Thursday, July 13, 2006


7/13/06, and even more killing, the PRO-LIFERS???

Dear All,

Israel has invaded Gaza and 350 people have been killed in a commuter train explosion in Mumbai(Bombay) India.

This gets back to my conviction that when this Bush crime family administration does something that just doesn't make any sense it is because it only makes sense to and benefits a very few SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS like those who are constantly pushing for "A New World Order". This include the Bush nazi-fascist neocons, the Bilderbergers(who are dominated by some few world leaders and Big Businesses like the oil companies, Dutch, British and American) The Council On Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the Republican party which is completely out of control and corrupt with power, Yale and Princeton Universities who sit right in the middle of all this and the theocrats(Robertson, Falwell, Reed, Norquist, and the usual family values pro life groups).

The only thing good about Yale is/was William Sloan Coffin. The only thing good about Princeton is the Institute For Advanced Physics(Albert Einstein So many arrogant elitists like the Bushs' and Samuel Alito have come from these schools and the list of people is very, very long.

I wonder how much of this has been directly caused by George Bush and his cabal of neocons.

All of it has been indirectly caused by George and his Republican neocon cabal. They continue to keep the world military and terror tensions boiling. Their constant stirring of the pot contributes/ causes this to go on and on.

The oil industry, US businesses and military/industrial/Republican/neocon complex must be very pleased and happy with this latest turn of events.

The American theocrats, Baptist and Catholic Church, my church, hierarchy that keeps the Republican party in power are equally and directly complicit in this ongoing never ending and sickening state of world affairs. These two fundamentalist religions have really lost their way.

But that is what comes from mixing politics and religion, intolerance and hate.

The only people that can stop this are the red state voters who put these criminals in power , twice. And they just don't seem to care, so much for those who CLAIM to be PRO-LIFERS. I guess they really under their skin are PRO-KILLERS.

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