Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Things or People, Fantasy or Reality, The Pope or God

It seems almost impossible to understand the endless denial and distortion of the Republican party. they never stop distorting or warping the truth, no wonder they have brought america and the world ever closer to destruction. But then the Catholic Church which totally supports the Repub party and the white southern Baptists and the Repub party raise themselves to the level of God, as these groups have no humility or sense of shame especially George Bush and the entire Bush family; as well as the entire repub party including people like Sam Brownback and his other cohorts like McCain, Romney, Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberts, Pat Robertson and so very many others who rule and strangle our beloved america with an iron fist just as those others did who were supported and endorsed by the popes and the Vatican namely, Hitler and the Nazi party which is so much like the repub party it is truly scary.

Some denials and distortion of reality is when the repubs say things like people have 'low food security' in the name of all that is holy the poor are starving and getting no help from the repub party which uses taxpayer dollars, not for the benefit of the taxpayers but only for the repub party and for more war. Then they use the stupid phrase that the war is not going as well or as quickly as they had hoped, when in reality the war is a complete disasterof death and destruction. The repubs talk about success while human beings are dying which is the real and most important issue. But then things like money and political power are most important to the repubs not people, families, women, children, the sick or the elderly.

It is no wonder that these people, the repubs like Brownback, create war and senseless killing they deny the facts right before their eyes and create their own fantasy of what is happening. 'We the people' must do everything in our power, such as it is since the repubs and the catholics like Brownback have taken our freedoms and our votes away from us. Someday 'we the people' may have to take to the streets to end the stranglehold the pope and the Catholic Church, my church, and the repubs have over us and stop them. It's a terrible thought but when religion and government merge and both become corroded and corrupted there may be nothing else left to do and maybe that is a lesson that God wants us to learn namely, that each of us is responsible for we allow to happen.


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