Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Some Observations

Saddam Hussein is being prosecuted for crimes against humanity. I wonder when those in our gov't who put him in power and kept him in power, like Rumsfeld, will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Also when will Bush and Cheney be prosecuted for the same, as well as John Yoo,Alberto Gonzales,Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Stephen Hadley, and David Addington, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, the neocons, the theocons, Paul Wolfowitz and Diebold be prosecuted for conspiracy and crimes against the American people.

What was the Catholic Church's involvement, especially the popes, in the Republican conspiracy to defeat Lopez Obrador and manipulat the election so that Calderon, who was far behind, and yet ended up winning the election.

Why does the Catholic Church, my church, always come down on the side of the wealthy in america and in so many central and south american countries. Why does the Pope support the wealthy against the poor. Other than few and feeble speechs and letters why does the church and pope not speak out more vehemently on behalf of the poor as Jesus did.

Why is the Pope so involved in the manipulation of american politics via his total support of the Republican party, the party of death of our troops, Iraqi and Afghani citizens, the death of the Democratic party in america, via the Rove/Repub agenda, and the negation of 241 million americans rights via the so terribly corrupt Republican party and it's torture policy and total gov't secrecy.

How many secret catholic organizations are there that no one knows about, like Opus Dei, why are they secret and what are they doing. I just found out about Opus Dei last year when Pope John Paul II died and learned that he endorsed this radical organization. I just learned about another semi secret organization supported by the K of C(Knights of Columbus, of which I was once a member) but left when the pope aligned the church with the Repub party after Reagan, the sleeping prez, became prez. This organization that I just learned about is for the express purpose of outlawing all abortions no matter what the reason, even if their is clear danger to the mother. It's OK if catholic women have so little value for themselves and their lives that they choose to go along with this kind of insane thinking but this should NOT EVER be forced on all american women by law, enacted by the Rep party which is so full of catholics.

I have been an independant swing voter since the Vietnam war and prez Nixon's corrupt repub admin. I will from now on always vote Democrat and continue to do so until the damage done to america by the Repubs under georgie boy Bush is reversed which will take probably 20yrs - 40yrs(get catholics off the Supreme Court) if ever.

I wonder just how much oil company stock the catholic church owns.

I am not only against Islamic fundie jihadists but am equally against the two fundamentalist jihadist religions in america, the Catholic Church and the white southern confederate Baptists. Maybe the fundamentalist Islamic jihadists should fight the Catholic and Baptist fundamentalist jihadists. Let those who endorse the culture of Pro-Death fight each other. Jesus would NEVER endorse war and the killing of any of God's children including muslims.

I have been reading the Daily Muslim Wisdom(beliefnet.com) everyday for the past five years as a result of Bush and the Repubs and especially the catholic repubs and their constant rhetoric of hate and intolerance toward muslims. I found the Islamic religion to be quite beautiful and so close to that of the catholic religion, my religion, that I was amazed. How could any catholic hate it is beyond me, the only way that any catholic could hate Islam is that they would also have to hate catholicism. Of course it is very possible that catholics and catholic repubs are either ignorant or take their attitudes toward Islam from the past and present pope both of whom totally and completely endorse and support the Republican party which is totally corrupt and the party of hate , intolerance, hostilility and viciousness and run by the high priests Rove, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Falwell and Robertson.

I may not know all the reasons why the aforementioned act as they do, due to so much gov't secrecy, but I can easily see ALL the RESULTS which are horrific and an abomination unto God and man. For any and every person who claims to be religious there can be NO ROOM in their hearts for any hatred or intolerance. If there is such hate then they are NOT, NOT, NOT christians, which means Christ like because Jesus Christ never ever harbored such feelings.

People should remember that the catholics and white southern confederate baptist fundie jihadists are not Pro-Life no matter how loud the scream this at the rest of us but instead are only PRO-BIRTH and once the child is born they, being Repubs, deny the use of TAXPAYER DOLLARS to benefit the TAXPAYERS AND THEIR FAMILIES. The conservative/libertarian Repub agenda wants taxpayer dollars to be used only to benefit the corporations/wealthy. And the US corporations are so criminal and criminally inefficient that they must reob the american taxpayer(lobbyists) and deny a living wage to their workers and import illegal aliens to work for exploitive wages which the Pope and the USCCB( US Conf. of Catholic Bishops) fully endorses even to the point of openly disobeying US laws which do not allow such actions. See, via youtube, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick who admitted that to Wolf Blitzer on CNN and the Archbishop Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles who also stated that publicly.

Another situation of interest is the amount of anger and hate just barely below the surface that I constantly hear from Mother Angelica and all the clergy and laity on EWTN, the catholic cable channel. I never watched them very much because every time I stopped my channel surfing at EWTN all I hear is this never ending diatribe of hate and intolerance just barely below the surface. Fr. Shaughnessy spoke the other day during the mass and he was almost furious, it was totally sickening to listen to such a diabolical monologue. He was speaking about hypocrisy but was himself most egregiously guilty of rampant hypocrisy by the very fact that he is a priest, supposedly a christian which means Christ-like and yet not at all behaving in a Christ-like way.

What the theocons, neocons, corporatists and repubs have done to America is an abomination to the american people, all human beings and the entire world. And their abomination is not over yet. These groups are way beyond despicable and disgusting. I fear that the world, america and the catholic church will not survive, cannot possibly survive much more of this Godless behavior by the theocons, neocons and corporatocracy.

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