Thursday, October 26, 2006


The Popes, US Gov't, The CIA And The Death Of Millions

Ever since the CIA was formed in approx. 1947 it has been used by all american presidents to further US interests, that means corporate interests in many cases, around the world by causing instability and turmoil to topple other gov'ts that did not do as the US gov't and US corporations wanted.

Of course this constant turmoil has resulted in the death of millions of human beings in many other countries. Why, because the new regimes put into place by our gov't have almost always been a dictatorship (Pinochet(Chile) and the Shah of Iran, Bolivia Venezuala, Haiti, Contras(Under the Reagan/Bush gov't during which many people even nuns were raped, tortured and killed, look it up). This occurred many times in central and south america and these dictatorships killed, maimed and tortured it's own citizens and those in neighboring countries.

Under the Reagan, Bush 41 and now the Bush 43 gov'ts the popes and the catholic church heirarchy were directly involved and actively supported our govts in their commission of these totally reprehensable actions.

I as an american absolutely detest that our gov't did these things and am further deeply sickened by the fact that the catholic church, my church, was closely aligned with these republican presidents and the repub party. So the catholic church, via their total support of these republican presidents, is directly complicit in their activities and equally bears the awful stains of sin against man and God. All of which is completely unforgivable.

The thought that my gov't and my church could partner in the commission of these totally unforgivable acts/sins is, to me, UNBEARABLE.

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