sleepy Reagan came into office the Carter policies and strategies were cancelled and we have been paying the price for that piece of republican stupidity ever since. How and why was Jimmy Carter able to develop effective policies and strategies that are not even in effect 25 years later and will not be in effect until 2025, if then and only if Bush can be believed. Since Bush is a chronic liar I doubt America will have 'oil independance' even by 2025.

I believe there were two reasons that Pres. Carter was able to develop effective and useful energy srategies. First, Mr. Carter was and still is a very moral and patriotic American. He cared/cares more about America and it's citizens than he did about the super rich and the wealthy oil barons. He refused to be controlled by them and he was not afraid of them. Making the wealthy even wealthier was not his concern or priority. To repeat, he cared about and did what was best for America.

The second thing Pres. Carter had going for him was/is his education as an engineer, specifically a nuclear engineer. One just has to know how engineers and scientists think in order to realize what they can do and how they go about doing it. I have enough of a technical background and have been around enough engineers and scientists to know that they study the problem, gather the FACTS (not the rhetoric or the lobbyists dollars) and employ what is known as the scientific method in order to arrive at a strategy or multiple strategies for solving the problem.

Scientists and engineers EMPLOY THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD to solve the problem or problems. They do not depend on some political idealogy to solve the problem. Instead they use facts derived from legitimate rigorous research to solve the problem. They work toward the most efficient and elegant solutions to the problem at hand. Politics and the desires of the oil executives are not the methods that scientists and engineers employ. They do not use the strategies and politics of toppling other governments or going to war with other countries to solve America's energy problems. They seek the truth found in good research to solve the problem.

The seeking of truth is a great thing, it brings us closer to God. He is the ultimate truth. The discoveries of science often bring tears of wonderment and awe to my eyes. I feel great joy in the discovery of new truths because it brings us closer to the ultimate joy, the ultimate truth, our Heavenly Father, God, our CREATOR. Every time good science reveals another discovery, another truth I am again reminded of the existence of God, the ultimate truth and some day for each of us the ultimate joy.

The understandings I gain from my respect for other peoples and cultures also reminds me of the great diversity of the many cultures that exist on our world and the awe and amazement that I feel keeps me humble and that humility keeps me ever respectful of the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding our task to love and care for each other.

Dear God, help me to remain respectful of all your children. Please help me to remain loving and caring toward all your children. I do not have much longer on this earth but for the little time that I have left I will do all that I can to protest the killing of others.

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