Friday, October 27, 2006


More CIA

The US gov't must stop using the CIA to destroy other countries and their elected officials. Our gov't is guilty of criminal intervention in other countries which quite often results in the deaths of many innocent people.

Our gov't is guilty of complete disrepect for other countries and their citizens, whose human rights are very often violated as we deny them the democracy we want for ourselves. Although since Bush, the repubs and the catholics have taken control of america our democratic are being eroded and our democracy is nearly ended. And the catholic church is totally complicit in these affairs via it's unending support of the Repub party.

I expect far more of my religion but apparently it is just as corrupt as the Bushies and the entire repub party.

The use of the CIA to achieve instability and death in central and south american countries is quite often done for and at the requests of american businesses. No wonder Jesus threw the money lenders out of the temple. Bush and his many supporters in the catholic community are in direct violation of the teachings of Jesus. But christo-fascism is rampant in the catholic church and is guilty of the deaths of many millions of people.

The latest events/interventions/involvements are the Bush/catholic church opposition to Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Will the CIA be ordered to kill this man, time will reveal the truth. Will the CIA kill Evo Morales and/or Hugo Chavez, Michelle Batchelet and other south american leaders because they do not kowtow to George Bush and Pope Benedict XVI.

Then there was the Iran Contra scandal committed by Ronald Reagan when Pope John Paul II aligned the catholic church with Reagan and the republican party.

Then there is the matter of the CIA death squad who backed Haitian death squad leader Emmanuel 'Toto' Constant.

Why do so many americans think our gov't must control the entire world, we need to learn some humility.

As far as the Pope and the Catholic Church goes it has always been a controlling organization, that is how it survives. It just took me all my life to discover this fact. The church never has and most likely never will respect the 'Free Will' that God gave us all. The pope is so completely convinced that he knows the mind of God that he will stop at nothing to inflict his own agenda on america and the entire world via the Repub party control over the USA, the CIA and the US military.

Catholic/Papal/Bush/ Cheney/ Rovian democracy cannot be forced upon others at the point of a gun or an nuclear weapon. The Catholic Church cannot be saved at the point of a gun, torture, rape or death of human beings. Only peace, love and diplomacy will save the church, nothing else. Any gains via the aforementioned means are stained, contaminated and corrupted.

This is quite obviously sick and heretical thinking but the church has been guilty of this for a very long time, however via it's complete support of the Repub party much daamage has been, done via this alignment, to America and the entire world resulting in the deaths of many millions, with many more to come. The pope, the college of cardinals, the USCCB and all catholics need to learn much humility, especially the pope who is guilty of having no sense of shame or humility. This pope and the previous pope seem bent on death and destruction.

For further information go to, wikipedia and Google.

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