Friday, October 13, 2006


And NOW, South America, Bush, The Rethugs, AND the CIA

Well my friends it was just a matter of time before it would begin, Bush would send the CIA into South American countries once more to destabilize, create chaos, kill and overturn legally and democratically elected governments.

It has begun in Venezula. Just how soon will Dick Morris, he of corrupt Repub politics used in Mexico, go to Venezuala to wreak havoc and destroy the Chavez government. Soon Venezuala will lose Chavez because he chooses not to adhere to Repub policy in the running of his country. And what will they gain, another murderous dictator as has happened so many times in the past in countries like Haiti(remember the DuValiers, Papa Doc and Baby Doc and their slaughter of many, many tens or hundreds of thousands of Haitian citizens) Chile(remember Augusto Pinochet who was another dictator who slaughtered many tens or hundreds of thousands of Chileans) or the Shah of Iran who slaughtered many tens of thousands of Iranian citizens) yes America did all that and much more.

In the case of Iran it certainly doesn't take any brains to understand why they hate and fear America, and most especially the Bush Repug administration which invaded Iraq.

Someday all the Sunnis' and Shias' will finally get sick of america and unite and for good reason, methinks.

WATCH and you will know by what you read and hear. It will start after the US elections unless the Dems win some political power. Watch and you will know what the Rethugs are doing, in your name.

Should you/we feel guilty your damn right we should but the religious right in america never will and that is why they are not at all Pro-Life but instead are really Pro-Death.

Should we do something to stop the Bushies from committing illegal and murderous acts in our names, your damn right we should. But HOW. I don't know, unless we withold our taxes and take to the streets, but then there is martial law and the guns that will be turned against us. But then our forefathers thought some things were worth dying for as so many did during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. But then the religious right have all the power and 'we the people' have none. So the religious right can support murder as much as they want, which is exactly what they will do. Watch and you will see.

Watch and you will see---

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