Sunday, December 17, 2006


Not much chance for peace in the middle east...

I am reading that 29 different religious groups are working together to work toward peace in the Middle East. Unfortunately there are three huge impediments to that ever happening and they are the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops(USCCB, aka the Catholics) the warhawks in Israel who refuse to listen to the majority of the Jewish people who want peace, and the U.S. warhawks including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld/Gates, the Republican Part and most especially the Neocons and finally the Theocons/Theocrats in America.

The Theocons include the USCCB which is controlled by Pope Benedict XVI of the Catholic Church, my church, and those people are dedicated, totally committed, staunch Republicans who support the Republican party over which Bush and Cheney have total control because like the Catholic Church is a monolithic organization . These two dogmatic, absolutist and monolithic organizations are completely intertwined and in bed with each other, so to speak. As such the Catholic Church gives complete support and endorsement to the Bush/Republican Party which is a war machine constantly stirring up the Middle East, keeping it boiling and on the edge of war because Bush&Co. want war in the ME and want even more than is going on right now in Iraq. These people must be delighted at the war in Lebanon that occurred this past June, the recent upsurge in fighting among Hamas and Fatah in Palestine(this coalition of religion and warhawks is most likely to be responsible for these events). So the Catholic Church and the Pope in giving their support to the Republican Party and the Bush war machine are directly complicit(just as the Catholic Church was involved with putting Hitler and the Nazis into power in 1933) in every bit of war and killing and maiming that the Bushies, Repubs and Neocons are causing. As long as the Repub party has the Pope and the Catholics on their side they will not stop.

And that is the problem which almost guarantees that there will be no peace in the ME. If 'we the people' who are constantly demanding peace ever expect to get peace in the ME we will have to throw the Pope and the Catholic Church out of our country and remove the Bushies, the Bush family and the Republican party out of their stranglehold control over our government. Anything less and there will be little or no chance for the end to the killing or any peace in the ME.


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