Monday, November 20, 2006


War, Religion and Politics, namely, the Republican Party And The Catholic Church and Other Theocons

Dear All,

Just to remind everyone, I am a an Independant , voter and a Catholic. But I am NOT a right wing fundamentalist Catholic as is Pope Benedict XVI, Those in the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops(aka USCCB). I think the Catholic Church has gone far astray of the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church has merged religion and politics. This was most obviously done by Pope John Paul II when he aligned the Catholic Church with the Republican party in America. He threw the resources and world wide power of the Church and most Catholic voters solidly and unqualifiedly behind the Republican party giving that party huge power over the lives of most Americans, even and especially those who are not Catholics and leading to the enormous damage done to America and to the entire world. As a result of this unending and unqualified support of the Republican party America got Ronald Reagan(and all his crimes and those of the Repub party against the american people), Bush 41(and all his crimes ...) and finally the absolute worst of all Bush 43(and all his and the Repubs crimes against America and the world causing an enormous amount of deaths, to our troops, Afghani and Iraqi civilians).

America is now a deeply fractured and deeply divided country from which it may and seems to me forever unlikely to recover. The Supreme Court of the US(aka SCOTUS) is loaded with Republicans and radical right wing Catholics aka Catholic Republicans.

I see no hope that the Catholic Church is ever going to stop doing what it is doing and thus I fear greatly for America , our troops and our people.

Their are three fundamentalist religions in the U.S. They are the Mormans, the white southern Confederate States Baptists. The Mormans seem to be limited in scope and power to Utah and Arizona and they don't seem to mix their religion with national politics, being satisfied with the state politics in Utah and to some extent Arizona. Both of these states strongly support Bush and his Repub war and death machine.

Now the other two fundamentalist religions, the SBC and The Catholic are not only fundies but jihadist as well. They give Bush and the Repubs unlimited power to wreak havoc on our democracy(eg. Torture Legislation which can easily be used to control and dominant americans into submission and fear) but give Bush&Co. unlimited power to conduct war on innocent people.One writer remarked that the SBC are the foot soldiers in Bush's war against democracy in america while the Catholic Church are the thinkers. I would alter that statement thusly, the Catholic Church is the policy hawks behind Rove, Bush , the Repub party and their entire war machine against the american people. And the Catholic voters are also the foot soldiers in the Bush anti-american war anti-world war machine and they are just as guilty as the SBC in what is a never ending ideological battle to greatly lessen democracy in america and around the world. These groups don't want peace or they would never support Bush and the Repubs who don't want democracy or a gov't 'by, for and of the people.

This is easy to verify as one only has to listen to the msm, most especially Fox News(not news at all but nothing more than Bush/Catholic Repub propaganda. Also watching C-Span and listening to the callers since Bush gained office and comparing then to now since the Dems won so many seats in the elections despite Karl Roves loudly stated goals to totally destroy the Democratic party and remain in power forever. Another source to watch for Catholic Repub agenda is EWTN, the Catholic cable channel where all of the participants from the boss Mother Angelica on down endlessly spew out the Republican agenda and tell Catholics to vote Republican by telling the listeners of this almost seditious network to vote Pro-Life, the code word for the Repub party.

The of destruction of the Dem party would destroy our two party 'system of checks and balances' which did end when Bush became prez, our worst prez. When the Dems were rendered helpless and powerless over the last twelve years and most especially over the last seven years our democracy no longer existed. Without a two party system there is no more America. So for those who are truly patriotic Americans our two party system must be protected at all and any costs. Outside terrorists are far less of a threat to America than the terrorists within, all of whom I have mentioned above.

There was a woman on C-Span's Washington Journal (an excellent program because it is the only program whereby Americans can talk and especially listen to each other without going through the msm which is just a Bush Repub spin machine) calling in from Missouri( a Repub red state) who spouted the repub point of view and complained about the rest of us who don't follow the Rove, Bush, Cheney Repub party line. At the end of her comments(and she was a nice lady even with her moderate acrimony) asked the question 'and who are the neocons, she keeps hearing that word and didn't understand who these people were, I paraphrase but that is the gist of what she said.

