Thursday, November 23, 2006


What It Means To Be An American, for me it means FEAR

Dear Readers,

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans, even you Republicans, though I live in daily fear of you people and the damage you are capable of doing and already have done to my beloved America and so many other peoples around the world and especially in the Middle East.

My fear began with Reagan getting elected but was less at that time, it grew with Bush 41 and now has become a full blown, constant and daily fear since Bush 43 got elected.

BTW, I am an Independant voter who will vote Democrat from now on, and at all levels even state and local. I guess that makes me a heathen and traitor in the eyes of you repubs. But I prefer to think for my self rather than as a member of a blind, knee jerk, lock step, 'stepford wives' group-think organization. Some of you, actually most of you repubs who wish to give up your individuality and personal integrity thinbk of Dems as a party of wafflers and flip-floppers just don't realise that Independants and Dems are are not a single lock step group of thinkers . Instead we are a group of divergent thinkers who desire to examine every aspect of every situation. While Repubs are convergent authoritarian thinkers who are readily willing to give up their personal authority and responsibility to others who offer you simple solutions most of which are very narrow minded and of a narrow self serving agenda.

The repub party is a conspiracy because all repubs speak and think in lock step, as if they/you are all just one person and of one mind. Though it is my feeling based on what I see which is there is such a thing as a repub conspiracy it is also the analysis of many historians, who say that the Repub party became this way during the Eisenhower administration. While I thought your party became what it is today during the corrupt Nixon admin the historians say this actually began during the Eisenhower admin and it was because Ike, one of my favorite presidents, saw what his party members were doing and threw some out of his admin in favor of Dems, while distancing himself from other repubs.

As a result of those events the repub party has been working to create a strategy for taking over America and as we all can see reached full fruition under George W. Bush. The repub stategy failed under Reagan and Bush 41 because both were politicians but still gentleman from the old school, meaning they were not vicious enough to engage in all the dirty work that Atwater, Gingrich, Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted .

But then along came dubya, he of no values or moral compass ie. a sociopath, and Karl Rove quite possibly another sociopath and so the repub party, Cheney, and Rumsfeld had their man. Because of this cabal,including illegal elections in Florida via Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, also vicious people of no morals, who were willing to step low enough and sell their souls to create corrupt elections and with the aid of the US Supreme Court were able to get dubya into the presidency. Then he brought the most corrupt and evil group of people into our government which in effect became THEIR gov't. All of the above factors and the Three Foundations/ Pillers of the repub party , starting from the Reagan days, which were and still are the corporatocracy, the neocons and the theocons is what brings us to what we have today and which causes me daily fear for now and for the 2008 elections.

The corporatocracy is driven by endless greed, no matter the cost to peoples and childrens lives, and no matter the cost to America. The US Chamber of Commerce and corporatocracy's first, last and total allegiance is to unlimited greed, with absolutely no controls from our/their gov't. And the repub party since Reagan has given them just that environment. As a result we have children with Autism, Asthma, Learning Disabilities and rapidly increasing birth defects. Yet so many of the parents of these afflicted children continue to support and vote for the repub party. Do these parents care more for the repub party and out of control corrupt and unregulated corporations(like the chemical, drug industries and other pollution industries) that they are willing to sacrifice their own children. I would have to answer yes they do because they continue voting repub which gives us unregulated corporations and their endless dirtying of our environment.

The repub party is totally dependant upon and corrupted by the money they get from the corporatocracy. So repubs will never stand up to their money sources who damage your health and that of your children.

Now the next issue is the Neocons, like Cheney, Rumsfeld and the likes of Bill Kristol and many humdreds of other WARHAWKS who are bent on projecting american military might all over the world and especially in the Middle East no matter the cost to america in troops and treasure. And no matter the cost in lives of innocent peoples in the Middle East. Neocons are a conspiracy which merges american warhawks and SOME Jewish warhawks. Most Jews in America and Israel want a fair, just, and lasting PEACE for ALL peoples but the neocons do not, as they have a very different agenda for the world. It's called 'The New World Order', read about it, and the Council On Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission, PNAC, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation and about fifty other think tanks devoted to the repub party and it's agenda which is not a people friendly agenda but a money and political power friendly agenda.

Now to the third support group which gives the repub party so much unlimited power, the THEOCONS. These are principally two religious groups, the white southern Baptists and the Catholic Church which is my church and which I almost totally disagree with on almost all their issues. Al Franken, the wonderful comedian and commentator who I admire so much, said it very well when he described the repub agenda as using "fears, smears and queers" to gain political power. The THEOCONS, Catholic Church and white southern Baptists(aka SBC) use the very same tactics, which are really tactics of hate, to control their voters to vote only repub.

