Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Elections 2006

It is of little wonder that Jenna Bush, if it's true, is reported to be in the process of purchasing 140,000 acres of land in Paraguay. Isn't that one of the countries where so many nazis escaped to, helped by the Catholic Church at the end of WWII to evade the Nuremberg trials. And just exactly what was the church trying to hide about their complicity with the nazi party and the holocaust prior to and during the war.

Could Jenna have studied spanish and be purchasing this huge amount of land in order to evade a Nuremberg investigation of her father via a turnover of our gov't from the domination and complete stranglehold by the Repubs to one where the Dems gain enough power to begin investigations into the Bush admin. Such an investigation will most likely result in the revelation of the complete and totally widespread corruption of our democracy and democratic values and institutions( torture legislation,merging of church and state in violation of the Constitution, loss of free speech, loss of free press, use of religion for political power, use of taxpayer funds to benefit religions, lying to the american peopleaided by MSM, enormous misuse of gov't monies to benefit certain companies like Halliburton,Bechtel,Blackwater, Carlyle Group etc ad nauseam) by the Bush family, the Bush admin and the Repub party.

Could Jenna be purchasing this huge amount of land in Paraguay so the Bush family can escape to Paraguay rather than risk certain impeachment and imprisonment and loss of family wealth?

Or will Bush either attack Iran or provoke Iran into an attack so he can declare martial law in america and stop the Dems from coming to power.

Or will the Dems, despite being so far ahead in the polls, suddenly lose on Nov. 7th via vote fraud, vote suppression(already happening here in Cleve, Oh. through the use of mass confusion among election officials) and Diebold electronic voting machines.

The use of fears, smears and queers(fear mongering re terrorism, fake terrorism; smearing of the reputations of Dems via swiftboating, rascism and vicious personal attacks; and hate mongering directed at gays/lesbians) is not working any more or is marginal at best, all showing a Dem sweep in all the polls and therefore a Dem sweep on Nov. 7th.

Since these Repub tactics which have worked so well in the past three elections are no longer working just what will the Repubs do, time will soon tell.

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