Tuesday, July 11, 2006


7/11, Is life just a throw of the dice, it seems so.

Living in Ohio I cannot vote for Marcy Winograd but if I lived in California I would vote for her without hesitation. Though I am an independant swing voter, became during the Vietnam war, Marcy most closely fits most of my beliefs about America and the world, and American politics which are so corrupt due to the Repub party, hate, fear and war mongering and the fracturing of our society for their own selfish political agenda.

Jane Harmon is supposed to be a Dem but she like Joe Lieberman is really a DINO, democrat in name only. They both totally support George Bush and his campaign of destruction in and for America through his allegiance to the nazi-fascist neocon agenda. The 59 million voters who put Bush in office twice also support this agenda, while the remaining 241 million of us Americans have been stripped of all political power and have no say in our government due to, among other things the end of our system of 'Checks and Balances'.

The word cowboy is almost a revered word in our American history, and certainly to me, but George Bush has slimed that word and it's cache has been at least dirtied. One of the MSM just recently used the term "Cowboy Politics" (I wish I could remember which one to provide proper attribution) whomever it was really turned/coined a beautiful phrase and deserves proper attribution. My hat is off to them in appreciative salute to their journalistic skill. I wish I had thought of that phrase but I claim no credit.

As John Dean says in his book these Bushie neocons have a cowboy mentality going on in their heads. My thinking is that this cowboy mentality is coupled with their sociopathy so they have a simple, as Reagan the sleeping president did, black and white view of everything (us against them, your for us or against us, bring 'em on etc.etc) and see only themselves as the good guys while the rest of us who do not exactly agree with everything they think are ALL wrong and our viewpoint is of no merit whatsoever. So they, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rice, Gonzales and most of the Republicans in office and in our country just dismiss us and all of our thinking. We are just inconsequential to their highly biased, self serving, one sided, blind, lock step thinking. I get sick of hearing Hatch, Luger, Hagel, Spector, Graham etc. ad nauseam.

These Republicans who have stolen and ended our American democracy have turned Americans against each other and 59 million of them (red voters) control and dominate 241 million of the rest of us. This extreme right wing radicalism is tearing America apart and causing a 'war cloud' to grow and engulf the entire world.

Of course these hateful people are aided and abetted by two fundamentalist religions, the Baptists and the Catholics, my religion I am ashamed to admit. I don't say too much about the Baptists because I am not one but I am a Catholic and so criticise them much more. One of the hallmarks of fundamentalist religions is there intolerance of others and this characteristic is becoming much more vehement in both religions especially since Bush&Co. got into/ stole the presidency with the help of the Supreme Court and corrupt elections in Ohio and Florida.

These two religions and the Bush/ Repub/ neocons now have so much power in America and around the world in so many other countries that at present I see absolutely no hope for America or the world. They are committed to war and no one can stop them. They are constantly raising war fervor everywhere.

There are a few counter vailing counter balancing forces namely, the south American countries and China and Russia. Mexico could have been such a force if Mr. Lopez Obrador had won the presidency. But Dick Morris, now a vicious Republican party strategist helped Calderon come from way behind and take the election from Obrador by using the very same filthy tactics that the Repubs used to put Bush in office.

Obrador would have stood up for the poor/average people of Mexico bringing about a more leftist and democratic form of government by, for and of the people as we used to have in America. But once again the right wing republican like interests of the wealthy will rule Mexico and thus it will be of no help to the poor/average people in our country. Calderon like Harper in Canada will just be more support for the Bushies and the Repubs in America.

Still there is some hope in the south american countries who have democratically elected leftist leaning governments who seem to want to stand up for their own people and against Bushism and American corporatocracy. These south american countries along with the governments of Russia and China may be able to counter the power of the Bush crime family and keep the world from more wars. Condi Rice and John Bolton are working hard to neutralize these other governments but so far have not succeeded. I wish those of us who are against more war and killing could depend on the support of the governments of the EU but it seems that some or maybe many have already been compromised by Rice, Bolton, Powell and Bush.

I could never have imagined that one day I would be looking for forces that might counter balance against those of America but our country under the Bush crime family (Repubs, neocons and theocrats) control are a seemingly unending threat to our God given world and what little peace there is. How are any of us going to survive the hate and intolerance of the Bush war machine. They will be in office for two and a half more years so I just keep on praying that God will somehow intercede on behalf of all of us, His children.

When McCain and Jeb Bush get the presidency there will be another eight years of fear you all must somehow live through. Between my diabetes and myasthenia gravis and poor medical care I expect to be dead before Bush is out of office or shortly thereafter and I look forward to that sweet release from the horrors of this world so full of war, killing and religious intolerance in America which just keeps feeding this endless and sickening stupidity.

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