Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Some Thoughts&more...

Dear all,

I am a Conservative, Independant-swing voter, Humanist, Catholic and very worried about America and our troops, and completely suspicious of the Bush/Republican government

I am not a Republican, Democrat, or a Fundamentalist Catholic


Here is a very insightful bit of wisdom that I recently came across taken from Islamic Sufism.
As follows: I struggled hard but did not reap the fruits of my labors. Then I gazed into myself and found that my ego and my heart were unified. When the ego and the heart are united, a portion of all that shines upon the heart is seized by the self. Thus I came to know the cause of my dilemma, that the light illuminating my heart was being seized by my ego.

For those who have never taken the time, read about the Sufi's and you will be rewarded for your time spent.

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