Thursday, July 13, 2006


7/13/06, and even more killing, the PRO-LIFERS???

Dear All,

Israel has invaded Gaza and 350 people have been killed in a commuter train explosion in Mumbai(Bombay) India.

This gets back to my conviction that when this Bush crime family administration does something that just doesn't make any sense it is because it only makes sense to and benefits a very few SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS like those who are constantly pushing for "A New World Order". This include the Bush nazi-fascist neocons, the Bilderbergers(who are dominated by some few world leaders and Big Businesses like the oil companies, Dutch, British and American) The Council On Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the Republican party which is completely out of control and corrupt with power, Yale and Princeton Universities who sit right in the middle of all this and the theocrats(Robertson, Falwell, Reed, Norquist, and the usual family values pro life groups).

The only thing good about Yale is/was William Sloan Coffin. The only thing good about Princeton is the Institute For Advanced Physics(Albert Einstein So many arrogant elitists like the Bushs' and Samuel Alito have come from these schools and the list of people is very, very long.

I wonder how much of this has been directly caused by George Bush and his cabal of neocons.

All of it has been indirectly caused by George and his Republican neocon cabal. They continue to keep the world military and terror tensions boiling. Their constant stirring of the pot contributes/ causes this to go on and on.

The oil industry, US businesses and military/industrial/Republican/neocon complex must be very pleased and happy with this latest turn of events.

The American theocrats, Baptist and Catholic Church, my church, hierarchy that keeps the Republican party in power are equally and directly complicit in this ongoing never ending and sickening state of world affairs. These two fundamentalist religions have really lost their way.

But that is what comes from mixing politics and religion, intolerance and hate.

The only people that can stop this are the red state voters who put these criminals in power , twice. And they just don't seem to care, so much for those who CLAIM to be PRO-LIFERS. I guess they really under their skin are PRO-KILLERS.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


7/11, Is life just a throw of the dice, it seems so.

Living in Ohio I cannot vote for Marcy Winograd but if I lived in California I would vote for her without hesitation. Though I am an independant swing voter, became during the Vietnam war, Marcy most closely fits most of my beliefs about America and the world, and American politics which are so corrupt due to the Repub party, hate, fear and war mongering and the fracturing of our society for their own selfish political agenda.

Jane Harmon is supposed to be a Dem but she like Joe Lieberman is really a DINO, democrat in name only. They both totally support George Bush and his campaign of destruction in and for America through his allegiance to the nazi-fascist neocon agenda. The 59 million voters who put Bush in office twice also support this agenda, while the remaining 241 million of us Americans have been stripped of all political power and have no say in our government due to, among other things the end of our system of 'Checks and Balances'.

The word cowboy is almost a revered word in our American history, and certainly to me, but George Bush has slimed that word and it's cache has been at least dirtied. One of the MSM just recently used the term "Cowboy Politics" (I wish I could remember which one to provide proper attribution) whomever it was really turned/coined a beautiful phrase and deserves proper attribution. My hat is off to them in appreciative salute to their journalistic skill. I wish I had thought of that phrase but I claim no credit.

As John Dean says in his book these Bushie neocons have a cowboy mentality going on in their heads. My thinking is that this cowboy mentality is coupled with their sociopathy so they have a simple, as Reagan the sleeping president did, black and white view of everything (us against them, your for us or against us, bring 'em on etc.etc) and see only themselves as the good guys while the rest of us who do not exactly agree with everything they think are ALL wrong and our viewpoint is of no merit whatsoever. So they, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rice, Gonzales and most of the Republicans in office and in our country just dismiss us and all of our thinking. We are just inconsequential to their highly biased, self serving, one sided, blind, lock step thinking. I get sick of hearing Hatch, Luger, Hagel, Spector, Graham etc. ad nauseam.

These Republicans who have stolen and ended our American democracy have turned Americans against each other and 59 million of them (red voters) control and dominate 241 million of the rest of us. This extreme right wing radicalism is tearing America apart and causing a 'war cloud' to grow and engulf the entire world.

Of course these hateful people are aided and abetted by two fundamentalist religions, the Baptists and the Catholics, my religion I am ashamed to admit. I don't say too much about the Baptists because I am not one but I am a Catholic and so criticise them much more. One of the hallmarks of fundamentalist religions is there intolerance of others and this characteristic is becoming much more vehement in both religions especially since Bush&Co. got into/ stole the presidency with the help of the Supreme Court and corrupt elections in Ohio and Florida.

