Thursday, February 23, 2006


More Obfuscation, Smoke and Mirrors by Bush & Co.

Dear All,

Like the Cheney shooting, WMD and many dozens of other situations/scandals in the Bush/Republican administration. . .

Now we have the ports situation/scandal, first we are told that Bush knows about it and approves, the next day we are told that he didn't know about the port sale, now today a leak to AP just happens and it indicates that he knew about it and it was done to enhance(enhance?) port security, but then we are told he didn't know about the sale but it was done for cooperation from Dubai authorities in order to enhance(enhance?) port security. The only thing enhanced by the port sale is Bush & Co. and the Republican Party.

Remember America, when anything is done by our government (Repubs or Dems) that seems weird, strange or doesn't make any sense it really means that it has been done for some special interest group. This is especially true when done by the Bush administration and the Republican Party because they are totally beholden to special interest groups for money which is what keeps them in power. Also keep in mind that if it is done secretly there must be something they do not want 'we the people' to know, and it adds even more weight to the idea that it is being done to benefit some Bush/Repub special interest group or some of their cronies.

I know some of you are thinking that the previous comment is just plain common sense, which everyboy knows. But the AMERICAN VOTER/CITIZEN DOES NOT seem to know or remember or understand this most elemental concept. So it just continues and continues and will continue for at least three more years. While via the radical right wing activist Supreme Court these kinds of things will continue for the next 30-40 years.

Why does Bush & Co. have to use these kinds of measures to enhance port security in the first place, do they mean that despite all the billions that have been spent the Department of Homeland Security still can't secure our ports. Or does this mean that Bush will privatize anything and everything 'we the people' let him privatize. Or does this mean that more of Bush's cronies can rape the American taxpayer (as in the case of the prescription drug program, Social Security Retirement accounts or Health care accounts). Or does this mean that the Republicans will be getting some kickback (ala Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and the K street project) from the company owned by the Dubai government and exactly what would be the form of that kickback, would it be money for the Repubs or more terrorism so the American people will be frightened into keeping the Repubs in office to protect us from this on-going terrorism.

Remember Nixon and his treasonous deal with the Vietnamese, done so that he would be sure to get elected president. Just how many more American troops lost their lives, or were maimed or traumatized by that Nixon/Republican deal. So America, don't think the Republicans would never do such things, they most certainly did such things and they continue to do such things. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is exactly what is going on via the Bush/Republican control of America aka "The Totalitarian Republican Theocracy".

Remember the Repubs first allegiance is to their party, their second allegiance is to the US oil companies, their third allegiance is to their super rich friends, their fourth allegiance is to other certain select US companies such as the prescription drug industry, the health care industry, the insurance industry, the military hardware manufacturers etc and their last allegiance is to the average, everyday, ordinary american citizens and their families who comprise 95% of all Americans.

Remember that Pres. Eisenhower said "beware the military industrial complex". Remember that Truman or Roosevelt (I can't remember which) said that any company that profiteers in time of war is guilty of treason. That places Halliburton and Cheney, and Condi Rice(Chevron), Bush and family(Big oil) and Carla Hills(Chevron) and all other oil companies at the very top of the list of treasonous companies because they are profiteering beyond all belief.

There are so many holes in this port sale scandal, the latest Bush & Co./Repub scandal, that I don't know where to begin. For example, does he or doesn't he know... Next, if the Republicans don't know anything about it does congress know anything about it, OR is congress not allowed to know anything about this matter for SECURITY REASONS. So no congressional oversight, more secrecy, and more over-reaching executive power. This definitely includes all the over-reaching Republican Party power in America. WAKE UP AMERICA---

If congress can't know about the port sale then why can a middle east government, which has been involved with terrorism, have complete access to the US port security system. This company is not just managing some minor aspects of our ports, they will have full knowledge of all aspects of our ports including port security. I do not think any middle east government or company should be involved in any aspect of US security. In a better world, sometime in the future, this kind of situation will be just fine but not under current world conditions. Also, given the fact that Bush has been painting muslims as terrorists how could he expect the American people to react to this 'ports deal'. Bush's own inflammatory rhetoric about muslims and terrorism has come back to bite him. Bush's fear mongering, hate mongering and war mongering is what causes the american people to reject this very strange deal. The muslims of the world are not to be hated but Bush has promoted this very kind of thinking throughout America just to keep himself and the Repubs in power.