My church, the Catholic Church put Reagan in the presidency and completely and totally aligned itself with the repub party at that time and still fully supports it now and that is the very reason why the repub party has been in power so long and can get away with so many unconscionable and wholly unchristian acts against 'The Family of Man' not only here in America but the worldwide 'Family of Man'. Just as the Catholic Church endorsed Hitler and the nazi party it supports the repub party of today which is and uses the same nazi-like tactics(Rovespin propaganda/Goebbels) to gain and keep political power and destroy anyone it doesn't like.

The Catholic Church made an unforgivable error and sin then and it has been doing the exact same thing today starting from the presidency of Reagan and continuing through with the presidency of George Bush. What is even worse and more fearful is that the Catholic Church will never see through their own blind corruption and give up this path they are on. The church will keep at this until someone is able to stop it and I don't see anyone that is powerful enough to do that. Remember the church has been around for almost two thousand years.

Unfortunately as a result of this immense power the Catholic Church affects and controls elections in america and gov't policy both domestic and foreign. And equally unfortunate is the fact that the church is dragging us all down even those who are not catholics because it drags our entire nation down and forces all americans to be stuck accepting the catholic agenda for america, which is definitely not the american peoples agenda for america, as the recent elections have proven. So the Catholic Church remains an ever present threat to America and to the world via it's unending support of the repub party. And all of this is equally true of the white southern confederate Baptists.

As a result of THEOCON support of the repub party we now have dead and maimed american troops and a far greater number of dead and maimed Iraqis and Afghani peoples. I see no evidence of this killing ending unless the Dems with their slim majority are able to stop this endless death. Also as a result of Theocon support we also now have the 'Torture Legislation' and the past Pope John Paul, who started all of this, as well as the current Pope Benedict who did nearly nothing to stop this just as the two popes who supported the Nazi party and Hitler did so little to protest the Holocaust that they may as well have done nothing at all, but then they endorsed Hitler so the German people elected Hitler. And of course the result of the Holocaust is very much with us to this very day giving us the Neocons and in so many other ways.

God is never wrong, but man made and man run religions are Frequently wrong just as the Catholic Church and the SBC are today.

Here is a warning: another South or Central American catholic country just passed legislation that forbids abortion under ANY, ANY, and I repeat ANY circumstance whatsoever. If the Catholic Church is not stopped, due to it's zealotry, that is exactly what we will have in America and some states are getting dangerously close to that now. And btw that should give you all an idea of the low secondary status of women in the Catholic Church and in many Catholic countries. Those very same kinds of laws have already been proposed by various groups in America. I think women are much more than just baby machines and the death of even one woman due to such laws in North, Central or South America is an abomination unto God and man/woman.

I fear greatly for America and our shredded Constitution caused by the Neocons and especially the worst group the THEOCONS because they cannot be controlled due to their unquestioning belief that they KNOW the mind of God and so they do what God wants. Of course those of us who choose to think realize that these religious groups DO NOT KNOW THE MIND OF GOD and really only do what THEY decide for themselves what they think is the will of God. Their kind of thinking is blasphemy, heresy and hypocrasy of the WORST KIND. Their kind of thinking is the exact definition of the cardinal sin of PRIDE as they place themselves at God's level. These people are SACRILIGEOUS beyond all... These religious groups have no SHAME or HUMILITY.


It is not given to ANY of we humans to know the mind of God. And any act done via that line of thinking is an ABOMINATION UNTO GOD.

When religion is used for corruption and when religions lend themselves to political use than all that ensues/derives/ comes forth there-from is CORRUPTION/ SATANIC and DIABOLICAL.

And now I have a huge lump in my throat and some tears in my eyes as I am so concerned for 'THE ENTIRE FAMILY OF MAN' including the peoples of the Middle East.


I am an Independant voter and a patriotic American who will always question everything our government does no matter the political party in power. So you repubs just better get used to it, because I'm here to stay and dog your every step. And I WILL BE RELENTLESS. I will be relentless about NEOCONS. I will be RELENTLESS about scrutinizing all religions especially those most dangerous to America, the Catholics and the SBC both of whom seem to have strayed so far from the laws of God and teachings of Jesus.

Here in Ohio we have a group of protestant ministers who are doing wonderful things about the many problems in america due to the merging of church and state . They seem to believe as I do that this merging is corrosive to both church and state. This group seems to fully believe in the tachings of Jesus about the separation of church and state(render to caesar... and render to God...).

The wonderful Hillel said something along the lines of 'Do nothing to your neighbor that you would not want done to you' and all else is but commentary. Truly, a great thought, which seems/ is the same as the Sermon On The Mount and the golden rule. Although it was Hillel who spoke this concept back in about 300BC, and Confucius spoke it even earlier, then Christ and also the Prophet Muhammed all said the very same thing.

And once again lest ye forget, PRAY FOR PEACE.

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