Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dear All,

So much is happening, so quickly that it's difficult to know where to start and what to comment on because I want to comment on so many things.

Cheney commented on ford's willingness to pardon Nixon, as if that was a good thing, when all it accomplished is the huge damage to our nation wrought by Reagan, Bush 41 and worst of all Bush43/Cheney. So I guess Cheney is looking for a pardon and/or preparing 'we the people' for what Bush is going to do. I've made my thoughts on that pretty clear in a previous entry. To reiterate, presidential pardons must never be allowed again, at least not until there is a full and detailed investigation and proof of guilt. How stupid does Cheney think we are, this man is so full of arrogance and elitist thinking that he must think he is the only one that has a brain. He is the only one that has his brain which is so corrupt and unamerican that no one else would want his brain.

NEXT: There were so few Ford mourners because he was an unelected vice and president, and because he stunned the nation when he pardoned Nixon which then gave america Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43.

The Justice Department(DOJ, Alberto Gonzales) is investigating the Dept. of the Interior's taking of bribes for allowing energy companies to pay insufficient and late mineral royalties. The problem with that is the fox is investigating the henhouse, ie. how little will it reveal and how much will it cover up. The DOJ and Alberto Gonzales do Bush's repub party work and they are all corrupt criminals; which we have been seeing since Reagan took office and especially since Bush 43 became prez. The DOJ and Sgt. Gonzales of the Air Force Academy crimes can never be trusted.

No politician should ever be in charge of investigating it's own political party unless that political party has proven itself to be honest, and the republicans/Bushies are the most egregiously corrupt and dishonest party in the history of the U.S. Nor should any political party be allowed to choose an independant prosecuter as did the rethugs did when they chose Patrick Fitzgerald, who is a Catholic and therefore most likely a republican and therefore should not be investigating republican corruption. Even if he is a Dem is he really just a DINO, like Lieberman. It would be the same thing as the Catholic church investigating itself and what it did during WWII. I would want and only accept the findings of Jewish scholars who investigated the Church's actions during WWII and only if the Jewish scholars had FULL ACCESS TO ALL RECORDS. Also this committee of Jewish scholars would have to include at least a few very skeptical Jews.

Nixon started the repub party on the path of the imperial and unitary executive and via Ford's pardon it continues to this very day and will do so until Bush/Cheney/Repubs are out of office and greatly reduced in political power.

Some writers and posters on a variety of sites have just lately, very lately been saying that Bush is not a christian as he has often proclaimed. But he is a christian as proclaimed by others of his ilk, especially the Catholic Church, my church( but most certainly not me) and their allies the white southern confederate states Baptists. Both of these religions are absolutist evangelical fundamentalist jihadist religions, and just like the muslim jihadists they endorse a radical form of religion and are willing to destroy america for their beliefs, as well as our troops and the Iraqi citizens and pregnant women seeking an abortion and gays seeking a life. And yet you religious fundies turn a totally blind eye to the porn and corrupt behaviors of the republican party.

I was shocked the other day when I actually heard one priest say that american laws are to be obeyed, does this guy realize that he is in direct opposition to the Pope, The Vatican and the USCCB. He will probably be denied the sacraments by his bishop or at least threatened with that outcome just as Sen. Kerry was. What would Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop Mahoney, Tim Russert, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rupert Murdoch, Rick Santorum, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and so many other republicans think of/ judge that priest and say about him.

They would/will of course damn him for such a comment since they KNOW the mind of God because they talk to George Bush who talks directly to his god(small g) from which all real and true knowledge flows, because Bush is righteous, born again, from Texass and talks to the Pope.

Of course I'm speaking about their disrespectful and narrow minded way of seeing the U.S. and the entire world. These people don't care about the U.S. or human beings they only care about their self centered agenda which they want to force upon everyone else no matter the cost to america or the world in lives, just as long as they get their way and deny the God given Free Will of every other human being on the planet. Religion and politics are the same thing to these people. These people have such unmitigated arrogance and disrespect for other human beings that they will get their way by the use of guns or constitutional amendments or the SCOTUS or just plain old erosion of our democratic values and institutions. But then the rest of us , the unwashed masses, have no souls, rights or freedoms.

