Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Foley Situation, Repub Party and The Catholic Church

The Foley situation is horrendous. It reveals the Repub party mindset. Their political power is more important to them than the life of congressional pages. I have repeatedly said that Bush and the Repubs are totally committed to their party and to nothing else. They are all blind, lock step, knee jerk and bereft of any decency or patriotism.

And this is the party the pope of the Catholic church, my church is totally aligned with and so completely supports. This alignment of the Catholic church with the Republican party was done by Pope John Paul II and continues to this very day. I know I have said this in previous blogs but it bears repeating and I will do exactly that and as often as it takes... Which is to say until the church and the pope turn themselves around and become a religion once more rather than just another political party. Render to Caesar... Render to God... And that is another very clear statement.

Also another thought, Pro-Birth is NOT in any way Pro-Life. The Catholic Church is really only Pro-Birth and not at all Pro-Life, rather once the child is born it is Pro-Death from then on via it's unwavering support of the Bushies and the Rethug party, also Pro-Death, not Pro-Life. Actually there is no such thing as a Republican that is Pro-Life, by their own definition of themselves. Neither Repubs nor Libertarians are Pro-Life.

This alignment between the Catholic church and the Rethugs has allowed the Republican party to gain and stay in power. They have a complete stranglehold over all three branch's of gov't. This unending and unlimited support by the popes and the Catholic church and it's control over Catholic voters has allowed the Bush/Repubs to commit the worst crimes of any administration ever in the history of the United States of America.

The Catholic church has become nothing more than a tool of the Bush admin. The Catholic church is as corrupt as Bush and the Rethuglikans are. It has degenerated to their level. I can understand this kind of behavior by the White Southern Confederate States Baptists (aka SBC) who have always been white supremacists, nazis' and members of the KKK. And I am aware of the Catholic church's support of the nazi party during WWII but I really thought that was long gone and a temporary aberration/sin within the church which was not supported by most Catholics especially among the allied nations and especially among american catholics. But this mindset, instead, is still very much alive within the church, albeit somewhat changed in form.

At one time I actually believed that the Catholic religion was a wonderful religion, WOW was I ever misguided, naive and stupid. Because they, the church said it I believed it. But actions really do speak louder than words and the actions of the church are completely clear. I have talked to a few priests and a few other Catholics but they all refuse to discuss these issues. Why the secrecy. Secrecy has always been a part of the papacy but this level of secrecy seems to have spread within the church and by most signs is now actually rampant throughout the heirarchy, the clergy and the laity of the Catholic church. Reference Fr. John Neuhaus, Opus Dei, that crazy priest in NYCity (McCloskey, I think) Mel Gibson(a crazy out of control catholic) and that crazy guy who represents the Catholic League nd so very many others etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam.

These people and their kind literally and I mean literally cause a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I need to find a more reasonable and peaceful religion. I hate - HATE. I wish I could do a better job of phrasing that, but thats it. Hate amkes me sick, there now thats better.

So again, or should I say once again, the Catholic Church is a white supremacists group just like the SBC.

Now On To: The Torture Legislation

The Torture Bill is the ultimate weapon to be used against human beings, both non-americans and americans, and is totally supported by Bush, the Rethuglikan party, the SBC and the Catholic Church. Religion and politics in the US are fully merged and this has corrupted both, it is corrosive to both and is ending/destroying America, our freedoms and rights, our democratic values and our democratic institutions. With this legislation 'we the people' will no longer be served by our gov't rather it is 'we the people' who will serve, service and be subservient to our gov't and the fundamentalist jihadist religions such as the Catholic Church and the SBC.

I'm looking forward to the time when the completely right wing biased MSM discovers that it no longer serves any purpose least of all that of informing the people. No wonder the MSM is in so much decline, it has lost all credilibity; as has the Catholic Church and the SBC.

The torture bill is without a doubt the most heinous act of modern times. It is the most egregious example of the Bush/Rove/Repub/nazi-fascist neocon and theocratic mindset that is strangling america to death. But that seems to be just fine with the Catholic church and it's agenda for America and our people. This legislation is the most un-Christ like actiontaken against people, human beings, ALL God's Children. No wonder St. Malachy predicted the demise of the papacy and now I see this as a very real possibility. It seems quite possible that the pope and the Catholic church have descended to satanic levels. 'Whatever you do to my brethern you do unto me'. There is nothing unclear about that statement by Jesus Christ, the true Christ. Not Mel Gibson's version of the christ(small c) who is George Bush.

Bush has claimed, on four ocassions to be christ(small c) but that doesn't make it so no matter how much the Catholic Church or the SBC supports and endorses him. Does the Catholic Church worship at the altar of George Bush or does George Bush worship at the altar of the Catholic Church? Bush is a sick sociopath and for that I can understand him and feel sorry for him but the Catholic Church can make no such claim, so I do not forgive them for what they are doing to America and the world. They are complicit in killing.

The last time killing was understandable and seemed tolerable was WWII. The killing being done now by the Bushies is totally unacceptable and an abomination unto God and man.

Religion when used to dehumanize people and which supports viciousness and aggression has become completely corrupted.

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