Thursday, February 02, 2006


Bush and his State of the Onion Speech

Dear All,

The State of The Onion Speech was just more phoney rhetoric from Bush, Rove and the Republican party. Especially the part about making America largely oil independant. I really dislike liars. There is nothing one can do to work with committed dedicated liars. They are people whose very way of life and daily existence revolves around their constant need to lie. Truth rarely issues from their mouths, one cannot work with them because communication is impossible since everything they say is based on lies. There is no 'truth' to these people, truth just does not exist for them. Truth to them is whatever they say it is. These people are really sociopaths, they define everything in reference to themselves. The truth is only what they say it is, for them there is no real truth. Whatever they believe in is the truth and nothing else is truth.

The Bush administration is full of chronic liars, everything they say is relative, they are sociopaths. These people will say anything in order to get what they want, they are narcisistic and completely self centered. The only reality is the reality that exists in their minds. These people are sick, this is a form of mental illness. These are a sad lot, they are driven by greed and power. There is no balance to their thinking. This kind of thinking and behavior is rampant in the Republican Party and permeates all that they say and do, including how they vote on every issue. Since this entire group of Republicans in all three branchs of government function as if they were of one mind (Stepford Republicans) they are like a conspiracy. Unfortunately, since they control all three branchs of government there is no system of checks and balances to keep them under control and they are OUT OF CONTROL. Unfortunately, they are in control of America.

Bush is in bed with the oil industry which dominates so much of american life. Bush and his family are just more arrogant, elite oil barons who behave as if America is their own kingdom. As well as being an oil baron, Bush is a puppet of the oil industry. As such Bush will never make any real efforts to free America from dependance on foreign oil because this would cut into oil industry profits. These profits grow by leaps and bounds every year thanks to Bush and the republican stranglehold on all three branchs of American government. Until these people are thrown out of office by the american voter we will remain dependant on foreign oil.

Since american voters don't seem to want to evict the republicans from government control we Americans will remain under the thumb of the american oil industry and middle eastern oil countries. The American oil industry drives American and world politics. This control over the US government allows the oil industry to use the CIA to topple other governments, especially those in central and south america. Why should they be allowed to use the taxpayer supported CIA, instead let the oil industry spend their own money to topple other governments. Of course they should never be allowed to do this, our government should stop them but it does not, in fact it orders the CIA to do the job for them. As one oil industry executive said it only costs fifty million dollars to topple another government but they don't have to spend even that amount of money when they can get the Bush government to do that for them and the US taxpayer pays the bill.

When we Americans see legitimately and democratically elected governments in South America, Central America or in the Caribbean suddenly collapse just remember that in most cases it is the American government that is responsible for the bloodshed, death and collapse of these governments. Some examples include Haiti, Chile, Guatemala and Bolivia. So it's no wonder that many South American governmants have little or no trust for America. How long will Michelle Batchelet(Chile), Evo Morales(Bolivia) and Chavez(Venezula) be able to stay in power. How long will it be before the US government sets it's sights on these regimes and eventually topples them at the request of american oil companies. Of course our government will come up with some seemingly legitimate excuse or just keep the toppling completely under wraps and make it look like some rebels/insurgents who just happen to be friendly to the US government are responsible.

A good example is the Iran-Contra scandal fomented by Ronald Reagan and led by Ollie North whereby Reagan sold weapons to Iran for money to give to the Nicaraguan rebels to help them overthrow the government. Reagan broke the law to do Iran-Contra and used the CIA to conduct acts of sabotage. Also, the money gained from drugs sold in the Los Angeles area was used to fund the Contra rebels. This affair brought up questions of presidential powers just as are now occurring in the Bush administration which uses secret, illegal and unauthorized presidential power. Reagan said he did not know about Iran-Contra just as dubya says he did not know that there were no WMD and he assumes the right of spying on ALL Americans not just al-Qaeda phone calls. I wonder what republican and democratic congressmen think when they realize Bush is SPYING on ALL of THEM as well as the rest of us.

Don't blame the CIA for this situation because they are just patriotic americans whose oath requires that they support the US Constitution and the government, which means they must do whatever Bush and Cheney tell them to do. These good people are in a terrible 'catch 22' situation. This is also true of the NSA and CIA.

In order to stop this needless death and bloodshed done for the selfish and pecuniary interests of SOME Americans 'we the people' must stop our government from doing these things. In many cases (Haiti etc.) the governments that are toppled are trying to do good things for the poor peasants.

Until the oil industry can figure out how to charge for the sunlight that generates solar power or the water flowing over our hydro-electric dams we will never be free of oil company dominance over our American government. If we americans have to throw every republican and half the democrats out of office and congress to achieve real progress toward oil independance then that is exactly what we must do.

Experts now say that Pres. Jimmy Carter's oil and energy policies were moving America in the right direction toward less dependance on foreign oil. So what do the republicans do, as soon as sleepy Reagan came into office the Carter policies and strategies were cancelled and we have been paying the price for that piece of republican stupidity ever since. How and why was Jimmy Carter able to develop effective policies and strategies that are not even in effect 25 years later and will not be in effect until 2025, if then and only if Bush can be believed. Since Bush is a chronic liar I doubt America will have 'oil independance' even by 2025.

I believe there were two reasons that Pres. Carter was able to develop effective and useful energy srategies. First, Mr. Carter was and still is a very moral and patriotic American. He cared/cares more about America and it's citizens than he did about the super rich and the wealthy oil barons. He refused to be controlled by them and he was not afraid of them. Making the wealthy even wealthier was not his concern or priority. To repeat, he cared about and did what was best for America.

The second thing Pres. Carter had going for him was/is his education as an engineer, specifically a nuclear engineer. One just has to know how engineers and scientists think in order to realize what they can do and how they go about doing it. I have enough of a technical background and have been around enough engineers and scientists to know that they study the problem, gather the FACTS (not the rhetoric or the lobbyists dollars) and employ what is known as the scientific method in order to arrive at a strategy or multiple strategies for solving the problem.

Scientists and engineers EMPLOY THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD to solve the problem or problems. They do not depend on some political idealogy to solve the problem. Instead they use facts derived from legitimate rigorous research to solve the problem. They work toward the most efficient and elegant solutions to the problem at hand. Politics and the desires of the oil executives are not the methods that scientists and engineers employ. They do not use the strategies and politics of toppling other governments or going to war with other countries to solve America's energy problems. They seek the truth found in good research to solve the problem.

The seeking of truth is a great thing, it brings us closer to God. He is the ultimate truth. The discoveries of science often bring tears of wonderment and awe to my eyes. I feel great joy in the discovery of new truths because it brings us closer to the ultimate joy, the ultimate truth, our Heavenly Father, God, our CREATOR. Every time good science reveals another discovery, another truth I am again reminded of the existence of God, the ultimate truth and some day for each of us the ultimate joy.

The understandings I gain from my respect for other peoples and cultures also reminds me of the great diversity of the many cultures that exist on our world and the awe and amazement that I feel keeps me humble and that humility keeps me ever respectful of the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding our task to love and care for each other.

Dear God, help me to remain respectful of all your children. Please help me to remain loving and caring toward all your children. I do not have much longer on this earth but for the little time that I have left I will do all that I can to protest the killing of others.

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