So 'we the people' lose our sanctity as human beings, our souls and our God given Free Will because these aforementioned people have and use their enormous political power to deny us these things via their prez georgie boy Bush and their political party the rethuglikkkans whose allegiance is to no one but themselves.

To qoute myself, the "Three Pillers" of the republican party are the corporatocracy, the neocons and the theocons/theocrats. I wonder what will happen to these aforementioned theocons when they discover what the rest of us, the unwashed masses, have known since the days of Reagan and especially since the days before 9/11 that Bush is only a christian because he says so and because they say so. When in the fullness and light of true reality Bush is not a christian at all but really nothing more than a CON MAN who will do and say anything just to get votes and political power for himself and the rethug party. And he is only a christian in the sense that his form of christianity is exactly the same as the aforementioned corrupters of the teachings of Jesus Christ as they bend those teachings to benefit themselves.

Should the aforementioned ever remember Christ's admonition AGAINST the merging of church and state(render to caesar...render to God...) as well as our Constitutional law which forbids the merging of church and state, and should they ever let the light of day enter their closed minds they will finally see that Bush is not in the least a christian. Bush is like all republicans (just look at the core agenda of the republican party and it's conservative agenda where they clearly reveal exactly who and what their real values are) he is dedicated to only two things, the first two 'Pillers'(corporatocracy and neconservatism) of the republican party, namely, money and political military power and will continue killing even to the point of plunging the entire world into nu-ku-ler war.

I can't wait until you folks discover that Bush and the rethugs are only USING you and your voters to get what he/they want, and otherwise give not a damn for your religious values. Do you people actually think you count more than the drug companies or oil companies in the minds of Bush or any rethugs for that matter. Do you actually think that a party that is driven solely for money and political power has any real christian values, if so a rude awakening awaits you. Do you people actually think that if the drug companies come up with a pill that will make them billions of dollars but is in clear violation of the laws of God and teachings of Christ that Bush and the rethug party will fall back on religious values to form their policy about whether or not to allow the marketing of that drug they will adhere to religious values to make their decision.
You people on the religious right align yourselves with people like Danforth, Ashcroft and the Conservative Christian Coalition(CCC). So Pope Benedict look it up and see what you have aligned yourself and the Catholic Church with.

So to Pope Benedict and John Paul before, you can see exactly what you have wrought as you have delivered us all, not just yourselves, into the hands of this unholy alliance you have created.
You deserve what you have wrought but the rest of us do not deserve any of this diabolical and satanic situation. You are blinded by the siren song and sweet promises of the completely unholy and sociopathic George Bush and his party of crime and corruption. What you two men have done in the name of God can never be undone as you have set America and the entire world on the path of destruction and endless death.

And you dare to call yourselves Pro-Life, you are a false Pro-Life which in reality hides your Pro-Death agenda. Just as Pius XI and Pius XII did when they endorsed and supported Hitler and the Nazi party prior to WWII. And how will they ever make restitution for what they did then and how will you ever make restitution for what you do now.

The death of the Jews as a result of the Holocaust then and the death of the Iraqi and Afghani Muslims now can never be made right. You fault Muslim fundamentalist jihadists and I fault them as well but I equally fault your fundamentalist jihadism, which is no different as you are directly complicit in the deaths of Iraqis and Afghanis and american troops and our american democracy.

If you want to know what you should and must be doing just give me a call. Meanwhile I will pray that God, not your george bush, will either remove both of you from power or somehow help you see the light of respect, decency and humanity toward all of His children, INCLUDING Muslims and Jews. And I pray for deliverance from the horrors you have wrought and visited upon all of us, the children of a loving God. And please learn a little humility, your allies in the white southern evangelical fundamentalists will never learn any humility, their puritanical mindset is based on aggressiveness, hostility, hate, intolerance and their belief in a God to be feared just as they spread their own fear everywhere.


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