Thursday, December 28, 2006


More Consultation=More of The Same

Bush&Co said that he was going to seek more consultation before he makes his January announcements about Iraq. That tells me the change in congressional power is already making itself felt and the Dems have not even been sworn in yet. It also tells me that the ruthugs and georgie boy need more time to develop a Rovespin strategy to slide whatever slimy strategy they are going to propose about escalating the war in Iraq, or the bombing of Iran, or some other corrupt and criminal dishonest and lying bit of misdirection/misleading action they want to perform and just how they will suck the Dems into a no-win situation where they will be damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Also has anyone noticed that the MSM Rovespin screaming rhetoric has come down a notch or two. Joe Scarborough has been critiquing Mr. Booosh on a single segment of his program whereby he will stop the Rovespin and include some truth, some critique and some honest comment reflecting some of the ideas and feelings of the american people, us Independants and the Dems who do not follow the Republican Party line which he(Scarborough) has always endorsed in the past because he is another staunch republican. Also even Tucker Carlson spends a tiny amount of time giving voice to those of us who refuse to obey and submit to republican domination. Tucker has even gone so far as to stop wearing his bowtie.

The worst of the MSM, Fox News and Glenn Beck are the same. There may be no hope for them. Blindness and stupidity still remain as the hallmarks of their opinion commentary. Although I may have seen some nearly microscopic evidence of a door opening and letting in the sunlight of slivers of truth which appear embedded in ocassional statements. But Fox and Glenn Beck, both endless and monotonous trashers of the truth and of the fact that others have differing opinions have to make a sea change and a galactic leap before they gain any credilibity. It is no wonder that Fox's ratings continue to slip, while those of MSNBC go up thanks to Keith Olbermann.

The up coming congressional changes may have even had a tiny effect on one catholic priest, as he actually remarked that America is a nation of laws which are to be followed. I will take this as his being a rogue priest because the Catholic Church has never made a single statement to that effect. Nor has it ever recognized that other human beings in America and elsewhere in the world, especially the Middle East have any legitimacy or right to life. So far the Catholic, Baptist, Republican death machine(Pro-Death machine) still denies the existence, spirituality or soul of anyone but themselves as they continue on their path of death and destruction and blind self absorption in their absolutist and narrow minded and highly selective beliefs to the exclusion of all other peoples and all other ideas. To them I say, FIND ANOTHER WAY, which is all inclusive and then use the long forgotten, by them, concepts of RESPECT and maybe even a bit of love to spread their ideas. Because they are destroying America and our legal structure via those diabolical people like, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, Harriet Miers and the entire cabal of corrupt catholic and evangelical fundamentalist lawyers . And then their is that law professor from Notre Dame who reasoning sounds almost as twisted as that of Karl Rove, but thtas another entry.

The entire Bush/Republican admin which has our country locked in a stranglehold are a diabolical, almost stanic , cabal of Neocons, Theocons/Theocrats; of Catholics, White southern Baptists fundies, Texans, Floridians(ala Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Joe Scarborough etc) Ohioans like Ken Blackwell, Mike DeWine and that woman who was his aide, Jean Schmidt, Rob Portman who is giving America away to the Chinese, Deborah Pryce, the N-twins of Ney and Noe, Boehnert, Taft and all their corrupt friends at Diebold with their e-voting machines and then their is the righteous in the State of Michigan like Peter Hoekstra and their/his/Republican HAVA Law that demands the use of the Diebold and other Repub controlled e-voting machines all of which somehow amazingly just seem to discriminate against the Dem voters and favor Rethug voters, imagine that. But the righteous in those states and the states of Missouri, like Danforth and the righteous of Kansas like Brownback and Roberts are among the very worst.

The righteous of the deep south and the and those of Missouri and Kansas are little more than KKK, white supremacists and racists, like Ashcroft of the Conservative Christian Coalition and his good friend Danforth both of who claim to be religious and/or ministers. Like the Catholics, my religion but not me, these people have no idea of the message of Jesus Christ and the laws of God as the go about spreading the mentality of white superiority and the lynchings of blacks, the stains of which can never be erased from their souls. These are the people who use religion for politics and politics for religion. Which the teachings of Christ and the laws of our nation and our cherished but now badly shredded U.S. Constitution forbid.

It is clear to me that the conflation of religion and politics is strictly forbidden by the teachings of Jesus but then these kind of people care nothing about the teachings of Christ(they worship at the altar of the false christ(small c) George Bushand at the altar of the idolatry of their own aggrandizement) or the admonition of our Constitution, for they have formed THEIR OWN diabolically distorted RELIGION of hate and intolerance despite the fact that Jesus clearly set before us THE TASK OF LOVE FOR OTHERS. Which task is one of the many things we must do for our personal salvation, but they and the Pope care nothing about those tasks as he speaks so blatantly, egregiously and disrespectfully of Islam in support of Bush, the Republican Party and his white southern confederate states fundamentalist brethern with whom he is so staunchly aligned and endlessly supportive of.

Then there is the entire Repub party who vote and speak as of one mind/consciousness like the 'Borg' of Startrek fame who also speak as if from a single amorphous consciousness. These include most especially the likes of the northern repub cabal of Hagal, Hatch, Lugar, Hoekstra

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