Monday, February 20, 2006


Electronics and voting

Dear All,

Just as the electoral college is an 'indirect' method of voting so too is the use of electronic voting machines and the use of the Supreme Court to control our votes. This method of 'indirect' voting via the electoral college is insane, why would anyone trust that they will adhere to the will of the people. The use of electronic voting machines and the use of the Supreme Court to manage, handle, control our votes is equally insane; why should 'we the people' trust an electronic voting machine or the Supreme Court. Both of these entities can be and have been easily manipulated.

Indirect voting via the electoral college is a precursor to todays electronic voting machines developed by Diebold Corp. in Canton, Oh. Where else would Diebold be headquartered but in Ohio, where I live. Who does Diebold endorse and support and which political party do they so strongly and totally support, despite what they claim. Yes you are correct on all counts.

I realize that the constitution does not give 'we the people' the right to vote but we have had that illusion for so long that I want it in fact. I just hate to let go of it. Bush, Alito and Gonzales are poised to take what little control we have over our government completely away from us. Now, thanks to Diebold's electronic voting machines and the Supreme Court we will lose that much cherished illusion/right. Maybe 'we the people' should just give up that illusion without a fight which we may not be able to mount anyway.

So much of what 'we the people' think is controlled by the Bush/Republican media, including Bloomberg who used to be a Dem but is now an R. The media supports Bush, despite what He and Rove claim. The MSM and especially Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, the screaming Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter(the poisoner) Greta Van Susteren, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, most of CNN including Paula Zahn, Matt Lauer, Judith Miller, David Brooks and so many others etc. etc. ad naus support Bush and his Repugs directly; while others do so indirectly by not asking the hard questions. The totally soft ball approach Brit Hume took with Cheney is a good example.

I'm dying, so why should I care, why should I get my shorts in a bunch. But I just HATE what these people have done to America, my America, the country that I love so much. The country that my Dad went through WWII serving aboard Liberty Ships whose life span was calculated to be 21 days and after that those ships and the men on board were living on borrowed time. The country that my brother, cousin, and friends served in Vietnam for. Bush and his minions better never tell me I am not a patriotic American because if He says it to my face I can guarantee that I will spit in his face and that includes Cheney, Rove, Gonzales and most of the blind, lock step, knee jerk, 'Stepford' Repugs. Well now, that should get me on Bush's enemy list aka the NSA watch list.

Yes I have named some of these people. Why are so many Americans so afraid to name and list exactly who these people are. As long as they remain hidden they just keep functioning behind the scenes to undermine our democratic rights and freedoms. Just what do 'we the people' have to lose, by allowing these people to remain un-named, that we have not already lost. What gives these people, most of whom, like Bush, Cheney, Rove or that Ohio idiot Jean Schmidt(another Repug) have never served our country the right to decry the service of others like Murtha, McCain, Kerry or Cleland. What gives these people the right to decry the patriotism of anyone who chooses to disagree with the Bush/Repug war in Iraq and their use of our brave troops for so questionable an enterprise. What gives these people the right to shout down or throttle our right of free speech that 'we the people' use to complain about the Bush/Repug largesse toward the super rich and some select corporations The only good thing to come out of this war is that our troops really serve as ambassadors of good will for America when they directly help the Iraqi people by showing their respect, concern and caring for the things that these people endure on a daily basis. Damn, I just hate what the Bush/Repugs have been able to get away with. Truly, the moral majority is morally corrupt.

The window of opportunity for 'we the people' to react is rapidly closing and thanks to Alito and the Supreme court will probably close this year or next when we lose our right to vote. Once the right to vote goes back to the state legislatures(per the constitution) the window of opportunity will slam shut on any peaceful means to change our government and our constitution by ending the peoples right of direct vote for those who are supposed to serve us in government.

I really don't hold out any hope that the Rs' domination of the three branchs of government will collapse of their own weight of corruption. The twin evils of money and power are the life blood which sustains these people. Even if the Dems gain power in the upcoming elections of 2006 and 2008 the BIG RULING "corporatocracy"(so named by 'the economic hit man') will do all that they can to corrupt the Dems. Most politicians really are a sorry lot. WOW, do 'we the people' now more than ever need a multi party system(five parties sounds about right to me) like the Brits and most other countries have.

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