Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Angry Beyond Belief , At Repubs And Popes

I am angry beyond belief at Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. John Paul got Reagan elected as president and then aligned the Catholic Church with the Repub party of destruction and corruption. Were it not for the criminal and sinful (merging of Catholic influence with repub party) america might well have never had and would most likely not have had Reagan and his repub corruption of america, not have had Bush 41 and his repub corruption of america nor Bush 43 and his repub corruption of america which as far as we know at this time is the worst and most horrendous. And yet I wonder what the rethugs and bullies will do to us and the entire world in the next two years. And then what about the election of 2008, may the saints preserve us all.

This endless and unqualified support and endorsement of the republican party by the popes and the entire Catholic Church has nearly destroyed america by causing enormous political divide within the fabric of our society. The Catholic Church is also responsible for the deaths of 2900 of our extraordinarily brave troops and the maiming in mind and/or body of some 20,000+ more which will last for their lifetime and for, on average, the next three generations of their children.

The corruption of the Catholic Church and the Popes and the Repub party has also resulted in the deaths of some 600,000+ Iraqi citizens and their families. Also the Catholics, Popes and Repub party have really destabilized the entire middle east which now seems on the edge of regional war and even more death from those of the Pro-Lifers but who are really Pro-Deathers.
All of this death and destruction caused by the popes and the Catholic Church and the Repub party makes the popes and the Catholic Church, especially the popes sinfully guilty and guilty of committing and abomination unto God and every living human being on this planet, especially we americans and the citizens of the entire middle east.

The popes are totally guilty of another monster sin upon us ALL, not just Catholics, of which I am one. If these two popes want to unleash satanic destruction upon catholics that is one thing, as terrible as it is because each catholic can choose to opt out of participating in this papal corruption and destruction. Actually, thats not entirely true because many if not most catholics do not have the strength of character or the complete belief in their God given FREE WILL, given to each of us by God our Father and Creator because the Church has taken away their FREE WILL via threat of sin, excommunication, withdrawal of the Sacraments and the threat of eternal hell resulting in most catholics living in subservience to the popes and constant fear of going to hell.

Also catholics are unable to think for themselves and do not seem to realize that when judgement day arrives they will be held responsible for not only their individual actions but all the actions they indirectly participated in because they support the church and so they are guilty of the sins of the church. I don't believe that on judgement day God will allow us to say 'It's not my fault because the pope made me do it'.

Because the popes and the catholic church threatens all catholics with going to hell if they don't follow the commands of the pope and the church hierarchy catholics do not actually have any FREE WILL and do not choose God freely and willingly. But in reality the popes and the church have absolutely nothing to do with any catholic going to hell because only God makes that decision. But the pope and the church act AS IF they know the mind of God and do his bidding. The catholic church does not do the bidding of God,it does only and nothing more than the bidding of the pope who cannot know the mind of God as no human being can ever know the mind of God in this life or the next. So these last two popes have unleashed fear and death upon us all which now is getting us ever closer to the end of american society and the entire middle east.

I am angry beyond belief at the unbelivable stupidity of the repub party and their three pillers of support namely the corporatocracy, the Neocons and the Theocons(Catholic Church and white southern Baptists). Were it not for these three pillers of support our beloved america would not be in the terrible situation we are now caught and trapped in, and from which there seems to be no way of escape. Realizing that I feel that way I ask myself what the Iraqis and Afghanis must be feeling.

First Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal in order to avoid prosecution . Then the next terrible event was Gerald Ford's pardon of Nixon which prevented any investigation from revealing all the facts of what really happened and from which 'we the people' might have learned enough to prevent this from ever happening again. And now the inhuman nature and agenda of the Repub party has resulted in the very same thing(Nixon/Repubs) happening all over again only much worse, to a greater degree and on a much larger scale. With the current events started back then, by the Pope John Paul II aligning and tying the church to the Repub party shortly after he became pope. Then came all the corruption of Reagan possible only because he got the total support of the pope and the catholic voters. Next came all the corruption of Bush 41 and now we have the satanic and diabolical work of Bush 43 and the repub party, which is still supported by Pope Benedict.

I don't see any end or any sign of hope for an end to this horrendous turn of events so I live in daily fear of the damage my church and the Repub party are capable of doing to our beloved america and the entire world. And I don't believe this corruption and the many horrendous events will ever truly end because neither the Catholic Church nor the Republican party will ever go away. These groups are here to stay and will just keep coming back again and again until they get what they want and force what they want upon all of us.

All that I can do is hope that the predictions of St. Malachy in his Prophecy of Popes will come true. It seems a terrible thing to hope for, but I see no end to the damage the pope and the Catholic Church can and will do, because it has strayed terribly far from the laws of God and the teachings of our sweet Jesus. And now with a big lump in my throat and tears welling up in my eyes once again, I stop to pray.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


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