Thursday, November 09, 2006


Thank God

Well the good guys won this time. The Dems and us independants stuck together for the common and greater good. We defeated, for now, the Theocons(Catholics and White Baptists) the neocons and the corporatocracy.

Also it is quite possible that some Catholics and white Baptists saw what was really happening to our country and their families and changed their minds about following dogmatic ideology and decided to vote for America and the common good of all and especially their families best interests. I sincerely hope that is the case and if so I warmly and heartily welcome all of them to work for a better and far more fair America.

May God bless all of you.

And yes I have tears in my eyes as I wrote the above.

And finally we will have to be vigilant and make sure that the promises offered by the Democratic party to work on behalf of 'we the people' are exactly what they do. So in reality this is a good beginning but it is just barely a beginning and so 'we the people' must remain patient and at the same time forever vigilant that we never lose what we almost lost our American democratic values and institutions, our very precious democracy.

The next thing is the repeal of the Bush/ Catholic Repub 'Torture Legislation'. Let's be sure we do not allow america to become another nazi party. Also the lowering of taxes on the poor and the middle class and the increase of taxes on those who can afford it. Let's make sure that our border policy not be controlled by Vincente Fox and the Mexican gov't. Instead let us DEMAND thatthe corrupt Mexican gov't, police and military and the 15 families who own 90% of the wealth in Mexico immediately begin working to get the poor Mexican citizens out of poverty.

Let all Americans demand the Catholic Church and our gov't put equal pressure on the Mexican gov't to STOP this endless impoverishment of Mexican citizens and the endless impoverishment of all peoples throughout central and south america.

The Catholic Church and a few american corporations like Brown Bros. Harriman(Prescot S. Bush and George Herbert Walker) are the reasons why we had Hitler and the nazi party and therefore WWII. The Catholic Church and american corporations are the reasons why there is so much poverty in america, Central America and South America and throughout much of the world. Our gov't must work to provide a healthy business climate but a controlled one at the same time.

American corps. that step out of line and commit 'crimes against the people' of america or any other country must be prosecuted, their executives stripped of their wealth and put in jail for long periods of time. Corporate crime will drop off rapidly and drop to a small trickle. Punishment works very, very well against corporate and all white collar crime.

Our entire american electoral system/process must be fixed. We must end the electoral college, stop the use of electronic voting machines either completely and forever or until Diebold, ES&S, Triad and Sequoia systems can prove they are error proof, verfiable and completely transparent. The Canadian electoral process is simple, cheap and tamper proof. And as a result the Canadian people trust it completely.

Election reform must include the ending of horrendously long and vicious Republican/Rove style campaigning, which does nothing but depress the voters and keep us from voting because we are all sickened by the process. Anymore Repub/Rove elections and they should be tried, fined and put in jail. Waht was done to Harold Ford jr. by the Rove election machine was an abomination. The entire state of Tennessee just heaped more shame on themselves. But as always that is the Confederate south for you, they spawned the KKK, the white supremacists and the neo-nazis.

Election campaigning must be limited to one month and limited in spending to a very small amount of dollars. Corporate contributions of all kinds must be stopped.

Term limits must be employed, senators and representatives must limited to eight years in office. Since women are over 50% of the population 50% of congress and the SCOTUS must be women. We need a woman president and a black president ASAP. This endless old boys club dominated by white men must be stopped immediately. And all faiths must be represented in congress.

Pray for peace, give peace a chance.

Only diplomacy, never war

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