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Republicans, Lawyers, And Morals

The most courageous talking heads are: Keith Olberman, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jack Cafferty and Lou Dobbs. These guys have the courage to stand up for America and the American people. It's way to soon to tell but Charlie Rose may be another MSM who may be deciding to stand up to the right wing fundamentalist religious radicals in the US and for America.

Those groups most responsible for this radicalism are the pope and the Catholic Church hierarchy, the USCCB and millions upon millions of catholic voters, but not me even though I am a catholic I abhor the corruption that these two religions are involved in. The other fundasmentalist radical religion is the SBC, the white Southern Baptist Convention in the Confederate States from Virginia to Texas. What these two religions are doing to destroy America is an abomination unto God and man and to all Americans.

Charlie Rose did a good job of putting some pressure on James Baker III, albeit of no avail. Maybe Charlie is deciding that he is not as fearful of the two previously mentioned religious groups and may push ahead on standing up for the principles upon which this nation was founded rather than just putting Repubs and religious people in a position where they can instill fear in the hearts of american citizens. I sincerely hope Charlie joins those few who push for reality and truth, those people who are willing to take an independant/ un-partisan look at the facts rather than living inside the Bush/Repub/neocon/theocrat bubble. I'm hoping Charlie joins the abovementioned group of MSM , in time Charlie will reveal himself.

Now on to James Baker, after that interview it is clear that Baker and the Baker Institute, supposedly non partisan, are both very partisan because Baker is completely partisan and only to the Repub party. Baker is like all Repubs, not partisan to America, the Constitution, our democratic values and democratic institutions and our citizens. James Baker III is partisan to only one religion the Republican religion of the Repub party. He worships at the altar of the Repub party and not at the teachings of Christ, which is typical of all blind, lock step, knee jerk, Stepford Wives Republican ideologues. They are Repubs first and foremost and not at all patriotic americans.

I look forward to the day when the aforementioned fundamentalist religions discover that they are being used by the Repub party which is dedicated to greed, avarice and political power. I also look forward to the day when these two religions realize they not only have been had by the Repub party but they are worshiping at the altar of George Bush who is worshiping ONLY at the altar of corporate money and political power. This is something many of us have known since Bush was still governor of Texas and watched the political machinations going on in that state which he was totally involved in and helped make them happen. Many of us knew of Bush's lifetime of failures and involvement with booze and drugs, and were appalled at the prospect that he was running for governor of Texas. We have been watching this guy ever since, because we watched his father before him and Reagan prior to that and Ford(who pardoned Nixon) and Nixon back in the days when he widened and enhanced the war in Vietnam and committed so many crimes against the the american people and our Constitution and our democratic values embodied therein.

Yes, I do look forward to the day when these two religions discover the damage they have done and are doing to america in the hopes that they will go back to being religions instead of political organizations fomenting their own narrow agenda. Then the other 241 million americans can begin to undo the enormous damage they have done to america and the entire world, unless the world and america devolves into unending violence and hostility or into life ending nuclear war. Meanwhile I live in daily fear of what these two religions, Bush and the Republican party will do to america and our citizens. Certainly torture is in the near future.

The last truly GOOD Repub was Ike and I still like Ike. If the Repub party ever wants to leave the land of vicious, aggressive, uber hostile, 'slash and burn', 'smash mouth' politics they will have to study Ike and Goldwater who are the only two decent Repubs since WWII. But they are there to be studied should the Repubs decide that corrupt and criminal politics is not the best way forward and in fact is now under dubya,Rove,Cheney,Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales, Ashcroft(he is still with us so don't tell me otherwise) Powell(although I still like him, I think Bush used him and now he knows it and is beginning to admit it) Yoo, Myers, Hadley, Addington, and the oh so corrupt John Bolton, Robertson, Falwell and so many others who care not a whit for America and are only and completely dedicated to the religion of republicanism.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, James Baker's ranch. I could see that he was just another Repub toady when he said he went to Fla. during the election debacle. It was quite clear to me that he went to push the whole recount process to gain the presidency for George Bush and he said "it was payback time" refering to Al Gore who had offended him. In simple words Baker cares more about payback and viciousness than about America, so he helped Bush steal the election. My guess is that he did the same in the 2004 elections and will do the same in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Of course in the 2006 and 2008 elections he and the Rethugs will have a much easier time of election corruption and vote stealing because thay have the Republican mandated (HAVA law, Heokstra R-Mi. et al) nationwide use of electronic voting machines at their disposal which they can easily corrupt. All the mfgrs. of those electronic voting systems are Republican especially Diebold which is the most easily corruptable machine and the company, located in Canton, Oh is totally Republican and totally dedicated to getting Republicans elected.

Because of Diebolds dedication to voter corruption and dedication to the god of Republicanism they should really be located in the state of political corruption, Texas. Welll, on the other hand Ohio is a verypolitically corrupt Republican state so I guess they are properly placed in Ohio, my state, with Ken Blackwell, Secretary of State and the overseer of Repub political and criminal corruption that has gone on so successfully for the Repub party. And Now Blackwell, while overseeing elections in Ohio is himself running for governor, that is about as criminal a conflict of interest as I can imagine. The same things that went on in the corrupt and criminal Florida election occurred in the election of 2004 which allowed Bush to remain in office through 2008.

We must go back to paper ballots and a system like that used in Canada. It is a very economically efficient and totally transparent system. Good on ya Canada, you are a paragon of democracy in North America while america and Mexico are becoming less democratic by the month, week, almost daily. Also Canada doesn't have any wiretapping or torture laws. God bless CANADA.

