Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Tyranny Of The Religious Right And The Repubs

Everything the Bush/Repub admin is guilty of the Catholic Church is equally guilty of. Because the Catholics ARE the radical extreme religious right in america and yes they have just been voted OUT by the american people.. That brings us a step closer to THE REAL DEMOCRACY we once had. Lose the Catholics gain our democracy and get a step closer to ending the Catholic Tyranny over America.

And Richard Pombo, another Catholic, who is the killer of the environment has just been thrown out of office by 'we the people'.

And then their is the Catholic Republican cabal who receive huge amounts of cash and support from the likes of Rupert Murdoch, a Catholic, and the biggest telecarrier of porn in the USA. Why does the Catholic Church not vehemently speak out about this rather than bashing gays who have no control over what they are.

Also there is, according to Alter Net and Jeff Marshall, Nicholas T Boyias who is owner and CEO of Marina Pacific Distributors a producer of gay porn who is a regular contributor to the Repub party and their partners in the Catholic Church all of whom claim to be the party of god(small g).

We must also remember Jeff Guckert Gannon, another gay, who worked for the repub party and mislead us all. Is that really how the Catholic Repubs function.

Apparently Ken Mehlman of the Catholic Repub party is also gay.

Sorry gay people we all are just trying to figure out the party of god(small g). I do not hate or even dislike gays, I just hate the self described party of god. Any religion or government who dehumanises anyone strips their God given soul from them. Our God given soul is the very essence of our humanity.

One thing we don't know about this election is how many votes were corrupted by the Diebold machines. ie. just how many more seats did the Dems win that we know nothing about. The clue to that is why did George macaca Allen not call for a recount, it would seem to me that given his bluster and pomposity he would have wanted to do so and was told not to by the Rove/Repub party, and just why did they did they stop this pompous ass from his recount. In other words are they afraid of a recount for some reason such as a fear of the public finding out that there were hacked Diebolds.

So we don't really know how badly the Dems were Diebolded.

Another thought is that the Rethugs are saving the Diebolds for the 2008 election. So the question is, are 'we the people', the american voters going to be Diebolded in 2008???

Time will tell, Nov 2008 will reveal all.

As for now I think all the Diebold machines must be bought back by Diebold and all the money returned to the american taxpayer. Moreover Diebold must be investigated in great detail for it's part in the political corruption of america. Every aspect of this company must be investigated because it is clear that they can make good machines. How do I know this?

Here in Ohio, the home of Diebold, there are many thousands of Diebold machines at banks and they never make a mistake. I have used these machines for some 3o years and never have they made a mistake. So why is it that Diebold makes electronic voting machines that can so easily be corrupted/hacked. I think that is deliberate on their part. And so Diebold executives should be put in jail for the rest of their lives and stripped of their wealth for the damage they have done to the fabric of our american society. And why is it that Peter Hoekstra a repub from Michigan wrote the HAVA legislation that mandates all of America must use electronic voting machines. WE must throw him and his machines out with the garbage because that is what Hoekstra and Diebold are, just garbage.

My next thought is that Ken Mehlman is a complete ass. He said something about holding everyone involved in our efforts(meaning repub election efforts) to a high standard, wow talk about denial of reality and turning the truth upside down is there no end to the egregious hypocrisy of all these repubs. So what did they actually do after Mehlman's statement, they used rascism to defeat Harold Ford jr, where Tennesseans just heaped shame all over themselves. The repubs pandered to the lowest in our society. as they always do with their endless use of fear, smear and queer tactics to win elections. They pandered to the white southern confederate, and probably Baptist Repubs(the party of god, small g) so widespread throughout that state.

The rethug party is the party of Rove and Gingrich corruption, that is what it does and that is all that it does, constant never ending corruption whereby they violate every known to be good standard, value and behavior in our society. This party is not the party of values and decency, in fact they define and embody all that must never be allowed to occur in our political system. This is the party of hate and intolerance, as John McCain once said of Jerry Falwell and I now say of people like Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter, Lynne Cheney(listen to her speechs) and the entire crew of Catholics, and non-catholics, at Fox News(starting with the screaming Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity(both Catholics) Laura Ingraham, Rush 'the scourge' Limbaugh and his brother, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Ted Haggard, and the new guy Glenn Beck, the less obvious Tim Russert(also a Catholic), and the other less obvious Charlie Rose and many thousands of others.

Mehlman, in saying what he said is proof positive that they have learned nothing and are still blinded by their radical and perverted mindset, and that is a terrible shame. We only have a two party system and can't afford to lose either party, as we lost the democratic party for the last seven years. With the loss of either party america has no system of 'checks and balances'.

So given Ken Mehlmen's and Karl Rove's intentions it looks as if we are going to lose one party or the other because of the repub party mentality. They will either kill themselves or they will kill the Dems and it is their oft and clearly stated intention to destry the Democratic party. And if so chaos will result in america.

Frankly, I don't care for or about either party because I am an independant voter and as such care only about my beloved America and will not allow either party to damage or destroy it. Nor will I allow the Catholic Church, my church, to destroy it.

Which leads me to my next point that one huge weakness in our democracy is that we only have two political parties. We need to have five or six like the British or more like the Israelis' have, then no single party can ever again gain total dominance and therefore a stranglehold over our entire country. In a multiparty political system no one party can ever have enough power to rule on it's own, coalitions must always be formed and that means that each party serves as a 'check and balance' against every other party.

This adversarial form of politics is the best protection that 'we the people' can have against political hegemony as has occurred for the last so many years under the Theocon Catholic Republican party and Bush family rule. Under their rule we almost lost america and we're not out of the woods yet because the work to correct the course in america will just begin with this election. The Theocon Catholic, SBC Repub party still represents a great and seemingly unending danger to our America. I fear these groups will never quit or see the light of day because they will just fester slighty under the surface of american politics.

And the information just keeps on coming out. And the band plays on.

Oh, the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, the SBC and the Republican party. None of these institutions are patriotic. How could any religion standby and just let the torture legislation be enacted. That fact alone condemns all the religions who said nothing or almost nothing as Pope Benedict XVI said almost nothing when he should have been screaming.

Give peace a chance.

Pray to God for peace and don't depend on religious institutions to speak out for peace.


Killing is never right unless directly attacked and 'THEY' the Iraqis did not attack us, only Bin Laden attacked us and his supporters in Saudi Arabia who are such good friends of the Bush family. It makes one wonder doesn't it. Just what is the Bush family up to. And just what is the Saudi family up to. Is it all just one big coincidence, me thinks NOT.

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