Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Torture Legislation

The torture legislation is the most vicious and heinous act/legislation of modern times. It is the most egregious example of the Bush/Rove/Repub/nazi-fascist neocon mindset. As Garrison Keillor said the Repub party elevator is still descending, I paraphrase but that is very close. What a wonderful turn of words, as he is so often wont to do.

I think Noam Chompsky, George Lakoff and Jeffrey Nunberg (all highly skilled linguists) will enjoy that phrase(you all should read the entire phrase) as will Amy Goodman, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the wonderful Molly Ivens. Along with Lou Dobbs, some writers on the NY Times and Wash Post the aforementioned are the only ones who cut through the Rovian spin, actually endless lies that are spread all over America by the MSM especially Fox, RupertMurdoch, the screaming Bill O'Reill, Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Tim Russert, Bob Novak etc. ad nauseam. And are they ever nauseating.

No wonder the MSM is in such a state of decline, they have lost all credibility, just like congress, no one believes them anymore. Those of us who frequent the internet and read a world wide selection of views are the only ones who have the clearest perspective about what is happening. Bob Woodwards new book State Of Denial along with the recent spate of books from Isakoff/Corn of Newsweek and Fiasco and many other must read books. But I digress.

So back to the Repub Torture Legislation---

The torture legislation should be enough reason for all those who voted for it to be stripped of their office, stripped of their pension, retirement and health care benefits, stripped of their ability to ever work in gov't at any level, stripped of their ability to be hired by any company that has gov't contracts, and hopefully put in jail for high crimes and misdemeanors (really not at all a misdemeanor in any sense of the word) and crimes against the Constitution and crimes against the American people and for causing great harm and damage to the fabric of our society. And/or maybe best of all they should be stripped of their citizenship and forever exiled from America.

ALL of those who voted for the torture legislation should be immediately removed from office, branded as traitors and terrorists. I am more afraid of them than of any Islamic terrorists. Religious terrorists are the worst be they Islamic, Catholic or White Southern Confederate State Baptists (aka SBC, Southern Baptist Convention).

We all must remember that anyone Bush, our worst and sociopathic pres) so designates as a terrorist can disappear forever into the CIA prison Gulag never more to be heard from again if BOOSH so decides as 'the decider'. This includes any and all Americans as well as non-americans.

It's only a matter of time ( coming soon to YOU) before the prez and C in C uses this legislation to completely silence free speech as well as any form of dissent or criticism of anyone in gov't or anyone in any corporation or anyone who complains about any corporation like Diebold, Halliburton or Bechtel or any oil companies, banks , insurance companies or drug companies. It's only a matter of time before BOOSH uses this legislation to make gov't even more secret, to force all politicians to be loyal to him, to enlarge and expand his powers and keep the Repubs in power forever.

We got one sick son of a bitch running this country and now he has unlimited power. Is that beyond frightening or what. It seems to me that the destruction of our society and our democracy is close at hand. I know it's a Republic.

And, AND, AND the right wing radical fundamentalist churchs/religions completely support this. I am a Catholic who does not in any way support Bush or the Rethuglikans. I wonder when they will come for me. One day three armed men from the FBI might show up at my door, and even though I am innocent they will haul me away to disappear forever. And my church, the Catholic Church thinks that is perfectly hunky dory and just real fine.

One could realistically say that the antichrist and his minions are walking this earth, they are among us and have finally and truly revealed themselves via the supporters of this legislation soulless and inhuman and completely unchristian piece of legislation. Bush/ the Repubs and all their supporters are dragging us all down into the pits of hell which they already inhabit.

God, our creator, gave us ALL, ALL, ALL FREE WILL. Bush and the Rethugs and the neocons and the fundamentalist religions that support them have just taken our God given FREE WILL away. Just watch this horror legislation spread, slowly at first and then it will pick up speed.

What if the Dems get into power. Well, you see that is the point they will never get into power. If there was any possibility that the Dems wouold get into power and could use this legislation the Booshies, Repubs, neocons and religious fundamentalists would never have passed this legislation.

I wonder when certain Dems will suddenly disappear or suddenly drop out of contention for any of the branchs of gov't.

Now not only is the SBC the religion of the white supremacists in America but the Catholic Church has joined them and is also the religion of white supremacy.

The perfect storm is on the horizon and is approaching if this legislation is not somehow stopped. I don't have any idea that there is anyone or any group that can stop it now that it has passed. Only the American people can stop it and not via the ballot box. Unfortunately it may take major civil unrest or a revolution by the people to put an end to this torture legislation. If the Repubs use this legislation sparingly the American people will probably never notice what is happening.

These rotten politicians and their supporters will never stop this legislation or rule it unlawful. These rotten politicians place themselves, their desires, their criminal corrupt and totally unpatriotic desires above all else including the needs of our nation.

The guise of national security is a complete pile of bullshit and is used to perpetrate crimes against the American not to protect them.

I will continue writing until this piece of legislation is struck down in some way, the Supreme Court seems unlikely to do that because four of them are radical fundamentalist Catholics who take their orders from the pope and Bush. In fact I will keep writing until the REpublicans are thrown out of office and the Dems repair the damage they have done to my beloved America.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

I learned that from Sr. Lucretia, my latin teacher.

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