Moreover, the Repub strategists just said that strategy is going to remain the main plank in their bid for the 2006 and 2008 elections. IN OTHER WORDS, the Bush/Repubs/Mehlman/Rove are saying out loud and in a most clear way that they are going to CONTINUE to promote SECURITY, FEAR, HATE and WAR among the American people so they can get RE-ELECTED. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK, SICK, SICK.


It further turns out that a Bush crony is a top level executive in the Dubai government company which is to have total access to all information about our ports, while congress can have no access to anything about the entire sordid affair because congress does not have a 'need to know' or some required security clearance while a middle east government has the required security clearance. Is cowboy George just plain stupid or what. and what else are he and Rove up too that we yet don't know about and which may someday come back and blow up in our faces.

Is this another example of Bush wanting to 'privatize' that has just gone too far and run amuck or is there more to this port scandal that we don't yet see.

Which foreign government or foreign company will be allowed to gain control of and have full access to other US security efforts. Which foreign gov or company will have management of our border security, will the Mexican gov. or a Mexican company be allowed to take control of and manage the US Border Patrol and our border security. Which foreign govs. will be allowed to purchase a US oil company, wooopps, we have already almost had China do that very thing.

Which foreign gov. will be allowed to manage our airport security system.

In Bush's effort to privatize everything, which foreign company will be allowed to manage the NSA or for that matter the entire Department of Homeland Security.

Which foreign gov. will someday be allowed to manage the US WMD labs, yes America we do have WMD facilities or have you all forgotten that fact.

Which US oil companies will be allowed to entirely take over US gov. alternate energy research program and impede that effort even more than it already has for the last 30 years and did so by getting Reagen to cancel Pres. Carters energy initiatives, policies and laws. And, just look where we Americans are now and where Global Warming is taking us all. The experts say that Americans better get used to the idea of a 40% reduction in our standard of living because that is exactly what is coming.

Why does King George want to sell off or give away all of America's assets to US and foreign corporations???????

Will the US oil companies be allowed to continue to dictate American foreign policy to better serve their desire to acquire even more wealth. For example, will US oil companies engage in the continuous toppling and support of murder, instability and constant chaos around the world and most especially in central america, south america and the middle east just so they can acquire more wealth. Oooops, that very thing is occurring within the Bush administration at this very moment by all US oil companies. Just how much does this control of American foreign policy by the US oil companies benefit the Bush family, Dick Cheney, Halliburton, Bechtel, Karl Rove, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Tom DeLay, the state of Texas and the Republican Party.

Well, I guess those comments will surely put me on the Bush/Nixon enemy list aka the NSA watch list. Oh, I forgot, Nixon isn't around anymore, but his policies sure are. Reagan isn't around anymore, but his policies sure are. Bush Sr. isn't in office any more but his policies sure are.

Just what fundamentalist religions (Catholicism, my religion) will threaten me and others(Sen. Kerry, Supreme Court justices) with withdrawal of the Blessed Sacraments or excommunication. I really don't HATE women(who are children of God) seeking abortions and I really don't HATE Gays(who are children of God) and I really don't HATE Muslims (because they too are children of God) nor for that matter do I hate Buddists, Hindus, Mormons, Quakers, or any war dissenters. Am I really supposed to HATE ALL these people. I DON'T THINK SO--- and I will NOT hate them.

Nor will I hate the governments of central and south america who choose not to follow Bush's hardline philosophy which benefits only US corporations at the expense of their own citizens. I will not hate the government of Evo Morales(Bolivia) or Michelle Bachelet(Chile) and those other countries who choose to do more for their own people than they do for the Bush gov. and the US oil companies and some other US businesses that use sweatshop labor involving women and children. I will just continue wearing the same clothes I have been wearing for the last 7-20 years. Yes I have clothes that are 20 years old. I can live with a 40% reduction in my standard of living because that is the way my parents lived and the way I have lived. That is the way most average,everyday,ordinary Americans have always lived. But can Bush and his wealthy friends live with a 40% reduction in their standard of living, I think not. SO, what will they do? They can't take much more away from us average and poor folks, because we don't have much more to give. I guess they will just have to continue waging wars all over the world to satisfy their own greedy desires.

Which oil rich country is next in line for a Bush/Repub/wealthy/corporate war?

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