Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Charlie Rose and Southern Thinking

In his segment last evening(12/11/06) with Ken Auletta, Charlie Rose really did a hatchet job on Lou Dobbs and his outspoken stance on the government and corporate war on the middle class, as per his book. Charlie Rose, apparently does not like this stance as it disagrees with his republican sensitivities and committments. I guess that the repub control of PBS/CPB by operatives like Ken Tomlinson and that woman who replaced him at PBS(he is still at CPB) is still dominating PBS programming as frequently evidenced in the Charlie Rose show and in Judy Woodruff's low grade and disrespectful interview of Pres. Jimmy Carter.

Charlie Rose and Ken Auletta were also lamentingwhat they seemed to think is some kind of loss of standards, quality and journalistic integrity at CNN and saying that Ted Turner felt the same way. But Charlie, you right wing ideological idiot what has decayed at CNN is not the fact that it is carrying Lou Dobbs but that it is carrying the horrible Glenn Beck, who really should be living under the slimy rock that is Fox News, as that is where he belongs along with Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough.

CNN has many good reporters but it has like all MSM succumbed to the lowest journalistic standards as developed at Fox via their cooperation with Karl Rove, The Repub Party and the Catholic Church, all of which are highly biased journalists and dedicated to misleading opinion rahter than true journalism. In Catholicism it's call equivocation(sometimes known as Jesuit equivacation, although I almost always like Jesuit thinking and reasoning) which I call Catholic lying/rationalization.

The only thing CNN has to do to improve is get rid of the worst like Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Kate O'Bierne, James Carville and even Paula Zahn. While getting more people like Lou Dobbs, Jack Cafferty, Andrea Koppel and Mark Shields et.al.

Even Tim Russert, that catholic repub, to his credit, did a much more respectful interview of Mr. Carter. Thanks Tim, there is hope for you yet. In that interview you were less catholic repub and showed more allegiance to American ideals than catholic repub ideology which has been, since Reagan came to office, an ever increasing disaster for America, although it may have been a good thing for Pope John Paul II and his personal agenda for America it has clearly been a disaster for America as now proven beyond all shadow of doubt by the Bush/Repub/Catholic hegemonic stranglehold over america directly resulting in the horrible mess of the Iraq war(which is a Pro-War, Pro-Death agenda for the ME and the ever closer destabilization of the entire Middle East. But meanwhile there is still no hope for Fox News, the screaming Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity nor is there any hope for Glenn Beck at CNN.

MSNBC, with Keith Olbermann is definitely on the right track for a better journalism which will lead to a better informed America. Keith is one of the best on tv along with those I have previously mentioned like Lou Dobbs(CNN). All MSNBC has to do is get rid of people like Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough. So if MSNBC builds upon the good work done by Olbermann, stops the blabbering style of Chris Matthews who constanly does that thing of talking over guests but otherwise does a good job and is interesting, and most definitely get Phil Donohue back(just as PBS raised it's standards by getting Bill Moyers back on) since Phil was terrific, definitely keep Ron Reagan and Jane Pauley while Maury Povich, Connie Chung and Alan Keyes have to go, go, go. Even though he is a Repub Pat Buchanan has reality based opinions and I can deal with that, it's just all those Repubs who do nothing but endlessly spew out Rove talking points which are all based on living in the fantasy of the Repub bubble that is nothing more than an insult to my intelligence and that of the American people who deserve far better from the MSM and have not gotten it for the past six years. And, now they complain about constantly losing readership/viewership which is simply because the MSM has become so very irrelevant due to it's constant lying and misleading/ covering up for the Repub Party to the american people who just want the truth with no bullshit added.

So Charlie when you want to critique journalism you must identify the worst, Fox, and unless you start from there you lose your creds.

The Auletta segment was disconnected(lacked continuity of idea) within and was completely unrelated to the subsequent segment Charlie did on Lou Dobbs. Lou does a very good of speaking for himself and neither he nor we of the audience need or gained anything from the Auletta segment.

What Charlie and Auletta did in their hatchet job on Lou Dobbs was to cast aspersions on Lou's reasons for his stance. They did this by suggesting that Lou had only pecuniary interests for his stance and therefore no real interest in the degrading war on the middle class other than that it makes for good ratings, and they brought this aspect up repeatedly, not just once. Also they kept saying that Lou is not the same guy he once was, as if thats a bad thing for Lou or anyone to do. In Charlie's republican world they call that flip-flopping while I think that upon new evidence one is doing a good thing by re-evaluating ones position and making changes as needed. Obviously Charlie and Auletta don't think so.

AND that my friends is the very reason why America is caught/trapped in the position it is in because Bush/Cheney/Republican Party and their minions in America refuse to re-evaluate and change their worthless and unworkable ideas, just continuing blindly and stupidly on the same path ad infinitum and ad nauseam. The terrible blind, knee jerk, lock step, mentally incestuous thinking and 'Stepford'(as in Stepford Wives) robotic thinking and constant repetition of policies that have proven themselves, time and again, to NOT work but which they(Cheney, Bush et.al.) nonetheless keep on doing over and over and over again(while we're on the eve of destruction, anyone remember that song about Vietnam and which applies just as well today) and to the same negatory results(the definition for insanity) while expecting different results but instead ending in more SNAFU and FUBAR and being completely useless and obviously unproductive.

We have been dragged down into our present quagmire/pit of hell by this endless and stupid republican southern thinking. As in aigh(I) jist love Mr. Booosh bicawws he was chosen by god(small g, although my Catholic bible does not say he was chosen by any God) for this impwadent job(biness, bidness) bicawws he is from Texas(implying that the texas god chooses only Texass residents for these impwadent jobs because they are (the) righteous people, especially as if our cowboy president and cheerleader somehow has some divine gift and divine knowledge(thats called the sin of PRIDE in my bible as well as sacrilege, heresy and blasphemy where I come from in Ohio, the north, while obviously in the south they call it something else like righteousness) but then they have all those southern tent preachers(Falwell and Robertson) and the Catholic Church, my church, endorsing that kind of self righteous southern thinking despite the fact that the Pope uses the same bible that I do(not the KJV bible which catholics are not allowed to use as it is not approved by the church).

Well thats enough of Charlie Rose and his N. Carolina thinking except to say that Charlie ought to be dumped by PBS and his spot given to the wonderful Bill Moyers who the Repubs got rid of once upon a time but has since re-emerged despite the Repubs dislike of his penchant for telling the truth which seems to be driven by his sense of moral and religious obligation to do so. Whereas truth is anathema to most other Repubs. PBS might also consider giving a segment to Jim Wallis who believes, as I do, that God loves all of His children, not just repubs.

Maybe someday the repubs and the Catholics and white southerners will learn enough about God to understand that God loves all of His children, not just repubs, and it then follows that they must learn to love all of God's children, not just themselves. And that includes Muslims and Jews as well.

The south is still living back in the Confederacy and to some extent has advanced as far as the Cold War which is now long over unless they keep threatening Russia and China via their cowboy president. Bush is damn well not my president because he is a sociopathic mess, but then southerners like that narcissitic and self centered kind of thinking. Southerners just have not yet given up their white supremacist and Nazi thinking.

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