Remember the Mexican elections were corrupted by Dick Morris, a Repub political strategist who works for Karl Rove. Calderon the man who came out of nowhere and was far behind Mr. Lopez Obrador won the election after Morris crafted a typical Rovian Republican smear and fear campaign causing Lopez Obrador, who was the only hope for the poor citizens in Mexico to get any economic improvement, to lose the election. And of course the Catholic Church was also involved in this political corruption which leaves the average Mexican citizen confined to a life of ongoing poverty and that is just one more reason why the Catholic Church is not at all Pro-Life. The church is truly Pro-Death. I could easily straighten them out but they are totally committed to Bush and the Repubs, even in Mexico.

Charlie Rose asked Baker why do so many people think the election was stolen. Well Charlie and James, and thay both laughed as if in mockery of we who thinbk that way while they just threw us out with the comment about some conspiracy theorists(they both sounded like Rove) but I can add some insights to that question.
1. Chads or hanging chads were not a problem until this election.
2. The Repubs controlled the entire state (Jeb Bush R-FL.) and the entire election process(Katherine Harris R-FL.).
3. There was serious election chicanery going on all over the state but it was most egregious in the Democratically oriented districts.
4. So many people were deprived of the right to vote and so manypeoples votes were never counted at all.
5. When there was a hanging chad it was clear how the voter wanted to vote because the chad was punched out as avidenced by the fact that there was a hanging chad.
6. Hanging chads were a manufactured issue, not a real issue. It is very easy to make hanging chads, all one has to do is alter the fiber content of the ballot paper, it's just that simple. Remember Katherine Harris was in charge of the elections and all the accoutrement related to it such as the ballots and their fiber content.
7. I also seem to recall that the voter roles were purged by the Republicans, WOW, WOW and WOW. AND those purged were Democratic voters. That alone is beyond suspicion and really puts the Repub party into the land of VOTE SUPPRESSION. With todays elections being so close it takes very little vote suppression to manipulate and contaminate election results.
Baker was talking about the vote count favoring his close friend George Bush but what he left unsaid was the fact that it was not the vote count, rather it was all the votes that were suppressed, never counted as well as those who never even got to vote.
9. Also I seem to remember something about absentee ballots of which some were lost, some were discarded and some were just simply never counted.
10. Then the Supreme Court, which was being stacked for decades by the Republican party with Republicans, cut off the vote count at the point when Bush was leading in the count. The SCOTUS should have halted all election counting and ordered the FBI to confiscate all ballots for a criminal investigation. Then either there should have been a lengthy investigation or they should have ordered another election under the watchful eyes of FBI agents and DOJ lawyers. Instead the people of Florida and all american citizens have exactly what we have today, a GIANT fucking mess and a totally corrupt administration, a corrupt SCOTUS and a corrupt congress.

So much for James Baker III, his legacy, his patriotism for America(none) and his unqualified dedication to his Republican party. He seems to be as corrupt as the rest of his Texas and Rethuglikan cronies. What exactly is the matter with Texans, Republicans and the Bush family. Just how could one state and one family do so much damage to America, our Constitution and our democratic values and democaratic institutions. Is it simply the corruption of oil money and the arrogance and elitism of Texans, especially republikan texans. Somehow we in america have to find a way of indentifying and choosing politicians with morals and patriotism. The repub party at this opoint in time is totally bereft of morals or patriotism. I fear greatly for America.

Baker was touting his law degree and corporate legal work for his success and infering that he was responsible for the success of the Reagan, Bush and Bush success in negotiating various issues. But once again what is he NOT telling us about those negotiations HE was involved in. I sincerely doubeth he speaketh the trutheth. Those who worship at the altar of the Repub party so very often never tell the truth and the proof is the entire Bush/ Repub administration who have been caught at an incredible number of lies starting with the Nixon admin and obviously continuing to this very day. These people really do live in a bubble. And Baker is supposed to be a lawyer, I ask exactly what kind of lawyers do they graduate from those Texas law schools especially the Univ of Texas. They may be some kind of lawyer but they absolutely have NO, NO, No, morals at all. And yet they scream their christianity out loud and incessantly.

And speaking of lawyers, a JAG lawyer who is at the highest levels in the JAG Corps said, speaking of lawyers, his profession, that laws cannot be written fast enough to protect America from corrupt lawyers. I am paraphrasing, but that is the gist of his remarks at a law school before an audience of future lawyers. Now that is a guy I would want elected to congress, the scotus or the presidency no matter his party affiliation.

AND SO MUCH FOR JAMES BAKER III who doesn't seem to have the morals of a toad, let alone the political morals of someone like IKE.

Oh and BTW, for any of you wondering about the docudrama path to 9/11. In senior business seminar when I was an undergrad I had a brilliant teacher in that course Dr. Teordescu who really got us to study the concept of 'interlocking directorates'. I use that frequently now to investigate politics and political corruption and to some lesser extent business corruption such as Enron and the Bush family involvement in that monster of business corruption.

Anyway, to understand the implications of that Disney/ABC pile of corruption and Rovian smear one has to just research Pat Robertson, Disney and ABC and everything becomes completely clear.

Robertson who claims to be a religious person is really like the Catholic Church in that they are a political organization dedicated to George Bush, the false claimant to be Jesus Christ, and the corrupt Republican party and neither are religions anymore. Remember Render to Caesar... and Render to God... Both claim to be Pro-Life when in fact they really are only Pro-Birth and once the child is born they become Pro-Death via their unqualified support of Bush and the Rethuglikan party and it's unending support of war, political corruption, destruction of america, our democratic values ands democratic institutions and the Bush / Rethug laws on useless torture of human beings. These so called religious groups are also Pro-Death in that they do not in any way support the american family or family life in any way. Nor do they support family life in the muslim world or anywhere in the world for that matter.

One quick example, Poland is supposed to be a Catholic country. But Bush has a secret torture prison there, and just how Catholic is that, NOT.

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