Tuesday, February 14, 2006


More of the same from Bush, et.al.

Dear Readers,

Just to remind you, I am:
A Conservative(fiscal,constitutional etc), An Independant-swing voter, A Humanist and A Catholic and very, very concerned for America and American Democracy

I am not:
A Republican,Democrat or Fundamentalist Catholic like those on the Supreme Court(Alito et.al.)

I believe:
That attacking other peoples/countries is not the way to solve world problems and only makes the problems worse, That vilifying others is the Bush way to cause and continue war so that He and the Republicans can fear monger and intimidate the American people into keeping them in office, that it is too easy for our government to wage war,especially via the Republican domination of all three branches of our/their government, that Bush and Cheney should be impeached, that our democratic system of checks and balances no longer exists, that their is a Republican conspiracy afoot in America, that this conspiracy began with Nixon and really took off when Reagan became pres, that the Catholic Church(my church) must stay out of American politics, that other fundamantalist religions must stay out of American politics, that the Rove/Bush strategy of polarizing Americans against each other is very damaging to our democracy, that the Republicans allegiance is to their party not to America, that the R's actually think the Republican Party comes first, just as Hitler felt about the Nazi Party, that Bush and Nixon are the worst presidents, that Bush sanctioned the treasonous outing of V. Plame, that the NSA,CIA and FBI are loyal Americans whose functions have been misused and abused by the Bush government


How long will it be before Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and their inner circle destroy America, our Constitution and our Democracy.
How long will it be before religious fundamentalists(Catholics, white southern Baptist fundamentalists, et.al.) realize that all their hatred of others is against the teachings of the true Christ, who is not George Bush despite his claims.
How long will it be before religious fundamentalists realize that they are thinking and behaving toward most other Americans just as Hitler did towards the Jews.
Since the Republicans have long ago sold out to their overwhelming need for political power I won't bother wondering how long it will be before the R's decide to become Americans first and Republicans third(yes, I said third, it's not a typo) because they never will be Americans first as long as they are the party of the wealthy, the special interest groups and the "corporatocracy". The 'economic hit man' coined that term.
How long will it be before Democrats start using the strategies of Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich to get into office. They have not figured this out yet and I hope they never do; but most politicians are a sorry group of people and they may succumb.
How long will it be before Bush admits he is not a 'born again' christian but rather is a born again Nazi via 'The Order of Skull and Bones' as are all members of that group.
How long will it be before dubya and the Bush family admits it's connection with 'Big Oil', Nazism and Fascism.
How long will it be before the Bush government is tracking and spying on every citizen in America, it won't be long because they are and have been doing it.
How long will it be before Bush and the Republicans realize the NSA can spy on him just as easily as the rest of us and that He is corrupting that agency.
How long will it be before Bush admits that He is vacuuming all electronic information not just a very small number of targeted terrorists. How do I know this? There are a number of clues to this being so. One example is that the FBI said they are overwhelmed by the huge amount of leads they must run down.
How long will it be before the biggest purveyors of terrorism, the Saudi's, realize that Bush is spying on them; bin Laden figured this out years ago.
How long will it be before Blair and all the other governments of the world realize Bush is spying on all of them and they are all on his enemies list aka the NSA watch list.
How much more paranoid and sociopathic will Bush and Rove become.

Here in Cleveland, Ohio we have The Cleveland City Club Forum, which has been in continuous existence for 94 years and is the oldest of it's kind in America. Ambassador Edward L. Peck recently spoke there about the the middle east. He is absolutely correct in his observations about that part of our world. He has a clear understanding of what is happening there and what must be done to solve or at least greatly lessen those problems. He speaks Arabic fluently and has a deep understanding of what the peoples of that part of the world have gone through for a very long period of time. What he says makes absolute sense and were he guiding American policy and diplomacy toward the middle east there would be a great movement in the appropriate direction toward solving those problems. I strongly recommend that those Americans who care about the peoples of the middle east must read/hear his remarks and much will become clear. He is not contaminated with the politics of hate, rather he employs the politics of listening and understanding. He and Pres. Jimmy Carter are among the best I have heard, who speak and understand about the politics that occur between the West and the Middle East.

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