My first thought was 'and she is a voter' and how terribly uninformed she is. Voters need to understand that the Bush Repub party is based on three ideological pillars. The Theocons, the Corporatocracy and the warhawk(pro war pro killing) Neocons. Actually all three the Theocons the Corporatocracy and the Neocons are warhawk groups and pillars of the Repub warhawk and chickenhawk machine. All three of these groups will use every means possible(to them the ends justify the means, any means) to achieve their ideological agenda, their ends.

The Theocons(Catholic Church and SBC and a few others who are committed to using religion for political power and political power for religious purposes) the corporatocracy( a number of Big Businesses who are profitting immensely from the war like Halliburton, Bechtel, Military-Industrial complex of defense industries and a few hundred other war profiteering Big Businesses) and the Neocons(Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer etc. ad nauseam) are the groups that are the mainstay and support pillars of the Repub party.

It is the neocons who want to project American military power all over the world, especially all over the Middle East. Using Google and Wikipedia it is easy to learn about all of these aforementioned groups, for starters just go to Wikipedia and type in neocons and start reading about the father of the neoconservative movement who is Leo Strauss. These neocons were once democrats but some time ago almost all of them became Repubs because the Dems are less likely and less willing to go to war.

Many of these neocons are warhawks/chickenhawks like Cheney and Rumsfeld and are left over from the Cold War and who are still totally buried in Cold War ideology of destroying the Communists, Russians and Chinese. The other main part of the Neocons are Jews who are left over(that is somewhat disrespectful of me to use that term, though I mean no disrespect) from the worst event in human history the Holocaust and they remain ever fearful of that event as if it is still going on, because to them it is still going on in their minds and in the Middle East, so for them it is still very real. But they are the very reasons why this continues in the Middle East.

The main problem with the Jewish Neocons is that they are contributing immensely to all that is happening by their actions in the Middle East and their actions in America. They seem to have taken warped lessons from the Holocaust because they are committing their own Holocaust in the Middle East. War begets more war and violence begets more violence. They are doing nothing to make Israel safer by manipulating the U.S. into this war. Pat Buchanon, a paleoconservative(which is true Republican conservative) has spoken well and clearly on this topic of Israel manipulating America into this war. Just as in America where the gov't does not listen to the people so to in Israel where there are very blarge numbers of Jewish citizens who are against what is going on and demand peace of their own gov't but it does not listen, as usual the warhawks like Netanyahu seem to prevail.

There are Catholics in America who oppose this war but does the Catholic Church listen, no it just continues to support Bush and the Republican party. But then the Catholic Church is not a democracy one person, the Pope has complete and total control. Pope Benedict XVI just like Pope John Paul II must THINK they KNOW the mind of God. I can now easily see that St. Malachy, Archbishop of Armagh, predicted through his Prophecy of Popes the end of the papacy.One person, the Pope who wields so much power can very easily be wrong and cause so much damage to worldwide 'Family of Man' which is to say the entire human race.

It is ironic that the Pope Benedict XVI continues his unrelenting support of the Bushies and the Republican party despite the fact that Jesus clearly demanded the separation of church and state (render to caesar...render to God... and threw the scribes, pharissees and money lenders out of the temple) as does our American Constitution which the Pope and Bush and the Repubs all just completely ignore.

The neocons and all Jews are ever vigilant that this must never happen again and I agree with them, wholeheartedly, that this must never happen again and so I remain ever vigilant as we all must. That is one huge reason why I am so angry and critical about Catholicism, my religion, because I am convinced that had the Vativan and Popes Pius XI and Pius XII never supported Hitler there might well have never been a WWII. Should anyone want to study this further just read many of my previous blog postings as I have covered much of those events. Or using sources like Google and Wikipedia just look up the Reichskonkordat of 1933, by which Pope Pius XI put the Catholic Church stamp of approval on Hitler (called Imprimatur in catholicism) and led to his being elected(yes elected) in Germany. That was a HUGE wrongdoing by the Catholic Church which can never be made right by the Church.

