Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Bush, Son, Father, Their Denials Of Reality And The Endless Theocon Support

Did anyone hear Bush's comments on Vietnam, as the courageous Keith Olbermann said Bush still "has no Clue". Bush has lost all connection with reality. Only the Theocons and Neocons believe him now and maybe even the some of the Jewish neocons seem to no longer believe him. Only neocons like Cheney, Von Rumsfeldt, Bill Kristol and a few thousand other crazies still believe Bush and his machine of endless destruction and war.

Oh, and Pope Benedict still supports him as did Pope John Paul.

Just look at what these two Popes have unleashed upon America and the world. It is almost unfathomable that so much corruption of the laws of God and teachings of Christ could exist in the Catholic Church, my church, but then just look back to what the Catholic Church did to put the nazis and Hitler in power in 933 and all the damage they wreaked upon the world then and much of which still continues to this very day via the never ending spread of nazi like thinking. As for example, in the Repub party and the Nazi-Fascist Neocons.

Oh, and the College of Cardinals and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops still support him so they to must believe in Bush, the man who has claimed on four ocassions to be Jesus Christ. Well, Falwell, Robertson and that paragon of virtue, Newt Gingrich the man of the Moral Majority/Contract With America, who leads a morally corrupt life with his numerous affairs of adultery and other sordid behaviors, still believes him. But then these people would believe Bush as they are corrupt themselves.

What is so unusual, crazy and a complete denial of reality by Bush, the sociopath, is that he continues to say he will not leave Iraq because it is not a victory if he does leave and at the same time speaks so highly of Vietnam. Mr. Stupid Bush has just forgotten that America 'cut and ran' from Vietnam and as a result the Country of Vietnam has become what it is today and which he acclaims so highly.

Bush is beyond stupid and narcissitic he is pathological. I could pick his remarks apart piece by piece for their complete lack of logic, error and stupidity. Bush, this wretched and diabolical man/boy/president is a mess and quite subhuman, like Cheney and Von Rumsfeldt.

Did anyone read what happened to Bush 41 in Dubai where he was heckled and jeered at a leadership conference speech he gave. He became upset and somewhat incoherent. From what he said it became quite clear, to me, that yes he is the father of George Bush because he acted just the same. Bush 41 just couldn't understand why the audience was acting the way they were, so George H.W. is equally out of touch with reality. No wonder he spawned Bush 43 and the rest of the miscreants and neandrathals in that family.

Pray for peace-

And pray that America and the world may rid itself of the entire Bush family. I hope they go to Paraguay and it will be good riddance to the entire lot of them. But I feel sorry for the citizens of Paraguay, however the Bush family will be in the company of the WWII nazis who are still alive in Paraguay and their families. Because they are all of similar ideology they will get along well.

Finally should America be so lucky that the entire Bush family would move to Paraguay I refuse to let my tax dollars be used for the use of the Secret Service to protect them. Let the Bush family hire mercenaries and torturers, at their own expense from CACI, Titan or Blackwater to defend them and their 140,00 acres. The american oil, drug and defense companies will share the expenses and charge the American public by raising oil and drug prices.

Demand Diplomacy, Forbid War and Killing.

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