Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The Popes, George Bush And The Repub Party

And the rethugs with the support of the popes(previous and present) and the catholic church hierarchy has once more done a diservice to families and wage earners.

The catholic republican party has been eroding government support for womens issues since Bush became prez. Bush&Co. have just ended the EO Survery. The Equal Opportunity Survey that the government is supposed to conduct to determine whether, among other issues, women are being discriminated against in their employment by any corporations that receive federal contracts has recently been cancelled.

This is the very same thing that Bush and the catholic repubs did to the gov't agency that is supposed to see to the safety of the mines, where so many have needlessly died this year. And the same thing that caused the deaths of so many New Orleanians who have died or lost their homes due to the catholic repubs gutting the funds that the Army Corps of Engineers were to use for improving the levies.

I have talked to two priests and a few other catholics and none can explain these actions by the popes and the catholic church.

So much for the pope and the catholic church being pro-life, not one bit, they are only pro-birth and pro-republican. So I must ask the same question once again what does the pope hope to accomplish by his endless undermining of wage earners, families, women and children. The catholic church is not the least bit pro-life.

What is the pope's agenda for america in the short term and why is he trying to destroy it in the midterm/longterm. Does he think he is Jesus Christ like George Bush thinks he is Jesus Christ. Can both be antichrists? Or are both insane psychotics living in a bubble and disconnected from reality. Actually the pope can only have an agenda for catholic voters, he should have no agenda for america and he should get out of american politics.

If the pope wants to engage in some limited american ISSUES he should talk to me, I know what he should be doing as do many millions of others, and yet he can't seem to figure it out. He should be supporting the american people and american families by endorsing issues such as education, health care, a living wage and the end to the Bush family oil wars resulting in the death and maiming of many thousands of american troops and the same for many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani citizens. He should not be attacking gays or women seeking abortions, he should be welcoming them and helping them seek other alternatives in so far as that is possible, which seems unlikely for gays, possibly due to their unique genetics. And above all the pope should not be supporting the likes of George Bush or any member of the highly dysfunctional Bush family.

What does the pope not understand about: thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods(oil) love thy God and love thy neighbor(and that includes jews and muslims) the seven cardinal sins, dividing the loaves and fishes for all to have something to eat, Christ throwing the scribes and pharisees and money lenders out of the temple, etc.etc.etc. Just what exactly does the pope not understand.

Like George Bush, the pope has been a complete failure at managing american politics both foreign and domestic which he should not be doing in the first place. Due to Bush/papal politics america has become a deeply fractured country. There is no longer 'we are all americans' now we have a deeply divided country, there are only red states and blue states and a huge amount of hate and intolerance coming from the right wing christo-fascists and directed at all other americans, some 241 million of us. The pope is working in close cooperation with crazies like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist and so many of that ilk.

If you like what has happened to america, thank a republican, the party of hate and intolerance.

If you like what has happened to america since Ronald Reagan became prez thank Pope John Paul II because he was the one that aligned the catholic church with the rethug party.

If you like what is still happening to america thank Pope Benedict XVI.

Something is terribly wrong with both of these men and the catholic church, my church, of which I am ashamed for the destruction it has done to my beloved america.

I wrote a lengthy e-mail to Bishop Lennon of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese addressing many of these issues but have received no response, I am not surprised, don't expect any response, it's just as I thought. My guess is that either the Bishop has no response or he knows what the pope is doing is wrong and destructive so their is nothing for him to say. I did not even get a form e-mail/letter explaining any of the issues asked about. Maybe I should send him and endless barrage of e-mails.

Bush will be in office for more than two years and I greatly fear that america or the world may not survive that long.

The politicization of religion by the Pope and Bush and the repubs is an abomination unto God and man.

St. Malachy, archbishop of Armaugh, in his papal prophecies may well be correst and shortly forthcoming.

I have a deep fear that thanks to the alliance between the pope and the republicans the world is getting ever closer to doom. Certainly America is.

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