These two religions and the Bush/ Repub/ neocons now have so much power in America and around the world in so many other countries that at present I see absolutely no hope for America or the world. They are committed to war and no one can stop them. They are constantly raising war fervor everywhere.

There are a few counter vailing counter balancing forces namely, the south American countries and China and Russia. Mexico could have been such a force if Mr. Lopez Obrador had won the presidency. But Dick Morris, now a vicious Republican party strategist helped Calderon come from way behind and take the election from Obrador by using the very same filthy tactics that the Repubs used to put Bush in office.

Obrador would have stood up for the poor/average people of Mexico bringing about a more leftist and democratic form of government by, for and of the people as we used to have in America. But once again the right wing republican like interests of the wealthy will rule Mexico and thus it will be of no help to the poor/average people in our country. Calderon like Harper in Canada will just be more support for the Bushies and the Repubs in America.

Still there is some hope in the south american countries who have democratically elected leftist leaning governments who seem to want to stand up for their own people and against Bushism and American corporatocracy. These south american countries along with the governments of Russia and China may be able to counter the power of the Bush crime family and keep the world from more wars. Condi Rice and John Bolton are working hard to neutralize these other governments but so far have not succeeded. I wish those of us who are against more war and killing could depend on the support of the governments of the EU but it seems that some or maybe many have already been compromised by Rice, Bolton, Powell and Bush.

I could never have imagined that one day I would be looking for forces that might counter balance against those of America but our country under the Bush crime family (Repubs, neocons and theocrats) control are a seemingly unending threat to our God given world and what little peace there is. How are any of us going to survive the hate and intolerance of the Bush war machine. They will be in office for two and a half more years so I just keep on praying that God will somehow intercede on behalf of all of us, His children.

When McCain and Jeb Bush get the presidency there will be another eight years of fear you all must somehow live through. Between my diabetes and myasthenia gravis and poor medical care I expect to be dead before Bush is out of office or shortly thereafter and I look forward to that sweet release from the horrors of this world so full of war, killing and religious intolerance in America which just keeps feeding this endless and sickening stupidity.

Monday, July 03, 2006


America, Destroyed From Within?

I am convinced that America will be destroyed from within not by outside forces such as terrorism. The force from within that will destroy America is the cabal that currently runs our country and the longer they are in office the more damage they do to the fabric and fouindational elements of our society. Bush, Cheney, Rove and the Republican party now has Americans hating each other. They are dissolving the glue that holds the fabric of our society together.

There is an 'axis of evil' within America that is frightening in the power it holds which is so great that this axis is easily able to destroy our country. This 'axis of evil' is comprised of the Bush admin, the Republican party, Big Business, the wealthy, the nazi-fascist neocons and the Theocrats.These groups are completely self serving, anti American, completely unpatriotic, corrupt and criminal. Their allegiance is not to America and it's citizens but only to themselves and their absolutely endless pursuit of money and political power. These people/groups will do anything and everything to maintain their stranglehold on our country and use it to achieve their narrow agenda.

The Theocrats who claim to be christians are anything but. Christians are those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the laws of God The Father and Creator of all things. The Theocrats constantly spew out hate and intolerance, Falwell and Robertson The Theocrats are the fundamentalist religions in America that support George Bush and the Republican party with their agenda of hate mongering, fear mongering and war mongering. No true christian could ever support the egregious and unfounded killing of others, the neglect of the needs of American citizens and the needs of American families. Yet that is exactly what these groups do.

These fundamentalist religions are led primarily by the Catholic Church, my religion which I am ashamed to admit and the white southern Baptists. They have gained and hold on to political power by the use of strategies which to paraphrase Al Franken include "fears, smears and queers". They have divided America into two camps and are fracturing our society. These Bushie, Repub, Theocrats create fear and hate and direct it at all those in America who do not agree exactly with their exact, specific, precise viewpoint on all things.

They have no respect for the rights and beliefs of others. Anyone who does not exactly follow their 'party line' is considered to be unchristian or unamerican and therefore must be controlled by them. These people claim to 'know the mind of God'. I know they do not because no human being in this life or the next will ever know the mind of God because only God knows His own mind and we humans are and never will be God.

