Monday, December 11, 2006


The Price of Security that Bush and the Republican Party Wants Is Your Very Soul

Will YOU GIVE IT...?

Kofi Anan, in his farewell address, said among other things, 'The responsibility of the great states is to serve and not dominate the people of the world' as he quoted President Truman. I wholeheartedly endorse this concept.(IT really means GIVE and ask for NOTHING). It was so interesting that he said this as he spoke from the Truman Library in Missouri, a state that is willing to give up our democratic values and institutions for this false sense of security that Bush keeps promising and which in my estimation is only doable to some extent and will never be fully guaranteed no matter what Bush says or promises.

The presidential 'promiser' is a false 'promiser'. While at the same time that Bush, Rove and the Republican Party make these promises you must see that what they actually do is constantly stir up, in America and the world, fear, hate, intolerance, war and death(they are truly the party of Pro-Death, not Pro-Life just as their minions(the three Pillers/groups that support them) are only Pro-Birth and Pro-Death.

Read previous posts for an explanation of those 'Three Pillers' and exactly who they are.

Stirring up hate, fear, war and death is most assuredly NOT Pro-Life, no matter what they say. Their words are false as proven by their deeds. Their deeds reveal them for who and what they truly are.

Missouri is also one of the 'red states' that support Bush's religious message(s) and like the Catholic Church, my church, follow and fully support him even when he claims to be 'the chosen one', on four ocassions, two in public and two in semi-public situations. Despite Bush's claims the state of Missouri and the Catholic Church instead of recoiling from him, as they should have since he is not The Christ, continued their endorsement and complete support of him. It all makes me wonder what is the matter with the State of Missouri and the Catholic Church, my church, as they continue to follow this false christ(small c). They worship at the altar of George Bush kind of like those Jesus camp kids who pray TO Bush, not for him.

Praying for Bush makes sense because Bush is such a criminal and unchristian prez, so he needs our prayers. It also makes sense because he has made and continues to make and unending list of mistakes revealing not only his egregious incompentency but also his great need for our prayers that God may grant him some light to see/find a better and more christian path as he attempts to do his job. Of course prayers will not work for 'he who will NOT see' so it really makes more sense to pray for ourselves, the nation, the planet and the peoples of the Middle East who are dying as a direct result of the actions of Bush and those who support his presidency of destruction and Pro-Death like the people of Missouri and the Pope and the Catholic Church who continue to endorse him despite the cost in lives.

It surely seems that the people of Missouri and the Catholic Church have chosen to give up their christian values and replaced them with the values of Bush and the Repub party, which are solely political values ridden with anti-christian and anti-christ values. It is horrific to see that the 'beast' that roams the earth prevails in the actions of George Bush and the/his Republican party; the party of hate, intolerance, egregiously wanton political desires desires and false anti-christian values which is rampant in Missouri and the Catholic Church, especially including the Pope who shows himself almost bereft of christian values and in fact given himself completely over to Bush values, false and idolatrous values. To the Pope and the people of Missouri, I must ask why have you abandoned the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, who I believe would never endorse and support Bush/ Repub/ Rove/ Cheney/ Rumsfeld/ Gonzales/ Ashcroft and Powell, values bereft as they are of any christian values or even common human social values.

But then common human social values are not and seemingly never will be part of the Republican Party, the party of 'me first' and the party of 'me only'. That is why anyone who claims to be a christian should never be voting for the Republican Party, the party that worships only at the altar of greed and political power. The Catholic Church has been very frequently criticised for their endless displays of and actions given over to it's obviously long history of desire for greed and political power.

For those of you who keep demanding 'security' I must ask at what price are you willing to pay for that 'security' that George Bush and the Republican party stripped from you and the world by their actions which constantly stir fear, hate and intolerance throughout the U.S. and the world and which leaves all of you in constant fear for your 'security' and yet at the price of your SOUL. I will not give my soul up for their elusive/imaginary sense of security which is gained by the Death (Pro-Death) of so many totally innocent people who did absolutely nothing at all to cause this Bush/Republican war for oil, greed and power.

You who follow George Bush follow a false god(small g) who promises you many things but actually gives you nothing and at the same time asks for your very soul, which you so easily give up, and as a result owns you because he owns your soul which is really the only thing of value that you posess and the one thing of real, true and lasting value, far above all else; and which you so easily give up and ALLOW to be taken from you. Those of satanic intentions cannot take your soul from you for they have not that power, but you have the power, given by God the Father and the Creator, the power of 'Free Will' to GIVE AWAY your soul. And that is exactly what you are doing for a false sense of Bushian/Republican/Rovian 'security' which they promisein exchange for your soul when you give them the political power to make war and kill in your name. Moreover, this security they purport to give you is really only a false sense of security, a hollow promise, since neither they nor anybody else can gaurantee what you seek.

AND above all else you would not need this phony 'siren' promise of security if you had learned to 'BE YOUR BROTHER'S KEEPER AND PROTECTOR' in the first place. Protect your brothers all over the world, ask NOTHING, not even oil, in return and your brother can do naught else but give himself over to protecting YOU because you will 'touch' him so deeply that you WILL WIN HIS HEART; and you WILL at the very same time be doing the work of the LORD God and his son Jesus Christ.

And now I weep, yes tears are welling up in my eyes, at the sins that have been committed in my name by our government of corruption and abomination.

Pray for the defeat of Bush and the Republicans and the end to their reign of war, torture and death(Pro-Death).


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