Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Pro-Death Caused By The Catholic Church

Dear Readers,

As you may remember I am a Catholic and an Independant voter and I stand in strong support of people, The Family of Man, which is to say all the children of God, and I stand in complete support of our beloved America.

I also stand against the Catholic Church in it's endless Pro-Birth and Pro-Death stance. I also stand firmly against it's endless support of the Republican party and the Bush admin. in it's very successful use of religion for political power and the Catholic Church's stance to give unlimited and unqualified support to the Republican party and the fact that both of these groups have so successfully deeply divided and fractured America and shredded our Constitution, giving 'we the people' among other hateful things the recentfully signed 'torture Legislation'; and this nazi pope thinks that is just peachy keen. But then being a past nazi he would support such a violation of human rights just as Hitler did during his reign and his/Catholic Holocaust. Which now has resulted in the endless Middle East wars and the rise of the Neocons, many of whom are Jews and who still carry a great fear of the Holocaust just as I do.

The Neocons have arisen as a result of the Holocaust and their great fear that it might happen again. But they are making a Holocaust happen yet again but now in the Middle East.
The Neocons and the Israeli warhawks like Netanyahu and Ohlmert are not acting upon a hate for the Holocaust, in fact they use that event to justify their causing of another Holocaust, this one being in the Middle East and in America resulting in their shredding of our Constitution.

The Catholic Church's 2000yr long intimidation of Catholics via their fear of hell has now become a complete intimidation of all Americans. And let no one tell me that is not the intent of the torture legislation because if it is not and it is all above board then why has it been kept secret from the American people and Congress and even Congressional oversight committees whose very job it is to provide oversight and a measure of control over egregious use of these kinds of over-reaching types of practices.

And now the latest is laws that will eventually be enacted that will outlaw abortion and women's rights to the control of their own bodies. So we still have male dominated religions keeping women in second class status with not even the power over their own bodies; because the Catholic Church deems that they are not to have those rights on the basis that it KNOWS the mind of God and it is doing what God wants. Just how much hypocrisy is that, and just how much PRIDE is that. I don't like abortions but it is my right what women should or should not do nor is it the right of any male to make those decisions over women, especially when God does not. He gave us ALL Free Will, including women. The domination of women and the endless bashing of gays is itself an abomination.

If anyone doubts my thesis they have only to look at what is happening in Nicarauga and El Salvador where two Archbishops in these catholic countries do not allow abortion under any circumstances, even rape, incest or the health of the mother. If that doesn't relegate second or third class status to women and make them nothing more than baby making machines than I don't know what other heinous rules and laws that the Catholic Church can enact that could possibly do more damage or do more to dehumanize women and strip them of their souls and the sanctity of their bodies.

In Nicarauga a woman, Jimenez Bojorge, and her fetus have just died because no doctor would operate on them for fear of long jail sentences enacted into law by the gov't and called for by the Archbishop in Nicarauga. The Catholic Church has a long history of death and supporting the violation of the sanctity of human life as during the Hitler(a Catholic) and the Nazi regime endorsed by Pius XI and Pius XII. For greater detail see many of my previous blog entries.

The very same thing that is and has occurred in Nicarauga is occurring in El Salvador at the demands of an archbishop in that country. And that is exactly what will happen in America because the ball is now rolling due to the State of S.D. once and still guilty of criminal and userous credit card laws and now guilty of violation of the covenant between God and each of His children, as it places itself above that covenant.

And additionally, and of even greater fear is that there are now a good number of groups that are proposing laws that are exactly the same of those in Nicarauga and El Salvador namely, the complete prevention of all abortions for any reason whatsoever. When that happens, I will take to the streets with my pitchfork in complete civil disobediance and will refuse to pay my taxes.

When will the Catholic Church ever learn that killing of others who refuse to follow the dogma and dictates of the Catholic Church is always wrong no matter what the Pope, the Vatican and the USCCB thinks is a clear and total violation of the laws of God(thou shalt not kill) and the teachings of Jesus regarding the judging of others, such as he who is without sin...

The complete and total endorsement and support of the Bush Repubs is as terrible a sin as was it's support of Hitler and the Nazis whgich CAUSED the Holocaust. So if the Neocons want to attack someone or a group for the Holocaust let them attack the Vatican and the current Nazi Pope.

Pray to God not the Pope or the false christ(small c) George Bush, if you do you are parying to false idols.


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