Monday, November 06, 2006


Bush And His Corrupt Catholic Friends

The WH Office on Faith based iniatives must be disbanded. I do not want my tax dollars to be used by the repub party to spend my tax dollars to use religion for political gain. The two religions most responsible for the deep divisions and fracturing of america are the Catholic Church, the pope and the bishops, and the white southern confederate states Baptists(the land of slavery, killing of blacks, the KKK, the white supremacists and the neo nazis) and who must never get any of my tax dollars to further divide/fracture/destroy america along religious lines and the issues of abortion and gay bashing issues.

And especially given the fact that these are hate groups espousing hate issues, none of which are consistent with the teachings of Jesus or the laws of God. I do not in anyway support hate issues or anyone employing that mindset. And especially given the fact that these issues are used for political reasons, to enhance the power of the repub party and destroy the dem. party which is our only other party. What you say destroy the Dem party, yes that is exactly their intention and the repubs have said it out loud and in very clear terms uttered by Rove etc.

The destruction of the Dem party is very near even if they win tomorrow in the 2006 elections and gain some political power. Because these hate groups, of the Catholic and Baptist churchs, will never stop their aggression and hostility toward every one else who do not exactly follow their ideology. Which means that even if they lose some and thus have to share some political power now they will regain their diabolical stranglehold over all political power in america in the 2008 elections.

The end effect of that occurring will be the destruction of our american democractic values and institutions, which has already occurred to a large extent, and by which america will become another theocracy in the world which is full of hate and easily willing to attack other theocracies i n the world. The problem is that all theocracies THINK they know the mind of God(the sin of PRIDE) and are absolutely convinced they must act on what they believe is a moral/theocratic imperative.

I can tell you that only God knows his own mind and absolutely no one on this earth or in the next life will/can ever know the mind of God. So they are all heretics and blasphemers , completely lacking in humilitiy and certainly not fit to rule or govern in any way. Nor are they fit or entitled to have control over the lives of all the people of the earth. So be they Catholic jihadists or Islamic jihadists they must be controlled by the people/citizens of the world lest they destroy us all.

All of these groups must be held in check lest they destroy the creations of God namely, the human race with all of it's foibles and it's free will given by God, as well as the planet upon which we live. These hostile groups in america will NEVER understand the admonition against the merging of church and state embodied in our Constitution and the adminition by Jesus of rendering to Caesar... and rendering to God... and if they understand these admonitions and still choose to set them aside for the sake of PRIDE and zealotry they damn themselves and what is worse they drag all of us along into the abyss of their abomination unto God and man.

Their is something terribly wrong with these groups and their mindset. To destroy america and possibly the world for the sake of their personal beliefs against abortion and gays is so utterly wrong and yet they are blind to their own mindset and the inherent dangers within it.

Truly a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit. The end never justifies the means. A potentially good goal is forever damned when a sinful/destructive means is employed to gain that goal.

Give diplomacy and peace a chance. Better yet accept only diplomacy and do everything to block war.

Remember the stupid warped twisted logic that 'THEY' attacked us first is pure bullshit and the catholic repub politicians who use this logic to defend the Bush family oil wars are equally full of bullshit and should be denied the Sacraments. But that will not occur because the Pope and the Catholic Church completely endorse the Bush/Repub war machine.

'THEY' did not attack us first. Only Osama bin Laden, a Saudi attacked us and he should have long ago been put in a Saudi after a trial in the US and then another trial in Saudi Arabia.

Osama bin Laden did it so he and only he and some of his close cohorts should have been attacked. Iraq and Afghanistan citizens should never have been attacked.

Islam is not the problem, as Prof. Kahleel Mohammed says 'POLITICS IS THE PROBLEM.

Make peace not war. Pray for peace, oppose war.

Just to remind everyone, I am a Catholic, and an independant swing voter since the Vietnam war and a social warrior, a fiscal conservative and a Constitutional conservative. Don't mess with the Constitution, and save the tax dollars which should be used to benefit the tax payer, not the wealthy or the corporations.

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