Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Gerald Ford, What He Did And The Results Are Still Reverberating

Dear Readers,

President Ford just died. To me he was a decent president, but he made a mistake and it was a huge one which has come back to haunt us, America, 'we the people' many times over through the Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 presidencies. Ford's mistake was that he pardoned Nixon and by doing so the american people never learned via a proper and detailed investigation that would have revealed all the crimes and near crimes that Nixon and the republican party did, and so they continue on to this very day and now are endemic to the republican party and probably will always be a part of republican politics.

These repub party criminal strategies that they got away with under Nixon , and thanks to Gerald Ford's pardon, have done continuous damage to america via Reagan, Bush 41 and now worst of all Bush 43. And now resulting in the near loss of our democracy and the shredding of our cherished Constitution under Repub party rule and Bush and the Bush family, soon to be extended in 2008 under McCain and/or Jeb Bush. So the damage is far from over.

I don't believe the Dems will ever be able to completely undo the enormous damage done by republicans since the Reagan and Pope John Paul II/ Catholic Church conspiracy with the republican party and the Reagan administration, through Bush 41 and the Catholic Church conspiracy and now through Bush 43 and the papal conspiracy with the republican party that will probably never end. The republican party and the Catholic Church, my church, will never stop, they will just keep coming back and endlessly doing the same thing.

Even should the Dems gain the presidency in 2008 it will take at least 20yrs or more for them to undo the damage done, especially in the last six years. The republican catholic religio-political agenda has so very deeply embedded it's tentacles into the minds of enough americans, though they be a small minority are a very angry minority who have successfully strangled the rest of us americans that we are largely helpless to do very much about these angry, hateful, intolerant and self righteous people who have proven time and again to be arrogant, smug, self satisfied, uncivilised and almost totally disrespectful of people and the laws of America.

There are so many examples of this rampant disrespect for everyone elses humanity, ranging from the unilateral and unprovoked attack on Iraq to the smug words of Cardinal McCarrick and Archbishop Mahoney that the clergy had full intentions to disobey the laws of america, as they seek to turn us into a lawless nation whereby the powerful in America will pick and choose the laws they will follow and the laws they will not follow.

They are succeeding at tearing down our nation of laws and the result will be the destruction of the very fabric of our society. All of this leaves me and many millions of americans full of anger and in my case almost total despair that America will ever again be a nation on a THOUGHTFUL and CAREFUL mission to do good around the world. So the religions of Catholicism and the white southern racist Baptists both of whom are totally convinced that they KNOW THE MIND OF GOD and will stop at nothing to force it down the throats not just of their own congregations but down the throats of every american and every citizen of the world and especially of the Middle East via military action, laws and probably Constitutional Amendments which will harm people and our nation.

I see absolutely no hope and feel completely helpless to do anything to stop this cabal of Theocons/Theocrats and the Republican party. I want out of this world and fortunately for me that will come soon enough as I am, to use the old expression, a dead man walking. As is my beloved America.

I somehow feel certain that those who use religion for political purposes will have to answer for their abomination either in this life or the next. Humility, respect for the sanctity of every human being(including arabs and muslims) and civility are anathema to the aforementioned Theocons/Theocrats and their republican cohorts/allies who will force their views of everything and everyone created by our heavenly father, God, upon everyone He has created thus stripping us all of our HUMANITY and FREE WILL endowed upon us all by the Creator, who is not George Bush nor the Pope.

These last two men are mere mortals and nothing more. They do not speak for God, no one speaks for God except for God Himself. Their sin of PRIDE is far beyond anything one can imagine as their sin is so HUGE because their power is so HUGE. And because of this conflation of their cardinal sin of PRIDE coupled with their extreme POWER they drag us all down to their level.

We, the children of God have been STRIPPED of our FREE WILL by these two men, George Bush and the Pope. Just as we have been STRIPPED of our God given FREE WILL we have also been STRIPPED of our HUMANITY which means that we have been STRIPPED of our very SOULS.

I am an Independant voter and owe nothing to either political party in the U.S. My only concern for what is going on in America and being done to the American people is that anytime a politician lies to the american people he/she is corrupt and a criminal. Our gov't is supposed to be 'by, for and of the people'. So as an Independant voter, anytime a politician says something my response is 'Prove It'. Ever since Vietnam I no longer trust politicians and demand proof of everything they say. And now we have an entire political party full of liars who speak with one mind and one voice all saying exactly the same thing thus STRIPPING the american people, the american voter the ability to make his/her own decisions, independant of coercion and misinformation.

PRAY FOR PEACE, but I'm no longer sure that prayer without action will accomplish anything, as our nation of laws is ending under the onslaught of Bush, the Republican party and the Theocons/Theocrats, whichever term you prefer.

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