Neither the Pope, nor the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, nor the Baptists nor George Bush will ever know the mind of God. Anyone who claims to know the mind of God is guilty of heresy, blasphemy and sacrilege. These people have no humility with respect to God or to other human beings. They vilify everyone just as Hitler, a Catholic, did before/during WWII when he vilified the Jews and created the holocaust which I view as Hell/Satan on earth. The slaughter of six million Jews is completely SATANIC. The Theocrats are moving in that direction by vilifying gays, women seeking abortions, muslims and ALL Americans who do not CONFORM exactly to the Republican and Bush, Cheney, Rove agenda.

What will the Republican party and the aforementioned groups think of to maintain and further ADVANCE their agenda to the next level. May God save us all for what they are about to do or just maybe God will condemn us all for standing by while they ADVANCE THEIR AGENDA.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops will say that Bishop Wilton Gregory, it's president, wrote a letter to Bush explaining their reservations about the Iraq war, dated Sept. 13, 2002. This letter is very well reasoned and clearly expresses serious reservations about war against Iraq. BUT, this letter does not go nearly far enough because the Catholic church and the hierarchy in the Vatican still totally support and endorse the Republican party and it's agenda and have done so since Reagan became president. Pope John Paul II aligned the Catholic church with the Republican party and Pope Benedict XVI still to this day maintains this alignment. The results of this alliance has allowed Reagan, Bush I and Bush II to continue on a strategy of damage, constant erosion and on going destruction of democracy in america and around the world.

It is now FOUR YEARS later to the day and this destruction is still taking place.

This situation is the same as during WWII when Pope Pius X, I think it was, protested all most not at all the killing of six million jews during the holocaust. Due to entirely insufficient protest then and actual support now the Catholic church was surrendering to, and maybe even complicit in, the events of those times and and is surely completely guilty in the events that are taking place now.

I can easily see that the predictions of St. Malachy, an archbishop of Ireland could come true. He is known to have been an accurate'seer'. He predicted the end of the papacy and those who study this prediction feel that Pope Benedict XVI is pope number 111 and that there will be one more pope after BenedictXVI. This could be a warning that the Catholic Church heirarchy in Rome must mend it's ways and seek another path, a true path, to follow the teachings of the true Christ, not George Bush despite his claims, and find a different path, a true path to God.

Bush wants to use nuclear weapons on Iran and thats a slaughter, plain and simple which he has no right to do because they are not attacking us with nuclear weapons. In fact Prof. Pape, of the Univ. of Chicago, has clear sociological research to show that no Iranian has ever attacked us. His research shows many things that seem to refute the claims and endless daily protestations of the Republican axis of evil, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and John Bolton ad nauseam. These scum of american politics and governmental power have gone far astray with their absolute power over America.

Absolutely power corrupts, absolutely. That is why our constitution was written embodying a 'SYSTEM OF CHECKS AND BALANCES'. I am a constitutional and fiscal conservative. But the Bushies and the Republican party is slowly eroding our constitution, just look at what these criminals have accomplished in only five and a half years. What will they do in the next two and one half years. May the saints preserve us all.

I heard recently that America has five hundred nuclear weapons and Bush wants to build a new generation of them. He, the Republicans, the nazi-fascist neocons and the theocrats are threatening the entire world with these next generation weapons. They are raising the spectre of war, nuclear and convential, creating world wide fear and constantly stirring the pot of hatred and fear.

Bush CLAIMS he wants to spread democracy around the world but he is doing this at the point of a gun and with the threat of using nuclear weapons. There is no country on this earth that will allow this and there is no country on this earth that isn't threatened by talk of this strategy and there is no country on this earth that would not fight back with every weapon at their disposal. The concept of universal reciprocity, which belongs to every human being, applies here.

Building more nuclear weapons must threaten every country including our allies. But it surely must threaten Russia, China, that screw ball in North Korea, Syria, Iran and Pakistan. Bush's giving of american nuclear technology to India is destabilising to the entire middle east. What must Pakistan and Iran think about this situation, especially Pakistan who is the arch enemy of India.

Bush is a paranoid, sociopathic/psychopathic, messianic, meglomaniac. This man who has never succeeded at anything in his life may well succeed at starting WWIII and destroying the world.



SHAME on ALL of those groups who support him by supporting the totally out of control Republican party and it's axis of evil, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton and Rove.

SUPPORT THE UN, not Bush and the Repubs.

Impeach and imprison Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Bolton, Gonzales and Ashcroft for the rest of their lives for lying to and completely deceiving the American people. Strip them of their wealth leaving only enough for their wives and children to live on, 50,000 dollars per year is more than enough and more than most americans live on.

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