To me the only way the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI can begin and I do mean only begin to go about some small, and I do mean small, measure of restitution for the abomination is to open the secret archives of the Vatican to scholars and historians from all over the world, especially the Jewish scholars and historians from all over the world. If that is done and all of these records are available for public review, books etc, can some small measure of restitution begin. That support of Hitler and the nazi party by the Vatican would also be some small measure of restitution to the German people, the people of Poland, Hungary, England, France, Russia and the United States for all the suffering and enormous number of deaths cause by the complicity between the Vatican and the nazi party.

We must all remember that the american bankers and financial supporters for the nazi party was a company called Brown, Brown and Harriman and specifically two employees Prescot S. Bush and George Herbert Walker, anyone familiar with those names and those families. Yes dear readers they are just who you think they are, corrupt then and corrupt now. FDR, even after the war started had to actually order them to stop their financial operations and support of the nazis' here in America and in Germany and Poland. Read it and be amazed.

My father was in that damn rotten war, aboard Liberty ships whose life averaged out to be 21 days. Thankfully he lived through it but the after effects of his sea duty war zone experiences are still affecting my family to this very day. So I can see what is and will happen to our troops in this Bush(once again that family name rears it's ugly head) Catholic Republican war, a war of choice, is doing and will do to our troops and their families and the Iraqi and Afghani families. All of you must know and remember what is still happening to our troops/families from the Vietnam war another dumbass politician's war. My brother was a Marine Sgt. in that war.

Let no one forget the shabby and insufficient treatment our vets from that war got. The very same thing happened to our vets from the first Gulf war and the very same kinds of neglect will happen to our troops and their families as a result of this war. If we are not going to give our vets full and proper care then we should not send them to war unless America is directly attacked.

No, don't give me that bullshit Bush Repub line that we were attacked. 'They' did not attack us, there was no 'they'. There was only Osama bin Laden and his small group, the entire Iraq, Afghanistan and the entire Middle East did NOT attack us , only bin Laden and his supporters in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi gov't and the Saudi family attacked us.

I'll repeat that, only Osama bin Laden and the Saudi's attacked us. But Bush and the Repubs do NOTHING about that fact. The Bush family are great friends with the Saudis', does anyone see a pattern here, I certainly do. And where did our best intel about bin Laden come from, it cam from Iran and Syria, but everyone overlooks those facts in the never ending drumbeat for more war, against Iran and Syria.

Does anyone remember that Iran got their nuclear know-how from Pakistan. Does anyone remember that according to all the experts Iran is many, many years from getting the bomb and it is a signatory to the NNPT as is America yet it is we who broke that treaty and will soon be giving our nuclear technology to India which is not a signatory to the NNPT(Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) as Pakistan is not a signatory.

I like India and the Indian people and don't blame them for Bush/Repub violation of that treaty. But because of our violation of that treaty India can now make more nuclear bombs. This action by Bush just adds to Middle East turmoil and instability, which America is famous for causing. If you don't believe me, just look at Central and South American countries where we have caused endless instability even way before WWII.

Corporate greed is responsible for what the CIA has done causing endless instability in those countries. I don't hate America as the Bush Repubs would insist I just expect our country to not go about pillaging and looting so many other countries in the name of 'we the people' when in reality it is most often done for American corporations. I don't want my tax dollars used for such purposes.

Also all of you must remember that the damaging effects done by any war including this war lasts on average for the next three generations in the families of our troops but also in the families of the Iraqis and Afghanis. And thats a fact, jack. So the Bush/Repub party has spat out SNAFU and FUBAR all over America and all coalition troops and their families and again among the Iraqi and Afghani families. Does that outcome of this Bush, Bush family, Catholic, Repub war sound like Pro-Life to any of you. Does that / do those outcomes sound anything like "WINNING HEARTS AND MINDS" to any of you .

So once again the Pope, the Vatican and the USCCB make another HUGE, HUGE, HUGE mistake/abomination unto God and 'The Family of Man' for endlessly and so solidly supporting Bush and the Republican party, and does that sound to anyone on this earth or in America like Pro-Life. I cannot believe anyone in America of any religion can consider that Pro-Life.

And just how in the name of God and all that is holy will the Pope and the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops ever begin to make right yet another abomination like what is happening in my beloved America and to the peoples of the Middle East. This is not Pro-Life it is totally Pro-Death, Pro-Death, Pro-Death. And it is going on everyday, where and when will it ever end. I see no end in sight.

