Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The Instruments Of Torture

Let's not forget and in fact let us seek out, go after and bring to justice those who were the instruments of the Repub/Rumsfeld 'Torture Legislation'(let's call it what it is) like U.S. Army General Geoffrey Miller, Colonel Thomas Papas and their superior officer General Ricardo Sanchez for their crimes at GITMO and Abu Ghraib as these men are the real culprits and criminals, not the troops at the bottom of the chain of command, though they must be punished too but are not the cause of these horrible events.

The souless Geoffery Miller, Rumsfeld, Papas, Sanchez, Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, Bush and Cheney are the truly guilty.

Noe from Toledo, Ohio(btw Geoffrey Miller was born in Gallipolis, Oh. just more corrupt and criminal Ohio Rethugs, like Taft, Boehner and that other piece of Rethug scum from Ohio Bob Ney who just went to jail and much of the Ohio Repub party who have ruled this state for approx. the past four decades) Noe just got 18yrs in prison. If the rest of the Repubs in Gov't all got 18yrs in prison Repub corruption would very quickly come to an end and we could save the Repub party from itself, ie. self destruction and it's on going damage to the nation and the world.

President Ike where are you, your party needs you now. Are their any, even one Repub in America that is a decent and patriotic citizen who will put the greater good of the nation ahead of their party agenda. I don't know of even one. Should any claim to be so oriented, they are now going to have to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, and not just by Rovian spin but by ACTIONS. Even Barry Goldwater who started the decline of the Rethug party (aided greatly by Nixon and his cohorts, Cheney and Rummy) could and would never have imagined that he would cause this and now be considered to the left of the current version of the Repub party. One Goldwater Repub said that his kind are considered to be left of center, politically speaking.

And if the Repubs make any kind of a come back in 2008 'we the people' and America will be right back to everything that was going on before this recent election, America will once more decend into the pits of slime and hell.

Is that likely, yes you all better darn well believe it is very possible. Why, because the three pillars that support the Rethug party are not just going away. 1. The Rethug agenda will never change. 2. The neocons will still be around, even if they are no longer in the foreground but they will be in the background of american politics. 3. Endlessly greedy american corporatocracy will always be with us. 4. the Theocons, extremist religious zealots like the Catholic church, my church as well as the SBC will never learn and will never give up there own forms of religious corruption as they endlessly violate the laws of God and the teachings of Christ. And the Pope approves of all that is going on by his actions of endlessly supporting one political party, the Rethug party, when he should be stopping his merging of church and state, as forbidden by Jesus and our Constitution. But then the Pope and past popes were not ones to obey the laws of God preferring their own self interperetation of those laws and teachings.

Pray for peace

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