The Theocons, Neocons and the corporatocracy MUST be stopped by the American people.

I hope and pray everyday that the Dems can undo some of the worst damage done by the Bushies, Catholic Repubs, all Repubs, the theocons, Neocons and certain members of the corporatocracy. We must BAN the lobbyists and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Finally if we are going to put our troops in harms way let all Americans DEMAND that it be done only when absolutely necessary, and as a last resort. Let all American remember the 'WE THE PEOPLE' are responsible for what use our troops are put to beceause it is we who are ultimatelty responsible for their well being. The Theocons, Neocons, Corporatocracy and the Bushie Repubs don't give a damn what happens to them and further will cheat them and their families out of every service they need to recover from their service to our country. Let ALL Americans DEMAND that our gov't clearly and totally explain why our troops, their families and our entire nation must suffer through the horrors of war.

The Reeethugs must be stopped from constantly stirring the pot of war they are now trying to spread to Iran and Syria. Damn all the Reeethugs for what they are doing to promote and damn their suypporters in the corporate world and the neocons and the theocons.

Pray for peace and give peace a chance.

Let us all demand that Israel make peace in the Middle East. Israel is the most powerful country in the Middle East and has enough nuclear bombs(thought to be six hundred) to destroy the entire Middle East. If Israel cannot make peace in the Middle East then I invite the entire nation to come and live here in America.

I support Israel but I also equally support the peoples of Palestine and the Middle East who are dying on a daily basis. They do not have the military power Israel has and so are unable to defend thewmselves with the same skill and ferocity that Israel and America have available to do the killing. Israel must finally be held responsible for the killing it is doing against the Palestinians and must be held responsible for making a fair and lasting peace with all the peoples of the Middle East.

Israel and America, specifically the vicious and the deadly Bush Rethugs don't seem to understand much of anything. Especially that peace costs far less than war and peace is far better for business.

Do the Israelis want to make war or would they rather do business, where everyone benefits. I am absolutely amazed that business leaders in Israel and here in America do not seem to understand that war is only good for a few businesses while peace is good for all businesses.

And then there is the even more important issue namely, that "The Family of Man" , all human beings can begin to realize their full potential with worldwide peace. So though they Bushs, Cheneys and Rumsfelds of the world thrive on war and live according to their baser instincts 'we the people' have to stop these people for the endless, criminal and Godless ways they want the world and our beloved America to be. 'We the people ' do not want these endless killings so we must stop them all including the neocons, corportocracy and the theocons in the Catholic Church and the SBC who endlessly support the Bushs, Cheneys and Rumsfelds in america so they can go about doing their evil. As the old sayin goes 'dance with satan and he'll own your soul' and that is exactly what is going on.

God is never wrong but man made religions can easily be wrong and in the current events both Catholicism and the SBC are very , very wrong as they are dancing with the devil to the peril of us all. If my fellow Catholics want to damnce with the devil by following the Pope that is their business but don't drag the rest of us down to the level of the devil.

Only diplomacy, never war-

Pray to God for peace, not this Pope nor the last Pope who have most assuredly lost their way.

And don't pray to the Godless Bush or the Repub party because being Repubs they are not in this world to care for and see to the well being of people but only to the benefit of the Repub party and their endlessly greedy, stop at nothing corporate friends all of whom are now totally corrupt and criminal and completely bereft of any empathy or humanity for what is happening to all of us.

And yet it really is all so simple, myself and millions of others can easily tell Benedict what he should be doing, because the College of Cardinals and the USCCB surely are not. If most of us would stop supporting and protest the likes of Benedict, Bush, the Bush family, Cheney, Falwell Robertson, Perkins, Dobson, Santorum, Brownback, Hunter, McConnell,Lugar, Hagel, Hatch, Graham, Inhofe, Lott, Sessions, McCain, Flake, Cornyn, Barton(Tx) Hastert, Rove and all those other creeps the world would be a far better place to live and grow for all of us rather than the death chamber it has become.

Give peace a chance, better yet DEMAND PEACE.

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